Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You Said FUCK So I’ll Sign Up For Amway!

The power of swearing. That’s what this blog is all about. Cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. And its so fun!!!!! Amway Ambots are prudes. They screech and carry on about how swearing is negative and because they consider themselves upstanding Christian followers of the Great Amway God they avoid cursing and all people who curse. Prudes! Stay away! We don’t want you to leave a comment full of bullshit Amspeak propaganda.

And LOL but I don’t get some of those Amway Ambots obsessed with all things negative who show up at this blog outraged that we curse out the Amway bastards and talk about Amway’s shitty overpriced products and these fucktard ambots curse at us. So much for not saying negative as preached at every Amway cult meeting! LOL! Dumb fucks! Say what you said to me to your sack of shit Platinum the next time you see the bastard. LOL. You’ll be up shit creek.

Then we get the other dumb fucks who probably just signed up to Amway but don’t want to admit it. You know how it goes nobody wants to admit that they were so fucking stupid they got talked into signing up to Scamway. And the assholes in the Amway upline never tell them piss all and they get punished if they dare question upline so they search on the Internet for the answers to their questions. And seeing as how we’ve covered just about everything Amway on this blog and are high up in the search engines they land here. But they won’t admit they’re actually an Amway IBO. Instead they try to bullshit us with how they’re doing research and Amway looks like a good idea and they’re planning to sign up to the cult of greed.

And then they bitch about this blog being the Amway Ambot prudes that they are. They bitch at the swearing. I mean did those fucking Amway losers not read where it says up at the top that this is the place to curse out people in Amway! LOL! Fucktard Amway losers! LOL! Can’t even read. And after they finish bitching about the swearing on a blog that is dedicated to swearing then they bitch at me for not being educated. At least I’m educated enough to read the top of the blog that says this is the place to curse out the Amway upline and those fucking Amway losers aren’t educated enough to read easy stuff like that and understand what it means. Like why do these fucking Amway assholes give a shit whether or not I’m educated. And by the way the general brainwashing at Amway meetings from the Amway cult leaders is that everyone who isn’t in Amway is automatically not educated. That’s how brainwashed minds think alike.

And then because the Ambot is still trying to bullshit us into believing they’re still researching whether or not to sign up to Amway and get started in their “own business” LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL then they say something to the effect of because I said fuck that’s made their decision - they’ve made up their brainwashed mind and now they’re going to sign up for Amway.

I mean really what a bunch of fucking Amway losers. Just because I say fuck they’re going to spite me and sign up to Amway! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

Like I give a shit! But what a fucking stupid reason but then what else do you expect from a fucking stupid Amway asshole. So someone asks him what made him sign up to be a commissioned salesman for Amway and his answer goes: I found this blog on the Internet and the writer said FUCK so just to spite her I signed up for Amway.


Amway Ambot logic at its highest level.


  1. Try applying for a job at multinational companies and show them your resumé containing your amway education and see what it gets...

    1. LOL! Pretty much. It's like listing Amway income (LOL!!!) on your bank application for a small business loan or mortgage. LOL! Business professionals do not consider pyramid schemes.

  2. It's a real hoot that Ambots show up here calling Anna "uneducated," when it is clear from their semi-literate and barely grammatical posts that they are still at a 5th-grade reading level. And I'm not only talking about foreign Ambots. Americans who join the business are just as incompetent in their use of the English language.

    My guess is that when these Ambot assholes say that Anna is "uneducated," what they really mean is that she isn't afraid to use cursing and swearing to attack them. Since Ambots are largely dimwitted fundamentalist Evangelical types, they have an emotional seizure if you say "fuck" or "shit."

    Well, here at Radio Free Amway we don't suffer from such inhibitions. We'll call your up-line exactly what he is: a scum-sucking, verminous dirtbag. We'll rank out your fat-assed Platinum for you: he's a goddamned pompous buffoon. And we'll tell you and all of your Amway associates what you really are: small-town schmucks with an impossible, half-assed "dream" that is going to leave you broke.

    And once again: if you're going to call Anna "uneducated," I suggest you take a course in remedial English first. Learn how to spell, learn what subject-verb agreement means, and learn to type slowly on a keyboard instead of hammering away at your i-phone as you drive frantically to your next stupid "function."

    1. Anonymous - You're right. Just because people enjoy cursing out Amway assholes doesn't mean they're not educated. It just means that Amway losers piss them off! People in Amway treat everyone else in the world like shit. And around here we treat Amway losers like shit. Sling it right back at them and that outrages them.

      Yeah at least I have basic knowledge in how to string a sentence together. More than I can say for Amway losers who leave comments here. One of the qualifications to get a job at Amway is the inability to spell and put a sentence together. This is what our educational system has come to.

  3. Stupid Scamway fucks prove what assholes they are for showing up here in the first place and posting anything in support of Scamway. All of them bastards should be ashamed of themselves for lying, cheating and scamming people into this shit. Fuck you Scamway bastards.

    1. Living a Nightmare - that's true. I mean if you love and worship the Great Amway God why would you go to a blog and read something that's opposite to your religious teachings? And then leave a comment showing your a lying scamming Amway assholes and provide proof why this blog needs to be here to show the world what Scamway bastards are really like.

  4. They will continue to cheat, lie and deceive others until they realized that their upline will do the same to them, lie, cheat, abuse and betray their downline IBO's. Instead of upline edifying them for being a good liar, the upline will just take credit and betray them if they are no longer needed.

    1. Yup. It takes the ambots a long time to realize their Amway "friends" are nothing but a bunch of lying scheming cheating abusive bastards who are only out to steal money and brain cells off of them.


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