Thursday, May 14, 2015

Amway Bullshit – You Will Be Dead or Broke By 65

Who remembers sitting through boring Amway meetings listening to some sack of shit Amway asshole spouting off about how 95% of the population will be dead or broke by age 65. And the other 5%? They had their own businesses.


Where do these liars come up with this? Pulling it out of their asses? Ask the cult leader where they got that statistic from. Never question upline! Holy fuck you’ll be humiliated at the next ten Amway meetings for that sacrilege. Our sack of shit Platinum said he thought it was on the census. Yeah I remember seeing those questions on the census form: “If you’re under the age of 65 are you dead?” and “Are you broke?” LOL!!!!


As for people dying before age 65, sadly people die for all kinds of reasons, no point in going into morbid details. No matter how much Amway ambots try to sell you some snake oil pills to save your life! I can’t find anywhere on the Internet what percentage of people died before they turned 65. If I can’t find it how can those lying Amway IBO’s find it? They can’t! They make up these lies and the rest of us who aren’t brainwashed ambots our bullshit meter kicks in and says are you fucked in the head for believing that shit you’re spouting.


These days people are living a lot longer. We have great advances in medical and science and generally speaking people live healthier lifestyles watching what they eat, exercising, and not smoking. People with healthy lifestyles are easily living into their 80’s and 90’s. They grew up in a generation before credit cards and going into debt existed. They own their own homes, collect social security, and have savings and investments that they live off.


How does any Amway ambot know the actual percentage of how many people are broke by age 65. What government survey asks the question “are you broke”. I’m not sure many people would admit to it on a survey anyway!


I can find no government statistics that proves 95% of the population is dead or broke by age 65, therefore its easy to come to the logical conclusion that any Amway ambot who spouts off this bullshit is a liar probably repeating lies that originated from some Amway asshole further upline.


There are lots of people who plan badly for their future. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. There are lots of people who aren’t business owners. That doesn’t mean they’ll be broke or dead by age 65. That’s just some sack of shit Amway asshole trying to instill fear so people will sign up for their Amway scam.


Other things may happen too. A spouse might die, loss of a job could lead to other financial woes such as unable to pay the mortgage and eventual foreclosure, or illness or injury could make earning a living nearly impossible.


The above paragraph defines people that IBO’s typically prey upon to recruit into Amway. People who are already in a sad state of affairs and in a poor financial position and who can least afford to lose money are sucked into the Amway scheme by nasty ambots who fill their heads with dreams of financial freedom.


What about the Amway ambot lie about the 5% of the population who are not dead or broke by age 65 simply by the virtue of owning their own business.


Owning your own business puts an invisible shield around you that guards you from being killed in an accident or dying from a disease or losing all your money by age 65?


Apparently that’s what brainwashed ambots believe. Brainwashed ambots also believe that because someone owns a business they will be successful and never be broke.


Another lie taught by the lying Amway upline assholes. Business fail for all kinds of reasons sometimes at great personal financial loss to the business owner that they might never be able to recover from. Including phony Amway businesses!


The upline brainwashes ambots into believing they are real business owners because they slapped down $200 or whatever the current fee is for an Amway registration fee and $300/month minimum for Amway products for personal consumption, and a few hundred more a month on Amway tools and functions. The upline Amway assholes preaches that this means they are part of the imaginary 5% of business owners who will live past age 65 and will never be broke.


Anyone thinking of signing up to this Amway fantasy business that heard  the old Amway mantra about being dead of broke by age 65 ask the ambot liar to show government documented proof of those statistics. Would be interesting to see what they come up with. Pretty hard to back peddle out of that lie!





  1. If you're in Amway, you'll be dead or broke way before the age of 65.


    1. Joecool - that is the truth! They say that Amway meetings based on Amway's own census of their commissioned salespeople.

  2. Hi Anna

    Please take a look at this article. Some interesting stuff about what a real business plan entails compared to what the financial guru upline says it takes to be successful - TOOLS

    1. Hi Anonymous. The accountant who writes that comes to this blog from time to time and always posts a comment when he has something new about Amway and the IRS. Looking forward to seeing his next installment.

  3. Hi,

    First time commenter - long time reader.

    I have heard this quote from other MLM's and they have always attributed it to some banking experts. The document could never be provided but at the same time I couldn't call them out without conclusive proof. So basically from this I did some googling about this quote and found the original source.

    For those who have no interest in reading it - it is from 1935 of the United States Senate - Committee of Finance. This information is located on pg22 - 2nd last paragraph and it starts with 'According to these figures at...'

    > 100 men were put into a study
    > At the age of 65 the following was observed
    - 42 have died
    - 28 are broke (no money) but can work
    - 22 are broke (no money) and can't work
    - 8 are independent

    Essentially that means according to the study 8% are dead or broke by age 65 (ignore the subjectivity of the term 'broke').

    So technically they (anyone who uses this quote) is true that it was from banking experts - sadly it was from 1935.

    In Australia much has changed from 1935 in terms of retirement and so on. This is before taking into account people are living longer and healthier lives compared to 1935.

    Link to report:


    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for stopping by! That could be where someone in Amway started quoting from back in the 1960's and its been passed around so many times that no ambot knows the source. In 1935 the Great Depression was well underway so I don't think it would be incorrect to say that a lot of people were broke due to losing their jobs or their businesses and unable to find work. I also don't think in this era it would be incorrect to say a lot of people died due to hunger, unable to afford medical care, homeless and out in the elements, or committed suicide after losing everything or unable to repay loans after the 1929 stock market crash.

    2. I find it interesting that they quote this and try to make it current.

      Even scarier is that not many (if any) people are aware of this document above.

      Also side note wonder why they went down from 8% to 5% if they are quoting this document. If you quote something, then quote it correctly.

      - Mathew

    3. Mathew - when you're in Amway the facts don't count. They're good at throwing numbers all over to confuse the ambot. Its all about how much money you can make, not the actual likelihood of actually making money at Scamway. Fake it till you make it except most Ambots won't make it.

  4. it's so laughable that these Ambots consider themselves "business owners" in the first place. Like I own a McDonalds franchise if I'm hungry and desperate enough to buy a greasy Big Mac from them? True, businesses fail for all kinds of reasons. One reason might be buying "wholesale" at higher prices than your target customers pay retail for the same or better products elsewhere. Yeah, you might be dead before 65 if you poison your body with Amway junk instead of real nutrition but you will most certainly be broke if you don't have a good enough job to fund your Amway habit AND a real investment strategy for the future, which is totally non existent in Amworld. The only thing that works in Amway is their brainwashing, got to give them credit for that one. On the day they enter Hell those Amway founders will probably start up a new business getting the poor denizens down there selling fire, matches and heat to each other.

    1. Anonymous - and don't forget the Amway Ambot attitude because they're "business owners" they're better than everyone else and treat people not inside the Amway cult like shit.

      If these Amway "business owners" expect that they'll be rich and still alive by age 65 they'll have a rude awakening unless they have other income sources to see them through their retirement. The only Amway business owners who are rich are the people who own the company and their heirs. If your last name ain't Van Andel or DeVos or you ain't married to one you do not own an Amway business! But the rest of the world can still laugh at you pretend business owners.

  5. ugh I'm sooo glad I found this blog. A close friend of mine is no longer a friend because on this Amway bullshit. They way they were brainwashed is disgusting and now they are different people.

    I also hate their new pretentious attitude of "we're entrepreneurs and business owners who dont have to slave away at a cubicle." like ugh! do you know that the word entrepreneur means?? obviously not.

    I'd rather work for "the man" doing something I care about than selling soap and energy drinks for those assholes.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you found us! As you figured out, Amway is the cult of greed where you lose your money, your friends and your mind! Yup the brainwashing turns nice, normal people into ugly sneering arrogant Amway asshole ambots. We're done posts of the personality changes and not for the better once people get sucked into the Amway cult.

      LOL at the pretend "business owners". If your last name ain't DeVos or VanAndel then you don't own an Amway business! LOL!

      Working for the man you'll make more money in one hour than Amway ambots make in a month. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend. Most employers don't make their employees do that shit. Or if they did the staff would quit.

    Here are the true tables of mortality rates. Ambots are liars. Avoid them at all cost - move along and focus on a real future.

    1. Pretty much as expected. People living in war ravaged and impoverished companies have a lower mortality rate than those nations where people lead healthier lifestyles and have access to health care and aren't dodging bullets.

  7. just came across this post and everything you wrote it's just what I was thinking yesterday 15/06/17 in a amway meeting that I was invited to. I hated every second of it. All they did was telling me how lucky I am to have been invated to anyway and how rich i will become. Also they were judging me because I wasn't interested to join them, one lady said " do you wanna be a slave in society for the rest of your life, your 18 and you can come a long way with anyway. All they teach in school is to serve people, is that your future" ??? I got so pissed and told her that through knowledge and education I can come just as far or more. What a bunch of brainwashed people thinking that money will give them freedom. That a big house and fancy car means living life. These kind of people are just as bad as all the corrupted politics and the system that is destroying our planet and making people suffer. If they think money will bring them everything, stupid people.

    1. Hi Patricia. Thanks for stopping by. This is so funny you wrote on this post from 2 years ago because we just reran this same post this past week! Anyway it seems that Amway Ambots are still discouraging people to continue with higher education and mocking those who do. Nothing ever changes in Scamway! According to brainwashed Amway Ambots why waste your money in college when you can go to Amway University and get a pretend fake degree in whatever you want for a fraction of the price. Also if you're spending money on education then that's less money being tithed to the Great Amway God. Most of those Amway losers don't have college degrees. As you probably figured out listening to their stupidity as they preach the gospel of Amway the cult of greed. It sounds like you got a good education by going to that Amway meeting and that's STAY AWAY! You're in the prime picking age that Amway Ambots prey on because you're too young to have heard of the Amway pyramid scheme. Ask your parents or grandparents! Good luck to you in leading a happy Amwayless life!


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