Thursday, August 6, 2015

Amway IBOs Brag That Amway Invented The Refund Policy

Does it ever fail to amaze you how many Amway ambots show up at this blog and probably every other “negative” Amway website they can scrounge up to brag about Amway’s refund policy?

What’s with these dumb fuck ambots leaving comments on posts that have nothing whatsoever to do with Amway’s refund policy. They do that because its all part of the life an Amway Ambot must lead as part of belonging to this cult: lie, deny, distract and defend. Typical Amway ambot distract technique when we’re talking about how Amway is scamming people and an ambot clutching a bible in one hand and furiously typing with their other hand screeches that Amway has 180 day refund policy.

Like who the fuck cares? We’re talking about one thing and then some fucking Amway asshole shows up to brag that Amway offers refunds.

Dumb fuck ambots believe everything their Amway cult leaders tell them like Amway invented the whole refund concept.

I don’t know who invented refunds. Maybe that goes back to caveman days. I do know that refund policies have been in effect for a long time before Scamway ever came along.

So why do Amway ambots make assholes out of themselves bragging about how Amway offers refunds like refunds are something no other company does and then the ambots make even bigger assholes out of themselves when its on a post that has nothing to do about refunds.

I don’t make it a habit of buying stuff with the sole thought in my head that I can return them for a refund. Over the years I’ve had to get refunds on different types of products but I’m not a serial return for refund person. Like many people I have the attitude that most of the time its more trouble than its worth to take something back and get a refund. Its easier to just put up with it or throw it out.

Most stores have return for refund policy. Its very rare for a shopkeeper not to offer a refund. Its all about making the customer happy and getting repeat business and referals. Stores offer different lengths of time for a refund. Usually 30 days from time of purchase is sufficient for people to figure out whether this is the right product for them or not. People in Amway suffer from being brainwashed and fucked in the head and just generally slow and behind others intellectually because they can’t think for themselves so it takes them much longer ie 180 days to figure out they need a refund. Or get permission from the assholes in their upline to do a refund.

Other places like the fellows selling bags of oranges on the corners and medians on La Cienega don’t offer refunds. You look through the plastic bag and make a decision before putting down your cash. And likely you wouldn’t find them again anyway even if you did go back and try to get your money back. Especially if the INS van just rolled down the street.

So how many of those Amway ambots who screech about how Amway invented refunds and how Amway is the only company in the world that offers refunds has actually tried to get a refund from their beloved employer? This falls into the category of its more trouble that its worth which is something Amway counts on. First off you have to jump through hoops with Amway’s I-don’t-give-a-fuck- department. Like the staff were filing their fingernails and we interrupted them with a phone call so they’re gonna bitch at us about why are we interrupting them with something with such low importance as a refund.

Getting past the hurdle of Amway’s less than helpful help desk aka the I-don’t-give-a-fuck- department you now have to face getting bitched at and humiliated by the assholes in your Amway upline.

The thing about getting a refund from Amway is it don’t end when you get your money refunded. That PV you earned when you bought the shitty overpriced Amway product is now deducted from your brownie points collection. Refund means losing those points. And it still doesn’t stop there. All the fucking assholes in your Amway upline also lose out in that commission and go in the hole on the old PV. And that’s when the shit hits the fan. All the assholes in the Amway upline will be phoning and texting and bitching the ambot out for being such a loser to ask for a refund on Amway’s “fine high quality prestige” product. And then there will be the public humiliation at the next Amway meeting where the sack of shit cult leader running that meeting bitches out the ambot in front of everybody.

Its my guess that most of the Amway ambots who show up bragging that Amway offers refunds and no other company in the entire world does!!LOL!! has never actually tried to get a refund and if they have they neglected to tell us about the shit kicking they got from the assholes in their upline when everyone’s points went in the shitter.


  1. I am a firm believer in return policies. If i spend $30 on makeup that i dont end up liking in natural light you best believe i am returning it. You should have the right to return something you spent your hard earned money on if you dont like it... Specially overpriced Amway crap. I worked for a dept store that prided their brand on their return policy.... They "dont have one" ( it legit isnt written however the employees may hassel you if you seem to be abusing it). THAT is something to use as an argument not oh well we have a return policy. Everyone has a return policy. Sweet jesus the grocery store has a return policy. I have a childhood friend who is into this shit and always posts about becoming rich and traveling the world. Hasnt happened yet. My friend fails to post the money spent to attempt this dream.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Your friend in Amway will never be rich until they get out of the Amway cult and start to get their finances back under control. The only ambots who have a chance to make money are at the top of the pyramid and selling tickets down the pyramid to hear them talk.

  2. Do you have any comments from these ambots? I am curious to see what they have to say. I dont have a fancy college degree but common sense says I am not going to get rich on the cult like pyramid scheme they try to sell.

    1. There's comments all over this website and all over the Internet. Ambots are so dumb they like to spread it all over making fools out of themselves. And all Ambots have a fancy college degree from Amway University that gives them an automatic degree in everything! LOL! The only ones who get rich in pyramid schemes are those at the top. You'll never convince an Amway Ambot of that. They'll come back screeching "your job is a pyramid" or something equally stupid.

  3. That story kind of reminds me of when I was a kid in the grocery store with my father. I asked Dad to buy me the box of cereal that offered inside the box a coupon for a free ice cream bar. Took it home, opened the box and the "coupon" inside said to mail it in and wait 4 to 6 weeks for them to mail back the coupon for the "free" ice cream. Now what kid is going to buy a stamp and envelope and fill it out to get a coupon for a single crummy ice cream bar a month down the road? Probably none. Wouldn't be surprised if it was the founders of Amway who figured out that deceptive way to trick a kid.

    1. Anonymous - that sucks! Usually when you got to mail in its to get an actual thing, like send in 3 or 5 proof of purchase from the cereal box and get a stuffed animal or a beach bag or something. If there's a coupon to get something free it would either be floating around inside the cereal box or you have to clip it off the cardboard box. A couple of years ago I got a coupon for a bunch of bananas when I bought a cereal. Of course I pretty much had to eat the cereal first before destroying the box to get to the coupon.

  4. LL Bean has has a return policy since they're founding over a hundred years ago.

    1. Hi AP. See>> I just KNEW Amway did NOT invent the refund policy no matter how much Ambots go around bragging about it! LOL!

    2. Actually, Timothy Eaton (of Eaton's in Canada, now bought out) had a refund policy "Goods Satisfactory or Money Refunded" (as far as I can tell) since he started his business in 1869. And even then, he's probably not the first, but he made the concept popular.


    3. Hi AnonKF - sounds like a good slogan! I'd say a lot of business have made the refund concept popular. Not Amway. No matter how much Amway Ambots try to bullshit us into thinking Amway invented the refund policy.


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