Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Got Amway? Got Chairs?

BYOC = Bring Your Own Chair

Not counting living room furniture because couches and recliners are cumbersome to move, in our possession we have a handful of chairs that can be moved around fairly easily, probably the same as most households. We have 6 dining room chairs, 4 patio furniture chairs, and two or three folding lawn chairs. All put to use whenever we held Amway meetings at our house. We also borrowed stacking chairs from my parents, about 10 or 12.

Luckily for us the pompous sack of shit Platinum only held a couple of meetings at our house. He refused to show the plan at our house because the Ambot couldn't sucker any prospects into attending.

The Amway meetings were held at the homes of the pompous sack of shit or cross line and our presence was mandatory. Also mandatory were our chairs. In particular the chairs that did not belong to us but belonged to our parents. If the upline commanded the Ambot to bring the stacking chairs he busted his ass driving to the next town where my parents lived, picked them up, and transported them to the meeting, meaning he had to get their early to help set up like a good little IBO.

It bugged the shit out of me. This was our crossline, occasionally upline. Why the hell couldn't they find their own chairs. Or contact my parents themselves to ask about borrowing the stacking chairs and making their own arrangements to pick them up and bring them back?

We were always told until we became 1000 pins that we weren't expected to supply various things for the Amway meetings, that the upline and people who were 1000 pins were the ones responsible for everything required at the meetings. A bunch of liars! But what else do you expect from a bunch of fucking lying scamming Amway assholes.

One time Ambot could not attend the Amway meeting due to a previous committment. He still busted his ass getting the stacking chairs across town for the IBO who was holding the meeting at his house. And get this. The Platinum sack of shit phoned Ambot and chewed him out for not attending that meeting. Ambot just sat there with the phone stuck to his ear taking the abuse from the pompous sack of shit, who is at least 10 years younger than him.

We're all adults here. Why phone and scold someone? No adult appreciates being treated like a child. Adults have discussions not scold other adults. I guess that doesn’t include Amway cult leaders who bitch and scold and berate. And get this according to the pompous sack of shit's order of importance:

1. god

2. spouse

3. family

4. job

5. Amway

Ambot was involved in one of the top 4 on the list on that particular night.

The sack of shit Platinum is a fucking phony. Fucking control freak.

And one more time I send out a big fuck you to that pompous sack of shit!

Oh and a footnote about those stacking chairs. My parents got so tired of loaning them out to us that they gave them to us and now they borrows the chairs from us whenever they needs them.


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