Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Better Chance Of Falling Off Cruise Ship Than Making Money In Amway!

I read an article about passengers who fell off cruise ships and lived. https://www.yahoo.com/travel/they-fell-overboard-and-lived-craziest-cruise-108143007717.html

In the article it says that there is a .000085% chance of a passenger falling off a cruise ship. Seeing as how I don’t have Amway literature hanging around the house anymore I don’t recall what the exact fraction of 1% of IBO’s will make money at Scamway. It was something like .00000367%. Doesn’t really matter what the exact teensy fraction is.

It seems more likely to me that a person has a greater chance of falling off a cruise ship than they do of making money in Amway!

First off people in Amway couldn’t afford to go on a cruise. And even if they did have money to put towards a vacation they’d have to get permission from their sack of shit Platinum or some other fucking asshole in their Amway upline and it would be denied. Why spend that money on a vacation when you could be investing it in your Scamway business (according to the fucking upline Amway assholes) or they’ll be dozens of Amway meetings that week and you don’t want to miss them.

Now I really can’t see how someone can fall off a cruise ship unless they’re drunk and goofing around or otherwise put some effort into it. Like drag a chair over to the railing and hop up and oops over you go. If it was that easy to fall off a cruise ship it would be a lot higher than a fraction of 1%.

Kind of like if it was that easy to make money in Amway the percentage would also be a lot higher than a fraction of 1%.

An Amway ambot spends about $700/month in Amway once they add up the minimum 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products they buy for personal use though most ambots spend more than that, plus add in monthly membership to WWDB, monthly membership to Communikate, buying books and CDs to help the Diamonds get richer off their tool scam, and tickets to various Amway meetings or functions if its Dream Night, Family Reunion, Spring Leadership or Free Enterprise Days FED going on that month.

I’ve seen cruises advertised for around $700 for a week. Actually I’ve seen them cheaper but lets say a $700 cruise because that’s the average amount an Amway ambot spends in a month. What does that get the cruise passenger? A place to sleep for a week, meals, entertainment, and visiting a couple of Mexican ports.

If I’m gonna waste $700 that cruise sounds like a better deal to me! And more fun!

I can stick around at home throwing away money at the Amway scam and take my chances I’ll be one of a teensy fraction of 1% who make money. Or I can take a vacation and take my chances I’ll be one of a teensy fraction of 1% who will fall off the cruise ship.

You’re spending that money anyway. Go with the one that’s got better odds!

It is very rare for a person to fall off a cruise ship just like its very rare for a person to become a Diamond in Amway. The news story said that last year 22 people fell off cruise ships. Did 22 people become Diamonds in Amway last year? No? So it appears we have our answer. You have a better chance of falling off a cruise ship than you have of becoming an Amway Diamond.


  1. The only way an Ambot will ever fall off a cruise ship is if they get a job on it as a deck hand or something.

    1. Anonymous - the Amway ambot would be more likely to get thrown overboard by coworkers or passengers! LOL!

      Can you imagine the ambot deckhand coming across a billionaire oil baron on deck, the husband in a tux and the wife in a designer gown and dripping in jewels. The ambot sneers at them that he's better than them because he's a business owner and they're a couple of losers who work a job.

      Yup over you go!

    2. Yep, and as you toss their crusty ass overboard tell them to Break Out Another Thousand!

    3. "Man overboard!"
      "Quick, throw out a life preserver!"

      "Ambot overboard!"
      "We'll notify his next of kin tomorrow."

    4. Anna Banana - OMG I actually did LOL before I was even halfway through reading your reply about the Ambot deckhand. That neatly sums up the absurdity of the Ambot mentality. So true it's almost scary that there can even exist such a program of brainwashing out there in the free world. Kind of like the old movie "The Body Snatchers". There was a guy I read about who was a survivor of the People's Temple mass "suicide" in Jonestown, Guyana who was actually counseling others in cult recovery at the time when he himself went to an Amway meeting and got sucked into it. He came to his senses shortly after but he marveled afterword at just how good these bastards are at screwing people.

    5. LOL!

      "Ambot overboard!"
      "Shhh. Keep it under your hat until the morning when its too late for the captain to turn around!"


    6. How much will the Ambot pay to have the captain turn the boat around and pick his sorry ass out of the ocean? No problem for an ambot with bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Amway.

      "I'll give you one month salary from Amway" screams the ambot from the ocean.

      "Fuck that." says the captain. "It costs more than $10 in gas to turn the ship around."


    7. Anonymous - Amway ambots have the most absurd mentality I've ever encountered. Their attitude of how they're better than everyone else just cause they're in the Amway cult. Yeah really creepy that the one guy got involved in 2 of the world's worst cults out there.

    8. The perfect cruise line job for an Amway IBO is rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic. Doesn't matter how good he does it, how many times he rearranges it, or how hard he works, that ship is still going to sink.

  2. Yep a lot of BOATs floating through the Amway angry seas.... Broke Owner (of) Amway Tools. The new war cry of the Diamond Upline Shill (DUSh) should be to his IBO minions... "BREAK OUT ANOTHER THOUSAND!"

  3. Some time ago, there was a Canadian Amway diamond that organized an Amway reunion cruise (oh boy just the kind of cruise I'd like to go on) with 200 rooms reserved on the ship. To get on the cruise, you had to reach a certain level of business (the web links explain it). Small wonder that only three people qualified and the cruise never happened.

    See the links:


    1. Anonymous - I guess we get down to the age old question how many Amway ambots can you squeeze into a cruise ship cabin? 200 rooms, one would think reasonably 400 people, maybe slightly less if there are singles. Amway ambot rules? 10 to 20 in a room if its anything like hotel rooms at Amway functions. Except a cruise ship needs an exact head count to make sure there's enough room on lifeboats. And yeah if the ship is sinking leave those ambots behind! So 400 ambots on a ship would be pretty annoying to all the other passengers. Trying to relax on a deck chair and getting hounded by an ambot trying to sell them soap or join their Amway cult.

      In this case only 3 ambots. Someone would still be on the hook for those 200 reserved rooms, loss of deposit or whatever. And what if you didn't qualify but still had room on your credit card to buy a cruise so you could just show up.

      I think the rest of the ship's passengers would be making the ambots walk the plank!

    2. Casey Combden supposedly was on the hook for the 200 reserved rooms, According to the article, he had to
      re-mortgage his house somewhere to the tune of $ 125,000. Sounds like he got off easy to me.

    3. Anonymous - that would be a fair chunk of change. Reminds me of an Amway function where the assholes in our upline were convinced that all kinds of guests or newly recruited cult members would be busting their asses to get there to worship the Great Amway God. So one of the dumb asses reserves a bunch of hotel rooms and puts it on his credit card. I don't know how many, not like those 200 rooms on the cruise ship which would be more costly. So maybe less than 10 rooms dumbo reserved on his credit card and by the time he realized there'd be no one using the rooms it was past the cut off time for cancelling with a full refund! So he'd be on the hook for one night penalty for however many rooms. Got to love it! But got to love that out of pocket $125,000 even better!


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