Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Top Amway Dreads This Christmas Season (Or Any Time Of The Year)

Consumer Reports listed American’s Top Dreads over the Christmas season:

1. Crowds and long lines: 68 percent
2. Gaining weight: 37 percent
3. Getting into debt: 37 percent
4. Gift shopping: 28 percent
5. Traveling: 25 percent
6. Seeing certain relatives: 24 percent
7. Seasonal music: 23 percent
8. Disappointing gifts: 19 percent
9. Having to attend holiday parties or events: 16 percent
10. Having to be nice: 15 percent
11. Holiday tipping: 12 percent


I looked at that list and realized how it also applies to Amway and the things I dread about Amway.

1.     Crowds - that would be the Amway functions we had to attend. Ambot alert! Brainwashed ambots everywhere! Lining up at the arena doors hours before the function was to begin! Fucking Amway losers!
2.     Weight gain? Hmmm I had a little trouble blaming Amway for this one other than a lot of ambots eat on the run and stop at the drive thru window for fast food because when you’re in Amway and the upline monopolizing all your time and attending Amway events there is no time to shop and prepare decent meals.
3.     Debt - absolutely this will happen in Amway!
4.     Gift giving - yup, having to give away unwanted Amway shit to people you know at Christmas. “Shop from your own store!”
5.     Traveling - gotta bust your ass getting to long distance Amway functions and all the expenses that go along with getting there.
6.     Seeing relatives - you know one big happy Amway family. Amway WWDB Family Reunion sucks! Fuck I hated seeing those Amway “relatives”.
7.     Music - let’s just blame the Goad’s lame ass Amway music.
8.     Disappointing gifts - everything we bought from Amway was disappointing - low quality and high priced.
9.     Attending events - I hated going to Amway meetings, Amway functions, Amway rallies, Amway product launches, etc, etc, etc
10.  Being nice - all those fucking ambots pretending to be nicey nice to everyone when they didn’t really give a shit. I might not have been overly rude to anyone other than our arrogant prick sponsor but I’ve been rude to that fucking asshole for many years but I wasn’t going around being all fakey nicey nice either. I just didn’t like ambots. Liars are not my kind of people.
11.  Tipping - that’s a year round event in Amway and its called buying Amway tools. A big tip goes to the upline when you invest in that scam! Tipping also applies when tithing the Great Amway God.
I followed the pattern of the Consumer Reports list when creating my list. But how do I really feel in the order of these particular Amway dreads? Here it is and yes weight gain comes last because that wasn’t something I personally dreaded when it came to Amway but kept it in because I followed the CORE list. Ha ha! Get it?

Top Amway Christmas dreads in Anna Banana’s order:

1.     Debt
2.     Disappointing gifts (Amway products)
3.     Tipping (the upline)
4.     Attending events
5.     Seeing (Amway) relatives
6.     Being nice
7.     Gift giving (no one wants Amway shit)
8.     Crowds of ambots
9.     Traveling
10.  Music
11.  Weight gain
Those are actually Amway year round dreads but I’m keeping with the holiday season!


  1. Here are some other all-year Amway "dreads" --

    1) Having some strange creep come up to you at a shopping mall and ask if you'd like to "hear about a business opportunity."

    2) Getting a phone call from a passing acquaintance inviting you to have coffee with him to discuss "a way to make extra money in your spare time."

    3) Having to buy some useless low-grade crap from your brother-in-law's cousin because "he's starting out in a MLM business called Amway."

    4) Going to what you thought was a party and finding yourself roped into listening to "The Plan" from some jerk who draws circles on a chalkboard.

    5) Being "love-bombed" by a group of total strangers who don't know a single thing about you.

    6) Being told that if you aren't in Amway you must be an unambitious broke loser without "a dream" who is stuck in a dead-end job.

    7) Reading barely literate and ungrammatical posts at this website from idiotic ambots who come here to defend Amway's deception and theft.

    8) Dreading that Amway will come up with even more yearly functions to attend, with even sillier names such as:

    a) "Kiss My Diamond Ass" Night
    b) "Criminal Enterprise Weekend"
    c) "Nutrilite and Energy Bar Banquet"
    d) "Tools for Fools Festival"
    e) "Crappy Products Happy Hour"
    f) "Massive Deception Reception"
    g) "Down-Line Despoliation Celebration"
    h) "I'll Be Rich -- Wait and See! Jamboree"

    and finally

    i) "Let's Fuck The Down-Line Schmucks For Bucks" Cocktail Party.

    1. Anonymous - that's a great list! Especially year round dreads but I somehow think your #1 on the list shopping malls will be prime picking for Ambots recruiting schemes this month.

      And those are great titles for Amway functions. If Amway was being honest - LOL like that'll ever happen, that's what Amway functions would be called. Because really all Amway functions are is an excuse to separate the ambot from their money.

  2. Hi there! I just found your blog and have been no-life reading a lot of your posts. Recently, I got together with the girl of my dreams (known each other for 2 years, started dating about 3 months ago) in terms of both personality and phyiscal beauty. She's smart, funny, intelligent, and just overall awesome. That is.... until she invited me one night to one of the Amway recruiting "seminars". Everything just felt wrong about the meet up and I decided to do some research and found out all this information on Amway. After finding all this shocking news and info, I confronted her, and a dark side I never would have imagined from her came out. We made up, and I know that attacking her and Amway directly will only end in pointless fights. Although I've lost so much respect for her and this newly discovered way of thinking (stupid brainwashing), I still want to try to help her. From what I've read, there's nothing you really can do to get someone out of Amway, and when someone does go out of Amway, it's typically through self-realization. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt for now, and will stay with her and try to be an example of what a REAL career will do for you. As she's gotten deeper into this business, I'm the only connection between her and her real friends. I feel that if I do break up with her, her only connection to the outer world will be completely lost. I'm horrified that something like this is legal, and will do everything to help her in the best way possible. Thanks for all the posts, and this blog. Also, wish me luck, haha.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you found us! And sorry to hear the girl of your dreams is an ambot.

      This dark side you've described is very common in Amway Ambots. A nice, thoughtful person gets recruited into the Amway cult and becomes a nasty, evil demon who puts everyone else down constantly. For a cult that is all consumed with don't say negative their Ambots are the most negative bastards I've ever met in my life.

      There's a few things you can try to get someone out of Amway but as you've come to accept, mostly its up to the Ambot and their own self realization that they're not making money and chances of making money aren't going to happen. Amway's bad reputation for overpriced shitty products preceeds them. The bad behavior of Ambots from years gone by is long remembered by people who've been victims and they don't want nothing to do with Scamway. Oversaturation in the marketplace. Some people have to hit rock bottom before they see the truth and get out of Amway. That could mean debt requiring declaring bankruptcy, losing their house, losing their friends and family. Everyone has a different threshold of what is rock bottom.

      We get tons of searchers showing up here looking for how to get someone out of the Amway cult and there's just no one size fits all answer. We're going to rerun this topic in January.

      You can hang in there for awhile. You didn't say how long your girlfriend has been in Amway but time and math is on your side. 95% of IBO's quit in 2 years, the majority quitting after a few months when they realize how much money they lost and they've made back like $40 in commission. After a few months the love bombing stops and now the cult leader becomes a bigger asshole than ever bitching at the Ambot because they don't bring new recruits to Amway meetings and they're not selling enough overpriced shitty products. The Amway cult leader is there to deal out the punishment followed by we still love you. Most people don't put up with that sick behavior for very long.

      And speaking of sick behavior, you shouldn't have to put up with it very long either. She's going to hang in there until at least Dream Night next month. She's probably already paid next year's membership fee into Amway's expensive buying club. And before she leaves Dream Night the assholes in her Amway upline will have their hands out demanding cash upfront now payment for Spring Leadership in April. My guess is she's going to quit sometime just before or after Spring Leadership once she gets tired of the upline abuse.

      Good luck!

    2. Thanks for your reply! Yes, she's already planning to go to their stupid Dallas convention thing in January. She tried to convince me to go, but told her I had other more important things to spend money on at the moment. She's gave me some temporary account to listen to their stupid streams through their BWW smartphone. As I've said, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt for now, and listened to all the streams she recommended, and argued all the points that I thought was wrong, but not showing any explicity hate to Amway. We had some discussion about them and I don't think she's fully lost, as she does agree with my counterarguements with some of the points. She's recently started trying to recruit me, and for now, I'll let her think she has me, but really, I'm gonna try doing some undercover work and try to get her out of this somehow, just haven't figured out how yet. Thanks for your support, and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this blog!

    3. Anonymous - I think we've covered all the highlights or should I say lowlights of what will happen at Dream Night. The only bright side is this is the cheapest Amway function and the one that takes up less time only a few hours instead of all weekend. If you don't live in the Dallas area then its going to cost a few bucks to get there and book a hotel and other related costs. Don't waste your money going to Dallas unless you have better things to do there than attend a Scamway conference. It just enables her and gives her false hope.

      Amway Ambots have a response to everything. Every argument you can come up with an Ambot has already figured out a response to and those are passed along to the ambots at Amway meetings. Look for her Amway literature with a bunch of circles and dollar amounts. In small print it will say how many Amway participants make money. It's like a fraction of 1%. Wave that in her face and tell her 99% of IBO's won't make money and they'll lose a lot of money trying to be in that elusive fraction so what makes her think she's got what it takes not to be in the majority losing money.

      Very soon, if it hasn't already started, the assholes in her Amway upline are going to counsel with her to break up with you because you're a negative unchristian dreamstealer who's holding her back. How's that for brainwashing. The best way to prepare yourself and to understand more about the Amway cult is to download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. Look on the right side of this page for the link under more information about Amway. If you can, get her to read it too. In order to make $2-$3000/month she will need 1000 people in her downline and keep them motivated to buy shitty overpriced Amway products and keep signing up new recruits. That's Emerald level. To be a Diamond you need maybe 5 times that many people in your downline. What's the reality of that happening?

    4. Well, out of the 4 functions, Dream Night was the least shitty. It's only one night as supposed to a whole weekend and church.

      You probably can't help her unless the D is amazing to her.

      Take it from a guy who spent a few years going to functions, and doing the sacrifice and hitting personal use and got love bombed.

    5. Anonymous Guy - Dream Night was the least shitty because it cost less than other Amway functions, didn't go on too long and at least in our case it was within driving distance. Still that $75 could have been better spent on dinner for 2 and a movie.

  3. I can so relate to you Annonymous except I decided to join with my gf( she was also beautiful, intelligent, amazing and my dream girl) quickly from an insiders view I could see how deceptive this business is and that she was obsessed with the wealth and dreams promised( her up line actually had to get her to rein in her expectations) anytime I mentioned anything realistic it was met with "that's negative" and comments like" how could you ever go back to normal now hat you know this is available" even if this life was a possibility I could never lie and deceive people to get there and thus seeing I couldn't save her I had to break up with her...hardest decision I've ever made but I'd never be able to maintain this charade!

    1. Hi Anonymous - in the past 2 years there have been several guys showing up here saying the woman in their life is the Ambot. Usually its the other way around. Men are more likely to be ambots. So I don't know if a switch is coming or if its just more men are sharing their stories.

      You got to do what you have to for your own sanity and to protect your finances. If you stuck with her you'd be enabling her Amway habit and giving her money to buy products and invest in the tool scam and paying her bills.

      Unfortunately there is a man who's left comments that's what he's doing but he hasn't been around in months to give us an update on what's going on with their lives. Maybe he talked her into quitting Amway. Hope so!

    2. Hey, this is the first Anonymous guy, from here on out, I'll go by Twiggy (old nickname, don't ask). I've read hundreds of accounts where people try to get their significant other out, and it just ends in shambles. This typically results when you directly try to persuade them out of the business by showing claims, data, and statistics that Amway is a scam. Thus, I can't directly attack Amway or her beliefs for it. Anything realistic will be taken as a direct attack on her and Amway and will make me her enemy. Thus, my plan is to continue with my career, and brag about its success. I will neither support nor discourage her from her Scamway "venture". As much as she loves Amway and is trying to recruit me, she also supports my dreams and endeavors in my career and has yet to call me a loser for chasing my career. Because we here all know she is failing miserably, she can only fail so much before she has no resources to keep failing on. If it has to come to this point, so be it. Seeing that her SO (me) is succeeding with an actual career, I hope she sees the light that this stupid scam has put her in that position. As for her being counseled into breaking up with me, as much as that could be a possibility, I don't quite think in my situation. She's Muslim, and in their religion are not aloud to date. She is not one to just date to date, and takes relationships EXTREMELY seriously. Going against her religion to date with me is something that I know that adds to the strong relationship her and I have. Because I'm still in the recruitment phase, I have not said anything negative about Amway to her "mentors". I have met her "Mentors" and as friendly as they seemed, I now realize they see me as a prospect more than a human. From what I've read so far, arguing with the facts seem only to strengthen their bond with Amway. This rage against the person attacking Amway makes them feel their defending Amway for the right reasons, further strengthening their bond to Scamway. Thus, I will not attack Amway or her involvement. Instead, bragging about my own success seems to be the only way to lure her out of this. After spending almost 20 hours reading all this stuff on Amway, I think I've become somewhat of an Amway expert. I will consider my girlfriend a test subject of how I will try to help her get out of this stupid cult. I will document her reactions and see what works. IF it does work, I hope to be writing a success story later on. For now, let's all fight to help people from getting into this thing.


    3. Hi there Anonymous Twiggy. LOL! Love it!

      People in Amway have an answer for everything as taught at Amway meetings. Ambots have been brainwashed by their cult leaders not to believe anyone who is not in the Amway cult. That's why its so hard to reason with an ambot. And like you said, maybe even make the ambot hang on longer than they would have due to having told everyone how rich they're going to get thanks to Amway and now they lose face when they quit before they get any more broke.

      You might try pulling out your cell phone and videoing her when she's in her fine Amway form berating you for not supporting her business and spouting off whatever negative Amspeak.

  4. Wish I had gone that route twiggy with my lady....but after being in it and quitting it was to late....the sad part was she seemed more concerned about me contacting up line about my decision and not telling others the business was why we broke up then she was about the relationship ending....I'm chalking it up as a lesson learned but a very painful and costly lesson...hoping for the best in your situation man...looking forward to hearing how it goes for you

  5. I've recently been reading your blog. It is really great to see it so high in google searches!! Like some of the others posting comments, my long time girlfriend has joined Amway in the last year and is so very pumped up about and proud of "The Business". It is absolutely sickening what I've witnessed in the last 8 months as she's progressed through this and I have become more familiar with "The Business". We both have six figure salaries and I am just stunned and cannot in any way comprehend how easily she has been manipulated and deceived into thinking Amway is going to lead her to owning bullshit things like a fucking yacht and "retiring" within several years. For a woman I've been with for many years, I have already lost so much respect for her in the last few months. It's unreal.

    1. The entire basis of an MLM like Amway is to stay aware from actual talk of numbers and reality (such as how many people one would have to sign up, how much they would have to sign up, how much each of them would have to buy a month, etc) and instead keep things vague with talk of "dreams" and being motivated and "fired up" and saying "how much you make is unlimited and depends on how much work you do" which, as I said, is very vague and non-committal. That way, when the Ambot doesn't make any money they just come back with "well, you just didn't work hard enough". And they want the Ambot to dream, dream, dream... the greedier the dream the better. It's like in the Wizard of Oz, getting them to focus on the big head in the fire and not see the upline behind the curtain emptying the Ambot's finances.

    2. Yes, your analogy of "The Wizard of Oz" is perfect! Amway is all about dreaming instead of thinking. It also reminds me of the Peter Pan story, where the little fairy Tinkerbelle is saved only if everybody in the audience dreams and wishes hard enough.

      "Tinkerbelle thinking" -- that should be the diagnosis for the mental disorder that prompts people to stick with Amway.

    3. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your girlfriend. And with a 6 figure income she's able to keep her Amway habit afloat awhile no different than a drug habit. The ironic thing is Amway publishes the Diamond income which is in the low 6 figures around 150k and I bet she's in that ballpark already. She has a better chance of falling off a cruise ship than she does of making Diamond.

      What you've described is typical Amway Ambot behavior. Bragging about the material riches Amway will bring to them and sneering at everyone who doesn't support their dream. Tell your girlfriend the best way for her to get rich in Amway and get that yacht is find a DeVos or VanAndel heir and hook up with him.

      8 months in is usually at the point where an Ambot is thinking of quitting because they're not making money and they're losing a lot of money by draining their savings or running up the credit card debt to buy overpriced shitty Amway products. Your girlfriend might have more disposable income than the average ambot to keep trying for her yacht owning dream. She's already paid for Dream Night happening next month and that high will last about a week. If she's thinking of quitting the assholes in her Amway upline will convince her not to be a loser and quit Amway, not when success is right around the corner. At Dream Night they'll force her to pay for the next event Spring Leadership in April. If you're lucky she'll be thinking of leaving the cult by May. If not you have to decide how long to keep yourself attached to someone who's part of a cult hell bent on making her a broke loser.

    4. If your girlfriend is already making a six-figure salary, the Amway cultists are going to hang onto her like leeches. She's too affluent to lose!

      Be prepared for a very nasty and dirty fight if you want to keep this girl.

    5. You're right Anonymous. Fighting Amway evil is a nasty dirty fight. Let's see if he comes back with an update.

    6. Remember something else: Your girlfriend's up-line is going to bad-mouth you constantly to her. They are going to call you a "dream-stealer," a "negative person," a "bad influence," a "loser," and a dozen other insulting and vicious things. They are very likely doing it right now. Don't be surprised if her attitude towards you grows colder and more distant.

      The immediate object of this campaign will be to get her to break up with you. The secondary object will be to get her hooked up with some stupid up-line bachelor who is on his way to Platinum. By achieving this, they will keep her more securely attached to the Amway system, and guarantee that her excellent financial resources will be used to enrich up-line.

      You can't believe how many marriages and relationships the Amway vermin have deliberately broken up or spoiled.

    7. Anonymous - you're right. I heard all those things myself while the assholes in our Amway upline constantly bad-mouthed me. Ironic isn't it. Now there's a blog where we bad mouth the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. LOL!

      Yup there are lots of broken relationships thanks to the Amway cult and the sick evil Ambots and their path of destruction.

  6. It's more than ironic, Anna -- It's RETRIBUTION. Those scum in Amway are rueing the day that they treated you and your husband so shabbily. This blog has cost them hundreds of thousands of lost dollars from prospective IBOs who changed their minds about joining after reading the facts revealed here.

    Fuck you, Amway! We're making it tougher and tougher for you to get suckers for your fake "business opportunity."

    1. Anonymous - our sack of shit cult leader used to brainwash the group that they were in Amway for some purpose, often using the words to bless others. Or help others.

      Little did that fucker know I'd be using my knowledge of what it's like inside the Amway cult and what the ambots are really like and what overpriced shitty products Amway sells to put together a blog to warn others to stay far away from Amway and to give others a place where they know they're not alone when someone they love has joined the Cult of Greed.

      Probably not what the asshole had in mind. And yes I hope its cost Amway hundreds of thousands in lost sales and group membership fees. That would be perfect!

      Fuck you Amway!


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