Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Executive Diamond Tells Us How To Get Rich Quick in Amway

I had an Amway Executive Diamond stop by the blog to leave a comment! Wow I should be so flattered! An Amway Diamond is reading a blog devoted to cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline! You wouldn’t think people who love Amway would be reading a blog like this! This is the first time an Executive Diamond has left a comment here. Gazillions of dollars rolling in each month so they can just sit back and do nothing except read this blog. Yup!.............. Life is good! Freedom! Flush that stinking job!

So what a privilege an Amway executive Diamond stops by. Here’s what he has to say:

Wow, I knew it. The Caucasian groups of amway must be absolute crap, look whoever you are I am an executive diamond my name is Theo im Columbian and I started my buisness about 3 years back and look where I got now, I earn 300k a year on a bad unproductive year and 460k a year when my 11 groups of 100 people each try hard, I'm with Equipo Vision and we qualify diamonds and new emeralds almost monthly, under me I have 15 Diamonds, 30 Emeralds, And so many platinums, you are very negative I can tell you just failed, you must not have dreams, or any sort of ambitions. I can't believe my associates and I came to america illegally and in a few years made a fortune, wow you white people are cocky and just suck at business marketing.... Yeah look amway pays me a solid check every year but with that check I became the proud owner of 4 McDonald's franchises, 2 Dennys Dinners, I own 1 Holiday Inn, 5 Gas Stations, and I own 1k shares of Apple, Cerner, Manchester United, and MicroSoft yeah but sure I'm an "amway lying cheat", I try to help people but they're to negative, lazy, with no ambition, but why care about people like you I'm rich and im not even legal, and I don't care if I get deported, ill just get to live in my Columbian Mansion, don't join any of those white people groups join equipo vision (team vision) my name's Theo again have a happy miserable life, working while im 33 and retired! Cya at my McDonald's Anna :p

Theo seems to have a problem with Caucasians. A little racist perhaps but that could be the mind set of how an illegal alien is treated here. I don’t know. “The Caucasian groups of amway must be absolute crap”. Remove the word Caucasian and Theo is dead on right!

Look how far Theo has come in 3 years of being an illegal alien in our country! WOW!!!!! He makes around $400k at Amway, and with that income he has bought multiple well known restaurants, gas stations, and a hotel. Who knew that these businesses were selling for so cheap that someone on an Amway income could afford them?!

And why isn’t Amway’s media machine blowing this out their asses? In 3 years Theo was able to purchase all kinds of businesses on his Amway income! Amway’s media people should be bragging about this every chance they get how people can get rich quick in Amway just like Theo and use that money to invest in other businesses worth millions of dollars. Is Amway keeping this hush hush quiet because they’re worried Theo will get deported when word gets out how he got rich quick in Amway and is an illegal alien? Hell even Theo isn’t worried. He seems to be quite happy to go back to his mansion in Colombia. Never mind he doesn’t know how to spell the name of the country he’s from.

I asked him to tell me which McDonald’s and we’ll stop in and say hi.


Crickets chirping.

The big shot hot shit Amway Executive Diamond doesn’t want to make a couple of bucks off me when I offer to come in for a Big Mac and fries?

Damn! What kind of ambot passes up the chance to make a buck.

There’s only one thing that Theo said that I actually believe: I'm an "amway lying cheat"


  1. This "Theo" doesn't exist, or is just some bullshitting troll.

    Let's ask the schmuck again: What's your full name, in whose line are you, where do you live in America, and show us your business tax returns.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for him to answer, Anna. If he won't even give you the location of one of his fast-food franchises, he's just another lying Amway scumbucket.

    Proof again that Ambots are reading this blog constantly, and can only counteract it with tall tales about being an "Executive Diamond."

    1. Either way we never heard from the bastard again! Maybe he did get deported! No Ambot is ever going to post online their pitiful financial statement.

  2. It's always hilarious when a "business is great!" fake-it-til-you-make-it Ambot comes by to lay it on thick with total bullshit. Of course, talking about how much money he makes when his downline "tries hard" means them being bullshitted into "investing" in their business, in other words buying useless crap they have no buyers for so they pile it up in their closets and garages just to get praised and lovebombed for being a good little Ambot. Eventually those "trying hard" downlines either wise up or run out of money and drop out of the Amway fold to then be mocked as "quitters" and "losers".

    I got to hand it to this guy though. He figured if he was going to lie, may as well lay the bullshit on THICK. Amway is a make believe business where people dream and fantasize success, but it all remains in their head because mathematically only a tiny percentage of 1% who get into Amway at the top of the pyramid make any kind of money, and it's all at the expense of 99% below them losing money. What a nice business... profiting off so many other's misery and loss.

    1. Anonymous - at least Theo was entertaining but if wants to make money in Scamway he's going to have to learn to be a bigger fucking asshole than that. He was rather on the tame side. I had an Amway asshole stop by a few months ago and left 2 angry comments on the same post. Then he left a 3rd comment and by now he "remembered" he was an Amway triple executive Diamond and bragged about that. I mean what a fucking moron. LOL!

  3. Oh, we've all seen the fake "Theo" trolling around on this blog. What a bonafide nut-case. All Ambots 'gotta have a screw loose to even think they have chance at Scamway "success". The only truth in that line is they are being successfully scammed. Who would buy the over-rated and overpriced Amway stuff? Our society has evolved since the Recession of 2008. Many hard economic lessons were learned and mainstream America is very frugal with their spending - over-priced water and energy drinks are an outrageous example of the Amway scam. Let's be real folks, you won't be an IBO, just a sucker doing the hard work only your upline will benefit from. I'm surprised the pyramid hasn't collapsed yet. They must be hanging on by threads, some of those Diamonds and their partners in crime. Karma can't come fast enough for those bastards.

    1. Anonymous - Theo went into hiding. Either the INS caught up with him or he's quit Scamway and stopped showing up at blogs to brag about all the riches Amway afforded him.

  4. Holy shit...... I've been reading these blogs the past few days... Gotta say it's got me scared. I have been dooped by a "good friend" my wife and I haven't received an "offer" yet by the mentors. It took me a while of reading these posts and a lot of back and forth of thinking "well I could be the exception". But I have to say I think it's time to pull the plug on this... It just seemed so powerful during the couple meetings I've been to, so positive but it all seems like a baiting tactic. And after looking at the business plan and "habits" we are supposed to get into, it seems like a waste of time... They say it's in your spare time that you do this but they want us to drive 3 hours 3x a month to these meetings and spend like $500 a month in products plus this Kate crap..... I think I'll spend my hard earned money investing in real estate instead... Thanks Anna

    1. Hello T. Thanks for stopping by with your story. The thing with Amway is people like yourself usually get duped into the scam by someone they know and trust. A family member or good friend. Surely they won't lead you astray right? Wrong! If you get involved with Amway you'll easily be spending more than $500/month. And if there's a major function that month add in your travel costs, gas if you drive and hotel and meals. Could run hundreds more a month and that doesn't even include the price of the ticket to get into the place and listen to the bullshit from the Amway cult leaders. As you said, invest that money in real estate instead. Or anything that's not a MLM scam. Good luck to you! You saved yourself a whole lot of financial and emotional distress by avoiding Amway.

  5. Hi Anna,

    Google brought me to your blog a few weeks ago while I was googling about all these MLM stuff. Your blog is very interesting and I have been reading them on a daily basis (during my commute to work, etc.).

    Personally I do not like Amway or MLM and I have been brought up by my parents to not be involved in any MLMs. I have seen and met people associated with Amway ("ambots"), and I have almost been baited into joining MLM (not Amway, but a vacation-based MLM, maybe you know the name too? Haha).

    It is actually quite interesting to find that your account of Amway is quite similar to what most people perceive and experience of Amway here in Malaysia. However, one difference is that here most people are baited into joining Amway because of the IBOs ("Distributors") endless brags about their Amway-sponsored vacations to exotic destinations (such as Alaska, haha) and the Amway products.

    I personally find that the "great business opportunity" bait doesn't work on 90% of the working adults in Malaysia. For those from the 90% that joined Amway, it is probably the "Amway-sponsored vacation" or "Amway products" baits that brought them in. I also know of a few people who joined Amway just to buy Amway products (considering the quality of those products as you have mentioned, I seriously doubt their decision to join).

    I think that young adults of my age are at the most vulnerable in terms of bring baited by Amway. We are young, fresh out of college, and has little or no real-world experience. Phrases such as "make a living while living" (oops, the travel-based MLM), "great business opportunity", "retire early" easily attracts our attention.

    Your blog is a very good reading material for me and I am glad to say that it actually helped me become more alert towards scams and scandalous organisations such as Amway.

    ~ Gene

    1. Hi there Gene. Thanks for stopping by to read the blog and by the way I hope you're commute involves a bus or a train! LOL! Please all my lovely readers do not use your cell phone to read this blog while you're on the I-5 or anything like that! LOL!

      Good on your parents for warning you away from MLM's because that's a sure way to get scammed out of your money. The problem is usually suckers get prospected by someone they already know and trust like a relative, friend or maybe a coworker. They trust this person and think they wouldn't give them bad advice. Wrong. With MLMs like Amway the Cult of Greed its all about making a buck and they don't care who they hurt or who they scam out of their money to walk all over them to get rich. Except its unlikely they'll get rich. Amway's small print on their literature shows only a tiny fraction of 1% of participants make money. And I'm not even saying get rich. Just saying make money once all the hundreds of dollars in monthly Amway expense have been covered.

      I've believe I've heard of that travel MLM but the name I don't remember. Some scammer who was off on a tangent about something else who I met at a party and then it was like oh and by they way if you're planning to travel.... and out came a brochure. Which I didn't take. No thanks. In this day and age most people can do their travel plans online.

      And yes people in their 20's are prime targets to be prospected into the Amway cult because most of them haven't heard about it before. And they usually get put in front of one of the best sales closers in that Amway leg who is charismatic and charming and sounds convincing that you'll really make money selling snake oil.

      I'm glad this blog has alerted you to some of the approaches that MLM scammers take when they're prospecting their victims.

      Good luck. And take your own advice. Stay away from MLM scams!


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