Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amway Ambots Doing Fast Track

Fast Track =  a bullshit WWDB/Amway program to whip the cult followers into a frenzy of making a few bucks fast.

In reality the Amway ambot fast track is a program that goes nowhere fast. Its to hype up new ambots you know the bastards who go around bragging that they’re just getting started in their new business. Amway and the assholes in the Amway upline hope that when these new recruits make a few extra bucks in the first few months they’re in the scam that it will motivate them to keep going for a few more months even when the money aint coming in no more. You get a few friends and family at the beginning who will buy stuff but no one likes paying high prices for shitty products so unlikely to get repeat business from suckers the ambot has already ripped off.

Maybe some ambots will show up to say I’ve got Fast Track all wrong and the criteria has changed but I’ll try to lay it out how our Emerald told us. In other words its the usual Amway fast talk double talk to excite the audience and confuse them with the facts. Or lack thereof.

Fast Track is usually on the agenda at any Amway WWDB function, Dream Night, FED Free Enterprise Days, Family Reunion, Spring Leadership, all smaller meetings.

If they’re still calling it Fast Track and judging by people searching for it it must still be, then that tells you times ain’t changing much even though the upline tries to scam everyone by saying “exciting changes are just about to happen”. Ambots are still showing up at this blog after typing in Amway Fast Track into Google so that tells me its still around.

So Fast Track ain’t new. It ain’t exciting. It ain’t a change. Its the same old bullshit they were teaching years ago.

OK the Emerald talked real fast, all the better to confuse us. Seeing as how most of the cult followers in the room were already brainwashed they were able to accept what he said with their usual unconditional love and devotion and never question upline.

And I could have the facts wrong. Perhaps some Fast Track criteria has changed over the years.

Hang on to your hats while I try to dissect the mumbo jumbo.

The program called Fast Track has 2 phases. The first phase is referred to as 50/150. The IBO has to create volume, their own personal shopping and get clients. (Ha ha! Yeah good luck with that!) If the IBO is at least 150 PV (and here the Emerald says $500 in Amway purchases) out of which at least $50 is from clients the IBO gets an extra $50 bonus.

Wow! Whooppee! How exciting!

Then the Emerald drops the bomb. This Fast Track program is only available to new IBO’s in the first month of being in “the business”. Sucks for all the other IBO’s who have plugging along for months or years. Look around the room. There are no new IBO’s. Just the same cult followers who’ve been showing up for months and years.

But wait! The first phase ain’t over yet! In the second month the IBO has to keep the same suckers, err customers, and do the same thing over again for another check for $50. And do it again in the third month. Extra $50/month = $150 total for 3 months.

I’m sure everyone is sitting on the edges of their seats breathlessly waiting to hear about Phase 2 because after all the asshole Emerald said Fast Track has two phases.

OK. Wait for it. You don’t want to go home before this very important information is disclosed.

Phase 2: show 10 people the plan and sign up two of them. (Yeah right. We all know how easy it is to find 10 suckers to show the board plan presentation to let alone sign up 2 of them.) But forget two people. Go for three. Sponsor three people who can do the above 50/150 and the sponsoring IBO will earn an extra $200.

Then the asshole Emerald spends the next ten minutes going over the numbers if you can find even more people than the three previously mentioned.

You’ll be an Amway gazillionaire by the end of the year! That’s right! Working part time ten to fifteen hours a week in your spare time! Then you’ll never have to work another day in your life! You’ll be walking the beaches of the world and the residual checks will just keep rolling on in forever! It gets even better!!! When you die you can will your Amway business to your spouse or your kids or whoever and they will have residual income for the rest of their lives too! Woo hoo!!! Riches for the descendents forever and ever!!!

Makes you wonder if the Emerald was smoking something funny before he showed up for the meeting!




  1. Wow! I just stumbled on this webiste after typing amway in the search engine. A lady approached me talking to me very nicely, then said she runs her own business, blah, blah. I never heard of amway scams or anything, and she did say she worked for them. Then i looked them up and found this. Maybe she has a conscience or she screwed up, idk, but im not with it!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you found us. Your one stop shop for just about everything you want to know about Amway. This site outrages ambots because its so high in the search engines and we help people not to get sucked into their scam.

      The woman you met, if her last name isn't VanAndel or deVos then she doesn't run an Amway business. She's a low paid commissioned salesperson, I'm just surprised she admitted she works for Amway. Most ambots avoid saying the dreaded A word.

      The most important thing to know about the people in Amway is they're all liars. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving! You made a great decision. You don't need the financial and emotional distress thats ahead if you sign up to the Amway cult.

    2. Yeah she told me she had her masters and a high paying job, but left it for amway. I have a question that i really can't think of an answer for. How do these amway people, and people who do mlm, make their living? If they make their living off of other people, how do they stay retired and such? How do they make it to that comfortable level of living without working?

      Im talking about the people that approach people and say that they quit their jobs. I met a few people like this, and they have free time, and they are not working. I know they're not that dumb to lie about working at a job because they would get caught.

      So how do these people who don't work really make a living?

    3. Anonymous - at Amway meetings the recruits are brainwashed to hate their job and hate their boss. When they're at work they also have to drop whatever they're doing if the assholes in their Amway upline phone or text and spend half an hour dealing with some stupid "emergency" like who can bring XS to tonight's cult meeting. I'm sure you can figure out pretty fast that Ambots don't stay employed long. Many get fired, others quit. Stupid. The income from their job is what supports their Amway habit! But they're convinced Amway will take care of them.

      So there you have the answer. People in MLMs need a job to support their expensive habit. If they don't have one, they're running up their debt. When their is no room left on credit card and no money left in bank, they have to stop and declare bankruptcy.

      The ones at the top of the pyramid make the money based on their portion of commission from those beneath them but the bulk of their money is from selling "motivational" material and tickets to the ambots to come hear them speak. That's where the real money is. A lowly ambot has no chance to make money and most quit after a few months. And if they have no job, well you have your answer.

      Whatever they tell you about being retired - they're liars! Remember what I said about how you know when someone in Amway is lying? LOL!

      Amway is all about destroying lives: bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce. Nothing brings those bastards more happiness than bringing financial and emotional distress to other people's lives. How sick is that.

    4. I agree it's crazy, i was just talking with a friend, and i can tell that he really believes them, he was dead serious talking to me about having freedom and all of that. He said you're not selling, but you're networking. He says "No one knows the truth about amway until they're in it, they're going by hearsay and don't know what they're talking about". I didn't want to say anything because I can tell he truly believes in it, he says there's no way he will be a millionaire unless he works with them. I'm like damn they're good. He made me almost reconsider lol.

    5. Anonymous - the only thing your friend makes sense is that no one knows the truth about Amway until they're in it. Yup and living the horror of Amway the cult of greed. Amway has got some of the best sales closers around. These are the type of people who could be making big bucks commission selling time shares. They get you in front of an Amway closer who's job is to convince you you'll be making bazillions of dollars in 2 to 5 years and living on easy street you'd probably sign up. Stay away from these scammers. They're only out to steal as much money from you as they can before you realize you've been scammed and quit.

    6. The best part about this is you are a bitter lady.. people in Amway aren't

    7. The best part is I'm not a lying scamming Amway asshole who's bitter because of the Internet and people can share their Amway experiences and if your prospects do their online research they know to stay the hell away from you cocksuckers and that's less money for you bastards to scam and steal.

    8. This blog is absolutely hilarious. It is made up of people who quit on themselves on a daily basis. Once someone quits something they jump to the internet world to complain and put down whatever it is they quit just to feel good about themselves! But in reality the business did not fail them, they failed themselves. your life is what you make it! Your business is what you make it. Obviously if you are a loser and a lazy hag you wont make it far. you have to have a dream you have to have passion you have to have determination. if you do not have any of those throughout your life you will NEVER achieve that goal same with the business. So for all you assholes ruining other peoples to be financially free and provide for their family you should be ashamed of yourselves. Don't try to make yourself feel better by having others join you. it is a proven and known fact that Amway is not a scam you bunch of idiots. Also as for the creator of this blog look at your attitude and look at your life. By the way you write just goes to show you have no potential to be anyone great, Amway is for people who want to cvhange their lives including their attitude and want to help others to do the same. Amway;s main goal is to help others better themselves so they can become financially free to be able to contribute to the unfortunate people. By the looks of your blog I bet you haven't helped not one person in your life. For all of you following. Change your heart, open your eyes and mind and instead of turning to the internet take a look for yourself. why take advice from people who you dont even know if they sit on a couch all day bitter as fuck. Try to change the world for yourself. If you wanted to help a loved one you wouldn't search the internet you would take action. & honestly for whoever is going to find every grammar error in this post knock yourself out, I understand you have nothing better to do, I do welcome you to go out there and help as many people as you can & ask God for forgiveness and you will see how your life will change drastically.

    9. Anonymous - of course this blog is hilarious. Its all about cursing out the fucking Amway assholes and making fun of everything Amway but it sounds like you've ended up in the wrong place because it sounds like you're one of those dumb fucks that actually likes no make that loves everything Amway. Holy shit did you ever end up in the wrong place and then you thought you'd spout off some canned bullshit Amway propaganda like anyone here gives a fuck. Now you better run off and get more instructions from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline about how not to say negative.

  2. Lmao why are they so cruel? Why do they get pleasure out of ruining people's lives? I head the co-founder Devos even said something along the line of , "You shouldn't call anyone a loser if they don't want to do amway". Seems like this is out of his control.

    1. Amway turns nice people into obnoxious bastards. I think they're so angry at being broke Amway losers taking a shit kicking from the assholes in their Amway upline that brings out why they want to be cruel to everyone else. Whether or not DeVos said that still doesn't stop everyone in Amway calling everyone in the world losers. I've heard it at every Amway meeting and I still hear it everytime an outraged Amway ambot shows up here to leave a comment. Its like they're telling their big boss to fuck off and they'll do whatever they want.

  3. That reminds me of a question I had from day one as an ambot.
    The diamonds were always talking about how they were "retired" and didn't have to "work."
    Yet, it seemed they were always traveling around speaking at functions and showing the plan. To me that didn't seem like they were "free." It seemed like they were having to work harder to keep suckers in their downline so their own "residual income" wouldn't just dry up.
    Even as a brainwashed ambot, I knew in my heart that even the diamonds weren't ever going to be "free."

    1. Anonymous - they never retire. The same old tired crew is out at every Amway function selling tickets to Ambots to come hear them speak. They can't retire. When you're sitting on top of a shaky pyramid you got to keep recruiting and whipping the downline into shape buying more Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam. If they stop getting out there and bullying and brainwashing ambots the Diamond's income will dry up.

    2. And this underscores the whole "pie in the sky" aspect to the circle drawing of the plan. It assumes that 1.) everyone will be able to sign up 6 more people and 2.) they will stay in Amway indefinitely. Neither is based in reality since even if someone signs up people, the odds favor them dropping out after only a few months or a year due to the fact they are LOSING money. The brainwashing and lovebombing/abuse is used to try to keep them in the pyramid scam for as long as possible, but most people shake free of the brainwashing at some point or just plain run out of money to keep pouring into it. And that is why the diamonds can never, ever retire. Because the 99% of people losing money leave all the time so they have to both try to keep as many people in as possible and also recruit new suckers.

    3. Anonymous - the Amway "business plan" looks good on paper. All these people you can sign up and the bazillions of dollars in residual income that'll be rolling in every month. The reality is its pretty much impossible to put into play. It's hard to find ONE person to sign up to Scamway, let alone a whole bunch. And that they'll stay inside the Amway cult and buy hundreds of dollars in useless shitty overpriced Amway products every month for the rest of their lives.

  4. Anna Banana you are just so pathetic and miserable.

    1. And how does your opinion of me affect your life? Like my opinion of you that you're an evil fucking Amway asshole doesn't affect my life at all. I've dealt with bigger motherfucking Amway assholes than you.


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