Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amway Ambot Facebook Sales Pitch

This is a condensed version of an online Amway sales pitch one of our readers sent in that took place on Facebook. The bananas were trying to decide whether to print it as one huge blog post or break it up into several posts stretched over 2 or 3 days. We decided it was better to leave it as one long script so the readers can see all the bullshit Amspeak propaganda in one place. Get ready for a big read today 10 minutes and its got some standard Amway lies and lines. These Amway bastards need to come up with some new bullshit! Also want to warn readers not to drink anything while reading this because you’ll be laughing at Ambot stupidity and you don’t want to spit up your drink all over your computer! LOL! 

An Amway Ambot posts a fake job ad and a sucker responds thinking there’s a legitimate job available and asks for more info.

Ambot begins the conversation mid January with the usual Amway thinly disguised bullshit instead of explaining more about what the “real job” is. SCAMMER!

Ambot: We are into e commerce business and currently looking for expanding our team and I thought you might be interested in it.

(3 weeks later a week into February.)

Prospect: I just now saw your response and I’m interested.

Ambot (typical arrogant Amway Ambot bitchy attitude): Wow it took you forever to respond. We will need you to give at least 4-10 hours of week. Will you be able to give?

By now the prospect has looked at this moron’s Facebook profile and sees he’s an Amway scammer. He searches on the Internet for more information and reads this blog and similar blogs about Scamway so he knows this is the Amway pyramid scheme and decides to have a little fun with the Amway fucker. They go back and forth for awhile about when and where to meet and then Prospect asks for the name of the company so he can do some research.

Ambot: How will you research?

Prospect: Google mostly.

Ambot: No worries, but remember people put all sorts of comments in it. It's like a toilet wall

Prospect: OK. So what’s it called?

Ambot: The company name is Amway. Watch "Amway Year in Review - 2014" on YouTube - Amway Year in Review – 2014. (and gives a link to a Youtube video that no one reading this blog gives a shit about so not included) This is 55 yo company with 10.8Bn turnover last year, Look into this link and you will know how big and Nobel it is

Prospect: Is this MLM?

Ambot: I think top 5 in Forbes list. What is MLM?

And seeing as how our friend has already done research explains MLM to doofus Amway Ambot. Then a couple of days later more conversation confirming time of meeting.

Prospect: for this meeting am I required to sign up on the spot or buy products?

Ambot: Absolutely Not, this is an obligation free presentation. But if it interests you, you can.

Prospect: OK. I’ll continue to do research.

Ambot: Sure, get all your doubts cleared. If you decide to continue it will help you in future. I am doing it successfully and I am among hundreds of people who are going to share how to win together. I don't want to spoil your excitement, really

Next day – the day of the “business meeting”

Prospect: Hey, so I talked with my partner about this and she says its not a worthwhile opportunity for me.

Ambot: No problem. I think you listen it out with an open mind and then take a decision.

Prospect: Points she made plus she did her own research. Also there is a lot more negative pieces on amway than positive.

Ambot: Just remember Google is a search engine not research engine

Prospect: I know you use a search engine to do research. A research engine would be a database of academic journal articles

LOL! So much for Amway Ambots going around screeching everyone else in the world is not educated. Dumb fuck Ambot doesn’t know his dick from his mama’s titty. LOL!

Then the Ambot gives the prospect a bunch of links to Youtube videos for him to watch titled:
Life+Style of Ganesh Shenoy
Ganesh's message for professionals
How people make Money in Amway
How can I do it?
System that teaches

A little later on…

Prospect: Hey only 2 videos work.

(LOL! Dumb fuck Ambots can’t get their act together. LOL!)

Ambot: Oops. Looks like they have been copy righted. For the videos that work try to access others. I mean just hear it out once with open mind. Don't worry to take decision. There are people like Ganesh helping us

Prospect: I heard the videos. Well the 2 that worked.

Ambot: Ok. It's a 10.8B company ready to share its profit and there are people who got success already trying to teach you. All is needed is learn and try to implement. Not a big deal.

Prospect: So duplicate what my (theoretical) upline does? (Anna Banana says LOL this Prospect has done his research!)

Ambot: I will tell you when we meet. You will be meeting my upline

Prospect: Wouldn’t it be easier to tell me now?

Ambot: Sorry. I’m in office (my full time job) and my boss is looking at me angrily.

(LOL Somehow I don’t think that boss is going to be a problem much longer. LOL!)

Prospect: Well you can tell me at 5 once you finish at your job right?

Ambot: Yes I will try. I will also be able to show you what my uplines do. We meet 3 times a week. Friday is one of that day. If free come and see us. It's open for all. It's near flinder street. Me and my entire team is willing to invest time and energy and money on you, just come and listen to us what we want to say. Bring your partner too, most welcome. Bring as many as people you want.

Prospect: so three times a week - and its compulsory

Ambot: Absolutely not (LIAR! LOL! If you don’t show up you’ll get a shit kicking from the sack of shit Platinum) You will do it by your own self, you will feel yourself excited to meet people. Man you should have come on Tuesday, you would have loved to hear what he said.

Prospect: What did he say roughly?

Ambot: Well, why should you do business? What is this opportunity? And how will you do it. Sorry I have to go. Meeting. I hate my boss that's why I want to be my own boss asap. (LOL this Amway fucker will never be his own boss but I bet he won’t have his current boss much longer LOL!)

Prospect: Why do you hate your boss?

Ambot: Simple reason, my income = boss's expense. That's why he hates me earning money from him. That's why I hate him he doesn't give me money.

(LOL! Ambots are full of hate. And they leave comments on this blog that we’re full of hate! LOL! Pot calling the kettle black. Ha ha!)

Prospect: Depends where your job is

Ambot: Do you have boss?

Prospect: yea

Ambot: Well you are lucky then that you got a good boss. Ask him for a salary raise.

Prospect: I do part time work and its union.

Ambot: Can you?

Prospect: Essentially the unions look after all that

Ambot: ok. See you later, sorry.

(Sometime later)

Ambot: Hi. I can call you now if you want

Prospect: Yea we can talk. How long have you been an IBO?

Ambot: What is your number?. I am very new too, about 2 months. But I could sponsor about 3 people so far.

Prospect: I am happy chatting here. So they are in your downline?

Ambot: Ok. Yes

Prospect: And have you made money?

Ambot: Basically my wife made them join.

Prospect: Okay, how did your wife make them join?

Ambot: Simple same way how I m talking to you. They all are enthusiastic people. It's a risk free part time opportunity, what else can you ask for. Yes I made money.

Prospect: By make money I mean a profit in your business.

Ambot: Yes. My investment is nearly zero in this business.

Prospect: Okay, and how is that?

Ambot: Well, you join with $25 plus the products. All products come 90 days 100% satisfaction gurantee. (Hey! What the hell happened to the 180 day guarantee that Amway cult leaders were shitting their pants bragging about?). If you can't continue or don't like product return it back. So the money which I invested is $25 which I covered in a weeks time.

Prospect: So people do actually buy these products?

Ambot: Does your salary increase 5 times in month? Yes and the products really work. 750+ world class products.

Prospect: Okay so your salary initially for Amway was?

Ambot: Salary?? It's a profit. At least 30 times than my investment. Recognition and moral boost and self confidence is all extra. What else do you want?

Prospect: Does your salary increase 5 times in month? - you said salary

Ambot: Your salary*

Prospect: But was is your initial profit then?

Ambot: My profit increased that much in a month

Prospect: So what dollar figure is it at now?

Ambot: My upline would be able to explain you more clearly. Enough to support my stuff like travelling to and talking to people

Prospect: But its your business shouldn't you know what you are making in profit?

Ambot: If I had not made money I had not talked to you that much. (Hunh? Amway Ambot gibberish comes out to throw off the prospect.)

Prospect: Even roughly?

Ambot: Will you tell your income details to an unknown person on facebook?

Prospect: Well I need some sort of proof

(At this point the Ambot posts one of those Amway charts designed to confuse the shit out of everyone with numbers and percentages and discounts and PV and holy shit my head is reeling.)

Prospect: So spend money for your own products and get discounts.

Ambot: Or sell it at retail price and make money.

Prospect: And these products are better/offer more value than what is at the supermarket?

Ambot: Yes.

Prospect: And an example?

Ambot: Tell me what did you find in your “research”?

Prospect: Well in all fairness a lot of negatives.

Ambot: Why example? I will show you demo. Amway is supposed to be word of mouth business. There are at least 10 ways in which you can earn money in it.

Prospect: So recruiting. Getting people to go to meetings? Product sales.

Ambot: :D

Prospect: What are the major ones?

Ambot: The meeting is free of cost.

Prospect: Annual conference?

Ambot: Conference costed $20. I am explaining too many things on chat which is not going to work with my experience. You should be able to understand that whole business plan cannot be explained just like that. I think you believe the unknown people comments on Google more than meeting real successful people, isn't it? Do you still want to meet? I have put my upline on hold for you. Should I tell him to cancel?

Prospect: Yea. I have decided not to. Best of luck with all the Amway stuff

Ambot: You are declining an opportunity to earn 3k to 4k from home working in part time.

Prospect: Its okay. I’m set in where I want to go career wise

Ambot:  Can I add you as my friend on my page?

Prospect: I guess if you want. Don’t think any of my friends will join Amway.

Ambot:  No I don't want to, generally I add my customers there, but I will add you as my ibo there. I don't want to ask your friends. Anyways if any of your friend is interested in buying iPhone 6 or 6 plus ask them to contact me please. I can get a nice discount from Amway. If you get any of your friend I can give you $10 per reference if they buy phone connection.

A few days go past.

Ambot: Good morning. Are you interested in a party?

(This is followed with a poster showing XS energy drinks throwing a party and tickets are limited and hurry up and buy your ticket. Probably not the type of party the prospect was thinking about but Ambots do this sort of shit to trick prospects into meetings.)

Ambot: This is one of our largest selling product - energy drink. You will meet people and also learn about product.

(Then another poster listing all the XS flavors and comparing them to Red Bull.)

Ambot: This is the comparison with market products like red bull. Look at the sugar level. Let me know ASAP tickets are selling very fast.

(Anna Banana says maybe if XS put more sugar in their energy drink it wouldn’t taste like cat piss! LOL!)

Prospect: Is the drink called XS?

Ambot: Yes. Do you know about it?

Prospect: Amway research.

Ambot: Ok, so what did you find out about it? Good or bad?

Prospect: Both

Ambot: Have you ever tried it? $2.50 per can only.

(Anna Banana points out the ambot is neglecting to mention the cans aren’t sold singularly – you got to buy a case for $25? $30? Higher? – YECH!)

Prospect: I don’t like those drinks.

Ambot: Ok. XS was one of the suppliers for Amway, this year they bought the whole company. That's why this party. (Or was it bankruptcy restructuring for Duncan and he was forced to sell?)

Prospect: So it's about $10 a ticket

Ambot: Yes $24 if you block 4.

Prospect: No thanks.

(A couple more weeks go by and Prospect has posted on his Facebook page: Asked who gets rich from your job on a Facebook status – As a teacher who wants to work with disadvantaged kids I asked him who gets rich from teaching)

Ambot: Hahaha, looking your comment now. Before answering let me ask you one question, Do you think teaching is a job?

Prospect: It's a profession. But others will consider it a job

Ambot: You gave the answer by yourself. A good teacher will never think he is doing a job for money. He is not in teaching business he is in teaching line, changing lives. But anyways, even in my case I am learning everyday with my "teachers" in business. Anyways, see you later (Can you please delete your reply on my post? It's confusing others)

(Prospect didn’t delete the comment)

(A couple of months go by)

Ambot: Hi, how are you doing?

Prospect: I’m doing good. How have you been?

Ambot: Doing great. Do you shop groceries online, by any chance? Do you want to know some good deals from Amway?

Prospect: I will listen

Ambot: Lol, please don't mind it

Prospect: Huh?

Ambot: Go to site (and here he gives Amway’s website and his Amway ID to login) Check the deals and costs they offering.

Prospect: Is this at retail or cost price?

Ambot: Actual price. None of them are Amway products so all of them are cost price

Prospect: So wholesale

Ambot: Yes. It was only for IBOs. it is*

(Hunh – did anyone know what the Ambot means with the * ?)

Prospect: I will look through it later. Busy now.

Ambot: They have extended it for VIP clients. These are new partner stores recently added in North America. It's FREE registration, let's chat later then.

(About 5 months later)

Ambot: Happy Birthday!

Prospect: Thanks J smile emoticon

(About 2 months later our Prospect decides to have a little fun with the ambot)

Prospect: Hey I was wondering if you were still doing Amway.

Ambot: Yes I am. Anything I can help you with?

Prospect: I just found an ebook online that I think you may find interesting.

Ambot: OK

Prospect:  *interesting http://www.transgallaxys.com/~emerald/files/MerchantsOfDeception.pdf Feel free to thumb through it when you get the chance.

Ambot: Ok I can guess what inside it from the title.

Prospect: I have read through it. Yes there is probably an over exaggeration in the contents but it is an interesting read and since its related to Amway I thought you should thumb through it to get your opinion on it and so on.

Ambot: Well I can say one thing Amway business is easy but not simple. Hope you get it.

Prospect: Easy to join, easy to build?

Ambot: Yes sure I will read and let yoh know. Easy to build and share but not simple to sustain and see through people's rejections and their silly objections. How many stores have you seen closed even during global recession times? Year 2008-2009

(Jesus Christ those fucking Ambots sure go back aways to pull their statistics! LOL! And they go back even further than that – decades sometimes – dumb fuck Amway losers! LOL!)

Prospect: From my local area, none. In fact there was growth.

Ambot: Search for amway yearly growth and compare for year 2008-09 figures. It was supposed to be recession time, but the firm grew by 17%. I can agree one or few persons can be wrong but not billions of people. Anyways, talk to you later. I will let you know my comments.

Prospect: Quick point on the 17% growth - that is a nice number if you are an investor.

Ambot: Yes I am not Amway customer I am Amway partner, an investor. (Anna Banana says LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!) The number is because of people like me.

(Hey wait a minute! Didn’t that dumb fuck Ambot say at the beginning he’s only been in Scamway 2 months? Fucking Ambots can’t do math! LOL! Someone in 2015 who’s only been in “the business” for 2 months wasn’t around in 2008-2009 when that supposed 17% growth was going on no matter how much they bullshit about it – what the fuck’s up with that anyway!!!????)

Prospect: So as an investor you see a share of that 17% growth. I thought you were an IBO.

Ambot: Yes IBO is Independent Business Owner, a partner in Amway business. (Anna Banana again says LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!) Lets meet some time I will show you the plan. Its different than traditional business.

Prospect: okay, I will see when I am free.

Ambot: Lmao, 318 pages. Sorry I cannot read, its a lot. Dont have time to waste on silly things. Answer my one genuine question - If not Amway what option do you have?

Prospect: What do you mean by that question? In more detail.

Ambot: If you want to earn 250K per year, what options do you use?

Prospect: I would start off with investment properties that get rental yields.

Ambot: $250,000

Prospect: Start with one and build up. Then there is shares.

Ambot: Cool, how much money do you plan to invest?

Prospect: So you are on the I quadrant shares start small with $5000 and I remain in the I quadrant. For investment property I would say a deposit of 50k if not more.

Ambot: Hmm. Risk factor after investing so much?

Prospect: Everything in life has risk. From getting on the train to investment properties to stocks ect

Ambot: What can I say, all the best with that. Because I am not investing even 1% of that amount and have a potential of making 250K.

Prospect: But do you own your own business? My understanding is of Amway is that you can be cut off.

Ambot: Yes I own my business. Amway is just a supplier.

Prospect: So that means you would do quartley statements and alike. Plus taxes for your business that are seperate from personal taxes.

Ambot: Thats the thing, you should try to believe it. Amway works for me, takes care of my accounts, products, warehouse, logistics, technology, staff. (Anna Banana again says LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!) 

Prospect: Try to believe what exactly?

Ambot: There is a 90 day trial period with Amway. Try Amway.

Prospect: If I try, can I see an income statement, cash flow statement or a balance sheet?

Ambot: Come tomorrow for meeting, I will make you meet real people making at least $3000 per month with Free international 5 star hotel trips.

Prospect: I have personal tutoring tomorrow.

Ambot: At 7:15pm? (Anna Banana says – get a clue Ambot! This is called the brush off! LOL!)

Prospect: Yea. Exams are coming up.

Ambot: ok. Lets plan on Friday. Where do you live?

Prospect: No way known I would set a bad example for students. Noble park but I’m busy on Friday.

Ambot: Ok. Yes teaching is your passion and we call it as Plan A. Amway is your Plan B. (Holy fuck Ambot! Did you see that interview with one of the Amway owners, I think it was VanAndel who said they don’t want Ambots referring to Plan B? Yet another Ambot gives the big old fuck you to their boss.) We dont recommend to stop/ cause problems to Plan A for Plan B. This is how it works. I can show you the plan, but I want you to meet real people. Ask them how much is their income. Infact there is a huge function happening in mid Oct. Millionaires from all over world coming. (And there’s another Youtube link to watch a bunch of dumb fuck Amway losers)

Prospect: Are you part of Britt worldwide? Also with the book not saying read the lot but do thumb through it. It made me think about how people mention negative thinking.

(It takes the Ambot a couple of days to respond. Perhaps he counselled with the assholes in his Amway upline on how best to trick this prospect to come to a meeting.)

Ambot: Yes I am part of Bill Britt World Wide, its called BWW. I cant read through that fast. Infact I am reading motivational books like The magic of thinking big, How I raised myself from failure to success in selling, acers of diamonds etc. I am pretty sure these books will enlighten more.

(And then the Ambot posts a photo of some of the books he purchased through the Amway tool scam. Anyone who’s been in the Amway cult will recognize the titles.)

Prospect: I will make a note just thinking of friends in other mlms who have lost a fair bit due to positive thinking.

Ambot: Sure!! There might be something they did wrong or they didn't get good mentor. (More proof Amway is a blame the victim scam!) Otherwise according to me it's impossible. Things are going to happen but why to see it negatively which will attract the negative things which you don't want.

Prospect: Less than 1% of MLMs are profitable according to the FTC.

Ambot: Hmm it might be in case of Mlms. But not in Amway . Amway is not a MLM. (What the fuck!!! Does Amway know this? LOL!!!!) If you want more info we can meet.

Prospect: When I am free. Also amway is direct selling which is another name for MLM.

Ambot: Of course .Which days are you free weekdays or weekends?

(Basically never. Prospect reels off what he does every day of the week. Busy schedule.)

Ambot: Ok then if you want we can meet on this Sunday. Will Fix a tentative time & place.

Prospect: I’m not sacrificing partner time for this. Thats what happened to a friend of mine. He is now divorced since he joined in MLM or Direct Selling or became an IBO.

Ambot: Great!! That's what I also want to do . (What the fuck does this mean? Get divorced due to Amway?) I don't want to go in argument but by the bww system me & my partner have more strong relations. (Anna Banana again says LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!)

Prospect: So Amway or your BWW help your relationship?

Ambot: Everybody's thinking is different . In ways in future if you make your mind to see this opportunity you are welcome.

Prospect: I’m just trying to get a very basic grasp on Amway that syncs with what I have read vs. what you have told me

Ambot: My relation with my partner is strong from day 1st but it has more stronger from bww system not by Amway . Amway is working for me as a supplier, accountant , etc. Will talk to you in the evening. Going in a meeting . Have a nice day !!

Prospect: Have fun. Hope your boss is nice to you

(A couple of days later the conversation resumes)

Ambot: Lmao. I see my boss everyday in mirror, he is very nice ;) Looks like your schedule is very busy, let me know when you want to make serious money. Meanwhile, do you know anyone looking for weight management? Our suppliers Nutriway has launched one great product called BodyKey, please share this flyer. (The ambot posts a picture of the flyer and his phone #)

Prospect: Does body key being scientifically proven with human clinical trials? Also I meant the boss at your job which you hate. Not sure why though.

Ambot: Yes, absolutely. 900 scientists have worked on it.

Prospect: So do you or your Amway team have proof of these clinical trials. A hundred accountants can work on a report - doesn't mean it is legit.

Ambot: http://mybodykey.us/ (left the link in because apparently Scamway has once again changed the name of its weight loss program to confuse people. Memo to bananas: have to update and rerun that post again) All products come with 90 days 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not happy with anything just return it and you will get your money back. Entire money back.

Prospect: Okay... So clinical testing...

Ambot: Absolutely, let me find the info (Ambot throws in link to an Amway page that breaks down the product but offers no clinical testing results from 900 scientists). Let me find some more info, as bodykey is a program and it comes with many customised solutions depending on your body type.The Supplier Amway has established a health clinic where we can go and get all your answers.

Prospect: I dont need any of that. So nutrilite is the product.

Ambot: No worries, if you know anyone looking for, Nutrilite is 80 year old company who invented multi vitamin concept. So nutrilite is brand name and one of my suppliers.

Prospect: So do their products have clinical trials that prove their legitimacy

Ambot: Yes. If not I will be millionaire by sueing them. (Next to marrying an Amway heir that might be the only other way to become an Amway millionaire.)

Prospect: Okay I will see if I can find them

(A few days later)

Prospect: Found no independent clinical trials

And that’s the end of the script. The Ambot couldn’t back up his lie about the 900 scientists and dropped out of sight. The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract, and defend…. and then disappear. Maybe the lying scamming bastard will resurface again on Facebook. Fucking Amway loser!


  1. Anna, this post is AMAZING!

    It's practically the exact same bullshit my cousin gave to me back in 1971! The products were different, but the attitude and mentality and rhetoric are almost identical.

    Reading this post brought back a whole series of emotions and memories. Above all else, there was the sense of being manipulated and coerced into something that didn't seem quite right. It was like talking to a Hare Krishna disciple, or a Jehovah's Witness. The person was trying to get some sort of ascendancy over me, and control my thinking and my reactions.

    I only wish I had had the sort of sales resistance that this guy had. He really kept the Ambot at bay.

    Amway depends on a "pitch," but it's neither a hard sell nor a soft sell. It's a kind of sleazy sell.

    1. Hi Anonymous - glad you enjoyed it! 1971, 1981, 1991, etc etc - the only things that change in Amway are the people change and the prices going up. The lies and bullshit stay the same.

      Amway is all about manipulation. Brainwashing. Bullying. Abuse. Intermingled with love bombing. All cult tactics.

      Yes this prospect did his research. Ironically something that Amway losers show up here screeching at us to do! LOL! And then was able to string him along for awhile. The Ambot probably thought he had a sucker nicely packaged up to show off to the assholes in his Amway upline! LOL! Amway Ambots specialize in sleaze, like the ambot in this script showed us.

    2. Well I was intrigued until I googled Amway - found this blog and eventually read Merchants of Deception.

      It is a sad but eye opening read to be honest.

    3. Mathew - there's nothing wrong with being intrigued. I mean lots of people are interested in other income streams and improving their finances. Amway won't do that for over 99% of the participants. If that Ambot had got you in front of his sack of shit Platinum you would have met a charismatic guy who is charming, the kind of guy you'd like for a friend and who sounds ever so sincere about how everyone is going to get rich together. In other words the best damn closer in that "team". You may have found it harder to resist in person. Or you may have sat there thinking this guy is the biggest bullshitter I've ever met in my life! That's the way it swung with me when I met our sack of shit Platinum! LOL!

  2. So for those that care

    This is from my FB account. This all did happen and initially I was a student looking for a part time job which he advertised on a buy,swap sell group. The reason I got in contact with him to 'play' was to dissuade a friend who was keen on Amway.

    Basically he sat over my shoulder while that portion happened. Needless to say he was swaying away from Amway and then Nutrilite stuff later on confirmed it.

    As a follow up he hasn't been in contact with me since and his FB page has been mysteriously silent.

    Again - thank you for reading that and hopefully this dissuades at least one person from joining.

    1. Hey thanks again mathew for supplying this script. It's so important to people to be able to recognize an Amway pitch and every little bit that gets out on the Internet will hopefully make it harder on these scammers to keep reeling in victims.

      At least this whole chat was able to help your friend realize he was getting involved with a bunch of scammers.

      No names were used for a few reasons. First off it wasn't my chat, I wasn't participating so I'd have had to track down this Amway loser and to see if he'd let me use his name and I'll be damned if I'm going to chat with some fucked up brainwashed piece of shit Amway Ambot. I'm not going to be irresponsible because its really fucking embarrassing for people in Amway to admit they're in Amway. And the best thing is that Amway shits who show up here to read this blog won't know if this dumb ass Ambot is in their line. It could be any lying scamming Amway asshole out there. Nothing this guy said was any different a lie than what I've heard. Though I must say that one about the 900 scientists was a new one! LOL! Can you imagine Nutrilite's payroll on that one! LOL!

      Yeah I hope someone thinking about joining Amway reads this and realizes holy shit this is the same bullshit they're feeding me and recognizes it would be a bad idea to get involved with a company with such a bad reputation.


  3. Remember that your upline talks about e-commerce and at the same your upline is afraid of the internet.

    1. Anonymous - its ridiculous. The assholes in our Amway upline constantly promoted "the business" as ecommerce bullshit and as you said, tell people to stay off the Internet. The Amway loser in this script said what all ambots say that the Internet is a toilet wall. And I don't know where Amway Ambots are shitting but there's nothing standing out about any toilet walls that I've visited! LOL!

    2. That's an excellent point. My ex's dipshit sponsor would talk out of one side of his mouth about "network marketing" and how LTD was "like eBay meets Amazon meets Facebook, but we're bigger and better than all three!!" But then out of the other side of his mouth he'd lecture us only to do our research from LTD approved websites.

    3. Anonymous - Amway Ambots talk out of both sides of their mouth. Or more accurately they talk out of their mouth and their asshole at the same time! LOL! Those Amway losers are still trying to compare Amway to Amazon. Let's see one of those companies is not a scam and is not a cult. One of those those companies makes about 100 billion a year in sales. Now lets just watch a bunch of fucking Amway losers show up here getting all excited about the wrong company making that much income LOL! Lets give them a big clue. The company making closer to 100 billion in sales has only been in business about 20 years so any of you Ambots showing up to brag about Amway being around for 50 years just got your answer. LOL!

  4. Very entertaining read Anna, thanks for posting. I see some of the same tactics here I have seen ambots (as you call them) use in comments on youtube videos about Amway (both pro and/or con videos). There when an Ambot realizes they just cant deny there are people who sign-up but have no success in Amway well these people just didn't try hard enough but they (the Ambot) is associating with people who have 'made it" so they will be rich as can be any day now... gag and blaming the victim always is a suck-y thing to do. Second as here I see on youtube the use of badgering someone into agreeing with something true in life and then weirdly tying it to joining Amway. Here it's going from $0 to $250k is very difficult(true enough)... so you should join Amway! On youtube I saw one Ambot wont give it a rest that a given worker his/her boss will always make more money than he/she does. (again true enough) And you shouldn't like this (not sure way not) Sooooo the solution is to join Amway! Anna I despise Scamway as much as you do, but I'll give them credit... they know how to train their followers in manipulative techniques to try and entice others to join.

    1. Anonymous - it was entertaining. And you read it and just sit back and think, where have I heard this bullshit before. And its like a combo of the "training" you hear at every Amway meeting. Like you said - the Amway cult leaders train their followers in manipulative techniques to entice others to join.

      And yup we have posts around here on the "do you agree" theme where the Amway cult leader says do you agree that's a painting of a lighthouse hanging on the wall or do you agree that Obama is the president and similar things that are very obviously true that you agree with. And then it transforms into the Amway bullshit like do you agree its better to be a business owner than an employee. And no that's not always better. There's just too many criteria that comes into play. Not everyone has it in them to be a business owner. Its not always better to have the headaches of being a real business owner and worrying about expenses versus income and paying bills and meeting the payroll and what your employees are doing or not doing. The list is endless. And the most important thing that IBO "Independent Business Owners" is just a dumb fuck title because the little Ambots aren't "independent" at all. They're bound to the Amway contract. Amway makes the rules and sets the prices. The Ambot is ruled by a sack of shit Platinum or some other Amway cult leader. They're playing make belief games of being a business owner when they don't know piss all of what its like to be a real business owner.

  5. The thing about people in Amway is that they combine several obnoxious character traits into one revolting persona.

    They are ignorant, but also self-righteous. They have a high opinion of themselves, but are arrogant and snotty. They are incapable of simple logic, but think they can out-argue everybody else. They have absolutely no self-awareness, but presume they can easily psychoanalyze anybody they meet. They are not especially well-educated or cultured, but believe that they can give advice to you on any subject at all. They pretend to be religious, but spend their entire effort and energy in the pursuit of money.

    This is the typical Ambot that Anna has been describing here for years. He's a self-absorbed, preachy fanatic with tunnel vision for one thing only: AMWAY!

    This means that he is not fully human. No wonder he's eventually deserted by his friends and his family.

    Amway is his life, his soul, his inner being, his basic identity. It's on his mind every second of the day. He can't imagine life without it, or without the connection to his up-line and down-line.

    1. Anonymous - you could combine practically every obnoxious character trait a human could possess and an Amway Ambot has them all!

      Yup Amway Ambots definitely think they're better than everyone else in the world who isn't inside their cult. They also think they're experts at everything and because they went to Amway University that now automatically means they have degrees in everything. Why bother with medical school to become a doctor when you can go to Amway University?

      Yup Amway Ambot tunnel vision for only Amway!

      Its the most fucking creepy thing I've ever witnessed. And its horrifying the control Amway cult leaders have over their followers.

      Nothing is more important to an Amway Ambot than tithing the Great Amway God.

  6. Hi Bananas!

    LOL I love this post! The Ambot just got trolled (screwed) upside down by this Prospect! Haha! Something I enjoy reading after seeing how idiotic and sadistic they are, Haha!

    Few months ago I received a Facebook message from an ex-schoolmate. We were in the same high school for six years, and may have known the existence of each other, but I don't know him and vice versa, and we graduated from the same stream.

    The message reads (Translated from a mix of Chinese and Malay):
    Good morning (my name)! I have recently participated in a plan in which you can become rich working from home by simply referring 2 people to the plan. I understand that you might need some extra income (Gene: Yup, I am studying/working abroad and I need some extra income to make ends' meet). Please take a look at the video: http://kva05.jimdo.com/e29 (to Banana: You might want to remove the link, its not Scamway, but I think some of the new MLMs). If you are interested, I can provide you with more information. No need to meet anywhere, you can get all the information you need online at home. If you are interested, I can provide you with more information (Yup, same sentence, but with different phrasing in Chinese). Its okay if you are not interested, I hope I have not disturbed you. (\Message)

    Now that few months have passed, I feel like replying that message and see if he is still in the MLM, or that he has seen through everything behind the deception of MLM and quit.

    Anyways thanks for this wonderful article Bananas! I hope to see some more of these posts in the future! Haha!

    - Gene

    1. Hi Gene. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah this post was classic Ambot lines showing how people in Amway are a bunch of idiots.

      Yup beware of old friends (or new ones!) connecting on Facebook who want to share a business opportunity with you. It'll almost always be an MLM scam.

      And no we can't edit comments. Our only choices are publish or delete. That web page is all in another language anyway except the facebook link and I doubt anyone who reads this blog will click on it.

      Yeah you could always connect with him and see if he's still MLM scamming. Most people quit after a few months when they run out of money.

  7. They are described as onion-skinned. Just prick a sore spot and you will see an ambot flared up with your "negativity." Makes me remind of a butterfly skin syndrome. Just prick and a bad reaction occurs.

    1. Anonymous - everyone in Amway is an arrogant prick! LOL!

  8. My favorite thing to see in conversations like these is how illiterate all of these people are. It's shocking that they can generate any income to spend on this venture, because they can't read or write. Watching the way every Ambot has ever typed is nothing short of shocking.

    If these guys actually were able to speak, I might be more inclined to take them seriously. I remember my first WWDB meeting with Mike Carroll and not only was I confused because he didn't describe how we make money, but he was so illiterate on stage with his improper word usage and bad slang. I can't believe I ever went to more meetings after that, because it was the most informal and weird meeting ever aside from the outrageous dress code.

    1. Hi Mike. Yeah every now and then we get a reader who gives us a play by play of getting prospected by an Amway Ambot but this was a good one because it was all written down on Facebook chat.

      And hardly any ambots generate Scamway income. Though they'll brag all over the place about how great business is going.

      Amway Ambots are all about confusing people with numbers. Throwing out numbers of how much money you can make and how bazillions of dollars in residual income will be rolling in every month after 2 to 5 years working part time 10 hours a week.

      And LOL on the dress code. Business suits for meeting in living rooms or coffee shops. What a bunch of fucking dorks!

    2. What is it with Amway and its fucking business suits?

    3. Anonymous - its because the ambots are ordered by the assholes in their Amway upline to wear business attire. It's all part of the control freak thing Amway cult leaders have going on. What else could be the point of playing dress up and playing a make belief game of being a business owner? Sure sign of ambots are seeing those Amway losers in business suits crowded around a table in McDonald's and no one is ordering anything cause they're broke from tithing the Great Amway God.

  9. I'm trolling Facebook to try and find someone go get prospected by. Why should THIS guy have all the fun. I wanna play with an ambot too!! Been too long.

    1. Hey Ambot Dick! Long time no hear! Yeah have some fun with an Ambot on Facebook and let us know how it goes. It doesn't usually take too long before an Ambot puts up a fake job ad or tries to prospect someone.

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