Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Amway Ambots Are Shitty Employees

I’ve been to enough Amway meetings where the Platinum or Diamond speaker shows contempt to anyone who has a job.

They sneer at people who have jobs. They put down people who have jobs. They criticize people who have jobs. They demand to know why IBO’s are still working for other people. How come their Amway business isn’t successful so that they can retire.

Amway cult leaders brainwash their followers into believing that J.O.B.s are evil and that nobody who is in Amway should suffer the injustice of working for an employer and make the boss richer. The Amway cult leaders go on and on and on why J.O.B.s should be hated, the boss should be hated, and the coworkers should be hated.

WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards and nothing brings the upline Amway assholes more happiness than destroying the lives of their cult followers. All part of the scheme to make them more dependent on the Amway cult leaders.

Soon the ambots duplicate their upline and sneer at people who have jobs and show contempt for people who work for someone else. These ambots hold down jobs themselves. In fact its how they can afford to be in the expensive Amway social club. When we were in Amway no one in our WWDB line other than ourselves owned their own business or were self-employed and very few crossline were self-employed.

Armed with the hateful things they have been brainwashed to think by their Amway cult leaders about people with J.O.B.s it doesn’t take long for their shitty attitude to infiltrate the workplace. Ambots criticize their co-workers and probably their boss because they’re all fucking morons for having a J.O.B. and working for someone else instead of themselves. They probably start complaining about how much they hate their job and they can’t wait until they’re finally free, thanks to Amway.

Better keep your mouths shut or that day might come sooner than you think! And you won’t be financially free when it does!

No workplace needs a fucking Amway IBO bringing the moral down and pissing off the other employees who have to listen to the Amway drunken IBO spout off their brainwashed bullshit.

I was amazed at the number of ambots in our line and crossline who became unemployed. I could certainly understand why their employers didn’t want to keep them around because all ambots have this brainwashed “J.O.B.s Suck” attitude. I never saw any of them find another J.O.B. while we were still in Amway and most unemployed ambots resorted to taking odd jobs wherever they could find them.

One of our friends found out when he hired an ambot that the bastard didn’t get much work done but wanted to be paid top dollar just for showing up and spending huge amounts of time on his cell phone, calls and texts. If that wasn’t bad enough he brought a boom box and blasted out the latest Amway CD from his tools order. That job didn’t last long for him!

I wouldn’t hire that bastard again either!

But then I wouldn’t have hired him in the first place! Never hire an Amway IBO! Their work ethic SUCKS!!!

Then there’s an ambot from Edmonton who showed up on the blog to leave a comment that he can’t wait to be “free” thanks to Amway so he will no longer have to suffer putting up with his coworkers who are all a bunch of assholes. I bet his boss would love to know that! Not to mention knowing that his employee is fucking around surfing the Internet on a government issued computer for an hour (maybe longer, just an hour on my blog) instead of getting his work done. Yup Alberta taxpayers dollars hard at work at this government office.

This is exactly the type of attitude towards J.O.B.s that ambots are brainwashed by Amway’s cult leaders that often puts them out of work very quickly. Ambots have the attitude that working a J.O.B. is soooooo beneath them but out of the goodness of their hearts they will show up to bless their boss and their coworkers with their presence but you better not expect them to actually do any work while they’re there. Oh they still want the boss to pay them for showing up but they’ll be too busy conducting Amway business to get anything else done.

Its that whole showing up routine. Like when you show up at an Amway meeting and the sack of shit Platinum tells everyone they are winners just by virtue of showing up. And if they religiously show up for the next two to five years then they will become rich beyond their wildest dreams and Amway will send them gazillions of money just because they showed up.

I would never hire an IBO for any job for the reasons I’ve already listed. They’re negative toward work, they waste too much time on the phone of Internet, they want to crank the volume on Amway CD’s, and they have a bad attitude. You pay somebody to get a job done you want them to do the work and not fuck around with texting, phone calls, surfing the Internet, recruiting prospects, selling Amway shit, blasting Amway motivational CD’s, and otherwise being annoying.

Lazy ass ambots need not apply!


  1. It's true. People in Amway are completely deficient in any sort of work ethic, or in any sense of responsibility to their employer. For them, they're just "tolerating" the J.O.B. until they can leave for good.

    Naturally, with an attitude like this you're bound to be fired sooner rather than later.

    This is another example of "cultish" behavior. When you are in a religious cult, you feel only contempt for those outside of it. And if your cult tells you that your job is something to be "flushed" (this is a standard metaphor at Amway functions), you're going to treat the job and everything connected with it as shit.

    If you feel that your "J.O.B." is shit, and the people working with you are stupid losers for not being in Amway, how long do you expect to be tolerated at that workplace?

    I wouldn't hire someone in WWDB or any other branch of Amway to sweep my stoop. They'd find some way to denigrate the job, and at the same time express contempt for everyone around them.

    1. Anonymous - yup Ambots have poor work ethics. They don't (to quote an Amway Ambot) "try hard enough". LOL! And these same bastards show up here screeching at us that we're not "winners" because we didn't try hard enough and that's why we failed at Amway. There's no shame in failing at a system designed for failure.

      I read an article that broke down employees. It said 20% of employees are hard workers, are good at what they do, they love their jobs and go over and above. You'll never find an Ambot in that category! LOL! The next 20% is where you will find an Ambot and that's people who hate their jobs or aren't very good at what they do or feel like they're doing their boss a favor just by showing up and barely tolerating the workplace. These employees are not really a problem to a boss because one way or another they won't be there much longer. Most employees fall in the 60% range who show up here, get their work done, and probably do a pretty decent job, but bottom line they don't give a shit one way or the other, and if a better offer comes along they're out of there. And that 60% are the problem workers for employers. Yeah I do read some of those business magazines! LOL!

      Most people can't tolerate an Amway Ambot in the workplace because of their attitude. I had a reader show up here and left a comment that he was looking for more information on Amway because he was just getting ready to fire an employee that was in the cult and his whole attitude had changed for the worse. Reading here confirmed for him he was making the right decision to fire the Ambot.

      Never hire an Amway Ambot cause they'll only out to destroy everything they come in contact with.

  2. Everybody's ingrained need to be your own boss. And any mlm especially amway talks about working your own hours and being your own boss...

    1. Anonymous - MLM's might talk like that but not everyone is ingrained need is to be their own boss.

  3. And these same wizards give advice to their downline, who give advice to their downline ...

    1. Anonymous - that's why its very important to never take advice from any fucking Amway assholes!


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