Monday, February 23, 2015

Review Amway XS Energy Drink

One of the more popular posts on this blog has to do with a review of Amway’s XS Energy Drinks in which a link to an outside source is given.

If anyone out there hasn’t yet tried Amway’s XS Energy Drink my advice is DON’T!!!!!

XS Energy Drink tastes like how I imagine cat piss must taste like. Depending on the flavor perhaps a combo of cat piss and the worst tasting cough syrup you can imagine.

Amway sells them in a dozen 8 oz cans to a box priced around $35 and up depending on the flavor. Not sure why some flavors cost more but Amway figured out that ambots like a certain type of flavor and jack up the price. To compare go to Walmart and buy a 12 pack of Red Bull for around $15.

People seem to like Red Bull. I don’t know I’ve never tried it. When we were in Amway the cult leaders all bragged that XS was the best tasting energy drink out there. If the best tasting energy drink “out there” tastes like cat piss then I tell you I’m scared shitless to try any other type of energy drink! I mean what if just this once those those fucking Amway assholes aren’t lying? LOL!!!

So this fellow who runs a website and one day he rates XS Energy Drinks. Amway cult followers have been brainwashed to believe that Amway’s XS Energy Drinks are made only from pure and natural products just like every other Amway product out there. All home grown on organic farms owned by Amway. LOL!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! These Amway Ambots show up at his blog and spout off their brainwashed Amspeak. At first this fellow is very nice and tells the Ambots that XS has synthetic products in it, no matter what they’ve been told by the lying bastards in their Amway upline. And I mean he’s even nice when his ethnicity is bashed by an Amway asshole telling him that “you people” eat monkey brains. But there’s only so many times a person can be nice to a brainwashed Amway asshole with their better than everyone else in the world attitude and finally he has enough of dealing with these Amjerks and starts insulting them. Now he should spend some time on this blog if he wants to know how to really insult Amway assholes. LOL!

Anyway he adds on to his original post that due to all the comments it generated (from brainwashed Amway assholes LOL!!!!) he puts a link to another article on how genetically modified food affects your health. Then he adds that if you’re a brainwashed Ambot and don’t give a shit about your health and if you like XS then the article is not for them. And that’s me paraphrasing. This guy’s a lot nicer.

I don’t know if its just my computer but it takes a few seconds for the article about Amway XS Energy Drinks to show up.

Its worth reading just for the comments.

The author has a Bachelor of Science. In a brainwashed Ambot’s mind that is nothing and of course Amway Ambots are far superior because they graduated from Amway University and know EVERYTHING!!!!!.

In case anyone is wondering without going through the whole thing, the author rates an energy drink called Guru as the healthiest and XS as one of the worst. Talk about setting yourself up for a flame war from Amway assholes!


  1. You're right, it was a hoot to read the comments. The brainwashed Ambots sounded so childish spouting their obviously scripted "opinions" about the "amazing" and "delicious" XS drinks. The script must call for them to always state what their "favorite" flavor is. Despite their insults and brainwashed catcalls at the author, he comes across in comparison as being intelligent, educated and thorough in his writing. They just come back with the "WHO CARES WUT U THINK XS WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST!!" crap. lol

    1. Hi Anonymous. Amway ambots run amok on the Internet making themselves look like assholes. Its like they get an IBO card and that now gives them the authority to turn into rude bastards. That's why websites like this are a good thing because we rub it back in their faces. And Ambots get all insulted like how dare we disrespect Amway ambots! But yeah the guy who runs that website put in where he graduated from university and Ambots are like that's nothing compared to us who went to Amway University. He still manages to remain professional when dealing with Amway assholes when he probably wishes it could be more like around here where we specialize in cursing out people in Amway!

  2. I used to drink the XS Energy drinks and actually they are delicious. I groom dogs and an AMBOT used to trade a box of them for getting his dog groomed. I was addicted to them. Then I started getting cavities. I had never had that issue before. My dentist asked what I was drinking and I told him about the energy drinks and he said STOP. It eats away at your teeth! I had no idea. I had drank soft drinks my whole life and he said these are even worse. (I rarely drink soft drinks now, and I never drink XS anymore) I stopped getting cavities.

    1. Laurie - there's probably tons of food & drink items that dentists claim will cause calories. But yeah Amway XS energy drinks are right up there. Only people in Amway believe they're healthy for you. So do you make the Ambot pay cash for your grooming services now?

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    1. Hey Kevin how about some eggs with your spam?

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  5. Hey Anna, Where in the world do you live? Just out of curiosity, thankyou!

    1. In the greatest state in the greatest country in the world! Or at least in my opinion! If you listen to the Eagles song Hotel California there'll be a big clue in there for you! LOL!

  6. About this article, you do realise it was written in 2008 right? and that things and facts change over time? i mean i don't really know whats in the stuff either, just a normal person seeing the fact its from 08 and things could have changed by now? just like cars, food, information etc.

    1. Anonymous - and here I want to say in case anyone is paying attention - same anonymous as commenting on the Amway diet plan post - you do know that nothing ever changes in Amway? An article written in 2008 or even 1978 would be the same. I've read an article from 1981 written by someone who was in Amway and nothing has changed, except the Internet has emerged. Same thing with the book Merchants of Deception written by a former Emerald who was in Amway in the 1990's and I could have been in the same room with him. Nothing changes in Amway! You don't really think Amway has changed the ingredients of XS do you? Most companies don't change their drink formulas. Are you old enough to remember when Coca Cola changed their formula and the huge backlash so they quickly brought in a product called Coke Classic as opposed to the New Coke. New Coke eventually hit the shitter. Someone writing about Coke in 1960 and someone writing about Coke today there would not be much difference in the product description.

      Always remember - nothing ever changes in Amway. And this is a good article, still applicable, even if it had been written in 1988, 1998, or 2008. Nothing ever changes in Amway.

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  8. Hi,

    I know it is 2018 now, but I found your blog after we recently (this week) had a new person who started at work. He claims to be a business owner and he left a case of these energy drinks in our office as free samples. Out of curiousity (and a lot of boredom on a slow work day)I decided to look up these drinks and found your blog.

    The Ambots can start out very subtle. He really had me believing he owned a legitimate business until I started uncovering the source of the XS Energy Drinks.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you found us. And funny enough yesterday's post was partly about Amway Ambots who strategically flaunt their shitty overpriced Amway products so others will show an interest and might want to buy.

      You didn't say whether you tried one of those "free samples" of XS. It tastes like a combo of cat piss and the worst cough medicine you can imagine. There's a scam that Ambots do to get "free samples". They call Amway and say they sold a case of XS to someone who didn't like it - understandable. And the Ambot asks for another case for free to replace it. That's taught at Amway meetings.

    2. I forgot to mention that. I didn't try one and I have been encouraging others to not try one.

      I have found a lot of useful information about these bots on your blog. Its funny because the first day I met him he used a lot of the ambot talking points to convince me he was a real business owner. After doing some research I found he was using the amway talking points, almost word for word.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Amway Ambots always brag that XS is the best energy drink out there. I'm scared to try any other energy drink because what if, just what if this one time Ambots are right and XS is the best energy drink. I wouldn't want to test that theory on any other one of those products. XS is cat piss water. Is it possible there could be another energy drink out there that tastes worse than Amway's product? I don't want to find out!

      Amway Ambots have a canned Amspeak response for just about everything, many of them we've covered here. One thing those Ambots don't have a response for is when they ask you what your dream is and you tell them it's to produce and star in gay porno flicks. And that's because Ambots are prudes. If your new co-worker hits you up for your dream, that's what you tell him and then hit him up to invest in your venture.

      Also he likely won't be employed there long because Ambots are taught by Amway cult leaders to have a snotty snobby attitude to their coworkers and their boss and they spend too much time on the phone with the assholes in their Amway upline. Most Ambots I met were unemployed or on their way to being so.


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