Monday, November 30, 2015

Amway WWDB Dream Night 2016

Amway and World Wide Dream Builders hold a major function at the beginning of each year called Dream Night. It is held in locations around the USA and Canada and according to our Amway upline everywhere else in the world too but I don’t see any international cities listed. We were told even if we are on vacation in January that we’d have no excuse to miss Dream Night because its EVERYWHERE!!!!


So what is Dream Night? It includes dinner and listening to some motivational Diamonds if you believe the hype from WWDB. If you believe the hype from the assholes in your Amway upline Dream Night is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the must attend event of the year, not to be missed, puts you 6 months ahead of everyone else who didn’t go and blah blah blah bullshit.

So what is Amway WWDB Dream Night all about?

To paraphrase from World Wide Dream Builder’s propaganda (cause I wouldn’t wanna get accused of plagiarism!) this is an elegant night that will show the ambots how to turn their dreams into reality.

Ha ha! Yeah right! And if you believe that bullshit I have some prime swampland in the Amazon jungle I’d like to sell you!

The best part of the night - OK Wait for it!!!!! - is when the cult leaders share how their dreams came true and if they can do it then any of you dumb ass ambots can do it too!

I can sum it up how they got to be Diamonds. They ripped off thousands of unsuspecting ambots in their downline telling them to buy useless, overpriced Amway shit to self consume and if they can’t find any customers - make them up. They bullied those further down the pyramid into attending Amway functions. They told them to buy CD’s featuring Diamond speakers. They told them to buy motivational books that they received a hefty kickback from the publisher or author. They brainwashed their adoring ambots to buy, buy, buy. So preaches the Amway cult leader: “Hand over all your money to me so I can get rich. And here I sit on the top of the pyramid sneering at you lowly dumb ass ambots!”

Hold on to your hats there’s a bunch of cities on Scamway’s 2016 list of destruction for WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards Nightmare Night. Some of them have more than one Nightmare Night. Not sure if that means there’s more dumb fuck Ambots in these locations that they need more days, if the Ambots in those locations are being ass fucked to attend more than one night, or the venue is so small they need more than one night to accommodate the expected Amway cult worshippers.

Ann Arbor
Colorado Springs
Fort Lauderdale
Las Vegas
New York
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Jose

Whew! I think I got them all so I managed to get more keywords in there for IBO ambots frantically searching for information on Amway WWDB Dream Night 2016.

I’m not going to list the actual dates for each city. If you really need to know go to the WWDB website and look them up but suffice it to say the Amway demons will be holding Dream Nights in these unsuspecting cities in January 2016.

And which cult leaders will Amway be sending in to bullshit the ambots?

Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear
Robert and Shelly Kummer
Dan and Sandy Yuen
Scott and Cris Harimoto
Terry and Linda Felber
Greg and Laurie Duncan
Samir and Theresa Atallah
Matt and Sandee Tsurada

Wait a minute. I’ve seen all these bastards listed before on every Amway World Wide Dream Builders function. Where are all these new Diamonds that Ambots show up here screeching about that Amway is breaking out hundreds and hundreds of new Diamonds every week. Oh lets just send out a big old fuck you to every Amway asshole who shows up here bragging about all the new Diamonds Amway is busting out. That’s a bunch of bullshit. The Diamonds are the same ones who’ve been sitting at the top of the pyramid for years bullshitting the followers at every Amway function. They’re getting pretty long in the tooth. I just don’t understand. I have so many fucking Amway assholes showing up here bragging about how they’re retired at age 21 thanks to Amway. So how come they’re aren’t any youngsters on the Diamond speaking list? Its just the same old tired bastards.

Tickets are $70. And that’s a steal because when we were in Scamway the fucking assholes in our Amway upline charged us $75. The real ticket price was $65 but the fuckers in our upline demanded we pay them $75 directly instead of buying tickets on the World Wide Destructive Bastards website and for their trouble they charged everyone an extra $10. Yup the old Amway tool scam hard at work to rip you off. Not only did we get ripped off an extra $10 the assholes in our Amway upline managed to fuck up buying tickets too.

OK lets break down this $70. Hotel banquets charge around $15 per person and that covers the cheapest meal available plus the room rental and wait staff for a few hours. But its easier for me to work in round numbers so lets call the actual cost $20 per person. On a $70 ticket that means somebody – oh hell not somebody – an Amway cult leader is making $50 profit on each ticket sold. Let’s just say the banquet room holds 400 attendees. That’s a $20,000 profit for the night. But hang on there are usually two Diamond couples showing up to each Dream Night brainwashing function so that $20,000 is split. How evenly its split is unknown because there’s Diamond infighting on how they slice up greed pie. But just to make it easy lets split it down the middle and say $10,000 each couple per night.

There are 40 cities where Dream Night will be held and its unknown of the 8 couples how many cities each one gets. Some of the cities hold more than one dream night and its my guess it’ll be the same Diamond couples doing the multiple nights seeing as how they’re already there. For the ease of my numbers lets call it 48 Amway WWDB Dream Nights evenly split 8 ways for each Diamond couple. So each Diamond couple gets 6 nights to bullshit the Ambots at $10,000 per night. That’s $60,000. Not a bad profit for one month’s work of bullshitting.

Selling tickets to functions like these are how the people sitting at the top of Amway’s pyramid scheme make the bulk of their income.

Bottom line like every other Amway function Dream Night is a waste of time. You don’t learn nothing and you don’t hear nothing that you haven’t heard before if you’ve already attended another WWDB Amway function such as Spring Leadership, Family Reunion or Free Enterprise Days FED.

This post has served its purpose of throwing out lots of keywords to suck in ambots who can’t find the information they seek from the assholes in their Amway upline. And to the ambots who have been brainwashed to believe they have the power to turn back time I need to match up my keywords to recent searches and that includes Dream Night 2015 and Dream Night 2014. Oh let’s just throw in WWDB Amway Dream Night 2017 cause you gotta know some Ambots gonna come along looking for that.

Dream Night sucks!!!!

WWDB World Wide Dream Builders sucks!!!

Amway sucks!!!!!

All Amway WWDB functions suck!


  1. It's hard to believe that anyone with a functioning brain would pay money to attend these dopey "functions." They sound like what "Senior Prom Night" was in high school -- just an opportunity for dressing up, preening, showing off, and drinking too much.

    If you happen to enjoy that sort of stuff, fine. Go ahead and pay your money to attend these "functions." But don't go expecting to hear anything useful or practical in building a business, or gaining more customers. The WWDB "functions" aren't for that purpose. They serve only to "fire you up" (turn you into a fanatical ambot), and to generate revenue for the same old fat-assed diamonds who speak at every one of these meetings.

    And Anna is right to ask some hard questions about where the fees for these "functions" go. Why doesn't Amway tell us just how much of the ticket price for functions goes to the speakers and organizers?

    What a total rip-off!

    1. Anonymous - yes Dream Night is a close call to Senior Prom Night. LOL but with a lot less drinking. These are Amway Ambot prudes. LOL! I'm pretty sure I had some nasty rubber chicken at prom dinner and I think that was still being served up at Dream Night.

      I didn't enjoy Dream Night. Rip off night! Food was OK for the cheapest item on the menu but the company was the shits. And same as every other Scamway function no actual business advice was given. Just slide shows of see how rich the Diamonds are. Or at least rich enough to rent sports calls and a mansion for a photo shoot.

      Yeah I'd like to know the breakdown of that $70. How much is the hotel getting and how much are the greedy Amway cult leaders getting. But I'm sure my calculations are in the ballpark.

  2. Wouldn't it be great if they gave a function, and nobody came?

    1. Anonymous - that would be great. But there'd be a lot of disobedient Ambots getting into trouble from their cult leaders. Shit we didn't go to an Artistry evening and some fucking bitch in our Amway upline phoned late at night to give us shit. Ambot answered the phone and when I realized what was happening I said give me that phone. He didn't because he knew the bitch giving him a shit kicking was about to get the same from me. And then he'd be in bigger trouble with the assholes in the Amway upline. I think most ambots take the easier route and just go to the function that to put up with the bitching later on if they don't go.

  3. The fact that the Amway bitch called your husband up to berate him at length for not attending that "Artistry" evening only proves that money is involved! If nobody in up-line made money from these functions, they wouldn't bother calling you up and wasting their time yelling at you when you don't attend.

    It's just like that Tools Scam. For years the diamonds claimed that they never made a dime off tapes and CDs -- they said they made and distributed them "for cost." And of course they were lying... because of pressure from bad publicity, the Amway higher-ups had to admit that the Tools Scam was a money-maker for them.

    Tools and functions: that's where the real money in Amway is. Which is why a number of really stupid ambots have showed up here to brag (foolishly) that they make money but don't bother to sell Amway products at all. That's what smart lawyers would call "an unfortunate admission."

    1. Anonymous - up until the shit kicking phone call I didn't have an opinion one way or another about that Ambitch. Not a lot of interaction. And this all goes along with how you have to ask permission from the assholes in your Amway upline if you don't plan to go to an Amway function. Ambot did phone a broke loser in his Amway upline to tell him he wasn't going and that fucking asshole didn't go either. And apparently a lot of ambots in our group didn't go. I mean what do you expect? A bunch of single guys in their 20's aren't interested in paying $50 to go to a cosmetics conference. Big surprise. Not. I'm pretty sure Ambitch was ordered by the sack of shit Platinum to phone all IBO's who had the good sense not to waste their time and money at this Amway function.

      It was less income for some Amway asshole further upline who didn't make enough money of this night's tool scam because of poor attendance.

  4. I know my upline used to always talk about attending these functions regularly. They would even tell us to plan our vacations or weekend getaways around those functions. I always thought to myself, "I get a three day weekend; why would I want to spend one of those nights at a function?" I honestly never heard anything different from one speaker to another. The upline would even tell us to schedule or ask for time off during a certain day so we all could car pool to a function hundreds of miles away. I attended a non-amway business conference held by Dave Ramsey that included many speakers and it was worth every penny I spent. I mean they completely blew away any speaker from WWDB. This was real business information.

    1. Yes, the Amway "can't miss" functions never have ANY useful information whatsoever. They are merely song and dance, rah rah chanting, brainwashing, bullshit events with one phony, lying speaker after another claiming rags to riches stories "and you can, too, if you go full hardcore with this plan". Lies, lies, lies. Plus, all those who may have made some kind of money in it never talk about all those in their downline and how those people are all LOSING money just so they can make some. That's how pyramids work. Everyone under the top person has to lose money in order for the one at the top to make some.

      A person with a conscience who would feel bad dragging friends and loved ones into a scam where in order to make money they have to milk their friends and loved ones dry, can't be successful in Amway. If you care about hurting others you won't make it in Amway. An Ambot must be selfish, greedy, ruthless, deceitful and unfeeling. Because part of the "plan" is to hurt the finances of 99% of those under you.

    2. Anonymous - even if Scamway held functions in places where people want to travel to, do you really want to wreck your Hawaiin vacation by going to an Amway brainwashing conference?

      There's a big difference between going to a useless Amway meeting and listening to someone like Dave Ramsey or another similar speaker. People who have good advice on how to get out of debt, save money, buy houses, invest, etc. Compared to an Amway cult leader who brainwashes ambots into believing that you'll get out of debt by buying a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products. The worst financial advice I've ever heard in my life has come from Amway assholes. Take out a 2nd mortgage on your house and use the equity to buy more shitty Amway products. Like fuck. That doesn't get you out of debt any better than using your credit card to buy Amway shit. Then you get Ramsey and I think he's the guy with the debt snowball if I remember correctly who actually gives good advice. Like the first thing you do is put aside $1000 in an emergency fund. They you know back your debt using the snowball method. Not of all his financial advice is going to work for everyone but some of it might. Compared to financial advice you get from an Amway asshole ain't going to help you better your financial situation at all.

    3. 2nd Anonymous - there's never been any good business advice at any Amway meeting. None. All Amway meeting's are for is so the guy at the top of the pyramid can make money selling tickets to broke Amway losers and like you said "inspire" and "motivate" with all of them having similar rags to riches stories and motivating by sneering if we can do it so can you. And then everyone in the audience chants back "yes" or "right on" or "freedom flush that stinking job."

  5. I don't know how these lying Amway creeps can face their consciences or kneel down to pray. No wonder they had to create their own church (The Amway Christian Fellowship) as a safe house.

    1. Anonymous - who knows what ambots do when they're worshipping the Great Amway God. Their cult makes lying and scamming and all the evil they do as normal. Ambots have brainwashed themselves into believing the bullshit they sling.

  6. That was my biggest concern when I was involved in I am showing the plan with my ex partner to people that can barely speak English and socially akward....but anyone with a heartbeat can make this business work right? No the business is not for everyone and for those that get sucked in it just becomes a very very expensive social club....what really makes me sad is that some of these people may be banking on this as a last chance to " make it big" or that they finally have found friends that care about them....this will keep them trapped even if there being bled dry....luckily I had enough self worth and a counscious and was able to get out before I got trapped.....even spending a few months "Merinating in the system" as my up line called it was enough to start the's taken me months now to enjoy the things I used to love to do(watch sports, spend time with family, be a normal person lol) without feeling guilty....I truly believe that my partner and the people that recruited her think they are helping people but in actuality they are perpetuating a cycle of greed and lies....pray they are able to snap out of it and that they will be able to's been a long road for me!

    1. Anonymous - the IRS has declared Amway is nothing but an expensive social club and when they hit up Ambots for an audit, the ambot better be able to show a business plan and a profit and loss statement and prove that spending money on bullshit Amway conferences has increased their Amway income. And Ambots get bad business advice from the assholes in their Amway upline that they can write off everything Amway against the income from their real job and the refund is how they really make money in Amway. Uncle Sam not too thrilled with that Amway business plan and that's why the IRS categorizes Amway as an expensive social club.

      Amway is all about recruiting the disadvantaged and if you're preying on people who can barely speak English chances are they're int he category of those least likely to be able to bounce back from a scam like this.

      Most IBO's are like you and can't put up with the deception and knowing they're losing money and quit after a few months.

      This blog is all about helping people heal.

  7. Try to stop attending meetings and see what you get.....

    1. Anonymous - easy answer for anyone who's been there done that. You'll get a shit kicking from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline.

  8. Fucking assholes are having their dream night tomorrow. These people seriously brainwash their recruits. Any "rational thinking" person would see through their line of bullshit. Ugh! I know, my daughter is not rationally thinking. I hate fucking Scamway.

    1. Living a Nightmare - Amway Dream Night that would be better titled Nightmare Night is running throughout the month at various cities. Ambots are probably encouraged to attend as many out of town functions as they can to listen to the bullshit the Amway cult leaders need to share. Here I'll sum it up. They were both working minimum wage jobs. They were in debt. Then a dear friend showed them the Amway plan. They figured out how to scam people out of their money. And if they can do it you can too.

      Everyone around this blog hates Scamway. Except for the fucking Amway loser who left the comment below yours.

  9. Why is everyone so angry lol. Move on with your life. You hate amway. That's ok. Let go and better yourselves. You have a right to your opinion but read what you just wrote and see how crazy and angry you sound. Just because the business didn't work out for you doesn't mean it's a cult. Take a deep breath and worry about things that really matter.

    1. Anonymous - What? Another fucking Amway asshole shows up here to order us around. Well fuck you! And god damn right we're angry. We got scammed by Amway. We had to put up with the fucking evil demented assholes in our Amway upline who were hell bent to destroy our lives. We went through financial and emotional distress thanks to Amway. And you think people walk away all happy happy after going through the Amway hell hole. What a dumb fuck you are! And you're so fucking brainwashed you can't even see its a cult. Keep on throwing your money at the Great Amway God. Go through divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure thanks to Scamway and maybe one day you'll figure out why people around here are angry. Until then - go fuck yourself you fucking Amway loser!

    2. To Anonymous at 3:44 PM --

      We should "worry about things that really matter," pal?

      How about poor down-line schmucks, without the hope of a chance, being ripped off by their asshole Platinums and Diamonds? How about them losing their savings and their homes? Or is that nothing to worry about?

      You think Amway is not a cult? Watch what happens when you tell you scum-sucking up-line that you can't attend Dream Night. It'll be like telling Count Dracula that you can make a blood donation.

    3. Anonymous - LOL! All these brainwashed Amway Ambots show up here and brag about how loving and wonderful their upline is. Cult tactic - brainwashing! Let's see how loving and wonderful they are when you tell them you're not coming to tonight's meeting or going to the next Scamway function. LOL! Or don't tell the upline assholes and just don't show up! LOL! Like you said, It'll be like telling Count Dracula that you can make a blood donation. LOL!


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