Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lines Amway Salespeople Use To Scam Prospects

At meetings we attended the IBOs were often berated by our sack of shit Platinum because prospects had not been brought to the meeting. Most people can’t find anyone to come to a meeting once they mention Amway. The sack of shit gave IBO’s suggestions on how to trick people into coming to a meeting without letting on its an Amway meeting. Yeah, that’s a real honest thing to do. What a wonderful upstanding honest company we’re associating ourselves with when we have to resort to dishonest techniques taught by our dishonest upline. Here are some of the “lines” he taught IBO’s to use when contacting or approaching prospects to get them to come to a meeting. And yes upline really does use the word “line” or “lines”. In addition to taking notes, Ambot recorded them too. Got him! This topic could also be titled “how do you know when you’re being prospected by the Amway cult”.

1.      “I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on a business I'm looking at. I really value your opinion and could use your input.”
2.     “We do sell Amway products but that's only about 20% of what we sell. Everything else comes from over 2,000 other companies most of which are Fortune 500 companies.”
3.     “How would you like to be your own boss?”
4.     “No it's not Amway. Its World Wide Dream Builders.”
5.     “Have you ever thought about starting your own business?”
6.     Want to go with me to listen to the world’s greatest motivational speaker? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
7.      “Don’t you want to be free and not punch a time clock?”
8.     “Are you tired of working a J.O.B. and making your boss rich?”
9.     “Do you ever look at other ways of making money?”
10. “I'm in the process of expanding my business in the area and I'm looking for a few sharp guys who are interested in being financially free within the next two to five years.”
11.   “I work with a team of multi-millionaires developing business online with over a thousand companies. We’re looking for ambitious guys who want to create a secondary source of residual income through a proven mentorship program.”
12. “Do you know anyone who might be interested in making a couple of thousand extra dollars a month working part time only 10 to 15 hours a week?”
13.  “Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”
14. “I know a really sharp businessman who has some great ideas. I can’t promise you anything but how would you like to meet him for coffee?”
15.  “We work with Benny the Bastard who owns Benny the Bastard Enterprises out of Miami. He owns his own consumer distribution company. Maybe you've heard of him?”

Feel free to load up the comments box with the lines you were taught to use to trick people.


  1. #14 was the one I heard from upline the most. It was a little bit different though when I heard it: "I work with a group of very successful business people who are looking to expand in the area and are looking for some sharp people to work with. Now I can't promise you anything, but they are meeting with people on (whatever) night at (whatever time). I think you would be great!" What a whole pack of lies that was. I am soooo glad that I got out when I did. I can't believe the burden that was lifted off my shoulders when I quit. Am I a loser for quitting? Maybe in the eyes of Amway IBO's. But I don't regret it for one second. Seems like after I quit I found a lot more of that freedom and time that they try to sell you in WWDB and Amway. And now I have actually a lot more time with my wife and kids and we are going to start a great business that is actually legit and worth doing. Could not be happier!

    1. Hi William. Yeah I'd say #14 was a popular one. Our sack of shit Platinum used a similar line in reverse that he was looking for 5 or maybe it was 6 sharp guys to work directly with him. Swoon swoon what a privilege. Son of a bitch! Glad we didn't live up to his sharp expectations as much as my ambot wanted it! LOL!

      As you said its taught at Amway meetings to say you can't promise them anything blah blah blah. Dangle that carrot. And that "sharp businessman" you'll be meeting probably has some regular job that has nothing to do with being a businessman like maybe he digs ditches for his day job or flips burgers.

      You're a winner for quitting Amway! Even though Ambots would say the opposite as you mention. They sling the loser insults at you. Ambots need to be looking in a mirror when the sneer loser.

      Never regret it. Once you got out of the Amway cult it opened up a whole lot more time and money for you. And more happiness. Ever notice how angry everyone inside an Amway meeting is.

  2. Here's a bit of dialogue I had to endure at one of these tedious motivational meetings, where Ambots sat in a circle and made effusive comments on their "dream," and how it was going to be realized. I was brought to the meeting as a prospect by my cousin, but the man in charge seemed to think that I was already an IBO.

    This man (I swear he was as wide-eyed and convulsive as someone on speedballs) singled me out, and demanded of me in a loud voice: "Are you going to make a million dollars in Amway?"

    I'm a sane and rational human being, not a prophet or an oracle. So I replied "Well, I would hope so, but I cannot predict what will happen."

    The man glared at me, and asked again in a much louder voice: "ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN AMWAY?" At this point I was annoyed at his boorish and offensive tone, so I answered "I don't know. No one can foretell the future."

    The man now looked like a boiled beet, with a rage-choked, purple face. He bellowed again, at the top of his lungs: "ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE A MILLION DOLLARS IN AMWAY?!?!?!"

    I replied, in a steely a voice as I could: "I don't know, sir, and I think your attitude and tone resemble those of an overheated lunatic. Take your fucking Amway and shove it where the sun don't shine."

    Then I walked out, a free man. My cousin was furious with me.

    1. LOL! Anonymous that's hilarious. I can just see the sack of shit Amway cult leader getting angrier and more obnoxious and his face getting redder as he finds himself dealing with a disobedient ambot.

      In Amway meetings you have to chant "yes" or "right on" or what have you to agree with the cult leader preaching the sermon. And if you don't all hell breaks loose!

      Love your response! Good for you! And that Ambot prude probably bitched about you for the next 3 months at Amway meetings every night.

    2. never happened. absolutely no way. but anna gobbles it up cuz it's negative.

      ooo! a negative comment! lol

    3. Hi Minnesota Anonymous - another sure sign of an Amway Ambot is their over the top obsession with everything Amway perceives to be negative. The rest of the world doesn't have this negative obsession the way Amway Ambots do. Around here we love to point out the real source of negativity - Amway - and make fun of the most negative Amway assholes around.

    4. Anonymous - Haha.. what a story. I can actually imagine you (though we've never seen each other) sitting there and responding calmly, your calmness irritating the hell out of that idiotic ambot who doesn't have anything new to say and the other dumbass followers of his who'd say "FIRED UP" or "BOOM BOOM FREEDOM" accompanied by an idiotic hand signal at every question of the brainfucked ambot leader.

  3. If you're ever approached to be an Amway IBO (Idiot by Omission), RUN as fast and far as you can. You will experience financial, emotional, extreme professional failure if you fall for the Scamway scheme. I've seen family members sucked into this scheming cult and it is not worth it! Need more money? Start a REAL business, seek a better job or go back to college. If you're in Scamway, just leave and don't allow yourself to be bullied by the mind-fucking uplines.

    1. Anonymous - you got that right - run as fast as you can. The problem is you don't always know that you're being approached for Amway because Ambots are taught to avoid saying the dreaded A word. And then you figure it out once you got scammed into an Amway meeting thinking it was a birthday party or BBQ or whatever. Amway Ambots are sneaky bastards but they're not that original. The problem with getting up and leaving is you better hope to have a ride to pick you up. Part of the Scamway teachings is to drive the prospect to the cult meeting so that way they can't leave. They're stuck there until the ambot is ready to leave 10 hours later.

  4. Thanks to you and Joecool. I was able to run away as fast as I can before they can force me into this kind of "job."

    They know how to play with your emotions and if you are naive, then it is easy for them to lure you in. They strike you at your greatest need such as a need for job, a need for money, a need for self fulfillment and etc.

    1. Hi Anonymous - you're welcome. Between us we get the word out about what its really like being in Amway. How much it costs and the horrible people you have to put up with.

      In Amway they're all about preying on people's weaknesses and then selling them on a dream to getting out of their current situation by making bazillions of dollars in residual income every month from Amway after 2 to 5 years. All lies.

      And you did exactly what you should have - run away as fast as you can!

    2. I nearly get myself sucked in because the career counsellor that I went to did not help me find job, instead he tried to sponsor me into their "networking business".

      He first talked about e-marketing and e-commerce literature and then mentioned about "eliminating the middleman". That's when he started mentioning the name Am*** and I was so naive that I researched about it later despite the "counsellor" telling me that:

      "Don't tell this to anyone because they will say yeah this and that.".

      Sometimes, you are not aware that it is a trap.

    3. Anonymous - that's really shitty but its a common Amway trick. Same with the phony job ads they place on Craigslist or on phone poles, etc. People really think they're going for an interview and instead they've gotten sucked into a Scamway meeting. And yes most people don't realize they got sucked into an Amway trap until its too late.

      And of course they always tell you don't look it up on the Internet or mention it to anyone because just about everyone has heard about Amway or already lost money and knows its a scam and the Internet is full of stories about people who lost money, were abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline, and went through a divorce, bankruptcy or foreclosure thanks to Amway.

      I hope you reported that counsellor to his boss. But then again who knows. His boss could be a sack of shit Platinum!

  5. The best I have heard are:
    1. We are doing it not for money but the dreams that can come true through this.
    2. It's all about being your own boss.
    3. Why work for someone else?
    4. These CDs and books not only helped me build my business but also taught me about life in general.. things that I never could have learnt in school even after a Ph.D.!!!

    My questions right back at them:
    1. If these CDs are so helpful to lead a great life (and of course with the money that Amway business is getting them) why send your children to school? Why not make them listen to one-two CDs everyday.. Anyway, according to these ambots, education/schooling and jobs are a waste of time and money.
    2. If it's about being your own boss, why pressure on attending those crappy meetings every 3 days a week that have no time limit and are basically conducted to go gaga over some shit-head who claims he has billions as residual income? Might as well put that time into actually building a real and worthy business?

    What I don't understand is that they love Amway soooo much (it's even hard to describe) and yet feel ashamed of naming it as there source of income.. They still work jobs and don't want to let people at work know about this "wonderful" side-business that's getting them all the moolah??

    1. Dear Prerna G. A. --

      Yes, you are quite right. Those Amway "reasons" are totally absurd.

      If you are not in business to make money, you are not in business at all.

    2. Prerna - yup those bring back memories. Also good point that people in Amway are so embarrassed to admit who they work for that they avoid saying the A word.

    3. Anonymous - very true. Real business owners know that the reason you get into owning your own business is to make money. Amway ambots can't grasp that concept.

    4. Anonymous - True. Everyone works to make money. And if it's not to make money, it's called "Charity" and not "business."
      And with Amway, it's not business. Its blind faith.. I dunno in what but something. And love! OMG, a husband wife won't share so many I love yous as the ambots say to each other. I had read somewhere that love is blind and it's dumb too.. Its really really true in case of these ambots!

    5. Prerna - as others have pointed out when you "work" for Amway its slave labor and you got to pay them for the privilege of being scammed out of your money. That business concept only works for the ones at the top of the Amway pyramid.

      Yup look up the definition of dumb in a dictionary and you'll see a picture of an Amway Ambot. LOL!

  6. We were being coaxed into becoming IBOs by someone we didn't even know. We bumped into the ambot at a mall and we got talking (we were the true unsuspecting souls that the ambots and their business thrives on) Numbers were exchanged and the ambot got after our lives. Would drop in at any ungodly hour to try and convince us to become IBOs. My husband and I weren't a bit interested but just out of courtesy entertained the ambot every time. The ambot took us for an open meeting and that's when we decided it was a NO for us. Finally when we had had enough of that prick, my husband told him a blunt no. I am looking for a job since we moved cities due to my husband's work and imagine what that shithead ambot had to say to us. He told me we need to consider our no. If we become an IBO under him, he could get me a job at his company. He works with one of the leading global companies. He said all the people in his upline were well connected. Just becoming an IBO could guarantee me a job, but if I refuse, then I will have to struggle harder and chances are less for me to find a job. I couldn't believe what I heard. It made me furious. I told him to fuck off and also told him that it is unethical to make such statements. If I complain, I could get him fired from the company he works in for such statements. Also, I warned him that I will complain for sure and now all he needs to do is lookout. Because the next time the HR of his company calls him, it could be to fire him. I gave him a piece of my mind for a good 15 minutes and then threw him out of our house. I am still really angry though this happened last evening. It is really unethical to threaten people to become IBOs! Any suggestion on if I should or shouldn't complain.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Sounds like you dodged a bullet. And by the way Amway Ambots go prospecting in malls, grocery stores, and Barnes & Noble. This is one of the things "taught" at Amway meetings. You know what they consider real business advice. Yup pretty phony shit. Real business owners do not snipe victims at the mall. Well maybe if they have a business already located in the mall. Someone was stalking me with a tray holding sample tiny cups of coffee the last time I was there! LOL!

      And yes Ambots contact you at ungodly hours either by knocking on the door or phoning or texting. 6am. 2 or 3am. Whenever normal people are probably still sleeping. People in Amway are fucked in the head and they don't give a shit about disrupting other people's lives.

      You know if I were you I'd complain to the HR department at his company. You can be pretty sure that his coworkers are already complaining about him because of his shitty attitude to work and his coworkers. He'll be sneering at them all the time because they have a J.O.B. and he's a "business owner". But when you tell them of his unethical promise of a job if you sign up to his Amway scam that might piss them off. For sure people can refer friends or family to apply to their company but they can't technically make a job offer or make a job offer contingent on signing up to their pyramid scheme.

      At least you got it figured out now before you lose lost of money to Scamway. And yes everyone in Amway is an asshole just like him. They're all losers.

    2. Thanks Anna. I did complain to the HR of his company and I have been promised of a strict action against me. I didn't complain because he promised me a job for signing up but because he and ambots like him need to get a serious lesson of not following unethical practices in the name of business.

    3. Hi anonymous - sounds like another ambot is about to get fired. Usually Amway Ambots don't stay employed too long after signing up with the Amway cult. Their attitude changes for the worse and they become really nasty. Everyone in Amway is unethical but the Ambots are so brainwashed to think that they're the most ethical bastards around.


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