Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who Hates/Loves Their Amway Upline

I had a newly signed up IBO stop by to claim they would never spend “insane” amounts of money on Amway. I had detailed some of the basic monthly expenses each IBO has to shell out in order to keep in good standing with the assholes in their Amway upline in this post.  Oddly enough those “insane” amounts were minimal. CORE IBO’s would spend a lot more than that in purchasing Amway products and tools and sucking up to the assholes in their upline for a few fleeting moments of adoration and praise.

This new ambot also had this to say about their upline:

My uplines are amazing people, patient, never pushy, and very good people.

Ha ha! Excuse me while I PUKE!!!!!!!

I’m sure most ambots say that about their upline when they are new and are being gushed over and love bombed.

One of the first things an Amway ambot is convinced to do is to buy at least 100 PV in Amway products that first month they sign up. And of course every month thereafter. 100 PV = around $300. 100 PV = magical amount to qualify to receive a commission check from Amway. Buying 100 PV of Amway products means a commission check of about $10. If you happen to convince any friends and relatives to buy Amway products you will also earn a commission on those products too. Commission would come in extra PV plus depends on what price you sold the product to your friends to Amway’s wholesale or retail.

Don’t buy at least 100 PV in Amway products that month? You don’t get your puny Amway commission check. Even worse some fucking asshole in your Amway upline will phone toward the end of the month and bitch at you until you pull out the credit card. Still might phone and bitch at you to buy more Amway shit even if you bought at least 100 PV because some asshole further up the Amway upline has a “goal” to meet that month and needs the cult followers to buy more so they can reach whatever level it is they’re after.

How many Amway meetings in a week? That might depend on your upline and how many they have scheduled and what they have decided is a meeting. Sometimes they hold spur of the moment meetings and demand your immediate presence at a coffee shop or a prospect sniping session at the grocery store. Could be between 2 to 5 Amway meetings in a week. Maybe you got something better to do on one of those nights and skip a meeting. Expect a phone call or multiple texts from some asshole in your Amway upline to scold you. Before and after the meeting. Which means your phone will be ringing or text dinging through and beyond midnight. Miss a meeting = punishment from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline.

Not planning to attend an out of town Amway function? Why not? some asshole in your upline demands. You can’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. A life changing event. The biggest Amway event of the year. For starters it costs too much. Tickets, transportation, hotel, food, etc etc costs around $1000 maybe more. There’s a lot better things that can be done with that $1000 like your mortgage payment. Take a trip somewhere you really want to go to for starters. I mean who really wants to go to _______ for an Amway brainwashing convention. I’ll let the readers fill in the blanks. Not everyone wants to go to some out in the boonies location for a Scamway meeting. You miss an Amway function or even bring up beforehand that you’re probably not going and you’ll get a shit scolding from the Amway cult leaders.

How amazing, patient, never pushy and good are these people in the Amway upline now!!!! Ha ha ha!!!!

Of course people in Amway are going to be nice to you in the beginning. Then they set to work on brainwashing you. You must learn to be an obedient ambot or face the wrath of hell from the assholes in your Amway upline.

Even Jim Jones was loving and kind to his parishioners in the beginning when he met them. He wanted to expand the People’s Temple and he knew he could draw more followers by love bombing them instead of revealing to them from the beginning what an asshole he is. He convinced people they were handing their money over to the church and helping the poor and disadvantaged persons and curing the ill. Blessing and helping others. Holy fuck! The assholes in our Amway upline used those words!!!! Jim Jones was a master scammer and Amway cult leaders have learned from his techniques. Jim Jones didn’t start off new recruits ordering them around and demanding slave labor from them. Likewise the assholes in our Amway upline waited a couple months before wanting chores done around their house and demanding that their every whim be catered to. Jim Jones brainwashed people to move to a paradise in Guyana. No different than Amway cult leaders who brainwash their followers to believe they will be living in paradise after 2 to 5 years in Amway. The People’s Temple cult followers found themselves in a jungle that took hard manual labor to keep under control instead of living in a tropical paradise. Amway cult followers find themselves losing money and losing their families and friends instead of the promised luxury life. Jim Jones convinced his followers to drink Kool Aid and cyanide. Those who didn’t obey were shot. Ambots who don’t obey their Amway cult leader are emotionally murdered.  

The Amway cult leaders have a love/hate relationship with their followers. Amway cult leaders are to be loved and worshipped and at the same time feared. Do not dare disobey or there will be hell to pay!

What happened to the loving supporting Amway upline who were gushing all over you and pumping you up to be the next “leader” when you signed up with Amway? Their true colors came out once they had you brainwashed and put you in the middle of their sick love/hate relationship to keep you under control.

Upline Amway assholes are the biggest fucked up two faced phonies around!


  1. Three hundred dollars a month on stupid cleansers, soaps, and dime-store cosmetics? You gotta be kidding me. You can't use that much yourself, and even your bloodsucking up-line admits that it's nearly impossible to sell it. And then the requirement for purchase increases incrementally, the longer you are in Amway? And if an IBO is really stupid, he signs up for DITTO?

    No wonder IBOs have garages, cellars, basements, attics, and spare rooms stuffed with this overpriced and mediocre Amway crap. Maybe it could be used for landfill.

    You have to be either a Pollyanna or a mental defective to join Amway.

    1. Anonymous- agreed. There has to be something wrong in your life to join the Amway cult. Ditto is a bullshit scheme by Amway to have ambots have a monthly standing order. In real life most people buy laundry soap and shampoo 2 or 3 times a year. Ambots must buy it every month and stockpile overpriced Amway shit wherever they find room.

  2. im so effing fired up for traveling to portland this weekend to get so effing fired up by worshipping my super duper stars in the incredible amway business!!!!!!!!! Going diamond baby!

    1. LOL! Even if you caught a plane you'd still be too late to make it to the creepy patriotic Amway Friday night shit.

  3. When they try to prospect you, they will start love-bombing you, show you their affection, charm and induce you with "positive-thinking". They will be friendly to you at first. They will say things like, I will be with you, I will support you and I will help you when you are in need. They make a lot of promises of hope and dreams.

    But once you sign up and join, their mask starts to wear off and their true colors will show, instead of their affection and charm, they will be mean to you, they demand your dedication, they start giving you bad advices, they become uncaring, ruthless and demanding, they will start bitching at you 'til day and night if you don't listen to them or attend to their meetings. What's worse, they won't pay you a single penny ( this is a job where you don't get paid for your dedication) and when you fail at "your business" your uplinks will just abandon you and rebuke you for not trying hard enough. What happens to those promises they told you?

    1. Anonymous - yup Ambots always start off love bombing you. They can't reveal themselves as fucking assholes right from the start or they'd never scam anyone into the Amway cult. The only difference is our fucking sack of shit sponsor who was a fucking asshole to start with so makes me suspicious any "business opportunity" he's involved with and any people he likes. If that fucking assholes like these people then that's good enough reason right there that these are fucking assholes to stay away from.

    2. What started as a job fair turned out to be a trap. He signed me in without my consent and the next day. He started calling me if I am free tomorrow night. I said what time and then my sponsor said 7:30 - 8:30pm and I countered saying can it be daytime? He started stuttering yet spontaneous in answering me saying that is the "only time we can meet".

      I was wondering why always night time.

      He kept calling me day to day. My sponsor asked me to meet at the school on 1pm. After 30 minutes, he did not show up or even called me and that was the first "crack" in that opportunity.

      Few days later, he asked me to wait outside the lobby at 7:30pm because of a "business meeting". I went to the lobby waiting for my sponsor and after 1 hour, he did not show up and when I tried to call him, he won't answer. The next day, he said that he had a car accident and that can we meet again. I said no and then that was it. I quit the offer and got my refund back.

      I spotted it because why would my sponsor said those reasons in the next day instead of telling me right away at that night that he (my sponsor) can't fetch me at that moment.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Ambots can't meet you during the day because they have J.O.B.s unless they got fired because of their shitty Amway attitude. They want to meet you before their 8pm Amway warrior meeting. The fact that they're willing to meet you up till 8:30 means they're keeping a lot of good little Ambots waiting for their cult leader because "serious business builders" would have to show up at 7pm to rearrange the living room furniture.

      A car accident is less believable than your sponsor's piece of shit ambot clunker broke down.

      Ambots have answers for everything. But you probably figured that out. Next time he calls or texts and there will be a next time because you're a "hot" prospect tell him you've got a gig in a gay porno movie. Ambots are prudes and that'll be the last you'll hear from him.

  4. The scary thing about Jonestown is that almost everybody there obeyed Jim Jones when he told them to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid and give it to their children. Very few persons disobeyed and had to be shot.

    In many respects, Amway is similar. Your greed-driven up-line tells you to do something absurd, silly, wasteful, and financially ruinous. And if you are a good little Ambot, you do it! Miss a mortgage payment, quit your job, divorce your spouse, skip an important family marriage or funeral, delay paying outstanding bills, sign up on DITTO to receive useless junk every month, buy ridiculous CDs of some fat-assed diamond screaming like a banshee, and regularly attend expensive rallies in distant cities run by some Crown Ambassador Asshole-in-Chief... all of this is overtly insane and self-destructive, but up-line orders it done, and if you are a loyal Amway zombie, you do it without question.

    At least Jonestown and the People's Temple are gone. Unfortunately, Amway is still with us.

    1. Anonymous - life in the Jonestown cult is no different than life in the Amway cult. No Ambot dares disobey their cult leader. Well maybe we can all hope that Amway cult leaders will force their followers to drink cyanide laced cat piss water. Know knows - might even improve the taste! LOL!

  5. I got sucked into another MLM scam years ago because I was young, naive and trusting and they blatantly lied and misrepresented what it was. Same thing, they even had Amway meetings in the same hotel where we had ours. I cut my losses and escaped shortly after but actually had a dream once, a nightmare really, that I had bought back into it. In my dream I was back at one of their meetings asking myself: "Oh no! Good God how did this happen!?" Thank God it was only a dream but it could be made into a bona fide horror movie. "Amway on Elm Street" with Bill "Chuckie" Britt as my upline or "Frankenway and Amula" with the evil Dexter Ygor pulling the monster's strings. Scary stuff and I appreciate being free of it. I now have a good reliable Ambot detector for my own protection. I can understand how somebody could get sucked into it because they lie and lovebomb you and all that stuff but for the life of me cannot understand how people can stay in it for years just pissing away their money, time, friends and whole life at it.

    1. Anonymous - so it sounds like Amway isn't the only MLM nightmare out there. Our former upline all defected to Monavie and run it exactly like Amway. Yup those sound like some pretty scary Amway movies! LOL! Some of us bananas started writing a short story - the Amway horror tale. Did a bit of a round robin then got bored with it. Maybe we'll share it here one day.

  6. Spot on!! Isn't it ironic that IBO's sneered at people with a JOB because it is the JOB of an IBO to sneer, lie and deceive an upcoming prospect?

    The only difference is that as an IBO, you work for them for FREE (save for a paltry $10 check)

    What is sad is that your Upline will NOT pay you any salary for your dedication and obedience to your upline.

    Any effort and dedication you make, the Upline takes the profit and the credit. Unlike in a normal job, your boss takes the credit but you still get paid for your hard work.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Anonymous - yeah what's up with that. Those fucking assholes in our Amway upline should have paid ME to come listen to their bullshit Amway propaganda.

  7. Yes, you're right. They should pay you for your obedience to them.

    1. Except they're broke losers in Amway & can't afford to pay! LOL!


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