Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The American Dream Ain't Amway

I recently read an article about how the concept of the American Dream has changed. And that might be due to changing technology and job and travel opportunities. People don't have to stay in the little town they grew up in.

The things most people want out of life have changed from when we were kids. What our parents felt was the American Dream and what younger generations think it is is miles apart..

Our parents owned nice houses. They owned businesses. They had nice cars. They had a few toys like a color TV and a new fangled dishwasher. And got cablevision. Oh and what about that big old microwave oven! Our parents liked having a few toys and taking vacations. They liked to redecorate the house every few years with new carpets and new furniture. They didn't have debt. They had investments.

And speaking of debt credit cards didn’t really come around in full swing until about 30 or 40 years ago and not everyone was convinced plastic was better than cash. In this day and age not everyone carries cash they mostly keep credit cards in their wallets.

The American dream of our parents was a lot simpler.

What's the American Dream today? Is it still to own a house, a car and a business? Probably to some people depending on if they're following their parent's lead. Technology has rapidly changed. Owning the latest gadgets aren't kitchen appliances anymore. They're phones, cars, and computers and other electronics. People get jobs if they don't own a business. They have credit cards. They have debt.

And then one day a fucking Amway asshole walks up to them and taunts them about how they'd like to be debt free. Living their dreams. Walking the beaches of the world. Have gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month in the next 2 to 5 years.

And the Amway asshole browbeats the prospect into demanding to know what their dream is. And whatever the prospect says the dream will never be good enough for an Amway fucker. The prospect says they want to own a house. The Amway asshole says dream big you want to own a mansion. The prospect says they want to buy a Ford Mustang and the Amway fucker says dream big you want to own a Bentley. The prospect says they’d like to take a vacation in Italy. The Amway asshole says no you want to spend a week on a private Caribbean Island named Peter and have 24 hour servants taking care of all you. 

In other words whatever your dream is it’ll never be big enough for Amway the Cult of Greed.

Amway has destroyed the dreams of many people. Amway is like a hurricane of mass destruction leaving in its path debt, divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction. That’s the real path of Ambots following the Amway Cult of Greed.

If you want a better life for yourself and your family stay the hell away from Amway.

The American dream isn’t all about selling shitty overpriced products. The American dream isn’t all about selling $40 Amway laundry soap when shoppers prefer to buy $10 Tide laundry soap at Walmart that gets the clothes cleaner. The American dream isn’t all about self consuming $300 in shitty overpriced Amway products every month just to get a $10 check. The American dream isn’t lying and scamming people that perfect water cures cancer or any other terminal illness. For Christ sakes aren’t there enough scammers in the world selling snake oil that Amway had to compete? 

The American dream isn’t all about tithing the Great Amway God in a pyramid scheme where the only ones making money are the ones sitting at the top of the pyramid who got in a long time ago. 

Can’t people searching for the American dream find one with better odds of success than a fraction of 1%.

The American dream is a better lifestyle choice than the shitty plan offered by Amway chasing a dumb fuck dream with over 99% failure rate. 

The American dream ain’t get scammed out of your money by a lying scamming fucking Amway asshole.

The American dream ain’t Amway. Except for brainwashed Ambots who believe in fairy tales.


  1. Anna, that post is eloquent.

    You're absolutely right about the American Dream. It was never meant to be grandiose and vulgar, the way Ambots describe it. It was fairly simple and unpretentious: own your own home, have a few nice things, give your kids the best education possible, take a vacation now and then, put money aside into savings and investments. It was a sane and sensible dream that was well within the reach of many persons.

    Amway is a total perversion of that simple dream. It urges you (hell, ORDERS you) to think in a greed-driven exaggerated fashion. Yachts, private jets, expensive cars, mansions, long walks on exotic beaches (what is it, by the way, with Ambots and those beach walks? Do they get off on sand or something?)

    Ironically, by brainwashing folks to have this sort of unrealistic fake dream, Amway prevents them from fulfilling the possible and realistic dream of the past. You CAN have a nice home and the other simple things mentioned above. But if you devote your energy and time to the Amway con-game you'll never be able to afford them at all! You'll just make your up-line diamond rich. You'll go to imbecilic rallies where Crown Ambassador Assholes-in-Chief will scream about how many fancy cars you'll own, how many mansions you'll have, how many servants you'll have, and how "financially independent" you'll be. But for 99% of the people who are tricked into Amway, none of this will happen at all. Instead, they'll lose their chance for the realistic American Dream of the past.

    Amway scum talk disparagingly about "dream-stealers," meaning anybody who dares to criticize the Amway con-game and racket. But Amway is the biggest dream-stealer of them all. It destroys the possibility of an actual and realistic dream for the deluded people who sign up to be IBOs.

    Anna, you are really kicking ass! Keep up the good work, girl. The Ambots are steaming mad, even though they are refusing to acknowledge your trenchant criticisms.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for you eloquent coment!

      The American dream isn't too different for so many people. Then you get Amway the Cult of Greed who tell you to dream big for better material possessions than the other guy.

      With Columbus Day coming up here we have a guy who didn't even know he had the America dream!

      Glad you're enjoying the blog. Yup part of our job here is to piss off Amway Ambots.

    2. Good comment, Anonymous.

      And that is what strikes me the most when hearing so many horror stories of how Amway ruined lives. People who already had a good life... a home, family and vacations, comfortable living, nest egg in the bank, friends. And then Amway comes along and gets into their head and makes them think it's not enough. That they need to dream BIGGER. And in the process they get dragged into the Amway scam, lose the money they had, lose friends and family with their brainwashed arrogance of anyone who doesn't "support" their Amway drug habit must be sneered at, often lose their homes and end up the real broke losers.

      Amway, like most MLM's, are disguised pyramid schemes, and like with any pyramid scheme only a small few at the top earn the kind of money they brag that "anyone can". Lies and deceit to enrich a tiny few. That's their idea of the "American Dream".

  2. Anna Banana,

    I came across your blog by researching Amway. Yes, I am one of the sorry souls that almost got suckered in!!

    You are HILARIOUS!! I can't stop reading your blogs, not because I'm still interested in becoming an Ambot, but because I'm literally in tears!!

    I think you should write a book or at least have your blog narrated on YouTube!! You may end up making more money than your Ambot husband ever did with Scamway!

    1. Hi Thatwasclose! Thanks for your kind words and glad you're loving the blog. We knew we has to do something different and entertain as well as educate about the Amway hell hole. We fo this by cursing out Amway ambots and treating them like they treat the rest of the world. The irony is lost on their brainwashed minds. Glad to hear you dodged the Amway bullet. We're not about making money here, just warning others about the financial and emotional distress if you get sucked into the Amway cult. Ambots will stop by and bitch at us but do they ever stop to think who's trying to make money off them? Bloggers or their cult leaders.

      Keep on reading! Thanks.


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