Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Read About Amway Jennifer

The author of this piece talks about how Amway ruined her son’s Saturday night.

Well he got off lucky. Amway ruins more than just a Saturday night for so many people. Amway can ruin you for a lifetime.

I only wish that Amway had wrecked only one night of my life.

You know people know when they have defects or a few pounds to lose. They don’t need some fucking Amway asshole to point it out to them. And then hand them a business card and say buy my overpriced snake oil to cure what ails you.

He’s a teenage boy. Poor kid knows he has pimples whether or not he even looks in a mirror. He doesn’t need some fucked up brainwashed Amway asshole to point it out to him.

People in Amway don’t give a fuck about other people’s feelings.

People in Amway don’t give a fuck about anyone else.

The only thing Amway assholes care about is their greedy pursuit of the almighty dollar.

So lets send a big old FUCK YOU out to Amway Jennifer.


  1. My condolences to Amway Jennifer's poor husband for being married to an Ambot and I wish both him and Jennifer too a full recovery some day from Amway, hopefully soon. I like to have fun bashing the Amway assholes on this blog myself but in this case for some reason I sincerely hope that the e-mail from this kid's mom will open Jennifer's eyes and help her break free from this insidious Amway cult. I'm not religious but in my own way I am praying for her.

    1. Anonymous - Jennifer's husband is probably an ambot too and probably a bigger asshole than her. No email from that kid's mother is going to make Amway Jennifer smarten up. She'll probably respond and try to get them to come to an Amway meeting especially if she finds out single mom - huge prey for the Amway cult.

  2. An Ambot tried to get me and several of my friends to join the Amway scam back in 1971. He was at one of our homes, and he gave the typical long-winded Amway shpiel right after dinner. He said that once we became DD's (I think that the initials stood for Direct Distributors) we would all be well on our way to becoming rich. We listened politely, asking questions now and then. The Ambot answered each one, but we were still pretty skeptical and unconvinced. Nevertheless, out of respect we tried not to be too dismissive or sarcastic about "The Plan."

    When he had finished, the Ambot insisted on passing out to us brochures that included, along with basic information about Amway, a series of photographs of persons (mostly married couples) who were IBOs. This was when things became a little unpleasant.

    We were all in our early twenties, and naturally we thought of ourselves as cool young guys. One of my friends couldn't resist making the following comment about the brochure and the persons pictured in it: "Oh, come on!" my friend said. "Look at these people! They're all middle-aged small-town dweebs who look like Sunday-School teachers or used-car salesmen! You expect us to be like them?"

    Well, the Ambot went berserk with fury. "How dare you insult these fine people?" he screamed. "They're running independent businesses! There's nothing wrong with them! In fact, I don't think you guys are worthy to be in Amway!!!"

    The party, of course, broke up quickly after that outburst. But I realized that there was something very creepy and sick about Amway. It was if a smiley-face mask had been ripped off somebody, and you saw something horrible underneath.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story! and LOL nothing's changed in Amway since 1971! LOL!

      Yup cool young guys don't get caught up in Scamway!

      And yes they still dress the same way today in Amway like a bunch of dweebs.

      The women married to Amway Ambots are like Stepford wives. The Amford wives. Ambots. Crazy!

      And today is no different than in 1971 where Amway Ambots go apeshit crazy if you insult the "fine people" in Amway. That's why this blog is all about cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. Ambots show up here to screech their outrage that we would dare disrespect their beloved Amway cult leaders. Yeah well not everyone worships the Great Amway God.

      40+ years later Amway is still very creepy and sick.

      You nailed it! And good for you to recognize Amway what is was real fast back then.

    2. And it just underscores how their phony lovebombing smiles towards their own Ambots can quickly fall away to abuse and rants towards any Ambot they view as stepping out of lockstep with the cult (such as missing a meeting or not buying enough of the overpriced crap). And all those "wonderful, caring, loving best friends forever" that you meet in Amway... if you dare to drop out of the cult for whatever reason, will shun you and mock your name at future cult meetings.

      "Fine people" my ass. Biggest bunch of greedy phonies you can imagine who only love you as long as they are emptying your wallet.

    3. Anonymous - you know what - to this day over 40 years later the Amway assholes still refer to their upline as "fine people". Heard it all the time all the loving praise they referred to everyone in the Amway cult. My translation is a bunch of lying scamming Amway fucktards!

  3. Oh yes, the cardinal rule, commandment #1- Thou shalt not say anything that could in any way be considered negative against those "fine people" the diamonds. I found that one out the hard way.

    One of the few functions I went to Larry Winters was speaking. He's the top of the LTD pyramid. The man has a tendency to repeat himself, he'll tell the same story four times in one speech. Any other LTD escapees reading this will understand for sure. It was about 1am, I think Larry had been speaking for about three hours but I could be wrong. Larry launches into the same story he's already told three times and I mumble to myself, "Wrap it up already you've said this three times".

    Somehow my ex heard me. He turns on me and snaps, "Larry obviously thinks this is important, you'd be smart to listen!"

    I stare my ex down and say "I was listening the first two times, he lost me about an hour ago."

    Ex didn't speak to me again until it was time to leave for the Sunday portion of the function. That was when I started to realize just how brainwashed he really was. Up until that time I had held out some hope that he'd wake up and get out of this scam. No such luck.

    1. Anonymous - sounds like old Larry is no different than the other Amway cult leaders out there. They just say the same thing over and over. It seemed we were forced to go to an Amway meetings every night and I'd complain to Ambot why waste our time. The sack of shit is just going to say the same thing he always says. Yeah and he'd get pissed off like if we took a chance and missed a Scamway meeting that would be the one time that one piece of very important information would be given out that we couldn't miss.

      And all Ambots are nasty and snap like your ex did. I'd been on the receiving end more times than I could count. The problem the assholes in our Amway upline faced was they had no control over me. I didn't like them and you can't have any influence over people who don't like you. Therefore the big push on to Ambot that we should get divorced and when that didn't work the prayerfests that I would meet another man and leave him. I mean what kind of fucking twisted Christians are these Amway assholes!

      That's too bad you couldn't get your ex out of Scamway but at least you moved on and have the chance to get your life financially back under control. And find a decent man whose not involved with a cult. And you don't have to deal with those evil demon Amway Ambots anymore.


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