Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amway Products & Sex Problems

Dozens of searchers end up at this blog after searching for “Amway sex” or “Amway sex products”. Or “Double X is good for sex”.


The latest searcher is having sex problems and thinks they’re related to Amway products. Or possibly looking for Amway products to solve the sex problems.


Let me break it down simply:


Sex problems?


Not getting laid?


Are you in Amway?


Mystery solved!


Amway = huge turn off.


Come on guys! You’re in Amway and you’re wondering why you’re not getting any? Couldn’t have anything to do with you bringing a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products into the house could it?


Couldn’t have anything to do with bringing a bunch of fucked up brainwashed arrogant asshole cult members into the house could it?


If you have a woman in your life that you love you need to be always looking for more ways to love her, NOT looking for other things that you can love more than her.


The assholes in the Amway upline insist Amway must always come first. Tough shit if you’re celebrating something else in your life the same night an Amway meeting is on or if your upline holds an impromptu mandatory meeting.


Women like security. They like owning a house. They like real food in the house. They like having products in the house that they’ve purchased for a reasonable price and they actually use. They like money in the bank. They like having investments.


The Amway pyramid scheme offers no security. Own a house? The upline probably doesn’t and is jealous if you do. They will “counsel” you to sell your house, your security to a place to live where you’re not forced to live under someone else’s rules. The assholes in the Amway upline want you sell the house and then you use that money to pay off the credit card debt you’ve been running up to buy Amway products and tools and then they look like smart ass moneybags financial guru that they got ambot out of debt and the ambot will kiss their ass and shower them with undying worship and probably a bunch of gifts. What happens next is the ambot starts over all again using the credit card to buy more Amway shit. In debt again soon enough but now without the security of owning a house. You will never have financial independence as long as you’re a renter or working for Amway. There is no money to buy real food once $300+ has been spent buying shitty overpriced Amway groceries with no nutritional value: Perfect Water, XS Energy Drinks, food bars, vitamins, etc. Overpriced cleaning products? Bullshit when there are better products for lower prices readily available in the marketplace. Investments? Not in Amway. Need to cash them in to buy more Amway shit. No money in the bank.


Women don’t like that. They hate to see Amway destroying their lives. They hate to see fucking Amway products in the house, the cause of the credit card debt and no money in the bank, and no extra money for investments. The emotional turmoil of dealing with the fucked up Amway cult leaders is sheer hell. Unable to convince their husband to get out of this evil Amway cult is frustrating and causes a lot of anger.


Women don’t want NOTHING to do with Amway. And that might get around to including their Amway brainwashed ambot husband.


So if you need to do a search on the Internet to figure out why Amway isn’t the huge sex turn on you thought it would be, I can tell you why.


Putting a fucking company over the woman you love? BAD idea.




  1. JBQ investments DBA Amway of lakemoore.April 22, 2015 at 10:22 PM

    Anna, Anna, Anna. So simple minded. What don't you understand? Invest in the future. The day isn't about what you have gotten, it's about what you have planted to reap tomorrow!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with you JBQ... the only problem is that in Amway, you plant shit, and collect jack in the end.


    2. JBQ investments DBA Amway of lakemoore. aka TJ investments DBA Amway of lakemoore - did you see the message a reader left for you a couple of days ago on the other post you commented on? You didn't answer her. I get it that Amway assholes think that the rest of the world who isn't a cult member has no investments, but you're wrong. Oh and we don't have to change the name of our business to trick people. Quixtar. Amway. You.

    3. Osu - you are correct. Amway Ambots plant shit and eat shit and treat everyone not in the Amway cult like shit.

    4. When one "invests" in the future, there has to be something they are actually investing in. Amway does NOT reap rewards. What 99% of Ambots find after they have "invested" in Amway for a couple years is a mountain of unsaleable, dust covered Amway products in their closets and garages, repetitive "motivational" (i.e. brainwashing) books and CD's and empty bank accounts and maxed out credit cards.

      Some "investment". (rolls eyes)

    5. Very right Anonymous. The only people who invested in Amway were the 2 men who started the company and then they bought other stuff to invest in. Amway Ambots "investing" in XS and Double X and SA8 are no different than me "investing" in Big Macs. The only difference is I only buy one burger at a time and don't stockpile a bunch for my closets and garage. Ambots can't say that about the shitty overpriced Amway products they have to stock up on, as you said in exchange for emptying their bank accounts & maxing their credit cards.

    6. Investment? Scamway will steal your soul, your money, your life. The "investment" would be comparable to wiping your ass with $100 bills and flushing them down the toilet because you'll end up destitute, not knowing who the hell you even are in a big sewer-pit of deception. "Living the Dream"??? It's living a grand facade of deception.

    7. TJ Investments DBA Amway of LakemooreApril 24, 2015 at 2:00 PM

      Anna, what post did I get a response to/on?

    8. Okay, X Investments DBA Amway of Y - Are you a Diamond or above?

      If not, are you aware of the fact that you're supposed to ask your Upline's permission to use the Internet, which by your semi-intelligent Amway standards is known as a bottomless hell-hole of negativity?

      Doing something without your Upline's consent is not only frowned upon, it's a borderline felony. I sincerely hope you'll get your sorry ass whipped raw by the assholes in your Upline for the horrible crime you have committed. Perhaps they'll forgive you if you buy some "tools" and attend 5 overpriced functions.

      Anyone with a healthy sense of self-preservation can easily see there's no future for you or anyone close to you on the path you're treading. Buying your storages full of overpriced, sub-standard Amway shit isn't an investment in future - unless the future is the same as an economical and social collapse of the whole country (and even probably then people will rather die of thirst and hunger than buy that shit from you). It's more likely the economical and social collapse is waiting to happen on you first.

    9. TJ or JBQ or whatever name you're using today - see this post

    10. Anonymous - ironically the post that TJ or JBQ or whatever the name of the day is, is a post about a comment a "Diamond" LOL left on this blog.

      Yes I'm sure the assholes in the Amway upline have some kind of hail mary punishments for bad little ambots who are online. They have to confess all when they "counsel with upline".

      This TJ or whatever the name of the day is must be a Diamond by now. On that other comment he left he said he'll be earning upwards of $12,000/month by April 2015 and seeing as how Amway publishes the average annual Diamond income of $150/k that tells us name of the day must be Diamond by now.

  2. Right, listen up you little shit. Your post is cardboard cut out Amway bullshit with nothing of value to back it up.

    Amway is a toxic cocktail of hope and fear

    The IBO dream is hilarious, as if a big house, car, boat and foreign holidays is something unobtainable to normal mortals.

    Anyone can create a better future for themselves without preying on their friends, family and neighbours.

    Start a real company.
    Work hard as an individual.

    And a little side note re Amway earning potential...

    A hot dog vendor out earns most of you weapons of mass consumption, so drop your amthrax, and stop worshipping false profits!

    1. Hi Anonymous - that little Amway bastard has been here before. Shows what being fucked up by the Amway cult does to a person he doesn't remember the initials of his "business". I can tell you I've never forgotten the name of our legitimate business nor have we ever had to change the name to scam and trick people. But that's the difference between a legitimate business and Scamway.

  3. Anna, I just finished reading "Merchants of Deception" per my 4/14/14 comment on your 4/1/15 blog post. It confirmed everything our family has witnessed/suspected about Amway in the 22+yr. my sister&brother-in-law (BIL) have been in "the biziness". The book/experiences are somewhat "dated"; however, the scam is still the same and a sequel/newer follow-up book appears to be in the works. It's a faster-paced scam now, with the advent of e-commerce, the Amway shell-game of name changes/subsidiary creation in the duck-and-cover corporate hide and seek games to avoid litigation/prosecution. I did learn more than I wanted to about the bigtime political pay-offs and deceit within our government to let this scam continue. My sister gave up a promising career, a vested 401K, time with her children that can never be recouped, lost the security of home ownership, ignored our parents' in their senior time of need, fell into the false-propheteering (not profiteering) religious scapegoat crap, has had at least 3 IRS liens, practically alienated most family members - other than a niece&nephew they've attempted to get in on the scheme, much more to even list. The book helped me realize some deeper aspects of the scheme with regard to the sales tool books, recordings to further brainwash, conference fees, etc. - the only money-making aspect in the pyramid scam. It's not an investment - it's selling your soul to the devil. It's deeper than I ever wanted to know - the deceit. I just know that if she ever has an awakening to get out - I'll be there to support her as my sibling love runs deeper than I can put into words. There are aspects of her personality, entire being that only a professional could help in recovery, though. Hell, it's worse than dealing with an alcoholic/drug addict in a lot of ways. At least there are common and well-known programs to help with those afflictions. Your blog does offer a sense of support/affirmation, again, I thank you for this.

    1. Hi Anonymous - I'm glad you're finding this blog a comfort too. Merchants of Deception was based on the former Emerald's experience in the 1990's but I felt like I could have been right there in the room with him, the things he said happened, are still happening. Yes, the only difference in Amway since then is the Internet and products are shipped to the buyer's house instead of running all over town picking up Amway shit and delivering it to whoever the ambot sucked into buying.

      Amway is all about bringing financial and emotional distress to the lives it touches, as you've seen firsthand with your sister. You'd think after one audit you'd get out of the scam. Or you'd think you've hit rock bottom after losing your house and get out of Scamway. But lifers like her are truly convinced that success is right around the corner and soon they'll have gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month from Scamway and they'll be able to retire. Nope. They've used up their retirement savings so they're going to have to keep working long after everyone else they know has settled into retirement.

    2. It only underscores how brainwashing can twist a mind to completely and utterly disregard obvious reality staring them right in the face. When someone takes a powerful hold of another's mind, they can get them to believe anything, no matter how absurd.

      Like Anna said, a lifer has long ago put aside the fact that all the original lies they were given about being rich with residual income rolling in by 5 years. They are addicted to the cult and their new "friends" in it and it's like a religion to them, based on faith only, and all facts and statistics and math are "negative" and the work of the devil. They've long ago lost their own identity and have given their thought process to someone else to lead along. Being used and manipulated, but in so deep they can't see it.

      I hope someday something snaps her out of it, but as you already know, it won't be by anything said by you or anyone else outside of the cult. Her mind has shut off to anyone out of their cult circle. That's what cults do to people. Whether religious or financial, cults are evil and destroy lives to feed the leaders at the top.

    3. It's such a disappointing saga of over 20 yrs. I really don't know what level they're at because I quit paying attention yrs. ago after being used as a part-time nanny, getting calls to buy something at the last minute to buy something so they wouldn't miss their bonus level. BIL retired couple yrs. ago from civil service job with pension - at least they have that. But the grand facade they live - renting a mansion to "showcase" to new prospects is such a lie - making people believe they own it. BIL is an extremely domineering, mind controlling freak and my sister is so brainwashed by him and the cult that any attempts we have made just cause more family turmoil. We were raised middle-class with a strong work ethic, taught the value of self-worth in working hard with good results. BIL was raised with little and only places self-worth in $$'s only. Doesn't care who he intimidates, insults, hurts or walks over to "build the bizness". They must be at a level where they co-host conferences with 2 other couples and rip people off with fees and tools. I'm basically of Christian faith but don't wear religion on my sleeve or feel a need to push it on other people. Their religious cult message is so wrong and obvious because it's all Old Testament crap we are taught to not live by in New Testament. It's so demeaning and condescending as Amway teachings are so opposite of Jesus' teachings one just wants to vomit if you're around these people. Soooo arrogant and impossible to reason with. So it took BIL over 20 years with Amway to quit his civil service job and give Scamway the credit for his "freedom"? He's collecting a pension - it's not all to Scamways' credit. What fool would waste over 20 yrs with Scamway and lose such precious time with their kids, waste tens of thousands of dollars, running all over the country to con and manipulate people, lose your home and have 3 IRS tax liens - for WHAT? He's a sick narcisistic fool that my sister just can't get away from. Their poor kids will never recover from this 'cause they're brainwashed too. Just a vicious cycle of deceit.

    4. Anonymous - it doesn't matter what level they're at now. They'll choose the highest level they were ever at even if it was 15 years ago and claim to be that level still. It takes a lot of work to keep the downline, begging and pleading with them not to quit. Amway says 95% of participants quit within 2 years so only a handful of lifers are still hanging in there after 10, 15, 20 + years because they're convinced that success is just around the corner. All pyramids collapse and in the case of Amway its constantly rounding up new recruits and keeping them around long enough to suck money out of them.

      Yes, insults, degrading behavior, etc is all part of being in Amway. This cult takes nice people and turns them into arrogant assholes. And Amway is a male chauvinist pig club where women are expected to act like its the turn of the century - and I'm not talking the most recent one 15 years ago! Amford wives. Obediently doing everything their husband and the male chauvinist pig assholes in their Amway upline demand of them. Fortunately in this day and age not too many women are prepared to put up with that kind of bullshit.

      Like other cults, Amway twists religion to their own purposes. Amway cult leaders follow the Jim Jones manual.

      I've had a lot of comments left here over the years by children of ambots who say how much they hate Amway and how it destroyed their family and how they were pretty much left to fend for themselves while their parents devoted their lives to the Great Amway God. I think parents who sign up to the Amway cult, or any other cult, should be forced to give their children up to the state because no child should have to go through that kind of hell.

      Yup everything you've described. They phoned you to buy shitty overpriced Amway products after bullying

  4. If Amway was a movie, it would be The Jackal of Burnt Bridges Avenue.

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    1. Betty - thanks for stopping by with this breaking news story that Nigeria has relocated to the USA. Amway sells similar snake oil products so you got competition. You're gonna have to be a better liar and scammer than Amway assholes if you're trying to flog your shit on the Net.


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