Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Amway Dumb Shits

Someone searching on the internet for “Amway dumb shits” found their way to this blog. We spend a lot of time pointing out the things that Amway ambots due that qualify them for being dumb shits. And don’t worry. If I had to list all the reasons for Amway dumb shits this post would be pages long but I’m only going to pick on a couple of points that Amway IBO’s like to show up here and gloat about.
How about the ambots that show up here bragging that Amway is accredited by the BBB.
What the fuck? Did you not read Amways code of conduct for IBO’s you dumb shit? It says that Amway is not accredited with the BBB has no association with them and that Amway IBO’s should not be going around saying Amway has any kind of affiliation with them because it ain’t true. In fact if you read the fine print you dumb shit you’d see that Amway can fire you if you break any of the policies in their code of conduct. If Amway went around firing all their IBO’s that brag about their BBB accreditation then there’d be no one left! So Amway probably ain’t going to fire you you lying dumb shit. You want to know how BBB works? Consumers file complaints about a company with the BBB. The BBB then forwards the complaint to the company and asks them to respond within a time period lets say a month. The company responds within the time limit so the BBB is happy and gives them a good rating. It doesn’t mean that the company’s response has to satisfy the consumer who made the complaint. Sometimes the company comes up with a resolution that makes the consumer happy but that has nothing to do with how the BBB rates them. It has to do with whether or not the company responds within the time limit or ignores them.
I’m sure Amway keeps several people employed full time making sure they respond to the BBB before the time limit is up.
That’s what it means you dumb Amway shit! It doesn’t mean that the BBB endorses Amway. I don’t think the BBB is allowed to endorse any company but that don’t stop lying Amway ambots from bragging about it. Bottom line is who gives a fuck? Only dumb shit ambots.
The other thing Amway dumb shits like to gloat about is how much money Amway made last year. The most recent ambot to leave a comment to this effect states that Amway has been around for 54 years and made 11 billion in sales last year a drop of about a billion from the year before and dropped from a couple of years ago when ambots were crowding around this blog gloating about 13 billion in sales. Guess the bastards at the top of the pyramid aren't keeping the cult followers whipped into a big enough frenzy to keep buying overpriced shitty Amway products.
Amazon began business in 1994 and in 2014 made 89 billion in sales. That tells me when compare to Amway that Amazon is a much faster growing business, offers a wide variety of products, and sells them for a good price to keep customers coming back. To the best of my knowledge no one goes around complaining that Amazon is a cult. At least not in a bad way.
Either company either sales amount who really gives a flying fuck except for Amway dumb shits. Those sales figures are good news for the owners of those companies that’s more dollars in their bank accounts. How much of those billions are the company owners sharing with their employees? In Amway’s case the number of employees I have showing up here complaining about the shitty pay and shitty working conditions I would guess no profit sharing. Amazon I have no idea about because their employees don’t show up here saying one way or the other!
So perhaps some Amway dumb shit who is gloating about how Amway’s sales are around a tenth of Amazon’s can shed some light on why Amway’s sales figures are such a big fucking deal and how Amway employees benefit from those numbers.
I’m sure all I’ll get is silence from those Amway dumb shits.


  1. OMG! How did you get your hubby to quit AMWAY? Every single time I try and talk to mine we end up in a huge argument. Please help me! :) lol. By the way, I love your blog.

    1. Socorro - so sorry to hear you're going through the Amway hell. My husband and I rarely fight but we sure did during the Amway hell. We've all been where you are now so don't feel that you're all alone on what you're going through. And you can be pretty sure the fucking assholes in your husband's Amway upline are putting the pressure on him to get away from his "negative, unchristian, dreamstealing" wife. Time is on your side so you'll have to wait him out. Most ambots figure out in a few months that they're not making money and they're losing a lot of money and figure out the assholes in their Amway upline lied to them about how much money they'd be making and they all quit on their own. That's what happened to my husband when he started asking questions about the expected income that wasn't there after a few months and was ordered to never question upline. He also couldn't figure out why the Amway upline had so much hatred towards me, that started to bug him. I'm a very nice person, a compassionate human being, and generally liked by everyone who meets me. The Amway upline hated me because I had the power to cut off the money flowing up the pyramid to them. Amway reports that 95% of IBO's quit in 2 years so the odds are on your side that your husband won't be a lifer.

      If you haven't already done so, download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. There's a link to it on the right side of this page under Amway links. You'll find it very helpful and then try to get your husband to read it and make him look at the small print on Amway literature where it shows only a fraction of 1% of participants in the Amway scheme actually make money.

      Glad you're loving the blog. Hope its helping you know you're not alone in what you're going through now that your husband has brought a mistress named Amway into the marriage. Wishing you the best.


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