Monday, October 5, 2015

What Are Amway CD’s And Tapes Really Like?

I’m sure there are many spouses out there who hated listening to the dreaded Amway tapes or CD’s that were purchased weekly.

These tapes/CD’s the upline said were crucial to building your business! “If you’re serious about building your business you must buy the tapes!” That was the broken record recording from the Amway cult leader.

Not a single one of those tapes offered any solid business advice. Mostly they’re what could loosely be termed motivational or more clearly “see how I overcame life’s obstacles to become successful at Amway”. These bastards all have the same story told slightly differently. The wife works at McDonald’s. The husband works on a pig farm shovelling shit. Their meager incomes barely cover their monthly living expenses. Then a very dear friend showed them the plan. They had to scrape money together to make it to the functions. And how come every one of them had to borrow $20 from a relative to put gas in the car’s tank to drive to a function? And now look at them. They worked hard and now they have a mansion and fancy cars and walk the beaches of the world.

Its bad enough listening to this shit. But get this. Ambot cranked the stereo. Now it became like one of those fire and brimstone sermons that I’ve seen in the movies where the preacher has a big white tent in the deep south and is screaming at the congregation at the top of his lungs so that they can find salvation.

Play any one of those Amway tapes with the stereo cranked and you get the same results: ARE YOU CORE? WHY NOT????? ARE YOU TAKING DOUBLE X EVERY DAY? DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU DON’T TAKE NUTRILITE VITAMINS? YOUR BODY WILL SHUT DOWN AND DIE!!!!!

Oh my God. I hated those tapes! All those fucking idiots screaming at the top of their lungs. What was even worse was sometimes we’d be driving friends or family somewhere and Ambot would blast the stereo. Very rude! How are we supposed to have a conversation with our guests with some Amway asshole on a CD screeching: DON’T DRESS LIKE A SLUT FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!

Its bad enough listening to that shit at normal volume but cranked as high as the car stereo will go? Ohhhh. Shudders. The horror of it.

Then there are the stacks of CD’s that were never opened and listened to. We were always told that our sponsor and/or upline would take them back and refund our money. Nope, that was another lie. When Ambot got out he asked his sponsor Captain Fuck Up to take the unopened CD’s back and refund his money. Captain Fuck Up refused stating he was broke and had no money to refund him. Ambot went further upline and finally got someone who offered ten cents apiece. Well yeah even at ten cents that’s too much money for that shit but Ambot bought them for $2 to $5 apiece and that money was paid to Captain Fuck Up who didn’t always give him the CD’s or books that he’d purchased because he’s a disorganized asshole and couldn’t find them.

Yep we’re just a couple more suckers who got ripped off in more ways than one being in the Amway business.

So yup its time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway!


  1. You're definitely right about this, Anna. Amway is straight out of the evangelical, whooping, fire-and-brimstone, Chautauqua-tent tradition. It's Elmer Gantry, Aimee Semple McPherson, Billy Sunday, and all the modern televangelists put together into an MLM scheme for soaps and cleansers.

    Some people, who come out of this hick tradition of stomp-down preaching, just love the way that Amway reminds them of it. Howling revivalists, speaking in tongues, everybody getting "fired up" with the spirit... Amway strikes a deep chord in them. We've mentioned here before that Amway is actually a religion in disguise. Those monster rallies run by Dexter Yager and Bill Britt are perfect proof of this.

    The CDs and tapes are just sermons. They aren't business advice at all.

    1. Anonymous - LOL! Those are some great visuals! LOL!

      Amway cult leaders = howling revivalists! LOL!

      There's never any real business advice at Amway meetings or on the Cds and tapes. Its all part of the Amway tool scam and that's where the cult leaders make the bulk of their money.

      You'd get more business advice watching an episode of Celebrity Apprentice than at any Amway meeting. Well maybe not once Arnie takes over.... LOL!

  2. I guess when they ask "Are you CORE?" they mean are you a Crazy Old Revivalist Evangelical.

  3. (1/2) I am going to chronicle here my experience with Amway recruitment.

    I am a young college student attending a school with one of the top computer science and electrical engineering programs in the country. The week this guy set me in his targets, one of my schools biggest career fairs was in session, so recruiters from all around were in the area. So this one evening, I was at the supermarket doing my groceries, avoiding getting ripped off by on-campus dining. This south Indian guy comes up to me. He starts a conversation with me. He asks me if I’m a student, what major I am, etc. He then tells me that he is an electrical engineer, but he works with a lot of the engineering students from my school in a side project. He then gives me his number and tells me that if any opportunities come up, he can’t promise anything, but he’ll let me know. At this point I think he might be a recruiter or something.

    A couple of days later, the guy calls me up and says that he wants to meet me at Starbucks to talk to me about his project and to see if it makes sense for him to work with me on his project. So I meet with the guy at Starbucks, and he starts talking to me about social media and ecommerce and how his project is about the connection between the two. At this point the stuff sounds pretty legit. I hear about this stuff everyday with the internships that the people around me get. He outlines in great detail how companies like eBay and Amazon works, and how his business is similar. He then starts talking about how he got involved in his own business when he was in college, and he stopped washing dishes for money in college, and how people involved in the same company had replaced their incomes with this project instead. He mentioned how the guy in charge of NASA had done this and now he doesn’t take a salary from NASA. He then began talking about the project and the parent company, and how he works with millionaires through some network to figure out how to run his business. He said that when he was first starting out he thought that this model was something like a pyramid, but then he attributed that to the fact that in a capitalism, everything looks like a pyramid. He also told me not to tell my friends because they would think that I was crazy to think that I could have my own business and to tell them only after I started so I could pull them in to. I found this very suspicious, considering that the guy who lives next door to me began running his own startup in Silicon Valley when he was in high school. At the end of the meeting, he called up some guy he said was rich from this in his 20s and had me talk to him. He then handed me a folder with some papers and CDs and we arranged to meet again in two days.

    When I got back to my dorm, I told my friends. The econ and business majors immediately identified it as a pyramid scheme. I had never heard of Amway nor of pyramid schemes before, so instead of reading about Amway in the packet he gave me, I did what anyone my age would do if they wanted to learn more about something: I Googled it. For someone who claimed to understand social media so much, this guy had underestimated the power of a simple Google search. On the first page of the Google search, I found negative views on Amway.

    I decided that this guy had wasted enough of my time and his methods were way too deceptive for my taste, so I just didn’t show up two days later. I threw away the packet of papers and CDs, and I went on with my life.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. Classic Amway pitch.

      Why do all ambots say they can't promise you anything? LOL! Come on be truthful - they can't promise you NOTHING! LOL! Usually when the Ambot says they can't promise you anything they're pitching you to meet a sharp businessman they know who has lots of good ideas. They can't promise you anything but how'd you like to meet him for coffee. That's usually how the Amway scam works. The only "good ideas" that bastard has is that you should buy a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products! LOL!

      Nothing every changes in Amway. Not even the tired worn out pitches they use. Lots of us bloggers have written about the lines Ambots use so you'd think those bastards would try something new for a change instead of using the same lines they used back in the 70's.

      Students are prime targets. They're young enough they probably haven't heard about Amway unless they ask their parents or grandparents if they've heard about it. That's why the ambot told you not to ask anyone about Amway because someone's going to have heard about Scamway.

      You did the right thing googling it. The Internet has become Amway's worst enemy. People are getting online and talking about the emotional and financial distress they suffered from Amway. And ambots will tell prospects like you that we're a bunch of broke losers who didn't try hard enough and we're negative unchristian dreamstealers. In other words all those things that Amway Ambots say about people who share their Amway experiences online - Ambots are exactly those things.

      Think about it this way. Who is trying to make money off you. It all comes down to the bottom line. We help people for free and hope they avoid getting scammed out of their money and being abused by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. We do this out of the goodness of our hearts. Free! People in Amway are only trying to make money off you trying to recover some of their financial losses and scamming others isn't the moral way to do that.

      Good job on throwing out the Amway shit. Best thing you could do with it! LOL!

    2. I always laugh at how they try to make it sound like they are doing the potential victim a favor with their "amazing side business". They'll say "I can't promise you anything, but you seem like a sharp individual so I'll put in a good word for you." Hahaha... yeah right. They are so DESPERATE to sign up new victims that they would sign up their fucking DOG if the dog had any money for them to scam them out of.

    3. I know Anonymous - that's so funny. I'll introduce you to this businessman I know who has good ideas and I can't promise you anything but if he likes you and thinks you're a sharp guy blah blah blah. As you said the ambot makes it sound like he's doing you a favor so you'll bug the shit out of him to meet the Amway cult leader. Yeah some favor!

  4. (2/2) Retrospectively, I was very stupid through this process. From the beginning I should have asked more about this project, and I could hear my mother saying, as she always does, “if something seems too good to be true, then it is too good to be true,” but I chose to ignore it. In addition, in hindsight, there is no way that this guy made nearly as much money as he claimed to. First of all, when choosing a place to meet, he said he wanted to meet at Starbucks because of the free wifi. If he made as much as he claimed, he would have been able to afford a data plan. Second of all, he had a Chromebook. What kind of self-respecting electrical engineer has a Chromebook? Finally, at the end of the meeting, he said that he would take back the recruiting materials he gave me. I have never in my life found a company that tries to recruit you and then asks for the flyers that they give you back.

    The guy called me back today and left a message saying he wants his materials back. Whoops.

    I hope I don’t run into this guy again at the supermarket.

    1. Anonymous - at least you found out before too much emotional and financial damage could have been done by Amway. You got caught up in the Ambot hype and love bombing and you probably got leaned on hard by one of the best closers that line in Amway has. That guy would make more money if he was selling time shares! LOL!

      Put that ambot's number in your phone contact list as "Amway asshole do not answer!"

      He wants his Amway shit back because he had to buy it so its more money he's out. You don't get nothing for free in Amway. You pay for cd's and you pay to listen to a cult leader preach to the masses. It's called the Amway tool scam and that's where the real money is selling tickets and cd's.

      Supermarkets are prime areas for Ambots to prospect and find new recruits into their cult. If you see him there again smash your shopping cart into him and run like hell! LOL!

    2. Also job fairs in colleges and universities are also their prime spot for prospecting new clients.

    3. You are right in assuming the guy didn't make nearly as much money as he claimed. Because 99% of them don't. They are trained to "lie like motherfuckers" in the "fake it til you make it" method of tricking people into the scheme. They'll say they are surrounded by sharp, successful millionaires in Amway when the truth is his upline is most likely just as poor and fucked up as he is. But they put on suits and lie, lie, lie. If you are not a good liar and have a conscience, you don't even have that 1% hope of making a single dime in the "business".

    4. First Anonymous - you never know when those Amway sewer rats are going to show up tp spread their disease. They post fake job ads and show up at job fairs trying to scam people looking for jobs with Amway's get rich quick scheme.

    5. 2nd Anonymous - LOL! Love it! Great description of Amway motherfuckers! LOL!


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