Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WWDB Amway Family Reunion 2015

There’s usually some World Wide Dream Builder Amway Family Reunions floating around in the summertime but they’re top secret stuff. Ask the Amway upline for more information about it and the answer goes something like “It’s a life changing event”. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” “it’s the not to be missed Amway function of the year” “By going to Family Reunion it’ll put you 6 months ahead of everyone who didn’t go”. Well that tells you sweet piss all so you can see why Amway Ambots end up at this blog desparately searching to find out what Amway Family Reunion is about.


The Duncan family reunion is being held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on July 17 to 19, 2015. Seeing as how they’re a few Duncans in Scamway most of them showing up at WWDB Family Reunion anyway to flaunt their riches, this is probably hosted by Brad and Julie Duncan going on past history of the Amway Family Reunion held in Portland Oregon.


The other Amway WWDB Family Reunion is held in Spokane Washington July 11 to 12, 2015 at the Spokane Convention Center and is hosted by the Puryears.


So you can see it would be pretty easy for Ambots to go to both of them because they’re held on different weekends in bordering states. How many Amway ambots need a double dose of brainwashing?


We need to send out condolences. The really shitty thing is there’s a high school reunion booked on July 11 2015 also at the Spokane Convention Center. It’s the SPHS class of 75 reunion. Anyone know what SPHS stands for? I’d have thought it was the Spokane High School but that P has thrown me for a loop. But my old friend Google helped out and its Shadle Park High School in Spokane. Either way it doesn’t matter too much except those unfortunate enough to be attending the high school reunion are going to have the shit bugged out of them by Ambots attending the Puryear Family Reunion. The high school probably thinks its just some big family. But then horror of horrors when they figure out its not really a family just a bunch of fucking Amway assholes at their quarterly brainwashing conference. It’s a cult family reunion! And what are Amway Ambots always doing? Sniping prospects. Class of 75 makes them, what 58 years old now? They’ll have Amway Ambots chasing them around the convention hallways shrieking that if they don’t sign up with Amway and become a “business owner” that means in 7 years they’ll either be dead or broke. I know I’m not the only one who feels really bad that someone on the SPHS reunion committee really fucked up and booked space at the same building on the same night that Amway assholes are going to be hanging around torturing unsuspecting people.


Prices for Amway Ambots going to Family Reunion? World Wide Destructive Bastards puts together packages including one night hotel (their choice of hotel) and ticket to the Amway brainwashing conference so pay up whether or not you use the hotel! Or more than likely cram 10 other Ambots into the same room though I don’t know why they would because there doesn’t seem to be individual ticket prices to just go to the Amway brainwashing sessions. $340 for a single or $560 for a couple. Add $10 if you miss the early bird discount. And you don’t want to do that or you’ll be in for a shit kicking from the assholes in your Amway upline demanding you pay up NOW!!!! Apparently it also includes meals on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Amway’s idea of a meal and my idea of a meal is probably thousands of miles apart. Get ready to pick up a food bar and can of XS when you enter the room is probably what’ll happen. If they’re really generous they’ll be passing out a Nutrilite vitamin for you too but I doubt they’ll be that generous.


The speakers are the same old tired bunch who’ve been around forever. Hey what happened to those Diamonds Amway Ambots were bragging about who joined the ranks 2 years ago? No sign of them. Still Diamonds? Does the old guard just not want to share their piece of greed pie with the young’uns?


Ron and George Lee Puryear

Greg and Laurie Duncan

Glen and Joya Baker

Dan and Sandy Yuen

Matt and Sandee Tsuruda

Jim and Judy Head

Trevor and Alexis Baker

Leif and Bonnie Johnson

Jim Puryear


What happens at Amway WWDB Family Reunion? If you believe the World Wide Destructive Bastards propaganda - and only a brainwashed Ambot would! - it’s a function that includes hotel accommodations, two meals, and meetings and some of the speakers will be recently qualified Platinum and Ruby IBOs who talk about the rewards of building an Amway building an Amway business. The rest of the speakers will be Diamonds who talk about the power of having a dream and believing your dream will come true if you want success in Amway. Apparently they’ll be teaching effective business methods (I guess there’s a first for everything!). All weekend (again if you believe the Amway WWDB propaganda) will be technology training, product demonstrations, and motivational videos. The last I have no doubt about. Videos. Not motivational. Just videos showing how rich Diamonds are thanks to the Amway tool scam.




Now for what really happens at Amway Family Reunion.


And what’s in store for the Amway ambots who are fucked up enough to waste their money going to WWDB Amway Family Reunion 2015. On Saturday they’ll be bored by recently qualified Platinums and Rubys. You know how that goes. Those bastards will stand up on the stage kissing ass and sucking dick. They’re allotted about 10 minutes each. It only seems like it drags on for hours each because they’re so fucking boring and say the same thing. And they’re all going Diamond!!!! Woo Hoo! Go Diamond! Yeah! And all the brainwashed Amway ambots in the audience will scream and cheer “Yeah!” “Right on!”


And now for what happens when those ass kissing Platinums and Rubys are done…. There will be a never ending parade of Ken and Barbie Diamonds stomping across the stage. Brainwashed ambots will shriek and rush the stage to get closer to their beloved cult leaders. The arena’s security staff will beat them off. “Get back to your seats motherfuckers!!!!” Barbie will talk first. She’ll say something like I was working a minimum wage job as a waitress in a biker bar and had to flash my boobs to make tips. Ken was working for the man cleaning porta potties. Do you know what its like coming home to a man who smells like shit every night???? Then one day a dear friend showed us “the business” plan. We borrowed $20 for gas to make it to the Amway conference. And now we are rich rich rich and we pay for everything in cash. I love Ken so much for giving me the lifestyle of the rich and greedy. He’s my warrior…… Then some lowly piece of shit Amway ambot brings a chair onstage and Barbie sits there and stares down warrior Ken while he brags about their mansion, their fleet of cars, their private jet, the vacations they take and then shows a slide show of all their material possessions that Amway the cult of greed has provided for them. Or maybe its just stuff they rented for the day for the staged photo shoot. They finish by mocking the adoring ambots that if they can do it then anyone can. Meanwhile the only thing on Ken and Barbie’s minds is how much of the ticket sales proceeds are they going home with for showing up today to bullshit the Amway cult followers.


I got two words for all you fucking Amway assholes stealing money and lying to the suckers who forked over a few hundred bucks (or maybe more than that) to attend WWDB Amway Family Reunion and pretend to teach them “effective business methods” and how they can make a difference in other people’s lives. FUCK YOU!!!! The only difference you bastards are making is making your cult followers poorer and even further in debt. We don’t call WWDB World Wide Destructive BASTARDS for nothing!


Time for some keywords to draw in Amway IBO’s who are desperately searching the Internet for information because the assholes in their Amway upline don’t tell them piss all. Putting the wrong years in is intentional because Amway Ambots are so fucked up they don’t know what year it is or just because they’re a card carrying Amway asshole that gives them the power to turn back time.


Amway Family Reunion 2015

WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2015

Puryear Amway Family Reunion 2015

Puryear WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Puryear Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

PuryearWorld Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2015

Duncan Amway Family Reunion 2015

Duncan WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Duncan Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Duncan World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2015

Amway Family Reunion 2014

WWDB Family Reunion 2014

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2014

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2014

Amway Family Reunion 2016

WWDB Family Reunion 2016

Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2016

World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2016


Amway sucks!


WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!


Amway Family Reunion sucks!


All Amway functions suck!








  1. Oh my God! I'm glad I'm not a member of the SPHS class of '75. I'd get arrested for finally going off the ledge and beating the shit out of an ambot. Those poor bastards probably have no idea how many morons are going to come up to them and tell them about the "business."

    1. LOL. Showdown between class of 75 and a bunch of Amway Ambots. The class reunion committee sure screwed up booking the same building as Amway family reunion. Yup you know the ambots are going to be bugging the shit out of the class of 75!


    3. At least I'm not some fucking Amway loser who can't figure out how to turn the caps lock button off my computer. How does someone who's such a dumb fuck make millions in any business? You need to write your own web page - the dumb fuck way to millions. And speaking of fuck go fuck yourself you fucking lying scamming Amway loser.

  2. Trevor and Alexis Baker are currently "working" the Las Vegas communities.

  3. I heard recently that Trevor and Lexi have hit diamond level... Lol I think that's happened because of their parents. I noticed a lot of the younger couples with parents in the business who are emerald and diamonds help their kids who are running for diamond to make it. Smh... This business only works if you know someone, it's all a scam. If you don't really know anyone successful or if you don't have an upper level family member then you won't get anywhere.

    1. Pretty much true M. If you're not one of the top Amway cult leaders who got I at the beginning of the Amway tool scam you pretty much don't stand a chance of making money in Scamway. It's the same old tired cult leaders that show up to preach the gospel of the Great Amway God at brainwashing functions, rarely do they let anyone into their club because that means sharing a piece of greed pie. And I suppose a Diamond could buy a spot for their kids to cling to the pyramid for awhile until it crumbles.

  4. Okay I can see your point of view. Im not in Amway but I think you need to look at the root of why people at not successful in Amway or many other opportunities out there. Most people want "it" to be easy. They don't want to change anything about theirselves or do anything different....but they want the wealth....it just doesn't work that way.....not in the MLM industry...not in construction industry....not any industry.

    Why do you think we have so many more employees now compared to the early 30s and 40s....because people don't commit theirselves to anything anymore.

    Wake up America....life takes work...its not easy and it's not free.

    For those in MLMs...go for it.
    For those not in MLMs....leave them alone...atleast they are out there trying and not settling for welfare..and don't get me started on welfare....

    1. Hi J Wilson. Not too long ago we did a post about Amway Ambots who lie about being in Amway. Almost the first thing they'll say is "I'm not in Amway but...." and they spout off a bunch of bullshit canned Amspeak.

      Someone who is NOT in Amway isn't reading this blog. It's high up there in the search engines but if they land here by mistake they move on and don't leave a comment.

      You on the other hand were here yesterday on a post from 2011 about Puryear Family Reunion and today on this post from last year about Family Reunion. People who are NOT in Amway aren't doing specific searched for Scamway functions. LOL!

      But thanks for stopping by to add more proof that people in Amway are a bunch of liars.

  5. Your ignorance bafles me... Please tell me how many people you have helped get out of debt or helped become a better person?
    See your problem is that you think Amway is just a tool to make money and become so filthy rich and you don't have to work at it, all you gotta do is show up and boom magic happens and your a millionaire! Well guess what, just like any type of success in life it takes work and a change in your mind set or "brainwashing" as you call it.. Well I was a young dumb business out outside of my Amway business who couldn't keep his company account out of the negative 2 years ago. After I joined Amway and got a good dose of "brainwashing" that I needed and got around people who aren't afraid of hard smart work. I now run a half a million dollar company today and it's only the end of March so I'd say it's safe to say it'll be well over the million dollar mark by the end of the year.

    So, yeah Amway does "brainwash" you but man is it worth every penny when you're not scared of working hard or caring what people think of you.

    But wait! I'm not a diamond so Amway must not work?!?!?! Haha silly little girls, it's not about the money it's about changing people's lives, inside and outside of Amway. The money inside the business is just a really nice side effect

    Just because you're to scared to commit to anything your mom and dad didn't pay for doesn't mean it's a scam..

    1. P Wysong - your ignorance baffles everyone who's not a brainwashed Amway Ambot.

      Did you read the description of this blog? It's about our Amway experiences and cursing out the fucking Amway assholes. Where does it say anywhere that we help people get out of debt? NOWHERE do we make that claim here because we're not financial advisors and that is not what this blog is about. I mean why do you fucking Amway losers show up here to prove that you're a bunch of dumb fucks?

      And I see Amway is still slinging the old bullshit that even if you don't get rich in Amway you'll become a better person. How the hell does losing money in a scam make someone a better person? And something that real business owners know is that we start up a business to make money not to become better people. We need to make a living and pay the bills and being a better person ain't gonna cut it. But that's the difference between being a real business person and not an Amway pretend "business owner".

      And yet another fucking Amway loser shows up to bitch and screech about "working hard" without giving a definition. How do you know we didn't "work hard". How do we know if we live up to your standards of "working hard" if you don't define what that means. So far no Amway loser that shows up here has been able to define that.

      And getting back to debt through court documents shared online we know which of your beloved Amway Diamonds have declared bankruptcy and foreclosure. And you're going to take financial advice about getting out of debt from a bunch of fuckers who can't get out of debt themselves?

      Yup the life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear.

      I hope that million dollars you're making from Amway is the salary they pay you to show up at places like this on the Internet to defend your beloved cult.

  6. Hahaha! You're a silly little crybaby. You should learn to read a little better. I am a business owner outside of Amway and million dollars is from that business not Amway. Helping people is the only way to truly succeed in anything. If you believe otherwise then you know why you are broke and crying about Amway.

    The fact that I need to explain to you what hard work is tells me you're lazy.

    You should go read some success principle books (not a MLM book)

    Here is the standard of hard work to any and all type of business owners.

    To do everything you can and some. So when you go to bed at night you know there was nothing else you could have done to further your business and life.

    Grow up and stop whining about people not being successful because of some business and realize it's your fault nothing will ever change that.

    1. P Wysong - I'd rather be a crybaby than a fucking Amway asshole!

      But thanks for stopping by and saying negative. I compile all the negative shit you Amway losers spout off in your comments here and come up with one big post every few months. Staff at Amway's head office read this blog so I'm sure they must be very proud of the way their sales force represents their company online.

      So you admit that Amway Diamonds are broke? Our income is the same range as what Amway publishes a Diamond makes. So if we're broke then so are Amway Diamonds. According to your logic. We have a very good net worth and I've never considered us to be broke but then I don't meet Amway's high standards. And according to your logic, neither do Amway Diamonds.

      Why don't you just hop on the Amway truck for a one way trip out of here.

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
      ───▄▄██▌█ ░ ░The Amway I DONT ░ ░
      ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░ ░ GIVE A FUCK TRUCK ! ░ ░
      ▀(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)(@)▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀(@)▀ zooom zoom zoom!!!!

  7. To P Wysong --

    You're a total schmuck.

    And like all the stupid Amway schmucks who show up here to yell at us, you refuse to come out and admit that you're in Amway. Instead you give us a cock-and-bull story about how you made a million dollars "outside of Amway." Yeah, sure.

    Are you in Amway or not? Give us a goddamned direct answer, schmuck.

    And if you are in Amway, tell us EXACTLY what amount of profit you have made from the business.

    1. Hey Anonymous that's about the nicest thing I've heard anyone call someone in Amway - a schmuck! Actually P Wysong is an arrogant prick the same as any other fucking Amway asshole out there. They all have the same attitude that they're better than everyone else who's not in the Amway cult. And then he shows up here to bitch and howl about how helping people is the only way to go. I heard the same bullshit from our fucktard Platinum about the reason we're in Amway is to help and bless people. But it totally escapes those brainwashed Ambots that this blog IS all about helping people. We share our stories about the financial and emotional distress Amway brought to our lives and about being abused by the fucking assholes in our Amway upline so that we can help others not make the bad decision to get involved with Scamway. And the irony totally goes over these Amway assholes heads!

      Schmuck Wysong won't give you an answer and if he did you wouldn't believe it anyway. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something.

  8. I've said multiple times I'm in Amway captain crunch... Commenting anonymous and then telling someone they're hiding something is really silly of you. I run anywhere from 2500-4000pv am I huge success in Amway? Not even a little bit but unlike you all I understand that success in anything take hard work. I don't think I'm better than either of you I just think I have made enough tough decisions that you weren't willing to and that's what will be the differences in our lives. I don't sit around and bash people for trying to put bread on there table in any endeavor they choose.

    NCAA Football Participants 71,291

    Draft Eligible 842

    Drafted 255

    To Major Pro 1.6%

    Total Pro 3.7%

    Now Does the NCAA sound like a scam to you?

    Anna - There is a difference in being broke and being poor.. You'll learn the difference some day.

    I'm gonna go jump on that truck now so I'll see you guys and gals at the top!

    Also you're going to want to remember my name so you can write bad things about me when I'm at the top.

    1. P Wysong - the Amway arrogance is showing. Why would I want to remember the name of an Amway loser and why would I want to write bad things about you? Not interested. You're going to have to be a bigger fucking asshole than that if you want to make it on to one of our Amway asshole of the week posts. You're going to have to write something so outrageously hilarious that we use that comment as its own post. So far no one has topped Theo the triple executive Diamond who stopped by to tell us he makes $450,000 a year in Amway and with that money he has managed to buy many chains of hotels, gas stations, and restaurants. And yes he named the companies. No one can buy dozens of Hiltons and Exxons unless they got better capital than that.

    2. ""NCAA Football Participants 71,291

      Draft Eligible 842

      Drafted 255

      To Major Pro 1.6%

      Total Pro 3.7%

      Now Does the NCAA sound like a scam to you?""

      Yes the NCAA is ONE HUGE SCAM! They make billions of dollars from the NCAA football players who get paid nothing! JUST LIKE AMWAY DIAMONDS! They get paid while the vast majority of downline lose money.

      Amway is very much like the NCAA. Great point!

    3. LOL! Good one Joecool. But you know what its like trying to use logic and reasoning with an Amway Ambot. You might as well bash your head against the wall.

  9. To P Wysong --

    You're still a schmuck, and your most recent post here proves it.

    People who try to succeed in professional football know very well that the chances of success are very slim. They know that only a tiny percentage of them will make it to the top. That's the nature of the game and its rigorous requirements.

    But idiots who sign up for Amway are told by their up-line that EVERYBODY can "make it big!" All you have to do is obey your up-line completely, duplicate their procedures, and spend every spare cent you have on those stupid "tools" and crackpot "functions." If you do this, you'll be in the big leagues with all of those obnoxious Diamonds and other big pins who strut on stage at Family Reunion or Free Enterprise Day.

    It's a lie, and you know very well that it is a lie. Thousands of hard-working and diligent IBOs in Amway have lost their fucking shirts, despite all of their hard work. But of course since Amway is a "blame the victim" scam, you'll no doubt answer that if they failed it was their fault.

    How the hell would you know that we haven't "made tough decsiions" in our lives? What kind of an arrogant son of a bitch are you? Do you presume to make a stupid comment like that without even knowing us or our circumstances? This only proves everything that Anna has always said about the smug insolence and snotty attitude of Ambots.

    You think you're going to be "at the top"? How many times have we heard that dopey claim from Amway assholes? Yes, P Wysong, we'll remember your name... when you're totally broke from spending money on the bloodsucking Amway rip-off. We'll see your name on the welfare rolls.

    Have a nice day, schmuck.

    1. Anonymous - he's just an Amway loser who comes off like the usual arrogant Amway asshole. And as you pointed out throwing out numbers of the likelihood of getting into professional sports is something those Amway cult leaders were doing years ago too. Apples and oranges. The Scamway way.

      The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear. Its just taking this arrogant bastard a little longer than most to carry off that last one.

  10. I haven't lied once and whoever told you they're making 450k at triple then they're just being dumb cause I've seen the check a double gets and it's not anywhere around that little.

    How long ago were both of you in Amway?

    1. Around here we get Amway assholes leaving comments screeching at us that we're too lazy to put the work in or we didn't try hard enough. But none of these Amway losers can take their own advice about not being too lazy to put the work in and show up here demanding answers that are readily available if they "put the work in" to find them. But its all part of being arrogant Amway pricks as taught in Amway meetings - when you're in Amway you're better than the rest of the world and you can issue orders and everyone else will do what you want immediately. And part of doing this blog is saying fuck you to these arrogant Amway bastards. In other words P Wysong if you spent time on other posts instead of just this one from last year you'd have your answer and wouldn't be looking like a dumb fuck. To put it simply there are several people who work on this blog so how long ago depends on the individual. The median time we were in Amway was 10 years ago give or take 5 years.

    2. Diamonds and Amway big shots monthly income isn't that big because most of their income is received in the form of their annual diamond bonuses. It sounds like P. Wysong doesn't truly know how Amway works.

    3. Joecool - P. Wysong is just another Amway dumb ass.

  11. Anna, according to the 2010 official Amway publication 'A Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs' page 11, it says that "in 2009 0.18% of Amway IBOs were at Gold level getting an average annual compensation of $12,303 (Gross Income before expenses, NOT NET), 0.26% of Amway IBOs were at Founders Platinum level getting an average annual compensation of $40,125, 0.02% of Amway IBOs were at Founders Emerald level getting an average annual compensation of $142,181, 0.01% of Amway IBOs were at Founders Diamond level getting an average annual compensation of $609,541."
    So 99.5% of IBOs make LESS than $12,303/yr BEFORE EXPENSES, with all those years and years of time and effort.
    I am sure millions of Americans with J-O-Bs make much more than that with much less effort and time.
    Who in Amway has financial freedom? 0.03% making more than $142,181? That's 3 out of 10,000. The other 9,997 are slaves to them working for less than minimum wage for years and years until they wake up and quit this slavery. Even those 0.03% can't afford private jets and the stuff they claim, they make less than average doctors and lawyers do.
    Who would go into any business or profession with those odds of success and those numbers?

    1. Paul - the Amway "business plan" is a system set up for failure. Any "business opportunity" where over 99% of the participants won't make money is a plan set up for failure.

      People who are not brainwashed Amway Ambots can see that. Those figures are published by Amway and every Ambot out there thinks they're going to be that 1 in 10,000 who's going Diamond. And when they don't, because Amway is a blame the victim scam, everyone yells at them for being a failure, they didn't build the business right, they didn't try hard enough, and so on with all the canned Amspeak responses.

      Most people if they're looking for a business opportunity would look for something with a higher chance of success.

  12. To P Wysong --

    I only joined Amway to please my cousin, and I stayed for about three months or so. After I attended a few meetings, I was so appalled by the philistine ignorance and lack of culture of the people I had to deal with that I told my cousin I was quitting. And when I listened to some of the "tools" (they were small audiotapes in those days), I couldn't believe the freaky, revivalist nature of the Amway cult. My cousin stayed on for about a year, and lost a good deal of money.

    But in any case, what the hell difference does it make how long I or Anna or anybody else was in Amway? Does that have a bearing on the fact that Amway is a lousy pyramid scheme designed to bleed IBOs for the benefit of a few greedy up-line creeps? As Anna would say, all you're trying to do is "distract" the conversation away from the main point. It doesn't matter whether I was in Amway three months or three decades. Amway is still LEGALIZED THEFT.

    The faster you quit Amway, the smarter you are. The longer you stay in Amway getting bled dry of funds, the dumber you are.

    Got that, P Wysong? Good. Now go back to kissing your up-line's ass.

    1. Anonymous - Amway assholes like P Wysong seem to think that this blog would be a good place to prospect new recruits into their scam cult. That's the arrogance of these dumb fucks.

      I don't know why he keeps showing up here. Surely he has an Amway meeting to run off to or someone in his Amway upline who wants his dick sucked off that he can take care of for him.

  13. Hahahahahaha I enjoy seeing you gabby gals talk about things you don't understand. Enjoy your life's gals, I hope it's better than you pretend it is.

    Next time use more profanity and slander to get your point across it'll make you look smarter...

    1. P Wysong - every Amway asshole hates the 1st Amendment. It is not against the law to tell the truth, have an opinion or swear. As much as you fucking Amway losers would love it to be the law. You Amway assholes make up your own laws because you went to Amway University where you got your law degree. Fuck! You hate freedom of speech so much why don't you take your Amway earnings and move to a communist or fascist country where your speech can be controlled. Sounds like it would be more to your liking.

  14. This P Wysong character believes that the plural of "life" is "life's'.

    Do you need any more proof that the people in Amway are illiterates?

    1. Guess he better go back to Amway University!

  15. My best friend has been involved in amway for 5 or so years now. Trevor and Lexi are her upline. I have to say, I am truly worries for her. Every time I see her (which is once a year or less) she seems to be thinner and more unhealthy then the last time. She drinks those gross energy drinks daily and mainly eats the bars. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie to herself and everyone else. I honestly can't believe anything she says anymore. She truly believes she's one more seminar away from being a millionaire. She truly thinks Lexi and Trevor are her friends. We've been friends for 18 years and I feel like I've lost my friend because of amway. She spews religious/amway philosophy non stop. I want to call her out on her BS and basically tell her I am truly worried for her and her health. But I fear it's pointless because, in order for her to be healthy mentally and physically, she would have to confess to herself that consuming amway products is making her sick and therefore, she can't believe in her business. I'm guessing amway would never let that happen.

    1. Someone who has been in Amway for five years is probably a lifer. It's very sad.

      Your friend has been completely brainwashed. I've heard of Trevor and Lexi -- they are lying scum. And they will bleed your poor friend dry.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your friend. But after 5 years in Amway she's probably really not your friend anymore, just a brainwashed Ambot who sneers at people like you because you work a J.O.B. and aren't a "business owner" like her.

      She's a lifer. There's nothing you can do to reason with a brainwashed cult follower. Amway is a commercial cult which means it costs her hundreds of dollars a month. Once she runs out of money or credit cards she'll quit.

      As for health, at Amway meetings everyone is told to drink one Amway beverage a day and eat one food bar a day. And find 6 others to do the same thing. Its pretty much impossible to find one person let alone 6 others to buy into the Amway scam. So the Ambot then makes up for the missing downline and eats 6 Amway food bars and drinks daily. First off it tastes like shit and piss so not pleasant at all. Then Amway cult leaders tell their followers to buy Nutrilite vitamins and eat them instead of a healthy meal. In other words eat one of those vitamins that takes the place of a piece of fruit or a vegetable. The rest of us who aren't brainwashed know if we eat a banana or a potato its going to fill us up a lot better than popping a vitamin. And cheaper too when you look at the price tag on Amway's overpriced shitty vitamins.

      Your friend's story is very similar to many other Ambots except 95% quit Amway within 2 years.

  16. Replies
    1. I'm mad at fucking scamming Amway assholes who are out to lie and steal so that pretty much covers ever loser who was dumb enough to sign up to be an Amway IBO.

  17. Any business takes a ton of money and 5-7 yrs to see a profit. The problem with Amway that it on costs a couple hundred bucks and a pulse to sign up. You can easily walk away from it when you don't get success over night. Now if you invested $100,000 into it you'd be more likely to stay involved lol. Overall it is a great thing, I've seen the board plans and sat down with the diamonds and they really do help you with your finances and setting goals. They help you and you pass on the torch. Go start any business and tens of thousands of dollars is going to be invested. The ones at the top never gave up, in any field. I don't want to sit here and call people names and think I am better than anyone else, I'm just saying from my experience and knowing people I went to school with in Platnium qualification and above is just amazing, I am truly happy for them. They just never gave up, just like any other business. Everyone should be in network marketing, no matter what it is.

    1. Angelo - that's a bunch of bullshit about any business takes a ton of money to start up and years to see a profit. Many businesses start off on a shoestring and become profitable quickly. Ever hear of Facebook? How about reading Ben & Jerry's story sometime.

      If you're in Amway you need to be a bigger asshole than that if you hope to make a few extra bucks a month. Is it worth being a liar and scammer to be in network marketing. Most people's consciences won't let them.

    2. Angelo --

      You made a bunch of these comments, all around this time last year. Do you have an update for us? Are you still in Amway? Did you become fabulously wealthy? Do you still use the same terrible analogies and thought-stopping rhetoric on blogs?

      Please share your progress for the class.

    3. Hey John Doe that's the last we've seen of that Angelo asshole! LOL! Probably digging his way out of debt right now.

  18. Angelo, have you ever stopped to think about exactly what network (or MLM) marketing really is?

    It's not about selling products to the general public, it's not about performing a service, it's not about increasing the GNP, and it's not about producing anything valuable or worthwhile.

    Those things are what a real business does. But Amway and its MLM clones are only about "selling a business opportunity," and convincing other people to sell a "business opportunity." That's it! Nothing else!

    There was some Ambot here or on another website blog who actually said "I don't have to sell ANYTHING AT ALL! Amway is a business opportunity about business opportunities!"

    Don't you see what that means? Anmway is just asking you to get enthused and excited, and to generate enthusiasm and excitement in others. The sale of Amway products is not important at all in such a business, except as a cover to fool the government.

    1. Anonymous - the Amway slogan is sell the hope not the soap. Sure sign of a pyramid scheme.

  19. I wonder what happened to that asshole P Wysong. He hasn't come back since April 1, when we reamed him out. Maybe he quit Amway.

    1. Anonymous - the life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend. And then disappear. If we're lucky the lying little bastards disappear.

  20. Anna Banana, get help.

    1. Anonymous. I already have help. There's a bunch of bananas who work on this blog. Not good enough for you? Then don't come back.

  21. To Anonymous @ 3:13 PM --

    Go get fucked. Ask your up-line to do it.

  22. Anna Banana I've been looking into becoming an IBO and this opportunity sounds good. But if you telling people that it's not, I'm guessing you have something else that is WAY BETTER. I want to know what you're involved in and can I do it?

    1. Hey Phillip. Keep looking for legitimate opportunities. You don't want to be an Amway loser and have everyone laughing at you do you.

      And sure Amway sounds good on paper. All those circles and everyone is going to be rich. Making the "Amway business plan" work is another thing. It's really hard to sign up one person let alone 6. Most people have already heard that Amway is a scam pyramid scheme. If you get involved you'll be spending all your time defending it.

      The one thing that this blog and other bloggers get are Ambots showing up here demanding that we tell them something better they can do than Amway. Well just about anything is better. Sitting in your room and watching TV would be more productive than attending Amway meetings.

      From time to time we post stuff that people can do if they want to run a business. Just last week in fact if you'd looked at some of our other posts. In fact right now if you look at the recent comments on the right side of this page you'll see a link that will drop down out of sight as time goes on to recent comments on a post called other things besides Scamway to make money.

      If you want to be a real business owner you got to find something that you want to do. We can throw out suggestions but only you know what your capable of. You need to have drive, entrepreneurship skills, brains (or know when to hire people who have the skills and brains you don't have), financial backing depending on the type of business, physical ability, etc etc.

      We've run our own business for many years. We started off leasing a location and then we heard of a store a couple of doors down that was for sale and bought it and moved years ago. We know when to hire experts for the things we're not good at. We know when to hire staff when the business grew more than the two of us could handle. We learned how to price and set our hours and so many other things. You sell a good product or service that customers actually want. When you're the owner you wear many hats.

      Running your own business is promoting yourself. If customers don't like you they won't keep coming back.

      In Amway the lowest on the pyramid constantly promote another company's products and promote the bastards speaking from stage. Those bastards are the ones promoting themselves. They sell tickets and that's how the diamonds make their money from ticket sales. Promoting themselves. They got to put on some act that Ambots want to hear. They got to brainwash Ambots to keep buying motivational tools and come to the next brainwashing conference and keep buying shitty overpriced products.

      They're promoting themselves so they can get rich off suckers who signed up to be "IBO's".

      You can do better than that. You can find a real business to start up where you promote yourself. You don't want to be a low paid commissioned sales rep for a company like Amway that has a bad reputation.

      Good luck to you. And read back through some of this blog to find other suggestions on better things to do than Amway but I'd recommend figuring out what kind of business you're interested in and search online for more info on getting started.

      Look at the small print on the Amway brochures. Only a fraction of 1% of participants make money. That's over 99% failure rate. Amway is a system designed for failure no matter what those lying scamming bastards in the Amway upline try to bullshit you into believing.

    2. What's better than Amway? Sitting at home drinking beer. Panhandling on the street corner. Doing nothing. Walking around the street looking for spare change on the ground, working for minimum wage. All much more lucrative that joining Amway.

    3. Hi Joecool. Yup I'd say those things and so much more are better than Amway. And more lucrative.

  23. There's a friendly homeless guy who stands on the corner in Manhattan where I work. I try to drop him some loose change whenever I go by.

    I got to talking with him once, and he told me he collects about $25 per day in change. He's out there almost every day.

    That means he gets (tax free) about $700 a month.

    How much PV would you have to do in the stupid Amway racket to make a monthly profit like that? And how long would it take?

    1. Anonymous - that friendly homeless guy makes more money a month than an Amway loser! LOL! And he's probably a nicer person than any Ambot out there. And he doesn't have to lie about what he's flogging cause he's not flogging anything except being friendly.


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