Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Amway IBO Has Breaking News! Bush Is An Ambot!

It's just incredible the lies Amway cult leaders tell to their followers. And when it comes to Amway scamming poor victims in 3rd world countries, the cult leaders rely that people are too poor to be able to access current news events or check on the lies they're being brainwashed with.

An Ambot from India comes to the defense of our claims that Amway is a scam:

and if it is a scam, Mr. George W Bush will not even dare to join AMWAY BUSINESS and share about it all around the world and WHITE HOUSE will not use this products if it's NOT GOOD!

First off this Indian doesn't know that Bush hasn't been in the White House for years. Jump into this decade! I don't know if news stories in India are that many years behind or if Amway cult leaders are bullshitting about who the current President is. Amway cult leaders forbid their followers to watch TV and news outlets and instead get their news from the cult leaders at Amway meetings. Or their twisted version or lack of it. The Amway cult leaders want to control outside news sources over their ambots.

And then things become laughable. Can anyone imagine George Bush knocking on the door of the White House and announcing that he has become an Amway salesman! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! And then he asks Obama “Would you like to buy some of my shitty overpriced Scamway products? How about 100 cases of XS Cat Piss Drinks? LOL!

Like what kind of bullshit are the Amway cult leaders in India shoveling! LOL!

We all know that Amway Ambots are the biggest fucking liars around but you can't pick on public figures whose business ventures are public knowledge and expect people in America not to know the truth about what they're up to when it comes to employment or public appearances. Can you imagine all the jokes the late night TV hosts would be making about Bush's new occupation! LOL! David Letterman would be coming back to late night TV just to be the first on this joke. Top 10 Things George Bush Does As An Amway Salesman! LOL! LOL! LOL! I mean talk about fodder for the comedians!

And this dumb fuck Amway Ambot is so fucking stupid to leave that comment here like its some kind of breaking news story. You got to choose someone who hasn't been a well publicized political figure you dumb fuck! And maybe in India a lie like that would be hard to verify. 3rd world countries have weird sources for their news and I'm not just talking Amway cult leaders and their twisted news stories.

And here's another breaking news story for the dumb fuck Amway Ambot from India. The White House and the US government in general buys a lot of “good” stuff. You see those stories in the news frequently. Well maybe not in 3rd world countries where they still haven't announced the 2008 USA Presidential results. LOL!

These Amway cult followers are being brainwashed that former US Presidents are so hard up for cash they have to lower themselves to being Amway salesmen. Here's a news flash. A real one. Not a lie you hear from the Amway cult leaders. Former presidents get a pension of about $200,000/year. That's about $50k more than Amway's literature says a Diamond makes. In addition to the pension most former presidents get paid for speaking engagements, public appearances, consulting, and writing books adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their annual income. And before becoming President, they were probably already millionaires. What the fuck does a former US President want with a skimpy commissioned salesperson salary from Scamway Amway?

It's just incredible the whoppers of lies these Amway Ambots tell. They just end up making themselves look like a bunch of fucking assholes.

The next breaking news story that fucking lying scamming Amway asshole is going to foist off on us is the Queen of England has become an Amway IBO. Fake it till you make it.


  1. The notion that anyone in our elitist political class would become an Amway IBO is truly ludicrous. George Bush pushing LOC? Yes, the late-night comedians would have a field day with that.

    Maybe this Indian Ambot has a weak grasp of English, and hasn't expressed himself clearly. He might just be trying to say that Bush and other high-level Republicans tend to support the Amway empire.

    Since Amway is finding it harder and harder to get new recruits in the U.S., I suppose they are doing their damned best to hook poor Third-Worlders who don't always have good information and internet access. People who can read the many anti-Amways websites and blogs that now exist aren't going to fall for the fake "Dream."

    1. Anonymous - you're right. Ludicrous. Hilarious. Etc etc! LOL!

      This is the shit they're shoveling at Amway meetings in countries where it would be difficult to verify the truth due to lack of media outlets. Is it any different than going to Amway meetings where its claimed Fifty Cent is an ambot? That guy's up to lot of shit is he really going to Scamway meetings? Unlikely. And the info that he's an ambot comes from a lying scamming Amway asshole. So its probably a lie but its possible like so many others he helped out someone he knew by signing up to be an IBO and buying overpriced shitty products thinking he could afford it! LOL! We'll never for sure unless he confirms it and most people involved with Amway don't want to admit to they got sucked into the scam.

      So yeah throwing out the names of public figures and pretending they're ambots to give Amway some credibility LOL is all part of what the lying scamming Amway cult leaders do.


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