Monday, March 16, 2015

Not Loving Being Married To An Ambot

Another reader shares a sad story of what its like being married to an Amway ambot.

I cannot tell you how I've appreciated reading the experiences shared on your site. My husband and I have been married for 2 years now but he's been involved in that same faction of Amway for almost 12 now.

I was initially impressed and intrigued by the (seemingly genuine) overt love and support expressed by the people I met through the business (up and crossline). So, naturally, I was active in and supportive of my future-husband's business venture.

Although I had no idea what their profit margins were like, I could only imagine by the intensity and excitement generated at meetings and events; initially I did assume that everyone was doing well financially.

I was discouraged by my husband from working the job I had in the field of mental health and talked out of pursuing my doctorate, as “the business” taught that higher education is essentially a moneymaking racket; banks and universities are taking advantage of young people and causing more harm than good; i.e. student-loan debt. I had been midway through the process of beginning graduate school but I was fascinated by this idea of "wealth mentality." I grew to learn that I suffered from what they in the business call "broke mentality" and I began to believe that not only was I more than well-educated, but I had learned that I was being taken advantage of by the system - I was not being paid what I was worth – soon I despised the policies of the company I worked for, as well as my boss. I challenged a co-worker to “pull your head out of the sand” and look around. See how we were being capitalized upon. I learned that true control of my destiny was financial freedom.

I gave up on the idea of counseling patients one-on-one and bought into the “leverage” of the Amway business vehicle. Looking at it from this perspective, you can see how I was convinced that I could actually help more people (my dream all along) by simply making more money in the business sector and allocating that money to the programs and charities I believed in. So, having little idea of what our income from the business already looked like (my husband handled the finances at this time) and with his assurance that we were making more than enough to live on from his "day job" (which was true) I quit and became fully committed to the business.

It doesn't take a genius to predict where things went from there. The Amway business model, as it is, is not sustainable in itself. As we have seen, it takes money from supplemental sales such as that of "business tools" or tapes/CD's, and profits from throwing large business conferences (rallies, meetings, seminars, master-minds, attitude sessions... I've even heard them called vacations!) in order to grow the immense wealth presented from the stage at these very events...

Unfortunately, my husband refused (and still fully refuses) to believe that the people he trusts and so idolizes on stage actually make a significant portion their profits from speaking at events and conferences as well as the sales and promotion of "business tools" (essentially, CD's they have recorded of themselves speaking at said events).

To take things one step further, my husband recently quit his "day job" as well to pursue this venture unencumbered by the overbearing burden of the 9-5, J-O-B. Despite heartfelt attempts to appeal to a rational bone in his body, my husband has never been more entrenched in the belief that if it can work for anybody it WILL work for him, and he has become bound and determined that Amway will work for him.

Despite his integrity, his persistence, and his good heart, profits via the Amway business were never there... and as you could project, they certainly are not there today. It is hard to see so many people come in and out of his life; he truly believes, and I support the notion, that there is good in an opportunity for the average American to own their own business... just maybe not a business where your largest customer is you.


  1. As Queen once said.... Another One Bites Dust. I hope this fellow can see the light one day and listen to his wife. This lady is sharp and was able to see through the Wizards smoke and yanked the curtain down. Sounds like he had a good enough job or career to support his family and throw money at his Amway hobby. If he continues it sounds as if he'll lose more then his shirt skipping down Amways yellow brick road.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yeah she's got a tough road ahead of her if she stays married to the ambot. He's been in the Amway cult for 12 years so he's pretty much a lifer. And not disclosing his real Amway profit & loss statement. Well what Amway ambot does that?! LOL! Then the truth will be out! They all lie and say business is going great and because she didn't see the financials she bought into his lies. A marriage built on a foundation of Amway lies probably doesn't have a high life expectancy.

    2. Sad to say, you're right, Anna. Someone who has been immersed in the cult for that long and hasn't seen any kind of profit but still believes that "success is just around the corner if I work it hard enough" is lost to the brainwashing. Reality is only what he is told it is. I'm sure he's been working hard at it all those years, but his lack of success is explained away by his masters as being "you just didn't work hard enough", and he buys it without question. Now that he no longer has the job which is where their REAL money came from to pay the bills, it won't be long until they bottom out and lose everything. I wish the best for her and hope she's contacted a lawyer to brace herself for the crash and burn ahead. And those "loving, supportive" people in his upline, who have been milking him for 12 years, when they no longer can squeeze anything out will dry up and drift away, calling him a loser and using him as an example of someone who "didn't do it right". Of course, they never explain WHAT he did wrong, only that it's his fault, not the "foolproof" system's. God those people are evil.

    3. Anonymous - the most evil people I've ever met in my life have been members of the Amway cult. They follow the teachings of Hitler and Jim Jones for sure!

      This woman sees the picture now. Her husband his Amway "successes" from her but its pretty obvious to her they've been scammed and the assholes in the Amway upline are bleeding them dry. But that's what ambots do to their followers. And as you said prod them along by saying you're about to go really big, success if just around the corner, I can feel it!

      2 unemployed people spending hundreds of dollars on the Amway scam at his idea, are not going to survive much longer when the threat of eviction or foreclosure and utilities being turned off on the horizon.

  2. Hi Anna Banana! I was a faithful follower of your blog a while back and decided to check in and say "hi!" I think my family members are finally OUT of Amway so there is HOPE for all of you who are unfortunately going through it! They have been through foreclosure, bankruptcy, changing jobs numerous times, to finally getting back on their feet. They are even trying to follow Dave Ramsey's principles!! Prayers have been answered!

    1. Hi Anonymous! Well that's good news about your family. And they obviously had to hit rock bottom before they realized it was time to get out of the Amway cult. Dave Ramsey has some good advice. I read his book years ago. His method is too strict for my liking but I still take a little bit of his advice. Clearly his program helps so many people. For Amway ambots Ramsey's program will help them figure out they need to snowball their debt and focus on paying that off and saving for emergencies and then saving for long term and retirment. And no, buying $50 boxes of laundry soap is not an emergency!

  3. Sad stories like these make me wish there was an equivalent of Alanon for families/spouses of alcoholics but geared toward helping the families affected by Amway. Naturally, it would be named Amanon and hopefully it wouldn't focus on that 12 step crap. Why should the victims have to do any form of confession? But it would be a nice counter to the Amspouse's constant drain on the family budget. "No darling, we paid for your Amway function last week so the fix you got there will just have to hold on a little longer than usual because it's my turn now and I'm looking forward this weekend to my Amanon getaway."

    1. Anonymous - Amway's public perception would increase immensely if they offered an Amanon type service. This service should help with deprogramming and financial recovery for those devastated by this monster. The same service should be offered to family/friends of ambots who want to get their loved one out of the cult. But of course Scamway wouldn't create a humanitarian program like that.

  4. Speaking of being married to an Ambot, can you imagine IBOFB's wife?

    1. Joecool - she or he would have to be really desperate to marry a fucking Amway asshole!

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