Monday, May 4, 2015

Amway Condoms

A dumb ass finds their way to Married to an Ambot by Googling “Amway condoms” – I know I know LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! - and ended up on one of the blog posts about Amway sex where we pretty much make fun of horny Amway bastards who can’t get laid because being in Amway is a huge turn off for their partner.


Amway birth control is something we’ve discussed in the comments section of various posts but there doesn’t seem to be a post devoted to it so here we go.


The consensus among the women who’ve left comments here is they would not trust any Amway birth control products. Amway has a reputation for selling overpriced substandard shitty products. If a woman does not want to get pregnant no way would she trust anything made by a company with a bad reputation for flogging shit.


To the best of my knowledge Amway does not sell condoms – thank god! In keeping in line with Amway’s substandard products there’d be lot of mini ambots running around out there.


The bigger problem is the snake oil that Amway’s snake oil salespeople flog on unwitting customers. They’d talk women out of using birth control pills and instead take Double X or some other Amway snake oil product. Amway assholes are just out to make a buck using any lie they can. So if a woman gets knocked up they’re like oops too bad for you. Yeah well the lying Amway ambot doesn’t have to fork out the bucks for an abortion or living expenses for the next 20 years.


What about the Ambots who’d talk a man into believing if they take Amway’s snake oil that renders the little sperm useless.


Again lets go back to the women. Who would trust a man who says he’s taking a birth control product? And we sure as hell would not trust an Amway ambot who claims to be taking Amway birth control snake oil.


Amway condoms? Probably showing up in the Scamway catalogue one day but I recommend you better find a better back up plan if you use them. Or start shopping for cribs.




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