Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Amway Cult Is WAY OUT THERE!

A reader shares his experience at Amway cult meetings:

THANK YOU…I had a friend (reference on the word HAD), he took me to three of these meetings. Once on a Tuesday night, then on a Friday, and the last on a Sunday night, and it reminded me a bit about the Waco Texas massacre!

All they talked about was being positive, having a positive drive; devoid yourself of NEGATIVE emotions, any negative thoughts need not be in your mind. Think ahead, THINK BIG, HOPE LARGE, LIVE POSITIVE! Hear positive, see positive, stay positive…everything in this business IS POSITIVE! Act happy, smile, laugh, MAKE LOTS OF FRIENDS, show them your products, introduce them to the business, and make them feel welcomed. Tell them how great this venture is, make sure they know how BIG your hitting being a part of this business! He also said, “remember, everyone out there STILL has a boss, they still have debt, they have no personal time, they rarely see their spouse (if they’re married). Go out there and make them wonder what they’re missing out on by not being a part of something like this!”

What freaked me out the most was his next comment… “remember, if you’re even a tad-bit negative, please leave, the doors are wide open, DON’T COME BACK…in this business, there is no such thing as depression, the media tells you you’re depressed…in this business, there is no such thing as anger or rage, the people out there convince you you’re angry or enraged…in this business, there is no such thing as skepticism, that is something our education-system has since forever promoted…IN THIS BUSINESS, THERE IS JUST YOU, AND WILL-POWER TO CHANGE, TO BETTER YOURSELF, TO BE AS BIG AS THE WORLD, TO GO AS HIGH AS THE SKY, TO BUILD THE NEW YOU OUT OF THE ASHES, IN THIS BUSINESS THERE IS ONLY DRIVE, SUCCESS, THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE IT BIG AND TELL YOUR BOSS HE CAN KEEP HIS JOB, TO MANAGE YOUR OWN RETIREMENT, TO WORK ONCE A MONTH IF YOU FEEL LIKE…ect.

I left at around 10:47pm, we’ve been there since seven, afterwards I was introduced to some BIG shots. They asked if I would be joining, and if not…why not? I simply said the meeting felt like a revival (EEeeek), they just frowned. I also added I loved my job, and loved what I would be doing after I finish school.

The whole thing about being positive 24/7 is just not me…SOMETIMES I’m very NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!!


  1. Man, this takes me back....:
    $48 case of water, $30 of energy drinks I never bought before (although delicious!), $150 for the Perfect Pack so I can maintain my 100PV to guarantee my check of $9! No one new popping up Diamond. Emerald still Emerald. Upline DD divorced. Awesome young attractive Emerald couple that was supposed to be diamond years ago, now a single mom? I'm confused and it kind of depresses me.

    Oh well, I'm a few years inactive from the 'business.'

    Reading your blog takes me back. Shit I used to have $5000 in the savings, but those little hits here and there and living situations changes expenses so you must maintain 100PV from your DITTO of 300+ all the while getting rejected more than the awkward desperate guy at the club. Shit. What the fuck. Sorry about the late night ramble. Now I have a fun simple well-paying tip based job while applying for a government career that hopefully nets me that 'close to six figure' income! All the while not spending 10 hours a week for meetings after exhausting work and buying shit I didn't buy!

    Time to get that 5 digits back in savings again... FUUUCK

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. At least you got out if Scamway before too much damage was done and you sound like you're young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally. Theres some sad stories online frim seniors who squandered the reirement savings away on those shitty overlriced Amway products and many stories of bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, etc. Good luck getting that job you want - but Ambots would sneer at you for that one.

  2. This person's experience merely confirms what is now common knowledge about Amway and all of its various side-shows like Quixtar and WWDB. It isn't primarily a business in any legitimate sense. IT IS A SICK RELIGIOUS CULT.

    Here are some twelve characteristic signs of being in the Amway religious cult:

    1) You go around with a Big Stupid Grin on your face.

    2) You refuse to take seriously anyone who isn't a member of the Amway cult.

    3) You force yourself to "think positive" about anything and everything, even in the face of hard evidence.

    4) You dismiss any criticism or questioning of the cult, no matter how valid or convincing the criticism might be.

    5) You put the Amway cult before anything else in life, including your family, your health, and your finances.

    6) You go around like a Jehovah's Witness or a Scientologist trying to convert strangers by bothering them in public places.

    7) You espouse an ignorant, crackerbarrel, profit-obsessed Evangelical Christianity, without any reference at all to real Christianity's emphasis on sacrifice, atonement, charity, and the blessedness of poverty.

    8) You pride yourself on being a dimwitted provincial jackass who is maniacally fixated on selling mediocre Amway crap and getting other poor jerks to do the same.

    9) You devoutly attend religious services (Amway business meetings) where you listen for hours as some overenthused asshole orates on how Amway is the answer to every problem in your life.

    10) Your entire outlook is purely materialistic and consumerist, without a bit of concern for anything cultural, aesthetic, or literary.

    11) You worship Charlie Marsh, Bill Britt, and Dexter Yager as the new Holy Trinity.

    12) You think your up-line is The Voice of God.

    Can anyone deny that these aren't sure-fire signs of a religious cult? It's true that some religious cults can be beautiful and moving and profoundly wise. But the Amway Cult is crude, vulgar, petty, trivial, and degrading.

    1. Well done Anonymous! I love those 12 signs so much I'll bring them up in a post down the road. Love them and so true. The stupid grin is when the ambot is out prospecting and trying to scam others to join the Amway cult. At actual cult meetings the ambots aren't grinning. Most of them look pretty angry. Especially me for being stuck in a room of lying scamming Amway losers.

    2. 13. Your Bibles are the training tools, cd, book of the month and standing orders.

      14. When your bread is the Amway food bar and your wine is the xs cat piss.

  3. This blog has been amazing entertainment for me this weekend! I am also a recent escapee from the clutches of Amway. I had never heard of them before up until Friday night.

    I am a 3rd year accounting student that was in the hunt for internships and job opportunities. With that said, I'm basically chum in the water for them. Was not long until an oddly happy fellow started talking to me and gave me a book on business by some Kiyosaki guy. I also got invited to some super special business meeting.

    I skimmed over the book and I was kind of scratching my head afterwards. The book had good bit of chapter topics on non-business/finance for being a business/finance book. Not to mention, this book didn't look like it had any concrete suggestions on actual business/financial/accounting activities.

    Well, I went to the meeting anyways, and was just mingling with a few people before the meeting started. They seemed nice overall, a few of them were about age between 20-30 yrs old. There was also a cute girl there and I talked to her for a bit up until the meeting started. At this point I was thinking, this isn't so bad! I get to meet a few nice people and maybe get this girl's number. What can go wrong?

    The speaker was all happy go lucky and tried many attempts to weave in jokes through out the presentation. Everyone was laughing at these terrible jokes with terrible punchlines. This was confusing the hell out of me, I was literally thinking to myself, have I lost my sense of humor because I've been studying accounting/finance too much? I worked in pathetic attempts to try to laugh at the jokes just to not look weird..

    Amway could have hooked me along for a few meetings and might have even me gotten me to shell out $$ from my alcohol/cigarette/ramen funds. Until this bloke blew it and decided to talk about financial strategies and taxes! As soon as he said "anything that doesn't bring in a cashflow income is a liability" I knew this was a scam from that point on. He went on the presentation, talking about being taxed less while following this "business model". Finally the nail in the coffin was when this sorry bloke said, "the best part about this business, there is almost 0 expenses and overhead!"

    Frankly I was insulted that these scammers think they could get away with creating new meanings to accounting/finance terminology and try to sell me on having a 6 figure income from a business with no almost expenses. I told the recruiter a few days ago that I am an ACCOUNTING STUDENT. If they had used just used the words correctly I might have actually went for a round 2 meeting next week, granted I got that girl's number. But I guess not!

    1. Hello Mr Chow! Glad you've been enjoying the blog and thanks for sharing your story with us. Students are definitely prime prospects for the Amway cult because they're usually too young to have heard of Amway. Ask your parents or grandparents! LOL! But you did what someone your age would do and hit the Internet looking for more information. The Amway cult is very secretive and I know that whoever was prospecting you told you not to mention the A word and not to talk about it to anyone and not to search the Internet and probably some bullshit about it being a bathroom wall which makes me wonder where Ambots are taking dumps! LOL! NO. Not really. I don't give a shit! Get it! LOL!

      As you discovered at Amway meetings the people are nice. What you failed to mention was they're overly nice and overly attentive and all over you, right. It's called love bombing, a common cult tactic.

      Bad jokes that everyone in the room laughs at to pump up their Amway cult leader. They were probably chanting stuff too like "right on" and "yeah" and "freedom" while the cult leader was preaching.

      Love it that you're an accounting student and sniffed out the scam pretty quick. According to Amway cult leaders everything in Amway can be written off. Everything! As an accounting student you know that you can't write off food and drinks and vitamins that you consume yourself and those are the big sellers that the upline pushes on you to buy. Our accountant refused to look at any Amway invoices we have saying they don't deal with pyramid schemes. Do you know the IRS has a section devoted to dealing with Amway IBO's, had to write up a separate handbook and Uncle Sam has determined that Amway is an expensive social club and lots of ambots are getting audited.

      If that girl is a devoted ambot she won't have anything to do with you, not allowed by the cult leaders to associate with people outside Amway. But come on, you can do better than a woman who's wasting her time and money on a scam can't you!

      Good luck to you!


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