Thursday, March 19, 2015

Life Of Hell With An Amway Ambot

A reader tells us about life with an ambot boyfriend.


My boyfriend joined amway over the summer and has increasingly become defensive about it when I mention that it's weird and how I refuse to join. This is the only thing we fight about and I avoid talking about it at all costs! He's now starting to find negative things that come out of my mouth. One time I yelled at him about it and he apologized and said I wasn't negative. But he'll ask me to join. This last time we fought he told me that if I said no this time, he'll leave me alone about joining. He hasn't mentioned it since but I'm scared that this will come up again. He promised he'd never leave me for this and because of this and tht I'm being too paranoid. I don't show any support for this. He's actually in the process of applying for real corporate jobs and I'm praying that this is my only hope in him waking up and realizing its a scam. When people ask him "what do you do for a living?" He mentions NOTHiNG about it and says he's looking for a job, and if someone asks him about why he's been out of town for a "conference" he says "it's for a little side thing I'm doing." ... Those are SOME good signs but I'm having anxiety attacks when he goes to their weekly brainwash sessions and when he's at a conference. I'm walking on thin ice. If I don't show support for amway maybe he can start noticing what I see in it... Or he can think I'm not supporting him. Help :-(


Yup boyfriend shows the classic Amway ambot symptoms. Ambots are angry despicable bastards and make life hell for the people around them.

All Amway ambots get defensive. That’s the life of the ambot constantly showing their devotion to the Amway cult and how dare anyone not like Amway and not support their business. HOW DARE THEY!!!!! Amway ambots put a lot of effort into defending this scam and that makes them viciously ANGRY.
Amway is the kingpin of all things negative. Amway ambots are obsessed with pointing out everything in the world that is negative. The rest of the world doesn’t have this finger pointing thing down. What’s negative to one person isn’t too another. People in the real world learn to tolerate negatives, maybe they read a book called Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. People in the real world don’t have to pick pick pick at everything and bitch about things they think are negative. People in Amway make all things negative their life’s mission. Really an Amway ambot pointing out everything around them that is negative – there’s nothing unusual about that. They all do that. Amway ambots pointing out everything they perceive to be negative is how they make themselves feel superior to the rest of the world. What brainwashed ambots don’t see is the rest of the world perceives Amway ambots to be negative.

Amway ambots calling other people paranoid? Look in the mirror Ambot!

Yeah an Ambot will need a corporate job to afford being in the expensive Amway social club. No one in Amway admits to being in Amway because that’s just so fucking embarrassing admitting that you got suckered into this MLM cult and you’re out to scam people and recruit new cult members. Its better to say you’re unemployed.

And when we’re married to an ambot or dating one or living with one we’re always walking on thin ice. We’re fearful of saying the wrong thing like GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMWAY!!!!! and have the ambot anger directed our way. Ambots are the most angry people around. They’re angry because they’re losing money. Angry because they can’t find others to join up to the scam so they can make some money back. Angry they’re being abused by the Amway cult leaders they love and worship more than anything else in their lives.

Here’s the good news. 95% of IBO’s quit Amway within 2 years. Most within a few months of signing up. You just got to wait them out and that can be hell with them nitpicking and finding everything negative about you they can point out and they only do that to please the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Sometimes you got to wait them out by watching them max out their credit cards and spend all their savings. Some can bounce back even if it takes them years. Others have to declare bankruptcy and go into foreclosure if they have a mortgage.

Amway is all about destroying lives and relationships. The Amway cult leaders turn the ambots into nasty, ugly, negative finger pointing bastards so the people around them stay away. That’s what Amway is all about. Sorry to say your story can be told nearly word for word by every Amway widow out there.




  1. This lady is witnessing the initial behavior and mannerisms of an Ambot. Unless she can strike him hard enough with a 2x4 to break him loose from the Amway transformer, she should hit the bar looking for a better lay. Because as Scotty said in Star Trek IV "hang on lassy, it only gets bumpy from here." (and not in a good way)

    What amazes me is the hypocrisy of Ambots. They say what "great" people they are and how they are "good" Christian folk and desire to help others. However the couple of them that I know, and travel with from time to time, act quite the opposite. A few observations regarding these nitwits:
    They listen (and cheer gleefully) to some of the worst hate mongering radio programs on earth and negative media. They point out flaws in those less fortunate then them including developmentally challenged folks. And the kicker is they hardly ever tip when we go out to eat. While I threatened to throw one of them through a window for mocking a disabled person, I fucking despise that no tipping part on the meals. It's hard to convince the authorities I decided to redecorate a roadway with an Ambot over poor tipping. However I'd probably get style points for them badgering the special needs individual. The poor to non existent tipping has nothing to do with the service, their just cheap asswipes who should stick to eating out of vending machines. When I do mention and guilt trip them into leaving tips they scurry to their burnt out shitbox scooping change off the floorboards under the seats. It's fucking pathetic. I got tired of shelling out the entire tip and sometime meal costs and found that holding a fork in a threatening manner is enough for them to scrape up the dough.

    It's just ridiculous how they pop off about "helping" and caring about others to offer them this "great opportunity". It's the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard. They say don't be negative, yet some of the hate and narrow minded views that spill out of these two would make your head spin. I have concluded that the longer someone is in the worse they are and you can monitor the downward spiral of someone who has just been assimilated into the collective. The one guy is a seasoned Amway shithead and the other is a 2 time looser "quitter" of Amway who just signed up for another tour to get his sit down sniffer reamed out. I'm not sure if these two represent the vast majority of Amway folks but someone should revoke their membership if not.

    1. Anonymous - people in Amway make fun of everyone not in Amway or who won't buy their products. They don't tip because they're cheap bastards and they think the server is some loser who won't join the Amway cult. The disabled person probably refused to buy their Amway snake oil to fix his disability and so they mock him.

      Amway ambots have that whole bullshit story about how they're in Amway to "help" and "bless" others. I never saw it. They only thing I saw was insulting behavior calling people not in the Amway cult losers who are going to be broke or dead by the time they're 65. And yes the most negative people I've ever met in my life are all in Amway even though they're constantly shrieking out their mantra of don't say negative. Bastards should take some of their own advice!

      Yup the 2 you know sound exactly like every Amway asshole out there. They all duplicate each other's bad behavior an justify it by saying they're better than everyone else by virtue of the fact that they're in the Amway cult.

  2. Dear Anna,

    Here's what happens when an Ambot meets a Herbot!

    A big fuck you to all these MLM scams!

    ~ Ex Girlfriend of a Herbot

    1. Hi Herbot's Ex. Pretty funny! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I feel for the lady with the Ambot boyfriend. The big question is whether he is going to be a lifer or not. If he is then obviously she needs to find another guy but she is hoping his recovery will be right around the corner. Just like the Ambot bases their hope on the slim to non existent hope of success at this "business".
    Some hope for the girlfriend: In my brief Amway experience I recall my feelings bouncing back and forth between the highs at the cult meetings and and the lows between meetings after the brainwashing wore off. Yeah, I would get defensive when challenged by others but secretly I envied my friends and others who were not trapped in this insidious cult. If she holds any hope of waiting him out she might want to try to nurture that part of him. He will never ever admit it, even for some time after he hopefully breaks free, but if he has a pulse or a brain wave he probably misses his friends, spare time and his spending money too. Not to wait forever, but just let him know you will welcome him back and won't carp on him or pull that "A" word on him. That he needn't be defensive or feel he has to prove himself because that is exactly what those Amway bastards want him to feel.
    As for the non tippers, I just tell those people that I am going to cover your tip because you embarrass me and I will never sit with you at a restaurant again if you don't tip. And I'm not going to argue about it. That usually works pretty good.

    1. Anonymous - everytime someone shares their story its like I'm living the Amway hell all over again.

      We can always hope her boyfriends sees the light and gets out but sometimes they are lifers. The odds are on her side he'll quit within the year, 2 at the most. After that. Probably lifer.

      The Amway cult leaders work off the highs the ambots have after attending a major brainwashing event and try to get them to pay before they even leave the function for the next one coming up in 3 months. Scammers!

  4. Have relatives in this cult. I think this website is really helpful! I could share so much but there is not enough space! Keep on sharing the truth!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about your relatives. Keep thinking positive thoughts. 95% quit Scamway within 2 years, most within 4 to 10 months when they figure out they're not making money and they got lied to.


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