Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No One Is Buying My Amway Products Bitches The Ambot

“No one is buying my Amway products.”

That is the lament of a searcher who showed up at my blog. Not me bitching! I have no Scamway products for sale!

There is a reason why no one is buying your Amway products. That is because the food and drink items taste like shit and piss. The cleaning products are average to lousy. The cosmetics are ugly. I could go on and on.

But the main reason no one is buying your shitty Amway products is the price tag. Amway charges exorbitant prices for generic and substandard products. Amway is hardly the only company around to stick overinflated price tags on products that are worth a fraction of the cost. Some people might say Safeway is too high priced or Sears is too high priced or Burger King is too high priced. Though as far as I know none of these establishments has regularly been accused of being a cult. Can Amway say that?

Price can be subjective.

Quality not so much.

Brainwashing people to believe that they pay high prices and receive high quality products is the sign of a good Amway cult leader. Especially when those “high quality” products are shit. Generic products at best. Substandard is more like it.

To others money doesn’t matter so much and many people are open to paying more money for better quality products. Unfortunately Amway does not have better quality products except in the minds of their current crop of brainwashed IBOs. When those IBO’s quit Amway why don’t they keep buying Amway products if they think they’re so wonderful and reasonably priced? Because reality sinks in when a person is no longer being brainwashed and they got it figured out that Amway’s products are really no better than brand name products and often much worse.

Think of it this way. According to an Amway employee who stopped by my blog one day and let us know that employees are given free boxes of SA8 laundry detergent or whatever name they use now. S/he is like no thanks and goes to the store to buy Tide. Why spend money on a product you can get for free? Could it be that this Amway employee wants their clothes to come out clean in the wash?

Put aside the low quality and the high prices on Amway products.

Most people don’t want to buy Amway products because of Amway’s shitty reputation. And how did Amway get a shitty reputation? That would be thanks to their commissioned salespeople aka Amway independent business owners aka IBO’s aka ambots.

The trickery, the bad behavior, and the lies are what makes Amway IBO’s.

High price tags, shitty quality, and the bad reputation of others before you is why people don’t want to buy your Amway products.


  1. Another reason people don't want to buy shitty overpriced Amway products: Because what the Ambot selling them to you REALLY wants is to recruit you into the Amway cult as part of their downline. Better instead to buy from your local retailer. Get to know the cashier a little who rings up your sale. Talk about your dogs or kids or whatever common interests you both have while they ring up the sale. They actually are interested in you as a human being because they have no personal stake in taking your money, unlike the phony Ambot IBO.

    1. That's true Ray. You start off getting a sucker to buy your Amway shit but the real goal is to eventually get them in front of your sack of shit Platinum so he can close the sale and get them to sign up as an Amway IBO.

  2. The products are there as a cover up for a bigger scam which are the tools and functions.

    1. Anonymous - being at the top of the Amway pyramid means you get a cut of the Amway tool scam - as you said that's where the real money is if you're not one of Amway owners that is.

  3. During the last 50 years, there was no internet. That is the reason that amway was thriving for that 50 years, in a sense that the upline's practices went undetected.

    When the internet made it to the mainstream, their growth was hindered when former IBO's posted their harrowing experiences on the internet and the rest followed.

    Their growth was hindered when people started to post their unpleasant experiences in the internet and with it, the unethical practices and the abuse of the uplines.

    1. Anonymous - we can only hope that the Internet will be the death of Amway with lots of former IBO's posting their experiences.

      This is why Amway cult leaders tell new recruits not to do an Internet search and don't ask your parents or grandparents if they've heard about Amway. Their bad reputation is out and available to everyone who has Internet.

    2. And that explains the core purpose of communiKate: To lock IBO users into the amway ecosystem.

    3. Anonymous - I thought the core LOL purpose of Communikate was to make the Amway cult leaders richer from the commission.

    4. That is what amway cult leaders do: to lock these IBO's into their ecosystem, so that these cult leaders will have direct control of their downline IBOs by forcing these IBOs to buy tools from uplines which makes uplines and higher up rich.

    5. Anonymous - yup. The money always flows up the Amway pyramid and the fat cats at the top just get richer.

  4. Telling persons in 2016 not to look up things on the Internet would exactly as if you tried telling people in 1456 not to read those newfangled printed books, but stick only to manuscripts. It's overtly insane, and only marks you as a defensive fanatic.

    As a matter of fact, Amway freaks are lying (as usual) about all of this. They have no problem directing you to websites and other internet places where Amway spouts its official propaganda. In other words, you can use the Internet but only to read pro-Amway stuff. Anything else is a bathroom wall.

    1. Anonymous - that's the attitude of normal thinking people. We're dealing with brainwashed Amway Ambots here! LOL!

      How do you when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving!


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