Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Life Changing Event or Just More Amway Bullshit?

Seeing as how Amway WWDB Family Reunion is coming up in July, Amway Ambots are out in full force trying to trick prospects into coming to this function. Or maybe put the screws to IBO’s who haven’t decided whether or not to go.

Some of the lines the Amway upline assholes say to pressure people to come to Amway functions:


Once in a lifetime opportunity

Life changing event

Biggest function of the year

Not to be missed


Some of those statements could be applied to a Madonna concert! Or viewing the pyramids in Egypt.


The thing is between every Amway WWDB function those are some of the lines used by the Amway assholes to influence the cult followers to part with their money at a fucking stupid time wasting Amway shithole event.


Those Amway bastards are so UNoriginal!


There are endless Amway cult meetings held in a month but 4 times a year are major WWDB events where the Diamonds earn the bulk of their Amway income in the tool scam so they book a large venue to get as many IBO’s as they can to attend. The Amway Platinum and Emerald demons are usually the ones assigned to put the screws to the downline to ensure they fucking better get their asses to the function so the Diamonds can get richer.


The Amway assholes bullshit the downline into thinking its a once in a lifetime opportunity, that is until the next Amway once in a lifetime opportunity rolls around in 3 months.


This starts before the last function has ended. The sack of shit Platinum has his hand out wanting the cash for the next major function. This is a common Amway scheme. Gotta get that cash fast in case the ambot quits Amway sometime over the next couple of months. And if you take too damned long to buy the ticket to the next Amway brainwashing conference the upline will mock you until you come up with the money and buy the ticket.


The lying assholes in the Amway upline will lie to the cult followers and brainwash them into believing that they will be learning about leadership, building a business, valuable training advice, and other bullshit Amway propaganda.


The reality is the only thing that is different about the WWDB Amway functions is they change the name: Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Function, Free Enterprise Days FED.


There is no training, no business advice, nothing that will help people in a business Amway or anything else. The WWDB Amway functions are a scam. The whole point of holding them is for the Diamonds to make money not for any ambots to gain any business knowledge. The ticket money and commission from hotels is how those sitting at the top of the Amway pyramid make the bulk of their annual income. Now that those Amway assholes have the IBO’s money they have to come up with some kind of a show to keep the ambots entertained. Despite all the  bullshit promises that the Amway assholes said about what was going to happen at this event, the same thing pretty much happens at all of them. Family Reunion will have a few other scamming lying Amway assholes who have reached a certain level usually Platinum sharing the stage with the Diamonds. All those sack of shit Platinums do is thank all the fucking assholes in their upline. Boring shit that goes on for what seems like an hour or two but I think they’re really only assigned 5 or 10 minutes - it only seems like forever. Let’s skip past those bastards. The main reason the brainwashed ambots show up for these Amway functions is to swoon and worship the Diamonds the way their upline has taught them to behave when they come to one of these events and are in the presence of Scamway royalty. The Amway WWDB bullshit session lasts 12 hours or so. Keep the ambots up late and fill them with bullshit so they’ll agree to anything when they’re tired. One couple after another slinks across the stage and they brag about their houses, their sports cars, the luxury vacations they take, all their material possessions. Most of them thank god for bringing Amway into their lives at a time when he was digging ditches and she was slinging burgers at a dive and now look at them and all their riches. Then the next Barbie and Ken Amway Assholes slink across the stage and basically say the same thing except the jobs might be slightly different, always of the minimum wage no experience necessary type of labor. Sometimes they’ll show a video or slide show of their possessions. Whether or not they really own the stuff or its a staged picture shoot is unknown. Its not like you can believe anything that someone in Amway says anywhere because they’re the biggest fucking liars around.


A once in a lifetime not to be missed opportunity? Yeah? Only until the next one rolls around in 3 months.


No one needs to pay big bucks to listen to a bunch of lying Amway assholes. Just hang around Barnes & Noble long enough and an ambot will show up to bullshit you and invite you to a once in a lifetime opportunity.




  1. When such a similar meeting was organised by Amway India Enterprises in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India, Corporate Frauds Watch lodged a complaint with the police who swung into action and disrupted the meeting. Such meeting is illegal in India by a company which was accused of organising illegal money circulation scheme or ponzi scheme.

    1. Shyam, it would be nice if the cops here did something like that. Their attitude is if people are dumb enough to get involved in pyramid schemes too bad for them. Also freedom of religion stuff would come into play. The cops would be disrupting the ambots freedom to worship the Great Amway God.

  2. We're not that lucky in USA, Shyam. That's because Amway contributes big $'s to politicians/lawmakers who REFUSE to impose stiffer penalties or outlaw this corrupt MLM/Pyramid scheme. There is so much corruption within the Scamway uplines as well. Money laundering, tax evasion, con-artists posing as religious zealots. Anyone who spends their hard-earned money to go worship Diamonds and Platinums really has a screw loose - you'd have more fun following a rock band tour and probably save money besides. I personally know some people that speak at these conferences. They've been in Scamway 20+ yrs and it's the main source of their conning income. They lie, scam, connive and manipulate people to these "events" to charge you admission, sell their "trade tools", recordings, books, etc., and for what? Con you into attending the next one? Yes indeed, they will attempt to get you to pay your "deposit" (non-refundable) for the next one, which you will learn nothing valuable, be out several hundred or maybe even thousands, and it goes on and on. The cult uses these events to brain-wash the weak and build-up the strong who are then empowered to attempt to bully, shame and connive the weak into submission to their cause - which is to take as much of your money as you are brain-washed into parting with.

    1. Anonymous - corruption, pay off, organized crime. If the shoe fits right!

      At every Amway function the Diamonds walk across stage holding the book or latest CD they're flogging and encourage the cult followers to buy the tools they need for business success. I hardly see how listening to a CD of some Amway shitheads bragging about how rich they are and screeching about don't dress like a slut is solid business advice.

      Amway is all about bullying the downline to spend more money on the scam.

  3. Anna, You can bet your life that Amway functions are life changing. Many IBOs return from these functions up to their eyeballs in debt or they return and have to file bankruptcy. In my upline platinum's group, I saw a bankruptcy and two couples lost their homes to foreclosure because they did as advised and used their mortgage payment to attend a major function. Being unable to recover financially before the next function, they ended up losing their homes.

    These upline leaders are ruthless bastards. They would steal your last dime and the shirt off your back.

    1. That's why I've always felt that if anyone even had the most remote 1% chance of making money in this scam, it's only the ones who have absolutely no conscience or scruples and must be able to bully, push, cajole, lie, deceive and be a 100% DOUCHEBAG in order to "make it" in something like this. Anyone with values, morals, a conscience, honesty and kind heart doesn't have an ice cube's chance in HELL of ever even breaking even. It's a pyramid scam and the whole idea is to try to somehow trick enough suckers to come in below you losing money so that you might have a chance to make something back. That's it. That's the whole plan. Bastards.

    2. Hi Joecool. They were coming back in debt years ago from Amway functions too so that hasn't changed much! And yup the Amway upline are a bunch of ruthless bastards who won't stop until they steal everything you have and everything you don't have if they force you into debt. Foreclosure, bankruptcy. How much do people have to sacrifice to the Great Amway God before they realize bazillions of dollars won't be rolling in every month in residual income.

    3. Anonymous - only the best liars and scammers who have no morals or conscience have any chance of making money in Amway. Most people can't keep up that dishonesty routine too long while they fake it till they make it.

  4. Do you know why the police don't do anything in the USA?? It's called freedom of speech and assembly!! If you don't know what I'm talking about it look it up its in the constitution and if you don't agree with the constitution then maybe you shouldn't be in this country. If they had to shut down every "pyramid scam" then we would have no Avon, no Scentsy, no Tupperware, etc. Amway is the same as all of these businesses so why no bashing on any of those?

    1. Anonymous - you are very correct. You should have added in freedom of religion too because Amway is a religious cult preaching the gospel of greed. The only way the police would come in would be for terrorism or if they had a complaint against one person say a Diamond who is known to be at this location and on the stage and they've been having trouble tracking him down, so they'd be able to come in and take that individual in for questioning. I don't think I've ever seen people accusing Avon, Scentsy, Tupperware, etc of being a cult and of being abused by the upline assholes. Generally speaking these are women selling those products at home parties. Usually because they like and use the product and if others they know want to buy it they can give them brochures. I've bought all these products over the years and I've never had a salesperson sneer at me for not buying or not buying enough or calling me a broke loser, etc.

  5. When I saw the the Dateline video with Bill Britt doing that thing with the microphone at some function, it looked like he was trying to mimic the motion of sprinkling of water on the audience. They are misappropriating religion to abuse others. From what it sounds like, every function is simply like a board plan but with testimonials and richer uplines and kingpins who steal ambots' money to make themselves richer. They definitely don't tell you how to get richer.

    Funny, I have seen the pyramids of Egypt and I will be seeing a Madonna concert later on this year. So far they are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities but hopefully they can come around more often. Definitely much more fun than a stupid Amway function, that's for sure.


    1. Hi AnonKF, yup that's exactly what it looked like, anointing the audience. Or annoying is more what I'd call it! Amway is a religious cult and like all religious cults twists religion to suit their purposes. The message is out at all Amway meetings, tithe the Great Amway God.

      Yup you've got better things on your list of once in a lifetime opportunities other than Scamway functions. And more fun, very true!

  6. Hi,
    I'm looking into the Amway business and it is not at all like what you're describing. I've also looked at your filters for comments you allow and it seems you only want to give your opinion and not let others see both sides of the coin to make informed decisions.Another huge issue for me is the vulgarity and immaturity of some guidelines and articles. As this blog was interesting I'll leave it up to you to post or delete my comment but it's off the the BBB and FTC I go to do more snooping into the so called "pyramid" which is a structure more properly describing my job than ANY MLM!
    Sorry you had such negative experiences with Amway
    BTW the bars and products taste amazing now. You should try them and really look into it (just my opinion)
    thanks take care!

    1. Not at all what is described here, eh? Well that's because the lovebombing, lying Ambots have you bamboozled with smoke and mirrors. Talking about "dreams of wealth" and being "fired up!".

      If they were a legit business, they would be able to sit down and talk to you about:

      1.) How many people would have to be in my downline and how much would each have to be buying in order for me to make a profit at all, let alone make millions?

      2.) Shouldn't I have a profit/loss statement going in order to see where I am in regards to getting anywhere in this "business", so that I can deduct the costs of fees, communikate, meetings, motivational materials, etc.?

      3.) Do Diamonds make most of their money from selling the products or from selling motivational materials and talking at seminars?

      4.) Why does the Amway literature say that 99% of people won't make any money doing this? If it is so easy as the circles drawn show, how can so many people be doing it "wrong"?

      5.) If I'm really an Independent Business Owner and not just a gloried poorly-commissioned salesperson, then why do I have to ask my upline for permission to take a shit? As a business owner, shouldn't I have more control?

      Now, if they were legit they should be able to talk calmly about those points. But, of course, a scam gets angry when anyone shows any freethinking because they lose their grip of control over you. Like any cult, they foster a "us against them" attitude to feel superior over (unjustifiably) anyone not in the cult. This distances family and friends who could talk reason into you.

      So ask those questions. See how they react or how they dance and bob and weave away from answering.

    2. nonymous - if you read any of our posts about love bombing a common cult tactic you'll see the difference between the world of make belief in Amway and the real life experiences we share here. Once the early days of love bombing are over the assholes in the Amway upline get absolutely vicious with their abuse when you aren't buying enough shitty overpriced Amway products and not signing up new recruits.

      And speaking of how people in Amway are fucking liars what the hell do you mean we don't let both sides of the story published here? We let almost every single comment be published. Maybe 1 out of 10,000 comments does not get published and usually that is to prevent embarrassment because someone has mentioned the name of a low level ambot or names names of who a Diamond's boyfriend or girlfriend is. Shit that could be embarrassing to the people involved and their families. Stuff that we have no way of knowing is true unless the people contact us directly to share their stories of infidelity. Like we give a shit! Also comments by the Amway Masturbator are usually rejected. I mean the first few times it was kind of funny hearing about how he jerks off into Amway soap but it got old fast. Its one thing for me to write about how people in Amway are a bunch of fucking lying assholes that treat others like shit and then I give some examples. But then Amway Ambots show up here and make assholes out of themselves with their lies or telling me they wish I was dead or I get divorced. This is stuff I heard first hand from the fuckers in our Amway upline so the Amway losers showing up here saying the same thing is just proof of how horrible and nasty people are in Amway. Its very important to let Ambots speak their piece so others know they're liars and they're horrible evil people. Plus Amway Ambots tell some pretty outrageous lies so its a lot of fun to make fun of them which is what this blog is all about. So you showing up here to bitch that we filter comments because you're pissed off we won't spread gossip of who's fucking who or sex fetishes with Amway products is pretty typical of someone in Amway. The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend.

      People in Amway are prudes. They freak out about swearing, therefore liberal use of curse words in this blog. People come here to be entertained and cursing out Amway assholes is a lot of fun to either participate in or read.

      When you're at the BBB make sure you read the part about how they don't endorse any business. They're a dispute resolution service and stay impartial. Some lying Amway asshole probably told you that Amway and the BBB are in bed together. When someone complains to the BBB about a product or service the BBB sends the complaint to the business and gives them a timeframe to respond. They're rated on if they respond inside the time frame, doesn't matter if the company resolves the issue to the consumer's satisfaction. Also its a violation or Amway's code of conduct to brag about any imagined affiliation with the BBB so if you heard any Ambot doing that report them to the head office and they'll be fired. Yup where else buy Amway can you get fired from your "own business".

      Enough people show up here confirming that Amway's products still taste like shit. Though Ambots lie about that and think they taste great. They don't think they taste good enough to keep buying them after they leave Amway.

      Anyway I can see you're well on your way to being a lying scamming Amway asshole so good luck to you and take care. What I mean is keep a profit and loss statement even though the assholes in your upline will warn you not to do so because then you'll realize how much money you're losing. Amway is all about bringing financial and emotional distress to the cult followers.

    3. Pointing out to the original poster, I find it's more likely the blogs against Amway are more open to having comments from both sides of the fence, for or against Amway. The blogs run by the pro-Amway camp don't allow comments to go through if they're written by someone talking out against Amway. People in Amway are scared to get the truth out there about financial losses, upline abuse, and anything else they consider negative about Amway. This blog does a great job of allowing everyone to say what they will, pros and cons. The comments are not one sided. And I for one am glad not to read gossip here about Amway sex lives.

    4. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. I don't read blogs written by brainwashed Amway Ambots but I've read blogs written by people who have tried to leave comments on those blogs, to let the readers know the truth about Amway compensation - its the shits - and they've said their comments have not been published. People in Amway are scared shitless about the truth getting out there about their scam and that's why they delete comments they believe to be "negative". Ambots can't tell the difference between the truth and negative. If we didn't allow Ambots to comment here and show how members of the cult are nasty, vicious bastards who spout off lies this blog's comments would be a lot less interesting. For some reason Ambots love to show up here to leave comments so we can insult them and make fun of them.


Comments are moderated but we publish just about everything. Even brainwashed ambots who show up here to accuse us of not trying hard enough and that we are lazy, quitters, negative, unchristian dreamstealers. Like we haven’t heard that Amspeak abuse from the assholes in our upline!

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1. Is it the weekend? We don’t moderate comments on weekends. Maybe not every day during the week either. Patience.
2. Racist/bigoted comments? Take that shit somewhere else.
3. Naming names? Public figures like politicians and actors and people known in Amway are probably OK – the owners, Diamonds with CDs or who speak at functions, people in Amway’s publicity department who write press releases and blogs. Its humiliating for people to admit their association with Amway so respect their privacy if they’re not out there telling everyone about the love of their life.
4. Gossip that serves no purpose. There are other places to dish about what Diamonds are having affairs or guessing why they’re getting divorced. If you absolutely must share that here – don’t name names. I get too many nosy ambots searching for this. Lets not help them find this shit.
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