Wednesday, August 12, 2015

100 More Ways Amway Ambots Love To Say Negative

It only took a few months from the last post 100 ways Amway Ambots love to say negative to do a follow up. I'm surprised it took so long for those Amway assholes to fill up the comments section with their negative shit. Maybe the message is getting through from the Amway cult leaders not to visit web sites like this and leave comments because it drives up the ranking in search engine results.

Spelling errors and unable to get the caps lock button under control all belong to the Amway assholes. Got the usual horny Amway ambots obsessed with sex to the point they're obsessed with my sex life. Talk about fucking Amway losers! LOL! And the usual claptrap where Amway Ambots bitch about us not being educated. Yup these are the same people that are always “counselling” their cult followers not to waste their money going to college. Don't need no stinking education when you can go to the high and mighty Amway University and become an immediate expert in everything. Sometimes you just look at things Amway Ambots write so badly and go what the fuck is that supposed to mean? Talk about NOT educated LOL! Plus a few Amway is a blame the victim scam and they blame the assholes in our Amway upline. And the usual bullshit Amspeak about losers, quitters, not trying hard enough, etc. So if it looks familiar it has more to do with Amway Ambots not being too original in the insults they hurl. Brainwashed Ambots all think alike repeating what they've heard from their Amway cult leaders. I heard these sneers and slurs myself years ago at Amway meetings and I hear them frequently on this blog. They might look the same but they came from different ambots aka different asshole same shit. Cut and paste to a Word document as they come in until they add up to 100 so yes a new follow up post has already been started!

So let's give a big shout out to the Amway Corporation's head office. You must be so proud of your IBO's! This is the best bunch of your commissioned salespeople. A true reflection of what Amway Ambots are really like. Not the sweet little ass kissers you think – they're mean, nasty, hateful, evil motherfucking bastards! And they really are exactly what people in Amway really are like and your Ambots are a big reason why word is out to avoid Amway.

  1. you guys aren't doing it right
  2. enjoy your angry bitter life!
  3. Just goes to show how ignorant you are and how you really dont know what you are talking about.
  4. what what a great wife,, loser.
  5. you are so bitter is disgusts me.
  6. go do something useful with your life instead of bloggin
  7. haha sooo pathetic
  8. One day, anna, you're going to be lying on your death bed looking back and realizing what a misserable bitter life you lived,
  9. You must live one sorry life
  10. This is a very lame blog and you are a very unsupportive wife.
  11. I feel bad for you that your life is really that pathetic.
  12. you deserve to be a lonely misserable fuck
  13. i hope you dont live to see another day.
  14. Surely you wont be missed
  15. I feel bad for your husband.
  16. i am sick of people like you.
  17. You just sound so miserable, cursing and carrying in with insults.
  18. those ignorants would have commented just for the sake of feeding up their own ego
  19. what a pity life they led
  20. You need dick..... badly.
  21. Anna what a POS
  22. I'm reading through this and seeing how ignorant some of you people are.
  23. Please do the world a favor and die.
  24. i feel bad for your husband having to put up with this bitter, negative sorry excuse for a life, 24/7
  25. Sad you have nothing else better to do than bitch!
  26. You guys are all idiots
  27. Shut up and look a life (hunh? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?)
  28. The best part about this is you are a bitter lady
  29. You guys shut the hell up you all are broke
  31. God have mercy on your negative attitude.
  32. I hope you get educated and learn some proper language someday.
  33. If someone as miserable as you can get out of bed every morning then I suppose my life isn't so bad :)
  34. you are a bitter person who needs to learn how to talk properly
  35. you're poor husband deserves a medal to be married to you.
  36. I feel bad for you
  37. Please shoot yourself already.
  38. you are sure a rude lady
  39. if you quit or just gave up then you have no reason to complain because it's your own fault
  40. Anna, you are an idiot, plain and simple.
  41. What a loser you are and killed your husbands dream.
  42. Just felt people here are bunch of failures....
  43. you are just lonely in the real world, begging for attention here in the virtual world...
  44. another usual failure of people
  45. Anna. So simple minded.
  46. you need to man up take responsibility and ownership for your lack of drive.
  47. I'm reading through this and seeing how ignorant some of you people are.
  48. Maybe get a life other than posting all of this crap all over the internet.
  49. This whole blog has no purpose only to feed your negative soul.
  50. he's not dicking you right if you have the time to do this stupid shit
  51. you're just an asshole yourself
  52. put ANY type of makeup on and get a new husband
  53. try to stray away from so much negativity, maybe you'll live longer
  54. Anna, Anna, Anna. So simple minded.
  55. Most of what you post is biased crap I'd expect of someone that just had their dipaper changed got a rash and wrote a bad review because they shit.
  56. you come off as an angry child.
  57. I suggest you mature, your attitude and your vocabulary
  58. it's the fact that you don't have what it takes
  59. you can go fuck me all you like chicky babe
  60. just be an angry little shit head like you
  61. You are a idiotic loser who quit with your same satanic negative attitude.
  62. Wow you are not very educated
  63. you didn't try hard enough
  64. You had an opportunity to be debt free living the life of your dreams but you chose to work until your older than dirt and doe with nothing to pass on to your family just your last name.
  65. You stole your husbands dream and killed your future
  66. your an idiot
  67. you didnt make anything because you didnt do the work
  68. it sounds like your sexually frustrated due to being unattractive in many aspects of your sad life
  69. lose some weight
  70. moron
  71. You're a real hater if you're going to spend this much time & energy on s blog blasting Amway.
  72. your broke and waste your time being skeptical
  73. you have a low self confidence and haven't acvomplished anything great in your life
  74. Thanks for your non educated decision.
  75. you weren't educated to be successful
  76. shows how little your brain is
  77. you gave up on your dreams and now you live doing this?
  78. If your upline screwed you over then that's too bad, but it wouldn't have changed the fact that you were never going to be successful in life
  79. Jesus, what a waste of an amazing life you could be living.
  80. sorry to hear you had bad upline that did not properly work with you and help you
  81. I have not yet me a sungle peraon with such a limited vocabulary as yourslef and hope I never will.
  82. come everyone lets fuck
  83. You have a negative view of life in general.
  86. You have no class or manners
  87. you should be mad at yourself for being so lazy to not want a better life for yourself
  88. if you don't want a want the life of your dreams fine
  89. don't be an employee natzi that you tell a winner that they can't have a better life because you DECIDED TO QUITE and be a loser
  90. Have fun the rest of your life being a job person
  91. Bunch of haters.
  92. Your ignorance is comical
  93. And now I have found a loser in life that has nothing better to do
  94. haters only hate the successful
  95. find a better hobby
  96. you wipe your ass with your own tongue.
  97. all you like to do is blame others for your failure and not yourself.
  98. you don't have enough brain cells
  99. u will be call a branded dork
  100. You should just get out of America and stop ruining other peoples opportunities


  1. I couldn't get through the 100 slurs but a quick glance was good enough. The sexual frustration of the angry deprived Ambot is showing through. I mean, it's hard to get laid when you're a mean little bastard and you wear the same suit all the time because you don't have another one, spend all your time and money going to cult meetings and functions, limp down the road in your broken down wrecking yard refugee car, and a dinner date is at a hot dog stand, dutch treat. LOL

    1. Hi Anonymous - these comments are a good representation of what people in Amway really are like. At first they'll be all suckhole nice to you. But when you aren't buying as much Amway products as the assholes in your Amway upline think you should buy or you're not bring new prospects to Amway cult meetings or you question upline or you don't give a fuck about the Amway upline (me me me me!!!) then they turn into their true Amway demons and are vicious, evil, nasty, hateful. The ones who leave comments on here are true Amway Ambots. And yes they're all sexually frustrated and focused on other people's sex lives due to none of their own. At Amway meetings Ambots stand around looking ANGRY. Mean little bastards that they are. Like you said stuck wearing business suits and forced to attend Amway cult meetings where nothing different is ever said from the last Amway cult meeting the night before and the night before that, etc. They have no money to buy a nice car or maintenance for their current car and they sure don't have money for dates. Dutch treat at the hot dog stand? More like split a popcorn and watch rats crawl in the sewer for entertainment is more like it! LOL!

  2. you obviously post comments to yourself and reply to them.

    1. You obviously are a lying scamming Amway asshole because thats something a dumb fuck from Amway would say. Over a million visitors to this blog who don't leave enough comments so I have to post comments anonymously. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something.

  3. Amway is a great opportunity for those who qualify to be Amway distributors.Recruiters should always make sure to qualify recruits. Qualifying distributors is the key to success in this great business.

    1. You're kidding, right? hahahaha!! It is soooooo hard to find people who haven't heard of the Amway scam, or aren't skeptical of it with how evasive a recruiter is in terms of answering questions, that it always ends up that the only "qualification" a desperate Ambot requires is that the prospect be BREATHING and is GULLIBLE.

    2. Anonymous is aka The Amway Masturbator. Seeing as how this comment wasn't about the bliss he gets from poking his dick into Amway soap we can make fun of the troll's bullshit Amspeak.

      You got it Anonymous, not to be confused with the Amway Masturbator, there is no measure to "qualify" Amway distributors otherwise those dumb fucks we know would have stayed the hell away from us. Seeing as how its next to impossible to find anyone willing to hear the Amway plan Ambots are so desparate to sign anyone up their way to "qualify" is finding someone gullible enough to believe they'll actually make money in Scamway.


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