Thursday, September 24, 2015

My AWESOME, Delicious Amway Scam!!!

I haven’t seen this one in awhile so time to enjoy this little show on Youtube about launching a new IBO into "the business". Once you get past the fellow's annoying voice its actually pretty funny and some of the stuff we've already covered in past blogs such as a name list and sniping people in a grocery store is on here. The annoying voice is just to rub it in that everything about Amway is fucking annoying.


  1. I barely managed to get through that video but the last half minute or so made it worth it. Scary to imagine that voice calling people like myself who are on the "do not call list" and starting out with "I'm not selling Amway". I might break my phone hanging it up. But it might be a good investment proposition to make a blockbuster horror movie: "The Night of the Amway Telemarketers". Now THAT'S scary.

    1. Anonymous - The guy on the video was trying to show how everything Amway is creepy. Good job!

      The Night of the Amway Telemarketers! LOL! Scary. Creepy. Etc! LOL!

    2. My friend told me that some years ago a colleague in his office asked him if he would like to come over to his house to discuss "a business proposition." My friend asked "This isn't Amway, is it?" (Persons had tried to get him into Amway before, and he was well aware of the bullshit).

      The colleague said "Oh, no -- it isn't Amway." My friend was still a bit suspicious, but he went to the guy's home. The guy gave a long shpiel about MLM marketing and the great opportunities in it, and of course at the end of the long evening he admitted that it indeed was Amway.

      My friend was furious, and stormed out. He never dealt with or spoke to that colleague at work again.

      What I want to know is this: if these evangelical Amway schmucks are supposed to be so religious and Bible-thumping, how do they justify telling bare-faced lies to prospects? Doesn't the Bible say that "The Devil is the Father of LIes?"

    3. Anonymous - some people have talked about being prospected by coworkers or even worse their bosses and have even signed up to the Amway cult. They want to leave but fear repercussions at work so good thing your friend didn't sign up.

      Yeah all Amway Ambots lie that they're in the Amway cult. I mean how embarrassing is it to admit that you're part of Amway the Cult of Greed where you lose your money and your friends. Usually when they're asked outright if its Amway they'll lie and say no, as what happened to your friend, or they'll say no, it's WWDB or no, its Quixtar or something similar.

      The shit Amway Ambots pull off in no way could be considered as good church going decent religious people. The Amway cult like all other cults has their own twisted brand of religion. The only way we can figure out all these "religious" people have of telling lies and all the other evil bullshit they pull off is that they have brainwashed themselves into believing their lies are the truth and the way they abuse others is based on their religious teachings from the Great Amway God.


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