Monday, June 8, 2015

The Land Of Amway

Who remembers what its like sitting in Amway cult meetings and hearing all about how the exclusively chosen Amway ambots will live happily ever after in the Land of Amway. After putting in 2 to 5 years selling shitty, overpriced products, drinking one Amway beverage daily and eating one Amway food bar daily, and signing up 6 others and teaching them to duplicate what you do, and they find 6 others and they find 6 others and they find 6 others…… Then all the ambots will gain entry to Amwayland funded by pure greed. Everyone lives in showpiece mansions and hires losers who were too stupid to sign up for Amway to be their servants. They have a fleet of expensive sports cars in the 30 car garage. There’s a private jet parked in the backyard to take the ambots to whatever beach of the world they want to walk on. In the land of Amway everyone worships the cult leaders who go by dumb ass names like quadruple crown Diamond ambassador and they meet in big arenas to rewrite the bible to suit their twisted cult of greed. Their private jet takes them to Peter Island whenever they want so they can huddle together and laugh at dumb losers and quitters who didn’t try hard enough. In the land of Amway ambots have gazillions of dollars rolling in in residual income and they leave messages on Communikate to their cult followers bragging they just made more money taking a shit than the losers made in a whole year of working a J.O.B. and making their boss richer. And now they’re FIRED UP!!! So all you ambots go take a shit and see if that fires you up too!!!! And oh yeah in the land of Amway everyone pays for everything with cash.

Yup Amwayland is the place all Amway ambots want to live in.

There’s other lands that I prefer to visit if you get my drift – Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, and dare I say it Fantasyland.

Amway ambots live in a different kind of fantasyland. Enjoy this little show about the Land of Amway.


  1. I've heard, "you seem like a sharp guy" so many tines it's not funny, that's like their code word. Them motherfuckers puss me off!

    In that video at 00:34, is that what an amway cult really looks like? HOLY SHIT!

    1. Anonymous - those Amway Ambots are always looking for "sharp" guys. Or in the case of our sack of shit Platinum he was looking for 5 or 6 "sharp" guys. One things they never define is what is "sharp". I think of a pin or a dagger that's going to stab you. And I guess that's what Amway's all about. Stabbing you to death. Did you look at the Dateline video? On the right side of this page under More Information About Amway. I believe what you saw at the :34 mark is from that newscast. But yes that's what they really look like if you haven't been to an Amway cult meeting and seen it first hand. The Amway cult leaders make the audience chant. It used to be "freedom flush that stinking job". But someone showed up a few months ago and said the chant goes something to the effect of being freedom fighters but I don't recall the exact cult chant.

      Yup those Amway motherfuckers piss me off too!


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