Thursday, December 31, 2015

This Is The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“This is the year when you’re going to go BIG!”

That is the upline’s battle cry at the beginning of the year and heard during Dream Night, a WWDB Amway function that happens in January.

The reality as a new year approaches is Ambot has been in “the business” for several months. To recap Ambot’s track record:

1. one downline signed up who quit a couple of weeks later
2. thousands of dollars “invested” in “the business” purchasing Amway products and attending functions
3. got two friends to come to board plan meetings.
4. got one acquaintance to come to a meeting
5. Grand Opening of “our” Amway store - a few people showed up, no purchases
6. held an afternoon tea social which was a disguise to sell Artistry cosmetics and other Amway products. One friend made some purchases.
7. two friends made some small pity purchases to support Ambot’s business unrelated to attending any Amway events
8. hundreds of hours wasted studying Amway literature, dealing with phone calls, text messages, listening to Kate messages, attending meetings, listening to tapes - oops better make that CD’s before IBOFB shits his diapers and bitches that tapes haven’t been produced in like forever!  
9. alienating friends and relatives with obnoxious behavior (parroting upline IBO’s)

Ambot dutifully did everything his oh-so-wise-upline (LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL SARCASM!!!!!) counselled him to do. Well not quite everything - the exception would be he didn’t leave me. So far he hasn’t found anyone who will duplicate what he does, though I doubt there are many people out there who want to drink a case of XS Energy Drinks daily and cram in multiple food bars.

So how the hell will the new year be any different?

It won’t.

It’ll be the same thing. Throwing away money on overpriced, mediocre products. Losing money attending functions. Wasting time. More obnoxious comments directed at anyone who doesn’t support his Amway business. All backed by the upline’s promise that this is the year he’ll be going BIG in “the business”. Gotta get him to hang on for a few more months so they can make more money off him!

Ambot’s story is the same as other struggling IBO’s. The upline feeds them hope with one hand while stealing their money with the other hand.

“This is the year you’re going to go BIG” is an ego booster to get IBO’s to hold on to Amway for a little longer just in case they were thinking about quitting and not renewing for the new year. IBO’s can’t quit now when success is just around the corner!

Translation: you can’t quit now when I need more of your money for my share of the tool scam and I need your PV so my dreams can come true.

I decided to make a BIG move to get Ambot out of Amway and away from the cult leaders. Success!

Probably not what the upline had in mind when they said this is the year when you’re going BIG.

This year we go BIG by not renewing the Amway “business license”.

This year we go BIG by not alienating friends and relatives.

This year we go BIGGEST by not putting up with the fucking assholes in the Amway upline amymore.


  1. The BIGGEST thing in Amway is the shitload of lies that your up-line tells you.

  2. Example that your upline will say is that the main purpose of staying in amway is to gain friends and build friendships when the fact is that the main purpose of the business is profit and not friendship.

    1. Anonymous - that was the biggest bunch of bullshit we heard at Scamway meetings - that even if you don't make money you'll become a nicer person. Well shit the reason people start up a business is so they can make money not to be nicer persons. Being a nicer person might be one of the side effects of starting your own business but it ain't going to pay the bills. Who looks at business opportunities as self improvement projects instead of money grown opportunities? Dumb ass brainwashed Amway Ambots that's who!

  3. Happy New Year!! Keep up the good work in snapping the brain cells of an ambot "child".

    1. Hey Happy New Year to you too Anonymous!

  4. Happy New Year Anna B. Thanks for all you do in exposing the filth of Amway (and with humor). I appreciate you sooooooo much!

    1. Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! Glad you find the blog helpful.


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