Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Join Amway And Be Your Own Best Customer

The Amway upline would tell the IBO’s to go crazy ass nuts and purchase Amway products and be your own best customer. They’d preach: Why would you go out and support other stores when you can be buying from your own store?

Let’s see. Shopping at other stores: Better prices. Better quality. Not having to deal with Amway assholes. Those are all good reasons to shop anywhere but Amway!

When did we ever buy energy drinks before getting involved in Amway? Never. When did we buy food bars and protein bars and all those other nasty tasting Amway bars? Rarely. I buy granola bars a couple of times a year but its not a regular purchase. When did I ever buy vitamins before Amway? Never.

So now I have to buy all these things from “our” (pretend) store that I never bought before when I went grocery shopping. So we can save money?

Are you fucking kidding me???? We are spending hundreds of dollars a month buying overpriced shitty Amway products when I never even previously purchased their similar better priced better quality counterparts at the store. How is that "saving" money?

I can save even more money by not buying stuff I never bought before anyway.

Ambot would be outraged if I went to the drug store to buy toothpaste. “How come you won’t buy from our store and support our business?” He’d ask. Oh, a couple of reasons. First off we’re a bunch of fucking idiots for having the items in our store too high priced to get any real customers. Oh, I guess its not really “our” store otherwise we can put a price tag of our choosing on the product. Second that nasty Glister toothpaste makes me gag when I brush my teeth. I prefer not to puke when I’m brushing my teeth thanks just the same!

I know how to save even more money…..Don’t be your own best customer and don’t shop from Amway!


  1. That reminds me of the old joke about the harelip who broke the company record selling toothbrushes by offering people free potato chips and dip with excrement in it. "Wanna buy a toothbrush?" Even I could probably sell shitty Amway toothpaste if I could entice people to eat shitty Amway food products, just to make the taste go away.

    1. Ha ha ! LOL! Maybe you've just given some ambots an idea! LOL!

  2. When my cousin was in Amway and trying to get me into it, the only items I purchased from him were LOC and a "Concrete Cleaner." The LOC was just an ordinary concentrated cleansing fluid, and served its purpose, I guess. But the "Concrete Cleaner" was supposed to remove grime and dirt from concrete surfaces, and it was completely useless. I remember spending an entire morning and half the afternoon scrubbing my parents' patio with the stuff, and NOTHING AT ALL HAPPENED. The Amway product just sat there on the surface of the concrete, like inert sand, and no matter how vigorously I scrubbed and rubbed there was no change whatsoever in the discoloration and grime. I used two boxes of the worthless crap before giving up.

    I didn't tell my cousin about this, since he was a highly enthused Ambot. But I made a mental note to myself that Amway products might not be all they are cracked up to be.

    Has anybody managed to find out just where and how Amway products are made? Does Amway have its own production factories, or do they contract out for the stuff from other sources? It might be interesting to learn that Amway's highly touted products are being made in some Third-World shithole by underpaid labor. That would really make for a nice profit, wouldn't it?

    1. Anonymous - your experience with Amway products is typical of what happens when most people get ripped off buying them. They decide the product is generic at best and more likely to be substandard. Most overpriced shitty Amway products don't do what the ambots brag they're the best at doing. Snake oil.

      If you'd told your cousin that concrete cleaner was a piece of shit he'd have gotten mad you were insulting his "fine" product and blamed you for using it wrong. Amway is a blame the victim scam.

      Its my opinion that Amway buys dollar stores rejects, puts new packaging on them, and sells the shit at overinflated prices. I have no way of knowing if that's what they do or any of their warehouses where they make Amway products. A few years ago an Amway employee who works at a Nutrilite factory came by to tell us he's worked there for years for peanuts, no benefits, and bitched about the bigwigs. I wouldn't have hung around a shitty job as long as he did but he did confirm Ambots lie about their organic products and said Nutrilite uses synthetic products and fillers, all the stuff that Amway cult leaders claim aren't in their vitamins. I have no idea how many third world countries Amway has slave labor in but I remember at Amway meetings they bragged about all these fields that Amway supposedly owns where the 3rd world slave labor lovingly tends the gardens and that produce is made into Amway products. I can tell you that pissed off slave laborers are going to be using these items as their toilet area and spitting on them and anything else gross to get even with the big bad American company. Its my guess Amway contracts out. No different that when you go to the grocery store and you see the generic brand is a couple of bucks cheaper than the big name brand. Check out where they're manufactured. Probably by the same company so its the same quality, just pay less for the product with the grocery's store's label.

      And if Amway sells a similar product their price tag would be 3 or 4 times higher. That's so everyone in the upline can make a profit as well as the company owners.

    2. A lot of Amway Nutrilite items are made near me in Quincy Washington. They spend a lot of money on equipment and parts from my company. Thanks Ambots!

    3. Anonymous - anytime someone can make money off an ambot instead of getting ripped off by one that's a good thing!

  3. Sign up for Amway and be your only customer!

  4. Back when I was in Amway - very long ago, but I can't forget it no matter how I try, and I do try - the mantra was "Sell your hundred". As long as you sold $100 worth of products each month, you got the PV or whatever from your downline. Well, we did have a small stubby downline for awhile, and in order not to let my then-husband the Ambot down, I would buy $50 worth and my mother would buy the other $50 worth because she loved me. I remember having way too much LOC, and the laundry detergent, and toothpaste and Nutrilite vitamins. They didn't make the pisswater energy drink back then, or I'm sure the Ambot would've insisted we buy it.

    I used to complain about his short attention span, but after the Amway experience, I never did again! I was thankful for it! When he lost interest, I first got my life back (when I didn't have to go to all those endless meetings every night), then I got my financial security back (when we could quit buying the products and attending the mega-expensive, mega-worthless Family Reunion meetings). Last of all, when I'd finally used up all those Amway products I'd bought for the sake of "our hundred", I finally got my cupboard space back. (And got to buy products that actually worked.)

    1. Ever notice that the true Amway "success" stories are the ones from people who have gotten OUT of the scam and got their lives (and finances and loved ones) back?

    2. Hi snazzybird! I think I remember your story from before. Not only is it sell your 100 - though the assholes in our Amway upline never checked or made sure Amway enforced it because that meant they lose out on commission too, but you really need 100 people below you as downline or customers in order to make any money from Amway. Oh yeah on the extra accounts just to try to get that 100 thresholds. Ambot did that too on the advice of the assholes in our Amway upline. Its standard procedure in Scamway.

      Yup when husbands lose interest in the Amway Cult of Greed and worshipping the Great Amway God then we can get our lives back. Get our finances under control again. Not have to put up with fucking Amway assholes in the upline. Not have to go to useless Amway cult meetings. And not buy shitty overpriced Amway products. Its such a relief!

    3. Anonymous - agreed. There are more success stories around from people who quit Amway and got their lives back under control than there are from people who actually make money from Amway by scamming others.


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