Thursday, August 13, 2015

Virtual Bitchslap To Amway Assholes

This blog lets me be the voice of the wives of all ambots. Amway Ambots. You know those nasty, horrible, despicable brainwashed robots who go around bragging that they’re “business owners” because Amway gives their commissioned salespeople the bragging rights title of “Independent Business Owners”.

Well fuck you Amway. There’s a lot more to being a real business owner and running a legitimate business than scamming people into signing a restrictive Amway IBO registration agreement that takes away their rights as American citizens and human beings, forcing them to buy overpriced products, and making them shell out big bucks to attend Amway functions.

I prefer to save my fuck you’s for my former upline but I’ll just send out a big FUCK YOU to Amway.

OK now that I got my Amway corporation fuck you rant out of the way back to the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

Amway is very much a good old boy’s club. There are no women in a position of power. There are the wives of the Diamonds who sit on the stage staring at their husband while he spouts off bullshit propaganda to the audience of ambots who paid big bucks to be brainwashed. There are no women running the show. Never. Even the lousy $10 meetings the Diamond speaker who showed up was always a man. No wife in sight for these little chump change meetings.

All the living room meetings were run by either the male Platinum or Emerald. The wives never spoke. Well, they might have spoke briefly if they happened to be in the room and the husband asked them to clarify something like didn’t we make a million dollars last year.

All the living room meetings we attended there would only be us and another couple or two, a lot of single guys in their 20’s, and maybe a single woman. For the larger meetings where a Diamond showed up the room was still predominantly male, of all ages, but wives accompanied their husbands, so maybe a quarter of the room would be female.

Women can look around and get the picture real fast, especially after the speaker opens their mouth and there is usually no doubt left. We are listening to a male chauvinist pig. Happy there living in Stepford? Assholes!

Women like me have no tolerance for these new male playmates in our husband’s lives. For the most part they are nothing but a bunch of fucking troublemakers ordering our husbands to buy shitty overpriced Amway products, shelling out money to attend Amway functions, demanding his presence at every living room meeting, ordering him to do this that and the other. These new fucking Amway playmates are destroying our lives and our relationships and our peace of mind. Theses fucking Amway playmates demand our husband’s time and his money and plenty of both.

If the relationships can tough it out, the only thing us women have on our side is time. Most IBO’s quit within a year of registering with Amway. Unfortunately a few brainwashed idiots might stick it out a little longer but most quit eventually, except for maybe less than 5%. That would be a horror factory indeed if a woman is unlucky enough to be married to an ambot that is one of very few who stays with it, forever believing the brainwashed bullshit about the thousands of dollars in residual income that will come rolling in every month for the rest of his life.

So on behalf of women everywhere who have been tortured by the Amway cult, a big fuck you to the asshole that sponsored our husbands into this mess. A big fuck you to our sponsor’s sponsor. A big fuck you to every person in between them and the fucked up sack of shit Platinum the evil bastard who carries out most of the dirty work. There may or may not be any legs between the Platinum and the Emerald but I don’t want anyone to be neglected so a fuck you to any ambots inbetween. The Emeralds and the Diamonds can share in the fuck you’s too. Miserable lying sons of bitches that stand up on the stage and scam you out of your money and insult you and call you losers if you don’t keep plugging your cash into the Scamway system.

So there you have it. Not everyone out there believes the bullshit propaganda that you must submit to your upline and you must worship your upline. Fuck you to everyone that tries to force that down your throat! Not everyone loves and worships their Amway upline and has nice things to say about them! This blog gives everyone the opportunity to curse out you nasty shithead ambots.

On behalf of ambot wives everywhere a collective fuck you to everyone in our upline. The lousy bastards who’ve cost us a lot of money, cost us to lose sleep, cost us divorces, cost us bankruptcy, cost us foreclosure, cost us happiness, cost us peace of mind. You fucking Amway troublemakers aren’t happy until you’ve found some way to destroy our lives. FUCK YOU!

Not all of us are silent. This blog lets many tell it like it is. The way we feel about you lousy upline bastards and what you say and what goes on at Amway meetings.

The women who don’t have a voice. The women who are stuck in the Amway hell. The women who don’t like to swear even though they really want to curse out their upline, the women who have had their lives disrupted or maybe even destroyed by whatever involvement their husband dragged them into the Amway cult.

I will speak up for you voiceless women. Your upline is my upline. We are all stuck in the same Amway shithouse. I will say it for you. The one thing we wish on you fucking Amway ambot assholes is that you are exposed for the lying, scamming, evil demons that you are and that you go through the same hell that you put us through.

A virtual bitch slap to every asshole Amway IBO who has ever signed up a downline. You might think you’re Mr Wonderful and everyone should kiss your ass but you never know what your downline really thinks about you Amway assholes.


  1. I thought those mean angry little frustrated Amway bastards were supposed to somehow save marriages and make people rich though I'm not sure quite how that's supposed to work.

    1. LOL just another Amway lie. Marriages are stressful enough when there's money problems. Through a cult into the mix and its a recipe for disaster.

  2. Well the only thing I really got out of this is that you might be sexist, but I don't know you so maybe you were just having a sexist moment or something. I've seen plenty of women speak at meetings and functions but they're ALMOST always followed up by their husbands. I have no idea why that is but I'm sure it has something to do with only 14% of women in America hold top executive jobs. Only 2% of America work with Amway (IBO's aren't actually IN Amway, Amway just dispense the products and $$$), so the margins are pretty slim that a woman would be one of the speakers especially if they're working the business with their husband. And if the wife/girlfriend is in the business, the husband/boyfriend always joins (I don't know why that is, some people say that men are more supportive to their significant other than women but I strongly disagree, I think it's even). I've been to the meetings and I found that I'm one of the few single people there. Just about everyone there bring their significant other but maybe it's just the meeting you went to. But that's all I'm going to say about why women aren't in leadership roles because I think it's ridiculous that it's even brought up.

    As for "it causes divorces": the reason why they say it brings couples together is because you get to work together and have common goals. Now if one of the individual isn't in the business and isn't supportive about the business then yes it's going to cause problems (you should be able to express your opinion to your significant other and if they disagree with you, you should still support them even if you don't like it). I know this first hand. My girlfriend constantly nagged me how I'm stupid for thinking that this business would work. Even her mom would get on my case. I shut them both up and I started paying for her college loans every month that is just over $1000 because her student debt was around $125K. I'm paying it with the profit I make with Amway. She doesn't even have a job because I guess it's hard to find a job as a school teacher fresh out of college (she has 2 degrees, that's why her student debt is insane).

    If you lost money while ACTIVELY working the business, then you probably bought too much of the product and a lot of it you probably bought that you didn't even need. If your upline tried to force you to spend a ridiculous amount of money of product or try to force you to a function that you just can't spend the money on, then a good old fashion "fuck you" is appropriate (well not really appropriate, but you get what I mean). The whole point of this is that this is your business and you're the one who gets to decide how much money you want to put into your business. If it's a rough month for you financially, don't put as much money into it. If your upline complains that didn't buy enough or if any at all, then they're a bad upline and should consider going with someone else (yes you can decide who you want for your upline as long as they agree to it, which they will. And if they don't agree to it, then move to a different business team).

    Amway has teams of IBOs and like the NFL you have your good teams and your bad teams. Some teams were so awful about how they were doing business (forcing people to spend an insane amount of money on products and kicking them off the team when they refused) that Amway banned the entire team forever. I've heard some pretty nasty stories about what some teams do, so I can understand how some people are completely against Amway. But please understand me, not every team is like that.

    1. Anonymous - you're probably right I am sexist against Amway male chauvinist pigs. But seeing as how this blog is all about making fun and criticizing Amway assholes. Well if the shoe fits!

      You noted the same thing I did. Wives of Ambots may make a brief appearance but its not their show.

      And yes we bought too much shitty overpriced Amway products mostly due to pressure from the assholes in the Amway upline. And we invested too much money in the Amway tool scam, again due to pressure from the assholes in our Amway upline. But we're no different than just about everyone else who shares their story online. And we're no different than 99%+ of people in Amway who lose money and don't make money in a system designed for failure. And the majority of the people who talk about their Amway upline say pretty much the same thing what horrible evil nasty bastards they are. Very few people say their Amway upline are nice, and those who do are probably Ambots still in the early stages of being love bombed, a cult tactic that Amway uses.

      Amway fired our sack of shit Platinum about 3 years ago and he took pretty much his entire "team" over to Monavie. These guys just get stuck in another scam MLM thinking its going to bring them riches.

      If you can make that kind of money in Amway in a system designed for failure where its less than 1% chance of making money - just think of the money you could be making if you found a better business opportunity.

  3. Well the funny thing is that I planned to own my own business but I couldn't afford the $500K + it cost to start the business and the first 5-7 years of non profit. Almost every company/store that first opens up takes a loss for the few years, very rarely does a store make a profit. This was very low risk compared to a traditional store. So when I first got into Amway, I ran it exactly how you would run a traditional business. What I found is the key difference for me compared to other IBOs is that I gave it a budget. Like any other business, when profits are down, you don't keep spending money. Unfortunately, with a traditional you HAVE to keep spending money for products on the shelf or if you run a food store, you have shelf life for your product that you have to replenish. You also have to pay for advertisement and sometimes employees if you're unable to run it by yourself.

    This was a safe way for me at least learn how to run it but I had every intention of making it a success and it has been very successful for me and it's showing no signs of me losing money. And I did a TON of research on the products before I got in and found that the products are actually legit, especially the Nutrilite line. They actually teach pre meds about Nutrilite and compare to everything else because it's simply the best. I knew a little about Nutrilite before I was shown what this business was because my doctor recommended the multivitamin because I had cancer and my body doesn't produce the essential nutrition I need to live a normal life like it used to (and no my doctor wasn't in Amway and he didn't know how to get it either). So just off of Nutrilite, I knew it was something that I could sell. And I honestly don't do much selling, which I like because I'm not the best salesman.

    It sounds like you had a pretty bad experience with your upline but my upline really has been great for me. He even told me to make sure I don't put more money into it if I don't make a profit, which I already knew. But it was encouraging that he was looking out for my best interest rather than trying to get the most PV out of me.

    It's crazy that Amway fired your upline, my guess is that he was doing something illegal like selling the product on Amazon and that was his "secret to success". I don't treat my downlines like that and I'm currently going to school for business management so when I learn something new from school that could help them with this, they're the first ones I tell.

    The problem with people failing at Amway is that people don't treat it like a real business so they don't run it like such. They don't do a budget to plan everything out and that's what screws them the most. So far, my downlines have been making a profit because I make sure they don't overspend by going over their budget monthly. I'm not a big fan of going to functions, although I do attend, because I see them just as motivational tools to get people off the couch. I don't have that problem myself and my downlines don't have that problem because I personally make sure they're always in the profit and it motivates them that they're making money. Because they're making money, they know it works so when they ask people if they want to check it out, they don't have to be sneaky about it. I engrain business marketing into my downlines so they turn a profit so they teach their downlines the same thing.

    1. Anonymous - if you had your heart set on starting a business that costs $500k and you couldn't come up with the financing, then maybe you should have looked at businesses more in your budget and started there and worked up to what you wanted. Lots of business start up costs less than that. When I was looking at a cookie franchise I think it was $100k and I had to have about the same amount in net worth and that was when Ambot "counselled" with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline who decided there was no money to be made in cookies and gave the thumbs down so he wouldn't sign loan papers with me. Just give me another reason to hate those fucking assholes right! Especially since there was no money in Amway either.

      There is no business training in Amway and why should there be. Its commissioned salespeople who are brainwashed into thinking they "own their own business". A pretend Amway business.

  4. Not everyone is fit to run their own business and in Amway, business teams are appose to teach them. The problem is that the business teams don't know how to run a business so they can't teach it. Instead they try running it by motivating people, but motivation isn't enough sometimes and people get angry for losing a ton of money. So far, I've never been lied to and the people who are emeralds and diamonds do get paid what they say they do because I've seen the checks. Emeralds and diamonds not making what they say they're making is subject that we encounter a lot so our business team shows their paychecks. I've also been to a few qualifiers(and since your husband was in Amway I'm sure you know what that is) and I get to go their houses and they send me on vacations all expenses paid. Emeralds don't go to a full job and they live like kings and the diamonds houses are more like mansions. I've seen it first hand.
    It's a 4% chance of living like that on our business team and that's a much better chance than anywhere else with any corporate job. You get paid what you're worth rather than what someone is telling I'm worth, which is nice because I won a ridiculous amount of awards in the military but all they gave me was a medal or a trophy. I never got a pay raise. I'm currently an engineer and although I just started the job, they don't do any sudden promotions. You get a contract of how much you're getting paid for the next 7 years and once your contract is up, you can re-negotiate or they can just get rid of you.

    I never thought Amway was something I was going to do long term but considering how well I'm doing, it's something I can retire early into. Maybe even by the end of contract as an engineer. People have done it far sooner but are extremely rare cases. The fastest I've seen someone reach the top of the bonus scale was 4 months (top of the scale is 7500 PV) but he retire right away because he had to get at least 3 downlines to reach the top of the scale to make more than enough money to retire. The fastest I've seen someone retire was 3 and a half years, but who knows, maybe the guy who hit the top of scale in 4 months will break that record. Of course, these were extreme cases and very rare and I don't expect myself to be able to do that. But I'm still going to try. It beats doing nothing when I get home. Now I'm building the future for my family and things are looking very good for me. Just build it like a real business and you'll do just fine. Well you hate Amway and apparently me for being in Amway, so you don't want to build it which is fine. I fought for your freedom to decide so I'm the last person to tell you what you should be doing. I do wish you the best of luck with things but Amway is not what you think it is.

    1. Sounds like its maybe time for me to run some old posts about the difference between being a real business owner and a commissioned salesperson.

    2. "Amway is not what you think it is"

      No, it's not what you SAY it is. We all know what it's really about. It's not about product sales to outside customers. There are too few of them to make the kind of money you describe due to it's very high price and that better products can be had for a third or a quarter of the price of Amway's, and found locally for most people.

      So Amway basically is a recruit, recruit, recruit pyramid scheme that is unsustainable since 99% of those in the Amway pyramid are not making money, and if fact, most are losing it. It goes up to the top of the pyramid. And Amway product sales are high due to self-consumption by the sales force (they don't own a business, they are commissioned sales people), of which the sales people lose money because they are paying more for self-consuming than they would be if they were buying the products elsewhere, even with the supposed "discounts" they get from Amway which still leaves the products costing more. They are brainwashed by "motivational" books, CD's and conventions (of which they dump a lot of money into) and the only real thing that comes out of it is "hey look at these slides of mansions and boats. You can have them too if you recruit, recruit, recruit". Unless Anonymous above is selling thousands of dollars a month of products to OUTSIDE customers, then it's all part of an enclosed pyramid scam where those at the bottom are promised "big dreams" that 99% of those who get into Amway never achieve (read Amway's own literature). The handful who claw their way up only do so at the expense of those they tricked and lied to in order to get them underneath them to drain their finances. One has to have no conscience and be a good liar and bullshitter to make it in Amway. It's how the "opportunity" is set up. Since any substantial outside sales is prohibitive due to the high cost, the "money" in Amway is from tricking folks to buy into the "dreams" and getting them to self-consume and "invest" in the business, i.e. buy products to pile up in their garage with no customers who want them and buy "tools" which are nothing more than rah rah "think positive and anything is possible" brainwashing which keeps them doing something that has little mathematical chance of success.

      Those who come here never explain the math of their "success", i.e. how many in their downline, how much PV are each buying, how much are they losing and thus will eventually quit when they run out of money, etc.

      It's all a scam. Pretend your Amway "business" is successful. Those of us who know the math know you are doing the "fake it til you make it to get new suckers to join".

    3. Anonymous - you're right. We've all watched Amway Ambots fake it till you make it. And then those ambots wonder why they have such a bad reputation for being liars and scammers. They refuse to look at the small print on Amway literature to see that only a fraction of 1% of IBO's make money in Amway. And when I say make money they might not be making much money. Amway doesn't clarify how much they pay out in easy to understand increments. And neither do they report how much Ambots spend each month on Amway related purchases. Those of us who've been inside Scamway know what we lost. Current Ambots just lie about their earnings like bragging about it is going to make us jealous.

      And once they've run out of money they might remember reading a few blogs that tried to beat it into their brainwashed skulls that was going to happen.

    4. Anna, did your Ambot husband 'fake it' when he was trying to solicit others to join Amway? How did he respond when a prospect would ask how profitable Amway was for him?

    5. Here's Amway's literature, where does it say 99% of IBOs wont make money?

    6. Anonymous - first of all I'm not a dumb fuck who reads Amway shit online. Second I'm talking about printed literature that the ambots hand out to prospects. And there's a ton of fucking Amway literature out there and you pick one page on Amway's website that don't show it. You could have probably picked out hundreds of Amway pages that don't show it. Read the small print on the brochures that you buy off Amway to give out to people you suckered into a Scamway meeting.

    7. And I missed the other Anonymous comment - yes my husband did the fake it bullshit as taught by the assholes in his Amway upline. The usual lie about how "business is going great". Talk about fucking embarrassing! The Amway cult teaches people to be liars.

    8. They don't give out printed literature dumbass. There's not hundreds of literature..There's only one reference guide

    9. KBanks - maybe they don't give out printed literature anymore. Maybe they do. And they never gave it out. The Ambot had to buy it. Nothing in Amway is free.

  5. @Anna Banana here's a good example of a real business opportunity: How about building and renting Ambot storage lockers for boxes and boxes of overpriced XS cat piss water (my apologies to the cat piss), dog turd bars, concentrated soap etc. That would clear out the garage so that the Ambot could push his '87 Toyota Tercel back inside and out of the rain to try to get it started and barely running to get to the next Ambot function.

    1. Anonymous - sounds good in theory, you know just like how all those circles Ambots draw with the bazillions of dollars to be made looks good on paper, but making it happen is a different story.

      First off you'd have to accept cash only from Ambots and seeing as how they're cash poor, well business would be limited. And you'd want a few months paid in full up front because you know what's going to happen.

      The bigger problem is Ambots would eventually walk away from the Amway storage lockers and the business owners would have to rent a dumpster to get rid of that shit.

      It's not like the storage unit owner can hold a garage sale. There's not a big demand for cat piss water!

  6. You know that you don't buy the product and then try to resell it, right? They buy it online...More proof that you were never a part of Amway

    1. How do you explain how our sack of shit Platinum had a garage full of shitty overpriced Amway products? Self consumption? Nope. He had a table set up in there for sales. More proof that you're a lying scamming Amway asshole.

    2. Anonymous is not factoring in that those who only buy Amway when they have an actual customer to sell it to will get HELL from their upline for buying so little. To keep up with the PV your upline will flog you to be doing per month Ambots have to buy (they call it "invest" hahaha) enough products beyond the meager actual sales to meet the PV. And that is what ends up piling up in garages and closets with the hope to "one day" sell it. And, of course, at the staggering cost, no one other than Ambots and a few pity sales want it so it collects dust and they can't even dump it at a discount on eBay. No one outside of Amway is searching eBay for it. lol

    3. Because he did? He bought a bunch of product and placed it in his garage. What's your point? Customers buy products online nowadays. IBOs never have to touch it, so because of that. You don't waste your money buy a bunch of product and try to resell it. Now the customer buy it directly online. Fuck you're dumb

    4. Anonymous - facts are important when you're in the Amway cult. Its all about tossing out numbers to cause confusion and give the illusion of how everyone is getting rich. And yes the assholes in the Amway upline will ride everyone's ass to buy more Amway products so someone can meet that month's goals. Leaving the Ambot with a bunch of overpriced shitty products that they'll likely never use and unable to sell. Go to Ebay, Craigslist or Amazon and type in Amway and you'll see a whole bunch of overpriced shitty products being flogged. And as you say - probably only being bought by people inside the Amway cult.

    5. KBanks - the point is the sack of shit was stockpiling Amway products a sure sign of a pyramid scheme. Even though lying scamming fucking Amway assholes claim they're beating away customers the reality is when they first get in the Amway cult they might get a few pity purchases from family and then everyone avoids the Ambot because they're realized they got ripped off paying too much money for a substandard product. My husband registered at least 100 people we know for online Amway accounts and sent everyone an email letting them know they could buy online. One person started an order and then cancelled it when they saw the shipping fees. This was a common theme with everyone in our group. The Ambot ended up begging for the sale offering to buy it on their account to eat the shipping cost and then selling it directly and delivering it to the customer. That's the reality. The only people buying online are registered Amway IBO's.

  7. The one thing that I will agree with is the shipping cost, it's pretty insane. And it does drive away customers, so I gotta give you that one. They recently changed it to where you can option out of the shipping cost but if you elect to not pay for shipping, then you pay 15% more for the product. It's good for small things that's under $25 but it's worth it for anything else. It's actually something Amway is aware of and is trying to fix.

    But the case remains, I've never seen or heard of (besides blogs) people getting forced/pressured to buy products so their upline can make money. Things must of changed since you were in or maybe that's just what your business team did. I would not be in Amway if my business team pushed products on me. And I don't know of anyone stockpiling products.

    1. Anonymous- Amway is never going to "fix" anything if that means less cash in their bank account.

      Just because you don't know of anyone doesn't mean it's not happening. It was going on in the 70's and still going on today judging by all the comments left on the Internet where people talk about their real Amway experiences. And we do this to help others know what's ahead of them so they don't go through the same hell we did.


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