Monday, August 31, 2015

No Business Advice At Amway Meetings

When it came to Amway our upline gave us no decent legitimate business advice. We went to all these “business meetings” and nothing useful about being a real business owner was ever divulged. Just because someone pays $170 to register as an Amway IBO thanks to a recent commenter for that current figure, puts on a business suit, carries a cell phone, and shows up for meetings does not make them a “business owner”. A real business owner makes their own decisions about when and where they work, their pricing, and business policies. A bunch of fakers with pretend Amway businesses go to meetings when their upline says they have to go, have no control over the product prices and have no control if Amway decides to terminate them as an IBO.

Yeah! Freedom! Business Owner! LOL!

Try commissioned salesperson. That’s all Amway IBO’s are. Remember the whole “cut out the middleman” speeches you hear at Amway meetings and on tapes/CDs? Think about it. Who is really the middleman? The IBO.

How many commissioned salespeople out there would stay with the same company if they were only earning $10 a month? They’d either quit and find something more saleable to market or the employer would fire them.

Going to business meetings where the speaker (sack of shit Platinum) goes off on rants that have nothing to do with Amway or any other business, talks about their relationship with God (I’ve never attended a business meeting with a legitimate company where religion comes up), and shows a presentation telling people to eat one meal bar and drink one Amway drink daily to become financially free just doesn’t cut it.

Business advice consists of being CORE and duplicating your upline. Takes up less than 1% of the “business meeting”. Well what do you expect after spending 2 hours ranting about the no show IBO’s and losers who have J.O.B.s and religion. Doesn’t leave too much time to actually talk about Amway.

You know what else is less than 1%? The amount of IBO’s who break even or make some income at Amway. Wow! What a great business opportunity where over 99% of IBO’s don’t make money and/or lose money!

Seeing as how being an Amway IBO is just a pretend business lets think big and pretend an IBO is a top notch Amway salesperson and has a good sized downline or customer base and is earning around $1000/month. Its not enough to live on if you have a mortage and want to eat and pay your other bills but its a decent side income. Most IBO’s think that’s a nice starting point in their Amway business and Ambot was one of them who thought for sure he’d be making $1000/month after 3 or 4 months in “the business”. The reality for most IBO’s is that’s an unattainable level because the odds are stacked against them in a system designed for failure. But seeing as how this is a pretend business lets just pretend that’s the monthly tally.

In the Amway meetings I attended the Platinum or Diamond speaker would entice the newcomers in the audience by asking what they could do with an extra $1000 a month. They could pay down debt and put it to their mortgage or save it for a down payment on a house. What about that vacation you want to take? You’ll have saved enough in a few months to take it. The speakers, aka cult leaders, make it sound how easy it would be to make that much money. They say you start with yourself and eat a food bar and drink an Amway beverage daily. Then you find 2 people who can do what you do. And over the next 4 months you add an extra person each month and after 6 months you’ll be earning $1000/month.

Eat and drink your way to financial freedom! LOL!

You know there was a reason why my father never invested in a candy shop or donut shop and that was because we’d eat all the profits!

The advice given by phoney businessmen is that’s the way to do things - eat those profits!

I come to the conclusion that the main reason our sack of shit Platinum did not give IBO’s concrete advice on what to do with our Amway earnings was because he knew 99% of us would never make money with Amway and within 2 years he’d be talking to a whole new group of faces therefore he doesn’t need to upgrade his speeches to keep up with the times. Just keep recycling the same old bullshit Amspeak propaganda for people who haven’t heard it before.

Yeah! We’re all gonna be rich! Despite the lack of real business advice.

No business advice = a business that likely won’t succeed.


  1. Something similar happened to my partner when she was traveling to work except hers is genetic. Woman worked for Arbonne, thankfully my girlfriend ignores them now and thew the card in the bin.

    Reminds me of when people want you to join an MLM so they insult your profession. I mean does that really work and why would you join someone who insults you?


    1. Hi mathew. Not only do Ambots insult your job but the cult leaders are under the false impression that building team leadership and good moral consists of insulting ambots who don't show up for Amway cult meetings and any other infractions done by Ambots like not bringing prospects and not finding customers. The Amway cult leaders bitch, insult and rant and rave. Like I said way to build moral assholes!

  2. Something I've never understood. Let's say Andy sponsors Bob who sponsors Charlie. Let's say Bob and Charlie have some kind of identical personal problem and need advice to solve it. Bob has to go to Andy for advice. Charlie has to go to Bob for advice. If Bob's advice is good enough to help Charlie, why can't he handle his own problem?

    1. Anonymous - either way, any advice you get from an Amway Ambot is going to be the shits!


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