Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Buy Nothing From Amway And Be Heard

I saw an interview with a man who’s written a book about consumers and how we can make corporations behave. He uses his blog to get the word out there about different companies. Mostly this has to do with companies that offer shitty products and even shittier customer service when consumers have a complaint.

I thought he was talking about Amway!

But no, the examples he uses are other companies.

He got mad at his lawn mower and blogged about it. Then someone from John Deere head office stops by his blog to read it to see if there was a problem and if this blog could be dangerous to any potential buyers. He never heard from John Deere so the employee must have decided someone blogging about being mad at their lawnmower isn’t a threat.

That’s exactly the same way it is with Amway’s head office! Except I’m betting there are a lot more people out there who are pissed off at Amway than they are at John Deere!

First off you got to wonder why Amway employees are fucking around surfing the Internet during business hours instead of actually getting work done. What about the Amway employee using the Blackberry in the evening to read this blog. You’d think company issued phones are to be only used for company related business not the employee’s entertainment pursuits.

But really who am I going to complain to? I’m not the fucking Amway police. I’ve already learned that Amway head office doesn’t give a shit when IBO’s complain about the lies from their upline, so why would they give a shit if their employees are surfing the Internet during working hours instead of actually (gasp!) working. Apathy City. The I-don’t-give-a-shit winners in the customer service department!

There are lots of bloggers who get the word out about Amway one way or another. Some focus on why the Amway business is a bad opportunity. Other bloggers keep their readers up to date with things going on in the news that are negatively affecting Amway. Some bloggers focus on Amway lies and report about that. Other bloggers talk about the Amway cult and brainwashing. Others get the word out there about the tool scam. Most bloggers cross all lines and anything Amway is fair game.

My blog exists because I like cursing out my former upline and to tell about the brainwashing used on my Ambot so others can be warned about what is ahead should they choose to proceed. Sometimes I talk about what Amway’s business opportunity but I’m happiest cursing out the upline assholes and revealing what went on at Amway meetings and functions, and of course cursing out the stray ambot that shows up here spouting off their bullshit Amspeak.

Former IBO’s blog about their Amway experiences and other former IBO’s leave comments about their similar experiences which means there’s a lot of information about Amway on the Internet: the cult, brainwashing, inferior products at premium prices, IBO abuse, shitty customer service from head office, the amount of money Amway IBO’s really earn each month, the amount of money that IBO’s lose each month, Diamonds lying about buying everything for cash, Diamonds selling houses or having their homes foreclosed, Diamonds declaring bankruptcy. When it comes right down to it just about everything associated with Amway is a lie. But mostly those lies are generated by the IBO's, not necessarily by Amway's head office who refuse to take responsibility for the IBO's actions and turn the other cheek and pretend its not happening.

Amway does not consider bloggers to be a threat to their bottom line. Talk about arrogance!

The author being interviewed finished with one piece of advice: “Buy less and be heard!”

That same piece of advice could be targeted to any corporation that offers inferior products and inferior customer service but its a perfect weapon against Amway.

People blogging about Amway get thousands of visitors each month so we are being heard. Last year Amway’s sales dropped by another billion.

I don’t buy nothing from Amway and its a safe bet that most of my readers don’t either so we’re winning on the “buy less” front too except in our case its “don’t buy at all”.

Buy less and be heard!

Don’t buy nothing and be heard even louder!


  1. You know, the problem with Amway is at root the entire ethos of consumerism. Buy, buy, buy! Mad, frenzied, crazed, uncontrolled buying is what keeps our system from collapsing.

    When the 9-11 attacks occurred, the next day on television some goddamned government flunkey was up there, and the only thing he could say to the American people was "Don't stop buying!" That's when I gave up on politics for good. All this governmental shithead could think about, in a time of national tragedy, was "consumer confidence."

    With Amway, the buying is directed and controlled by a greed-driven upline that wants to squeeze every red cent out of struggling IBOs. In America as a whole, the buying is encouraged as a way to keep companies profitable enough to pay dividends to their investors.

    I'm not against capitalism. but this out-of-control, greed-driven mega-capitalism has to be chastised. DON'T BUY! Keep your purchases to the absolute bare minimum for necessities. Buy stuff at flea markets and antique shops rather than from stores. Trade with friends and neighbors when you can. Repair items rather than replacing them. Do everything you can to show your contempt for consumerist bullshit, whether pushed by Amway or by our government as a whole.

    1. Anonymous - the problem with Amway is its a greed driven cult.

      Agree that Amway cult leaders are like that goddamned government flunkey screeching buy buy buy, don't stop buying.

      Good advice for a nation as a whole to recycle, reuse, trade, give away, but nothing that Amway Ambots can ever live by as long as a cult leader wants to make more money in commission off them.


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