Thursday, March 12, 2015

Amway People Are Assholes

I kid you not. Some poor soul who has been plagued with brainwashed ambots showed up at this blog after doing a Google search for “Amway people assholes”.

Boy did s/he come to the right place!

So what is it about Amway people - ambots - that makes them such assholes?

Loaded question! The list is endless!

Here it is from my perspective based on my experience with the assholes in my Amway upline plus the similar comments left on this blog and other places on the net. What makes Amway people such big assholes?

1.  They’re liars.
2. They’re sleazy.
3. They’re swindlers.
4. They only like you for your money.
5. They’re arrogant pricks.
6. They’re full of shit.
7. They’re out to destroy relationships.
8. They deprive people of sleep.
9. They’re pompous bastards.
10. They think they’re experts on everything.
11.   They make fun of people who have jobs.
12. They think they’re better than everyone else.
13.  They’re the biggest bunch of phonies around.
14. They stalk you in Barnes & Noble.
15.  They’re always right and everyone else is wrong.
16. They call people losers if they’re not involved in Amway.
17.  They call their own cult members losers if they quit Amway.
18. They drop their friendship if you don’t buy their overpriced Amway shit.
19. They’re useless.
20. They accuse everyone of having a job and a boss even people who are retired or already own a business and don’t have bosses.
21. They justify their evil actions by claiming to “bless” or “help” others.
22. They’re unreliable.
23.They’re obsessed with all things negative.
24. They’re rotten bad ass fuckers.
25.They snipe you on Facebook.
26.  They accuse others of “not trying hard enough” even if they’re busting their asses.
27.They cause others to suffer financial losses.
28.They’re fucking troublemakers.
29. They’re quick to point fingers and find fault with everyone else.
30.They lead people into bankruptcy.
31.  They force their cult followers to “submit to upline”.
32.They waste everyone’s time.
33. They’re rude.
34.They pester you in grocery stores.
35. When not at Amway meetings they’re always on phones and sending texts.
36.They demand you attend all Amway functions.
37. They’re cultists.
38.They cause others to go into debt.
39.They’re close-minded.
40.  They’re out to scam you.
41. They believe they’re smarter than people who are not in Amway.
42. They’re annoying.
43.They’re greedy bastards.
44. They peddle Amway shit.
45.They’re brainwashed.
46. They justify Amway’s high prices on a make belief high quality.
47.They make you pay to listen to their bullshit.
48. They’re deceptive about the tool scam profits.
49.  They deny they’re with Amway.
50.They’re low life scum sucking bastards.
51.  They’re obnoxious.
52.They’re full of self importance.
53. They unnaturally worship their cult leaders.
54.They’re freaks.
55. They incite hate.
56.They accuse people not on board with Amway of being dream stealers.
57. They refer to everyone not in the Amway cult as un-Christian.
58.They’re creepy.
59.They’re snake oil salesmen.
60.  They’re in denial about their pyramid scheme.
61. They’re slimeballs.
62. They’re always holding grand openings.
63.They’re always pestering to show you the board plan.
64. They’re pretend business owners.
65.They’re under the impression Amway is the only recession proof business.
66. They’re secretive.
67.They can’t mind their own business.
68. They’re tax evaders.
69.They’re pests.
70.They’re self-righteous.
71.  They’re out to piss everyone off.
72.They’re fucking inconsiderate bastards.

OK I’ll stop before I hit 101 again. PS When are they going to bring back 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show?





  1. Hi AB,
    You are doing a great public service by maintaining a blog not only for the entertainment value of curb stomping Amway nimrods, but informing people of the hazards of this scheme. I was trapped traveling for a day with 2 fellows who I thought were decent human beings. However after being a fly on the wall and listening to these 2 chuckle heads talk as they listen to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and then pop in a "system" CD I came to the conclusion their hopeless morons. So instead of searching for a loose firearm to chew on to put me out of my misery, I popped in my earphones put on some Pink Floyd and simply searched the Web for answers by typing in Are Amway people Assholes.. and.. BINGO..... I hit the power ball of info on Amway. Your blog, Joecools blog and info about the Merchants of Deception. Thank goodness because suicide (and more likely double homicide) is frowned upon, I had an entertaining trip as I learned more about how this scam is run then the 2 unfortunate bone heads I was traveling with. I have very entertaining encounters regarding these 2 rubes, but may want to send it via email. It's like a undercover look at a current groups drive to Diamond. So thanks again from saving me from an eternal dirt nap or prison. I may just be the individual your mentioning with this post.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for the very amusing account of being trapped in a car with 2 ambots! Sheer hell!

      They all pretend to be decent people. They were a business suit and pretend to be rich and business is booming. Then when you spend more time with them you find out there lives revolve around the Amway cult and worshipping the Great Amway God. They got nothing else going on.

      When they put that CD in, they cranked the volume didn't they? And sat in rapt silence with their jaws dropped open at all the words of wisdom they were taking in. I could have been riding that car too!

      No, you weren't the original searcher for Amway people are assholes unless you searched a few years ago. We're rerun this post a few times because of the continued high demand of people searching for Amway assholes! LOL! Yup we aim to entertain as well as educate.

    2. Your welcome AB, I figured I should contribute and join in the fun. The next time I'm with these two I'm going to fire up Denis Leary's I'm an Asshole to drown out the eardrum rupturing volume of the "tool" CD. You are correct, they play it at ear splitting volume and with the fucking windows rolled down. The looks from drivers around us concerned me due to the other drivers eyes being rolled back so far in their heads that an epic traffic pile up may occur. So in an attempt to scrape up any dignity I had left, I found myself trying to make myself fit into any avaliable space to hide and considered tearing out the back seats to ride in the trunk. There was never a greater time then that moment I wished I was related to David Copperfield or had DNA from Houdini. Anyway I could give them a copy of Denis Leary's gem of a song and they could play it at their next UFO landing meeting and sing along with the rest of the Ambots campfire style. Trust me I got months of material on these 2 nitwits. Thanks again.

    3. Anonymous - its part of the Amway ambot attitude, as in the above list, which is why Ambots crank the volume on the CDs and as you said rolled down the windows. Maybe they were hoping someone was going to ask them about it and what they do for a living? Unlikely. Getting flipped off and screamed at to turn it down is the more probable outcome! Amway is all about fake it till you make it. So they put on business suits and pretend they're important businessmen. What were the real jobs? Cleaning porta potties?

    4. Working for IKC (I Kleen Chit) porta potties would be a step up for these 2. One is unemployed and does odd jobs for cash and the other works 2 different fast food restaurants part time. I don't see either one making the cut on The Apprentice unless it's for comic relief.

    5. LOL! You're probably right. A lot of young people work fast food restaurants, gives them some money and experience. And of course Amway ambots hold their "business" meetings at fast food joints so recruiting employees there with promises of gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month for the rest of their lives and they don't have to work again sounds pretty attractive, or at least better than flipping burgers.

  2. Amway ruined my family. Granted, my parents were in Amway in the 90s. I was a kid at the time and didn't really know better. I am 26 now and recently have been doing research on Amway because Facebook friends flood my newsfeed with it as well as other pyramid schemes like Plexus.

    Even though its been 15-20 years since my parents were active in Amway I still remember it all. I never understood why my dad bothered with Amway - he was making about $250k at a very good general sales manager job for a large radio station.

    I remember my dad going to my friends houses(or inviting them to our own house) and "showing them the plan". I remember my dad always listening to "tools" when we drove places. I remember all the Amway products we had - Satinique, Glister, Critic's Choice, Artistry, LOC. I remember my parents always going away for the weekend for some "function" and we got to know our babysitters well over the years. Or my parents they would drag me and my sisters to some weekend function and take the babysitter with us. I remember the book "Just wait till we're diamond". I remember my dad would be going off somewhere to show the plan and my mom would have me and my sisters run out to him as he was about to leave and say "DADDY GO DIAMOND!". I remember my dad buying a used Cadillac, after reading up on Amway I know why.

    Around 1996 or 1997 my dad lost his job. I was never told why at the time but me and my sisters, today, know the reason - its because of Amway. My dad focused more on Amway than his actual job, plus annoyed his boss by talking about Amway at work. He got fired from a well paying job. My mom didn't have to work, but after he got fired she started having to work.

    It was around 2000 or so when my parents finally "quit" Amway. I don't know why they did, but I am guessing it was the financial strain after my dad lost his job and them realizing Amway was a dead end scam. The highest pin level they achieved was Silver Direct I think.


    1. Hi W. Thank you for sharing your story. We've had several comments left by children of ambots and the hard time they had growing up. They couldn't go to other kid's birthday parties where a gift would be expected because the assholes in the Amway upline said that money would be better spent buying Amway products. What's a kid going to do? Bring Glister or Satanique to a kid's party as a present?

      Having to run after your dad yelling go diamond is all about brainwashing the kids at a young age. And you know the sad thing is Amway's literature shows Diamond's income around $150k. Your dad was already earning more than a Diamond! Your dad is one of many who lost their jobs thanks to Amway. As you figured out he was annoying the hell out of his coworkers and boss about Amway and doing Amway "business" on company time. That still goes on today. When we were in Scamway I saw many people lose their jobs for those reasons.

  3. It was around 2000 or so when my parents finally "quit" Amway. I don't know why they did, but I am guessing it was the financial strain after my dad lost his job and them realizing Amway was a dead end scam. The highest pin level they achieved was Silver Direct I think.

    My dad was never the same after losing that job, he never could seem to hold down steady job after that even though he quit Amway. My parents combined income was never enough and from age 11 onward we really struggled as a family financially. We were never the same. Eventually my parents split when I was in college. We were an ideal American Family for the first 11 years of my life and after that we were fractured and financially struggled. If my dad was making $250k a year it makes you wonder how much he sunk into Amway that caused us to become destitute.

    My uncle is still active in Amway and is always drinking XS drinks. But he hasn't become diamond either even though he has been in for 20 years. The reason my uncle hasn't crashed and burned like my parents did is because he runs his own(non Amway) business. My mom, dad, and uncle are smart people and good, moral upstanding people. That is why it is so disappointing to have seen them sucked into a blatant scheme.

    I have never talked to my dad or uncle about my true feelings about Amway. But I talked to my mom about it. She says she knew it was a scam but was brainwashed to always think positive. She said it was a cult and how Dexter/Birdie would come out well past midnight when everyone was falling asleep and speak nonsense as if they were trying to brainwash everyone. How one weekend when I was sick and the babysitter was worried about me, and my mom wanted to leave the function to go home to me and how some Amway assholes guilt tripped her into staying at the function, and tried to make her feel like a "Dream Stealer" for wanting to leave.

    Like I said Amway ruined my family. We were the ideal American Upper-Middle Class family and it was destroyed because of Amway's lies and preying on my parents like that. I live in a different state than my parents these days and I hate going home for holidays and having to go to my mom's house AND my dad's house. I just wish I could go home to my parents both living under the same roof instead of having to split time with both.

    I hope there is a special place in hell for the likes of Dexter & Birdie Yaeger, Bill Britt, C.L. Foster(my parent's upline diamond) and other asshole Amway people who have made a living by destroying the financial lives of many.

    1. W - its too bad your parents split up. Amway is all about destroying relationships. Its very hard for a couple to stay together when there is financial irresponsibility going on. Money problems is the most common reason for break ups. Add in the stress of being in the Amway cult and its really hard on a marriage.

      And as you've seen, its really hard to bounce back financially once you've been destroyed by Amway. Someone in their 20's is going to be able to recover financially and emotionally faster and easier because they're still at the beginning of their earnings career, than a person in their 50's or older who are coming to the end of their working lives. I've seen stories of Amway scamming seniors out of their life savings.

      Yup I'm sure there's a place in hell reserved for Amway assholes who go around destroying other people's lives.

      Thanks for sharing!

    2. So many families have been devastated by the Amway cult. Everything you described - how they brainwash people at meetings and seminars and with constant "motivational tools", teach them to put Amway before family, call them "dream stealers" and "losers" if they don't, destroy finances, etc - is standard fare with the Amway cult. How good they are at scamming and lying is proven by how many people they can still draw in despite the fact that less than a fraction of 1% ever make money in it and the trail of horror stories and devastation caused to people go back years. They'll point proudly to the billions Amway earns, but the REASON Amway makes that kind of money is because so many people are LOSING their money to it.

      Any entity, be it financial or religious, that requires brainwashing techniques and divides members away from anyone else who is not "part of them", be it family or friends, and drains their finances with promises of wealth or a special place in heaven or whatever, is a CULT. Amway is a cult. And as you learned firsthand, an evil one at that.

  4. Don't worry, the Devils been on vacation since Britt showed up. The rest of these shit heads have a nice corner office all sectioned off for them when they get off the express elevator.... Going Down.

    1. LOL! Yup Amway Ambots are only going in one direction! And not the one they think they're heading! LOL!

  5. Hi AB, I am also married to an ambot. We just bought a house and few weeks after the possession date he got laid off from his job, since then I was shouldering our mortgage payments, household bills and groceries because I thought he doesn't have enough money to pay for car and insurance and cellphone bills but then last night he was asking me to join him to go to an out of town spring leadership weekend on April, I was surprised that he was saving money to spend for that event while me on the other hand was struggling to pay the bulk of payments that we're suppose to share. We don't have a joint savings account because I chose not ro and I don't want him to spend my hard earned money buying super expensive products from Amway, he's spending around $200-$300 a month buying stuffs that he doesn't care about before like energy drink and bars, vitamins, etc. And he sometimes gets mad at me if I buy products from lical pharmacy which are way more affordable than Amway peoducts, he always say that he earn money just by doing that, which I disagree becauae if he'll buy the cheaper counter part he'll save tons of money. It's common sense, I can't fathom how can he not get it. Right now I'm starting to get tired of our situation. I feel like I need a break from all of this.

    1. Hi Anonymous - Yup another story of an Amway ambot losing his job. Probably because of his attitude to his coworkers, bragging that he's a business owner and they'll be broke losers for the rest of their lives working for someone else. And doing Amway business on company time. Seen a lot of ambots lose their jobs when we were in the Amway cult.

      I know exactly how you feel. There are bills to be paid, important ones, and when money is tight due to unemployment money shouldn't be frittered away on unnecessary extras. And spending $300/month on shitty overpriced Amway products when you can buy similar stuff that's better quality at Walmart for much cheaper is stupid. It's all about qualifying to earn that $10 commission from Amway every month. And unnecessary expenses when money is tight probably means eliminating buying bottled water, energy drinks, food bars, etc no matter what the price!

      And him saving up to go to Spring Leadership while you're busting your ass to cover the bills is incredible to the outside world but not so much to someone inside the Amway cult.

      We all need a break from Amway when our husbands our stuck inside the cult. But before you take a break, talk to someone at your bank, they'll have financial advisors. Then maybe talk to a lawyer. You need to get your ducks in a row because Amway is all about destroying lives. Bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce are all part of being in Amway. Its hard for a marriage to survive financial stress but added stress of one person being inside a cult is vicious. You need to figure out where you stand in case things go worse. And trust me when he gets back from Spring Leadership he'll be all "fired up" and bragging that he's "going big". That'll last a week.

      Good luck.

  6. You've accurately described IBOFB, AKA David Steadson. LOL

    1. LOL!

      Job description: Amway Asshole


  7. Anna,

    After giving Amway considerable thought, I've changed my mind. It very well might be a good way to lay hands on some Amway loot. My advice to Ambots would be to band together and sue Amway. Those that have done this have managed to extract millions of dollars by settling with Amway (out of court).

    Being an Amway asshole (in court) might mean grabbing the golden ring in Amway's merry go round of greed!

    1. quixtarisacult - one of those former IBO's did get a settlement of sorts and showed up here to tell us about it. It wasn't a cash settlement. Amway had to give them products, like around $100. If you're no longer in the Amway cult then you probably don't want to receive a box of shit from them. But the kicker was Amway shipped the box COD so he refused it. I'm sure many others did too so Scamway would have got their products back in the end to flog on some other unwilling litigant.

    2. I think you are right about the shitty products being part of the settlement. The money I believe went to Orin Woodward and a relatively small group of former 'kingpins.' Any other aggrieved asshole was to get some Amway shit in the mail. I wasn't aware that it came COD.

    3. All I remember is someone dropping by here to leave a comment, some time ago maybe 2 years, and he said he got a box of Amway shit COD which he refused. Not sure how much the COD was or what was inside the box. I'm sure he'd rather have had the money instead of some shitty Amway product.

  8. I remember working on a construction job with this Amway idiot who was just about everything on your list above Anna B., except that his one redeeming feature was the comic relief this freak gave every time he opened his mouth, which was all the time. Me and my work partner would just laugh at him to his face while he would crow on and on about his make believe world.

    1. Anonymous - did that ambot bring a boombox to the construction site, put in a CD, and cranked the volume? Just to piss off the other workers though the ambot would be brainwashed to think these prospects are going to ask me about my motivational CD and I can scam them into coming to an Amway meeting. I'm sure a bunch of construction workers don't want to listen to that woman with the annoying voice at full boombox volume screeching out "don't dress like a slut!!!!!" Yeah ambots can be pretty fun to play with. They are so dumb they think they're going to be rich. They come back at you with all their brainwashed Amspeak responses.


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