Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Whose Fault Is It?

Isn’t “whose fault is it” a good title? Seeing as how Amway Ambots are the biggest finger pointers around. And those fingers should be pointing right back at themselves!

Here’s a visitor comment left by Cali on Amthrax’s site - Comment of the Week Witty describes Ohio Leadership Convention  


I can relate to this only I left not knowing I had actually been duped. I was so naive I really thought it was my fault I didn’t make any money. I am glad I came upon this site. knowing the extent of the truth years ago could have helped me out greatly, although it would have hurt worse because at the time I felt “close” to people. I thought they actually cared. This is the real scam for me. Reading these posts have helped me see how those guilty feelings of not being good enough for the team has carried over into other parts of my life. Guilt about not having the same values or lifestyle dreams for example, or automatically thinking I don’t have what it takes to be a “leader” at any job I have had since. I thought I have moved on but I see not as well as I would have liked to be believe. What a process this has been. Thanks for sharing everyone.


This could have been written by my husband. Maybe it was! No. I think this was written by someone formerly involved in Monavie, you know the MLM scam that the assholes in our Amway upline defected over to! LOL! Fucking losers! But it was none of those fucking losers because the link on that post is a year or so before the assholes in our Amway upline defected to Monavie.


My Ambot was all about pleasing his upline. Why he would put pleasing them over and above pleasing me I’ll never understand. To get my revenge against those upline fuckers I write this blog and curse them out. I mention no names so the reality is I am cursing out all IBO upline out there. And those Amway assholes ain’t happy about it!


How did Ambot please his upline? Mostly by spending money buying Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam. The more money he spent the more his upline liked him.


I didn’t spend any money though the upline failed to recognize that the money Ambot spent was really our money. Our upline did not like me because I tried to stop Ambot from buying overpriced substandard Amway products and spending money on functions. So because of any influence I had over our funds and stopping their flow to the upline that is why those fuckers didn’t like me. I can’t tell you how much that breaks my heart! A bunch of phony ass, nasty, greedy IBO bastards don’t like me. Boo hoo!


Ambot thought it was his fault he wasn’t making money in Amway even though he was doing everything his upline told him to. Like we need any further proof that CORE doesn’t work! Well he didn’t do everything upline told him to do. He didn’t leave me no matter how hard his upline bitched at him that I was the reason he wasn’t successful in Amway and he would never make money in Amway because I was a negative unsupportive unchristian dream stealer. Nice label to give someone who is trying to prevent the family from going bankrupt and losing their house because of the Amway scam. Keep the money in our bank account instead of lining the upline’s bank account. And those fucking assholes wonder why I don’t like them because everyone else loves them. Sorry I have no unnatural worship and devotion for any bastards who are dumb enough to be in the Amway cult longer than I have.


It took Ambot awhile to figure out he was being duped. He started asking his upline, namely the sack of shit Platinum, about Amway’s compensation plan. He was brushed off with a curt “Never question upline.” He began having doubts that the Amway business was an honest way to make money. He was also troubled by the upline’s hate on toward me. He stopped going to meetings unless they really bitched at him. He stopped buying hundreds of dollars of Amway products each month. I saw my opportunity. I told him about Merchants of Deception and asked him to read it. He read the book and realized he’d been duped. Eric Scheibeler answered all his questions he had about the compensation that his upline had refused to disclose. I showed him the NBC Dateline expose on Amway that’s available for viewing on Youtube. Ambot was finally seeing the light! Amway = scam.


Ambot knew he’d been duped but he still liked the people in his upline and wanted to stay friends with them. I guess after blabbing to the upline about his dreams and counselling with them so they got to know private information about our lives he felt these people who knew his most secret innermost thoughts were his true best friends. He honestly felt close to them and loved spending time with them. And he thought they cared about him. Boy was he wrong!


I did not have this same sick fascination toward the fucking upline as I’m sure most of the regular readers here have long since figured out!


The problem was once Ambot stopped spending money on Amway products and tools and stopped going to meetings the upline he felt close to dropped him like a hot coal. That’s the reality of hanging out with greedy Amway friends. They will be your best friend only when you’re handing over your money. Phony Amway relationships. No matter how much you like them or how close you feel to these fakers they want NOTHING to do with you if you don’t hand over your money to them.


Gee I think I learned from my parents when I was about 5 years old that if friends only like you for your money then they are not real friends at all.


Yup, that age old advice is definitely true when it comes to Amway friends.


There’s more emotional damage. Amway IBO’s are trained to tell everyone not involved in Amway that they are losers. They are trained to tell everyone in their downline if they don’t make money at Amway - the easiest job in the world - that they’re a loser. Ambot genuinely felt like a loser after he left Amway. He was a loser at not making money no matter how hard he tried and the 100 plus hours he invested in Amway each month. Not to mention spending an average of $700/month on the Amway scheme.


Its funny how people look at things. I’m opposite of Ambot. I look at Amway IBO’s as the real losers, not the rest of the population.


I definitely think there was guilt on Ambot’s side after leaving Amway. Guilt at not making his new best friends happy by handing over his money for Amway products and tools. Guilt that he wasn’t good enough to be their friend any more. Sadness that they didn’t care about him anymore.


News flash! They never cared about Ambot. They only cared about getting his money!


The emotional carnage that Amway and their cult leaders leave in their wake is disgusting. I know karma will bite those bastards on the ass one day. Already has in some cases!


So whose fault is it? Those rotten lying upline bastards fucked with the wrong person and became stars of my blog. They’ve got no one to blame but themselves that a blog called Married To An Ambot was born and continues onwards and upwards even though those fuckers are Monavie lifers now. Those fucking Amway assholes never see nothing as their fault. They are blameless. They are the chosen few who are better than everyone else because of Amway.


Pompous arrogant bastards.



  1. It's the fault of lying A,way leaders and Amway liars like IBOFB aka David Steadson.

    1. Joecool - that is correct. And when those Amway assholes go out of their way to make themselves even bigger fucking Amway assholes than they already are by blaming the victim, the rest of the world who are not brainwashed Ambots see how stupid and evil these fuckers really are.

  2. It's sad how they are able to convince people how "foolproof" their "amazing opportunity" is. How Amway is making millionaires left and right, how doing what they tell you is almost guaranteed of success, so when the inevitable happens and people end up part of the 99.9% who lose money they are told it was all their fault, that they "didn't do it right" or "work hard enough", regardless of how they follow their upline's instructions to the letter, buy everything they are asked to, and work night and day trying to scam others. And then you have people like the one in the story who is left feeling like a failure and a loser because they couldn't make something that was doomed for failure from the beginning work. Amway is a scam and all that money at the top the Ambots brag about got there because of the 99.9% of people who they screwed over with this sham.

    The Ambots who come here sneer at Anna and wonder why she "wastes her time" on a website like this. But knowing that those who got screwed by the Amway scam can find it and realize they are NOT losers or failures, that Amway is a pyramid scam where almost everyone who gets into it loses money, it makes them feel a little better (though they still feel bad about being duped, at least they know they were lied to when they were told it was their fault they failed).

    1. Anonymous - yup the old foolproof Amway opportunity, so easy to get rich at Amway that you'd have to be really STUPID if you're not making gazillions of dollars in monthly residual income 3 months after signing up. The cult leaders like to insult their followers by saying Amway is so easy that if I can do it so can anyone. So easy a stinky pig can become an Amway bazillionaire.

      The Amway ambots that show up here are outraged because this blog is so high in the search engines for just about everything they're looking for Amway related and my point of view is not the same as their beloved cult leaders. We tell it like it is from the money lost, emotional distress, the lies and lines used by the Amway cult leaders, and what the Amway functions are really about. The Ambots are outraged because people are telling the truth about being inside Scamway which makes it very difficult for them to sign up people and make sales, that is if their victim is doing online search about Amway before getting involved. If I can warn off potential victims, then that's less people for the ambot to scam out of their money so you can see why these Amway losers are outraged.

      What's really funny is when they visit here and leave a comment those up this blog's ranking in the search engines so the ambots are helping get the word out about this blog to warn off victims.

      The biggest losers of them all are card carrying Amway IBO assholes.


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