Monday, June 29, 2015

Children Of Amway Ambots Hate Watching Brainwashed Parents

Here's a young lady who has a great grasp of the Amway scam and how Amway is destroying her family. Also an incredible grasp on English because I'm guessing its a 2nd language. This post just goes to show why members of the Amway cult need to hand their children over to protective services. Cult life is no place for a kid.
Hi, my name is Iva and I'm 16 years old (almost). I commented on your older post and, after seeing your reply, decided to share my story here.

I ran into your blog a few days ago while browsing for anti-Amway sites in a desperate attempt to find SOMETHING my mother would listen to and I found it great. The fact you're trying to help people get out of Amway and your tips on how to live with Ambots are awesome. :)

My Amway story started 14 years ago when my mother joined Amway along with my uncle and his friend. They went on a "meeting" or something. My uncle and his friend (who were 17-18 y/o back then) realised immediately it's a scam and they gave up on it. But my mom didn't. She believed all that crap (sorry 'bout that, but honestly, it's crap) and started making phonecalls. To her friend, acquaintances and everyone else. Nobody wanted to join it, not even her closest friends. (This is a good time for me to mention that she was a very sociable person and had a wide range of friends.)

Nevertheless, she continued buying tapes, CDs, motivational books and other Amway products. She regurarly attended meetings all around Croatia and, a couple of times, even nearby Slovenia.

She met other Ambots there and became friends with them. She made plans in our flat and brought those people in our home.

I remember when I was 5 y/o and my sister was a newborn.. This one time, it was raining, and she left me and my sister with our dad and went on a meeting. I was sick and my sister wouldn't stop crying, but she left anyway, thinking that she was doing the best for the family.
My dad hated Amway and they always fought over it. He started running away to his parents, whom he was very close-knit and who lived a few blocks away. He started drinking. Beer, mainly, but still.. He would come home drunk and fell asleep.

Of course, that caused even more fights and eventually, after a couple years, they got divorced. (Here I must mention that Amway was NOT the only reason. There werw many others, such as personality incompatibility, different mentalities and so on.)

I was glad they split up because that meant no more fights. But still, I wasn't the happiest girl on Earth. (I mean, who wants a broken family?)

My mom still praised Amway and told me that it is going to build a future for us. (Here insert all the Amway promo stuff.)

I never bought it. Even when I was 8-9 y/o, I was clever enough not to buy it.

Her relationship with her mother is now horrible and Amway is the cause. It made my mom a robot, a brain washed person who isn't capable of thinking for hereself anymore. My grandma tried a lot to stop her from ruining her life with Amway, but she never did.

I tried too, but no success either.

My mom thinks that everyone is negative and she's the only person that thinks positive. She tells me taht if I think positive, everything can happen. When I'm sick, that's because I didn't take Nutrilite vitamins. If I have dandruff, it's because I use Nivea shampoo and not Satinique. If my sister has a rash, it's because grandma's Ariel fell into her washing machine and mixed with SA8!!

Her way of thinking is not normal. It's not just Amway, it's the whole mindset. I'm having a hard time living with her and I even tried to make her let me go live with my dad. But now that I'm older I realise not only that it's not going to happen, but also that even if I had a chance of doing that, I wouldn't. Because I can't leave my little sister there alone, with her. She would f**k her up completely, like she did to me. I was an adult at the age of 10, and I won't let that happen to my sister.

Sometimes I think I'm going to have a mental breakdown, but then I calm down and realise I have a whole life to live and it's not worth it.

I have to pretend 24/7 that everything is okay, when it's actually not. And that makes me tired. Really tired. But it won't help if I tell her everything because I already did that. Several times, actually. And it didn't help. Au contraire, it made it worse. She didn't hear what I was trying to say and turned it all upsiede down. She made not-quite-normal conclusions out of it. (I don't love her, I hate her and don't respect her are the lighter ones.)

So I gave up on her. But I didn't give up on my sister, and I never will. I'm looking after her and won't let the same things that happened to me happen to her.

The tension at home is sometimes unbearable, and sometimes I have multiple emotional shocks in one day. But I'm used to it.

I'm in high school now, so I spend less time at home and that's great, because I don't like being at home.

Wow, I wrote a lot of stuff down. I just wanted to share my Amway experience with people who understand. I have other problems too, but I'm not here to talk about that. (I think that I will need a shrink in the future, but I kinda don't like them. Or trust them. So my family..well, some of them and friends will have to do.)

If this post turns one person quit Amway, then I did what I was planning to.

Sorry for the long post and grammar mistakes. :)


  1. For a young lady in high school, this post shows a lot of maturity and insight. And underscores how often is the case where the child shows more common sense than the parent.

    Sadly, it sounds like her mother is a "lifer". Her mind so badly brainwashed through the years that logic and reality takes a backseat to the "up is down and down is up" reasoning that has been pounded into her head by years of the Amway cult. 5 years from now, 10, even 20, she'll still be saying "success is just around the corner, despite reality glaringly saying otherwise. It's sad, but she is addicted and emotionally dependent on the cult, the same way people get hooked into religious cults. The whole "us against them, we are the chosen" mindset.

    I applaud this young lady for being too clever to get tricked into joining the destructive Amway cult. And although I'm sure her heart feels the loss of her mother, she will come out of it all stronger and have a great life in front of her. And even as she is making far more money than her mother ever did and living a fuller and happier life, her mother has been brainwashed to think of her daughter as the "broke loser", despite the reality being the opposite. It's ingrained in the cult members to see everyone else as being inferior, regardless of the truth.

    Hang in there, young lady. You're right. You DO have your whole life ahead of you, and I know you are going to have a great one and will never fall into the Amway pit after seeing first hand how it ruins families, ruins finances and ruins free logical thinking.

    1. Anonymous - that's what I thought too. There's been many comments left by children of adults, some are adults now and recalling their childhood experiences of being abandoned in hotel rooms in strange cities with orders to watch TV. Yup a kid's really going to stay put. They were out exploring. And other kids who are teens and have a really good grasp of how the Amway cult is destroying their family and finances. There's no extra money to buy kids school clothes and supplies or go on vacations and the other kids make fun of their ambot parents.

  2. This is completely relatable. My dad and stepmother have been with Amway for years (and they have had no success). I would have been pretty easy to fool back when I was younger but luckily I have always been quite smart and I digged some information about this company. It has always smelled fishy. I actually got pretty scared when the first results on Google were titled "pyramid scam".

    My dad always keeps ranting: "Once Amway starts going well we can buy this and that and I promise we'll buy you kids this and that." Yeah... Once. More like if. A big IF. I looked up more information: 99.18% of all ambots have no success whatsoever. And only 1.7% of the successful ambots (0.014% of all ambots) go Diamond. Would someone like to be in a business with a 99.18% chance of failure and only 0.014% chance to get to the top? I don't think so.

    Now that I'm 18 and still going to live a year at home, they have created ME an account for Amway. I agreed only because of pity (they get that Amway crap cheaper through me or something). I immediately unsubscribed from Amway's mailing list and am going to delete my account once I start in an university and move out.

    So to all ambots' kids: Stay strong, don't listen to the bullshit and be free once you move out. :)

    1. Hi Veloxization. Sorry to hear about your family's involvement in Amway. And just like I keep seeing, kids of Ambots have a good grasp of the scam their parents have gotten into.

      Yup, just like your dad, all ambots go on about how they'll be able to buy all these things once their business takes off and they go really big in Amway. Welcome to Amway, the Cult of Greed, where all material things are worshipped. Worshipped behind the Great Amway God that is.

      The reason your parents have created an Amway account for you as you figured out so they can get Amway shit cheaper. Sort of. Its the same reason at Amway meetings we're told to make accounts for our dogs so they can buy their own dog food. Well my dogs don't want to eat Amway's shitty dog food and I don't want to be cleaning up after the big shits they take after eating that low quality junk. I'm pretty sure they've signed you up only as a customer not a scamming IBO. Customers get free shipping on Amway products but I'm not sure what the threshold is. It used to be around $100 but an IBO showed up here bragging they get free shipping once they buy $750 worth of shitty overpriced Amway products so I'm not sure if the minimum amount to purchase has gone up or if there are different levels for IBO's and customers. We always had to pay for shipping because we're IBO's so that's why you'd want to create a customer account at the same address to have products shipped free or cheaper to a customer than an IBO. So that was confusing.

      I hope you have a university account that your parents can't touch. When you're a minor normally a parent is required to be joint on bank accounts. That means they can put money in and take it out. People in Amway have no morals. If you had money in a university account they'll have stolen it by now. Hopefully you have a scholarship or can get a student loan. You need to check with the bank directly how much money you have in your account and be prepared for a shock. Don't take your parents word for how much money or if they show you a doctored bank statement. Everyone in Amway is a liar.

      I'm surprised your parents aren't ragging on you about wasting money going to school instead of getting started in your Amway business.

      Anyway good luck to you and getting away from the unhealthy Amway Ambot lifestyle.

    2. My dad actually said that now I'm "officially an IBO" and I could start selling. -_- Actually, I couldn't care less whether I'm an IBO or a customer since that doesn't affect me one bit. At least I'm not letting it affect me.

      Luckily for me, the system in Finland is pretty good since I have had my own bank account for some years now. A bank account my parents cannot touch. And going to school is free. I can also get student allowance so I should have no money problems in the future if I play my cards right. :)

      Thanks for replying and a thing I forgot to mention on the first comment: I love reading your blog. It helps me relax if I'm having a bad day or am pissed off by the ambot adults in this household. ^_^

    3. Hi Veloxization. Well don't go around bragging that you're now officially an IBO! Being in Amway is something to be embarrassed about. Your parents like every IBO out there are desparate for downline. Once they have 6 suckers signed up they can go to this next step with the dumb ass title of eagle.

      That's great about your free education system plus allowance. Here most students end up tens of thousands in student loan debt and could be a financial hardship the rest of their lives paying it off. That's where the Amway scammers get the students promising them that by joining Amway they can pay off their debt and be bazillionaires in 2 to 5 years. At least you're not worried that your parents have drained your college fund to support their Amway habit.

      I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog and that you find it helpful. Visit us to curse out the assholes in the Amway upline and know that we're cursing out your parents upline at the same time.

  3. My name is Jen, from Los Angeles. I came across your blog after falling through the rabbit hole that is the internet. Anyway, I wish this blog was around 20yrs ago when my father joined Amway. My father is a physician and my mother has an MBA & works in finance. My Dad was introduced/ sponsored into Scamway by a patient when I was 14yrs. At that time medicine was, in a sense, battling insurance companies for adequate coverage for procedures/ test. That, coupled with 2 teenage daughters in private schools & college in their future; I can see why my father was open to a new business venture. Although my mother immediately saw flaws in "The Business" & “The Plan,” she saw it as something he wanted to try, and he'd eventually see Scamway for what it was & walk away before any real damage. WE WERE WRONG...SO WRONG. We did not account for or even expect the cult-like level of brain washing that goes on within it through its use of books, tapes/CDs, and my favorite, VOX.
    My dad's up-line seemed nice from what I could tell, a bit strange & really gung ho a.k.a "Fired Up" (man, they loved saying that, "let's get people Fired Up about the business and go pull some triggers"). Funny, they always referred to Amway as “the business,” never calling by its name. The Diamonds were nice when I met them, but it's almost as if they wanted to be treated like celebrities. They would send us postcards from not-that-distant of places & my dad would put them on the refrigerator only for my mom to remind my dad we've already been to whatever destination.
    For me, the most detrimental part of my dad being in Scamway was the way it slowly picked away at my dad’s love for medicine, my parent’s marriage & their relationships with friends/family, & his relationship with my sister & me. In the beginning my mother tried to stay supportive, going to meetings & events with him, but when the money didn’t poor in, we all thought he would see the light. NOPE, instead, like the tapes told him, it was HIS FAULT & HE didn’t try hard enough & only losers can’t make this business work. He was also conditioned to think he hated his J.O.B. despite being a physician & it being his childhood dream to save lives. As a family we had to listen to countless tapes from those people. Even as a teen I felt a lot of the Scamway tapes were rooted in sexism & deceitful by instructing people not call in Amway at first. My mom would continue to point out the flaws, while my father would turn it into “she’s just a negative person who doesn’t get it” & because she refused to peddle makeup like the tapes said a good little wife should, she’s the reason he hadn’t gone Platinum. We learned that you can’t reason with someone who has been brainwashed. Somehow my parents & family got through this…mainly because we just don’t talk about it.
    It is 20yrs. later & all of my father's upline is either dead or quit, including the Diamonds, but he is still going strong in Scamway. By strong, I mean he continues to overpay for products, checks his vox, buys those stupid tapes, (I guess they don’t use tapes anymore…whatever the format is they hawk those talks on now) & gets a check worth pennies compared to what he spends. I truly believe the same perseverance and “never-quit” attitude that propelled him to the top of his medical field is the same reason he hasn’t quit Scamway.
    Luckily, we are a family who can laugh; so whenever mom needs to vent about Scamway taking over their garage b/c he over ordered in an attempt to boost the months’ PV or why my dad insist on accosting people at Home Depot about a “better business opportunity,” I remind my mother that it could be worse…at least he’s not into hookers and blow.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Jen.

      This just goes to show that no matter how smart a person is they're still vulnerable to being recruited by a cult. When we were in Scamway Ambots used to brag about how someone had signed up a lawyer, a doctor, a police officer and other professions and use that as "proof" that Amway isn't a scam.

      20 years later.... your father is a lifer but you've already figured that out. 95% of IBO's quit inside 2 years according to Amway.

      So much for the 2 to 5 year plan working part time 10 to 15 hours a week and you'll be an Amway bazillionaire with gazillions of dollars rolling in every month for the rest of your life.

      I'm surprised your mother has lasted this long. There's only so long wives can pretend that this evil hasn't invaded their lives and then they're out of there. He's only making pennies commission in Scamway but fortunately he has a real job where the income is that's supporting his Amway habit.

      Everything you said. Been there, heard that myself. Tons of Amway shit being stockpiled in the garage - sure sign of a pyramid scheme. Sniping prospects while at the mall or shopping. Not able to say the dreaded A word and refer to it as "the business". I've been to some Amway meetings where the dreaded A word never came up once. They can't say it otherwise prospects will say "That's Amway. Its a scam.".

      If you haven't already done so, download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. There's a link on the right side of this page under more information about Amway. Its a real life horror story. You won't be able to put it down once you start reading. Here's a former Emerald with 1000 people in his downline and he's making between 2 and 3,000/month. Does your father have that many people?

      Sorry to hear this evil cult has infiltrated your family life for such a long period of time.

  4. Sadly, this is such a common story told by the children of "lifers" in the Amway cult. After 20 years he has long forgotten any of the "in 2 - 5 years you'll be walking the beaches of the world making millions in residual income" lies that reeled him in the first place. Now it's an addiction. The brainwashing has made him dependent on the cult. Like someone sitting at a broken slot machine, continually putting money in and pulling the handle, never wanting to give up, thinking any pull will be the big "pay off" to get their money back. But with Amway, sadly, it never happens. The money for the diamonds is in the motivational products and the seminars. They are conmen and charlatans. The only way to be "successful" in Amway is to have no conscience, to not care about destroying other people's finances, their marriages, their relationships and to tell any lie that will squeeze money from them. One has to be ruthless and deceitful to have any chance at all. It's how it works. But since most people have some kind of morals, they would be in the 99% who "can't make it work". The brainwashing teaching them it's there fault, but we all know it's the fault of a very, very bad business model.

    It's sad how it changed him. His relationship with family. His feelings towards his profession. Amway brainwashes people to mock jobs, and yet it's people's jobs that make the money that feeds the Amway pit. But they twist reality. As everyone who knows an Ambot can agree to, rational thought and reason is wasted on them. A brainwashed mind can see only what the cult masters tell them to see.

    This letter so deserves a post of it's own. Yet another story from one who as "been there".

    1. Anonymous - one can say the man's a doctor, he can afford to walk the beaches of the world without Amway's help. Though it would be very rare for anyone in Amway to actually walk the beaches of the world with Amway's help. The problem is even if he can afford it on his job salary, the Amway cult leaders won't let him go on vacation because there's "very important business meetings" coming up.

      Its sad to see what his life has become thanks to the Amway cult. Just goes to show that even very smart people can be brainwashed into cults.


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