Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Amway Cult Leaders Enforce TV Watching Ban!

Our Emerald upline once used a whiteboard where he drew a quadrant based on how much TV IBO’s were allowed to watch. All new IBO’s or maybe it was IBO’s under 2500 pin levels - don't remember - were in the square where no TV watching was allowed.

I’m not a big TV watcher but I do like a few shows. If I’m home I’ll watch the news. That’s a huge Amway IBO NO! All news MUST come from the assholes in the Amway upline. Its called information control!

I probably watch 10 to 15 hours of TV a week, maybe more if some good movies are on, so I’m not much of a watcher. Ironic numbers isn’t it. I’m sure any IBO would say I could take those same 10 to 15 hours I spend watching TV each week and turn it into earning $100,000/year.

Yeah, right. Been down that road. Heard that bullshit before.

Nothing any asshole in our Amway upline said to me was going to change my TV habits. Ambot would sometimes walk into the room and whatever show I was watching he’d sneer at me something to the effect of how is watching that show going to make me money. Here is a good time to point out that Ambot watches more TV than I do. He likes watching what he calls adult animation and sports. Cartoons and overgrown high school boys. How is that making him money in his Amway business?

Getting back to that quadrant for the life of me I don’t recall what pin levels the Emerald put in each quadrant. I was only shown his expert mathematical equation once. Wherever he was as an Emerald he was allowed most of his free time to be spent watching TV. I guess what was never determined was how much free time he has in a week.

The bigger picture is the real reason the upline don’t want IBO’s watching TV is because they want to control the information sources their downline IBO’s receive. Any news or current affairs or stock market advice the IBO’s receive should all be coming from their upline.

You Amway upline bastards can say whatever you want about watching TV. I’m not going to stop no matter how much you fuckers bitch at me. At least if I’m home watching TV I’m not losing money throwing away $10 going to an Amway meeting to listen to the latest Amspeak bullshit.


  1. Anna, you are absolutely right, and your post reminded me of something that happened back in 1971 when my cousin tried his best to get me into Amway.

    Before he was hooked on Scamway, he and I had gone regularly to see classic old films at revival movie houses in New York City. We usually made a day of it, having dinner and seeing a film and then relaxing at a coffee house to discuss the film or anything else that took our fancy. It was all deeply pleasurable and satisfying.

    But once my cousin was in "the Business," all these pleasant outings stopped. He told me "I don't have time for that stuff anymore." He also included in this any concerts, operas, dances, museum visits, art gallery exhibits, poetry readings, and literary talks. In one fell swoop, Amway erased all of that activity from his life. He was transformed into an Amway zombie.

    In addition to this stuff, he became allergic to TV. I'd tell him about a wonderful dramatic series that was on, or about a funny show (he and I had really loved Monty Python). He'd screw up his face in disdain and say "How will looking at TV build up your business?"

    I thought to myself "Oh well... my cousin has become just another stupid middle-American philistine, with no cultural interests. Too bad."

    But then I found out that it was his goddamned Amway up-line that was pushing the anti-TV propaganda. And it was precisely for the reason that you mention: up-line simply didn't want anyone under it to have sources of information that might in any way jeopardize Amway's cultish mind-control of its IBOs.

    When any organization tries to prevent you from receiving information, or from making up your own mind on an issue, that organization is totalitarian, no matter how much it screams about "free enterprise." Amway is just as controlling, dictatorial, and anti-free-thought as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. And this is why there is so much fear and loathing of your blog and Joe Cool's. Both of you publish intelligent commentary, and important information. If the Amway scum had their way, they'd send goons to beat you up, just as totalitarian governments do to their critics.

    Keep up the good work! As long as we are free, we can tell the Amway vermin to fuck off. And don't think you aren't effective... the anti-Amway blogs have had a profoundly negative effect on the recruitment of IBOs in English-speaking countries. That's why the Ambots hate you. But when you are hated by Ambots, it's a badge of honor.

    1. Hi Anonymous. So Amway cult leaders are teaching the same thing today as in the 70s. LOL! No surprise there. The only thing that changes in Amway are the prices going up. Your cousin's social activities would have been restricted to socializing with other ambots instead of going to movies.

  2. Hi, again love the blog.

    Below is a link to a google doc where I have cataloged all my interactions with an Amway IBO. I will just put a quick summary of dates.

    5 Febraury - Initial Recruitment efforts
    11/12 February - Almost went to meeting bailed at the last moment. Also found this blog
    15 February - Invited to a party for XS Energy Drink
    27 February - Complains about me questioning if boss gets rich from teaching
    13 April - Wants me to look at website and gave me his username/login
    8 August - Wished me happy Birthday
    28 September - I asked him about Merchants of Deceptions which i finished reading
    29 September - Talk about BWW which is his organisation. Essentially WWDB with a different badge.
    30 September - Tries to get me into Nutrilite

    Here is the full document - everything is raw. Only thing deleted was his name (changed to R) and his phone number.

    Happy Reading if you go through it all

    1. Thanks for the link Mathew. I'll go check it out.

    2. Hope you are having fun reading this.

      I am sure a fair bit of this seems familiar to you as well as others.

  3. I think they are more worried about ibo internet surfing. Hardly anything bad on TV about Amway. Only site the dorks are allowed to watch is probably and from the cult leader.


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