Monday, October 26, 2015

Snotty Snobby Amway Asshole Of The Week

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an Amway asshole of the week. Like its been a long time. The main reason we stopped was the banana writing those posts moved on but the Amway assholes keep showing up here leaving their bullshit canned Amspeak propaganda, same old, same old, there’s only so many ways to insult the fuckers. So I got this one. And got another one coming up soon but we’ll start with this fucking Amway asshole. And how do you know when someone in Amway is lying? When their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they’re typing something. For fuck’s sake someone who is NOT in Amway is NOT doing searches for more information on Amway Spring Leadership. Someone who is NOT in Amway but has a loved one who is in the Amway cult might be doing searches to find out more about the brainwashing conference their loved one is about to get sucked into and sometimes they leave a comment telling us about how Amway has made their life hell. Most random people aren’t doing Amway searches and leaving comments that they ain’t in Scamway and then spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak they heard at the last Amway cult meeting.

Y'all really crack me up. I'm neither in the business but I am not against it either. Honestly, there's no right or wrong way to live. Some people lack self confidence and can't hold onto the business because it does structure an entrepreneurial mind set. I have gone to some of their functions and they are being honest and realistic EVEN if the business doesn't run taht way. It's not the business that shapes greedy people. That's the people. Because you work 8-5 job does not mean you're selfless either. Do you think homeless people are selfless? I honestly think they're the most greediest people in the world. They don't do anything to society yet they expect people to help them by giving to them. And who knows what they do with that money? All business has its purpose. A regular pyramid job also has greedy people, WWDB also has greedy people. We are greedy creatures regardless if you like it or not. So it's not the job that shapes how a person is. It's the person themselves as how their parents raised them.

Let’s start with the obvious. Only people in Amway avoid saying the dreaded A word and refer to their scam as “the business”. For someone who’s not in “the business” you shouldn’t be a dumb fuck and mention WWDB. Like holy shit. We really believe you’re not in the Amway cult you fucking lying Amway asshole. Only fucked up crazy brainwashed Amway assholes know what WWDB is or formerly fucked up brainwashed Amway assholes or their long suffering friends and relatives. The rest of the world doesn’t know what WWDB is and doesn’t give a shit either.

And nowhere else but from Amway cult followers do you ever hear assholes screeching about how your job is a pyramid. Nowhere! Nowhere but in Amway cult meetings so go somewhere else and spout off your canned Amspeak bullshit.

Most Amway ambots have this sanctimonious self righteous attitude like they’re better than everyone who isn’t a follower of the Amway cult. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a fucking Amway asshole put something in their comment about how we crack them up or this is so funny or whatever translated: I’m better than all of you and I laugh down at all of you in that snotty snobby Amway way I’ve been trained to do so with my Amway Ambot chuckle HUA HUA HUA.

But do you know what really pisses me off about this self righteous snotty snobby fucking Amway asshole? His shitty, ignorant, cruel attitude to the homeless. I mean what a miserable cocksucking jerk this fucking Amway asshole is. Homeless people are greedy? In what way? That they’re looking for a safe place to sleep tonight? That they’re looking for a meal? That they’re looking for a place to clean up? The type of things that most of us take for granted and this Amway shithead thinks that homeless people wanting these things or getting themselves out of their current situation makes them greedy. I live in a part of the world where there are lots of homeless people, shelters, soup kitchens, and lots of advocates to assist these unfortunate souls. Fucking Amway Ambots might sneer at the homeless but fortunately there are kind hearted people in the world who treat the homeless respectfully and want to see them get into a better situation. There’s all kinds of reasons people become homeless. Maybe they were even a former Amway IBO and some fucking asshole in their upline counselled with them to skip paying their mortgage and use that money to attend an Amway function and they got foreclosed and evicted and due to Amway ruining their credit rating and losing their real job they have no money and no home. Some homeless people had medical issues that wiped them out financially and left them living on the street. There are people with mental illnesses and addictions who are homeless. There are people who got off the bus expecting to make it big in the entertainment business and find themselves with no money and nowhere to stay. At least this is a part of the world the year round temperature make it not so difficult on the homeless. Beats being homeless in the winter in a northeastern Atlantic state! Homeless people from other parts of the country drift this way. Then there’s our friends from south of the border who aren’t supposed to be here but found a way to sneak in and find themselves without money and a place to sleep. There’s a lot of sad hard luck stories. I’m a good hearted person and donate money to an organization that provides meals to the homeless and will give a couple of bucks to a homeless person on the street or buy them a sandwich. That’s called being a kindhearted caring person, something that greedy Amway cult followers know nothing about with their shitty attitudes about how the homeless are greedy. It’s devastating the way some people’s lives have turned out many times through a series of bad luck. Its traumatic seeing these people on the sidewalks. These people have little hope in their lives and Amway cult leaders running Amway brainwashing meetings and bitch bitch bitch are preaching that the homeless are greedy, and then fucking Amway Ambots are repeating that message. Like we need further proof that people in Amway are sick sorry uncaring motherfucking bastards picking on the disadvantaged.

Here’s a story of a generous family who fed the homeless instead of grieving over an unfortunate situation. You’d never find a greedy fucking Amway asshole doing something nice like this for the less fortunate.

It just pisses me off that this fucking Amway asshole shows up here to bitch that homeless people are greedy and that motherfucker sure chose the wrong spot on the Internet for that rant. That’s what they teach at Amway meetings? FUCK YOU Amway!

That snotty snobby Amway asshole who left that comment and lied that he’s not in “the business” and pulls WWDB out of his ass is quoting what some fucking Amway cult leader preached to them at the last Amway brainwashing session.

So FUCK YOU to snobby snotty Amway asshole of the week and your fucking shitty attitude to the homeless. I’m surprised you’re not hanging out at skid row trying to sign up the disadvantaged to your Amway cult because that’s what you Amway bastards do – prey on the disadvantaged and scam them out of money they can’t afford to lose. FUCK YOU AMWAY!

And you know who the REAL greedy people are? It ain’t the homeless. It’s Ambots with their over the top  devotion to Amway – the cult of greed. Devout worshippers of the Great Amway God.

Fuck all of you and your shitty snotty snobby Amway Ambot attitudes.


  1. What do Amway and the Moonies have in common, besides the obvious that they are both brainwashing cults? Neither one will be honest enough to tell you the name of the cult they are trying to trick you into joining. Amway won't even put their sorry name on the pitiful overpriced soapy crap they try to sell you just so they can technically get around the legal definition of the pyramid scheme that they really are. Legitimate businesses pay good money to acquaint you with their product name while Amway has to hide theirs if they want a chance to get their hands into your pockets. The homeless would have no place to store boxes of unsellable Amway junk and they also probably have better taste than to use it. And begging on the street corner is a better business deal by far than Amway because the straight up beggar gets 100% of each pity dollar he gets while the Ambot gets something like a hundredth of a percent of every pity sale he makes to his family and friends who feel sorry for him.

    1. Anonymous - the only difference I can see is that Moonies aren't peddling overpriced shitty products. It's been awhile since one of their women in flowing white bedsheets hit me up on the street and tried to get me to buy a flower for what $5. Maybe they charge more now! LOL! Or maybe that was Hare Krishna! LOL! I can't keep the cults straight! Hell we didn't eve space to store useless Amway shit that we paid a fortune for just so Ambot could keep some asshole in his upline happy and buying more shitty overpriced products at month end.

  2. Anna, this Amway jerk's comments are typical of the kind of hard-core Evangelicalism that is at the heart of the Amway mentality. Anyone who isn't prosperous is considered garbage in the Evangelical mindset. Being affluent is, for these jerks, as sign of your "election" and membership in the "saved." If you're poor, or down on your luck, or unfortunate, you are somehow a sinful loser who has no one but himself to blame.

    That's why ambots are so irreversibly materialistic and consumerist. For them, money is God. And if you don't have money you are Godless. It's utterly laughable that these Amway freaks actually call themselves Christians.

    And yes, the jerk is most definitely in Amway, and is lying when he says otherwise. Only ambots know what WWDB means, and only they refer to non-Amway employment as "pyramid jobs."

    1. Anonymous - that's a really good comment and something I didn't really think about but it makes a lot of sense. Anyone not prosperous is considered garbage by way out there religious groups.

      Yeah it is laughable when Amway assholes consider themselves Christian and then they blow up on blogs like this showering us with their hate and negativity. That's why we keep coming up with new posts about 100 more ways Amway Ambots say negative. Its one thing for us to say people in Amway are the most ugly nasty vicious motherfuckers around, but then they show up here and leave comments that prove what we've been saying all along and it ain't got nothing to do with being Christians. That's just another fake Amway think like the phony "business owner". People in Amway should be avoided!

  3. You are certainly right, Anna, that the person in the article is most definitely an Ambot. Just as they are trained not to say the dreaded "A" word, they also are taught not to say they are in Amway when they defend the company in order to try to come across as a neutral, unbiased third party. Yeah right!! Everything out of that asshole's mouth was the parroted Amspeak heard from all the other Ambot assholes. They are so transparent with their obvious brainwashed, upline-kissing bullshit.

    And, yes, the Amway cult of greed that sneers at everyone else in the world and has no empathy towards others. Calling the homeless "greedy'? lol WTF? But that's part of the upside down world of Amway where reality is backwards. "IBO's aren't greedy, homeless people are! Amway is not a pyramid, your JOB is a pyramid! Amway doesn't ruin lives, YOU ruin lives!" Kind of the Pee Wee Herman "I know you are but what am I?" school of debate.

    Ambots are so fucking obvious. One can spot brainwashed Amspeak from a mile away. Who else talks that shit?

    1. Anonymous - well it is very embarrassing to admit that you're in the Amway cult and have to put up with ridicule from the person you've admitted that too. But yeah the Amway cult leaders do train ambots not to say Amway because the company's bad reputation and the outrageous lies and antics of the ambots precedes them.

      LOL! Amway Ambots are a bunch of twisted Pee Wee Hermans! LOL!

  4. Also, who the hell goes to Amway functions but isn't a member of Amway? These stupid rallies cost a fortune to attend, and only browbeaten IBOs and fanatical ambots go to the expense and trouble of showing up for them. This guy is a lying scumbucket, which of course goes without saying if you're in Amway.

    1. Exactly Anonymous. The only people who "want" to go to Amway functions are brainwashed Amway Ambots. Yup. Everyone in Amway is a lying scumbucket.

  5. There are plenty of Bible-thumping Evangelical yokels in Amway, that's for sure. They go around quoting St. Paul and other scriptures to prove that God wants you to be greedy pig.

    1. Anonymous - like all other cults, Amway twists religion to suit their own purposes. All hail and worship the Great Amway God, leader of Amway the Cult of Greed.

  6. Hey everyone. Read your comments but my computers really slow this morning. Will be back later.....

  7. Anna, here's a useful acronym and mnemonic device: AMWAY is filled with


    Ambots are ASS-KISSING because they'll do anything to recruit you as an IBO.
    They are MENDACIOUS because they lie through their teeth.
    They are WISHFUL-THINKING because they actually believe you can get rich on making $100 a month.
    They are AMORAL because they have absolutely no sense of ethics.
    They are YOKELS because they are mostly uneducated small-town hicks from the boondocks.

    That's a good device to remember AMWAY.

    1. Anonymous - excellent acronym. Ass kissing amoral Amway assholes might disagree!

  8. Well you can't get much lower than mocking or making fun of homeless people. Who the fuck does something so inhumane? Consider that a lot of homeless people are Veterans, mentally ill who can't get help or resources to improve their lives; even folks who once had "it all" but fell victim to the recession. It's ironic how Scamway bible thumpers are the biggest hypocrites. Money and materialism are not true "Christian Values" the self-righteous Amway scammers eschew, constantly. Amway scammers are mental rapists that will steal your money, your future, your soul- if you let them. I've lost family to this cult- it's like watching a disaster in slow motion. They've lost their home, cars, all financial security - gone to the false Amway Gods. It's like selling your soul to the Devil- in many, many ways.

    1. Anonymous - you can't get much lower than an Amway Ambot. They're lower than dog shit you got stuck on your shoe! LOL!


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