Thursday, April 9, 2015

Want To Puke & Brush Your Teeth At The Same Time? Use Amway Glister Toothpaste

Its hard to say which Amway product I despise the most. I mean there are so many shitty overpriced low quality items to choose from!

I really hate the Amway toothpaste - Glister!

I use normal toothpaste the kind you see advertised on TV all your life - Crest or Colgate. Whatever is on sale when I get to the drug store! I’m not overly picky. They all do more or less the same thing.

When we first got involved with Amway the fucking assholes in our upline ran through our house telling Ambot to get rid of the illegal products and replace them with something similar that Amway sells. This really pissed me off. But then there was nothing about our upline that didn’t piss me off. In this case I hate being wasteful. If we have perfectly good products in the house I want to use them up and once the container is empty then throw it out. The Amway philosophy is to throw out perfectly good useable products and then spend lots of money replacing them with shitty overpriced Amway products.

One of those shitty products was Glister toothpaste. I can go to the drugstore and there will be 20 feet of shelf space devoted to all the different kinds of toothpaste and all the different things they can do for a person: help prevent cavities, fluoride, mouthwash, whitener, sensitivity etc. etc. With all this incredible toothpaste variety also comes a huge range of prices. Anywhere from a buck or so up to several dollars per tube.

Price? Amway Glister toothpaste is sort of in the range of other toothpaste brands, a bit more expensive but not 3 or 4 times more expensive like other Amway products are, maybe that’s because most toothpastes at the store cost $2 or $3, so Glister might be twice as expensive as a tube of Crest.

What about variety? Oh I forgot. Amway has none when it comes to toothpaste.

What about taste? There are all kinds of toothpaste flavors out there. Mint, root beer, strawberry....

But not with Amway. They have one toothpaste flavor - puke!

I’ve never had trouble using normal toothpaste to brush my teeth. Brush, rinse, spit. No problem.

There is something seriously wrong with the Amway Glister toothpaste. I brush and the foul taste of Glister makes me gag. I try to spit out as much of the crap there is in my mouth and keep brushing. I feel the sweats coming on, I’m salivating and I’m having trouble breathing. I am going to puke if I keep brushing using this nasty shitty Amway toothpaste!

Being a glutton for punishment I keep trying the Glister toothpaste. Remember those fucking assholes in our upline threw out my perfectly good toothpaste that does not make me puke and I hate wasting anything.

I gave in after a few days. I prefer not to puke when I’m brushing my teeth. I went back to using a normal toothpaste and I haven’t had a repeat gagging performance since.

A good Amway slogan? Spend more money for Glister our low quality toothpaste. You might not get your teeth clean but Glister will empty your stomach!



  1. Glister shitpaste would be useful for clearing the Amway energy shitbars out of your system. The thought of Amway makes me nostalgic for the old Fuller Brush Man/Woman that used to come around knocking on your door once in a while. I would spend a few dollars buying their household stuff like toothbrushes etc. They were nice people to talk to and sold useful products that were only slightly overpriced. And they were happy with a small sale. Not at all like Amway. The armed robber at least gives you the choice: "Your money OR your life." Amway wants BOTH.

    1. Anonymous - when we were in Scamway one of the products I ordered was a hand and nail brush. Best product I ever bought from the scam. Lasted for years. But get this. It said Fuller Brush on it! That's why the product was so superior, it wasn't an Amway Alticor product! LOL! But that brings the bigger question why was Scamway selling Fuller Brush products?

      So correct. Amway wants both your money and your life.

  2. Glitter + Blister=Glister
    I was fortunate enough to not have my friend try to sell me toothpaste. Her trainer (?) insulted my choice in vitamins purchase location. I think I was done with it right then and there, but I had been drinking and I was xomfortable. She did get a pity/drunk sale from me. Lol. I know not to drink around her anymore

    1. Hi Ange. Thanks for stopping by. Yup Amway Ambots always insult other people's choice of vitamins, drinks, food bars, toothpaste, etc. And where they buy it from if its not Amway! A pity drunk sale! LOL! Love it plus now you know not to drink when you're around an Ambot! LOL!

  3. I thought I was the only one who hated that stuff. It really never made my mouth feel very fresh either. Don't get me started on the toothbrushes.

    1. Anonymous - nope Glister is the shits. Just another overpriced shitty Amway product to hate. Didn't know they sold toothbrushes never noticed.

    2. They had to invent a special toothbrush to hold the Glister toothpaste. Real toothbrushes would scream and jump out of a person's hand when they tried to spread the Glister on the brush.


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