Monday, February 15, 2016

Amway Ambot Shit List

Once an ambot has had enough of being love bombed to death by Amway cult members and losing money in the Amway pyramid scheme and quits Scamway, they now find themselves on the Amway ambot shit list.

The Amway cult is a fucked up religion that worships money. They lure in prospects with promises of riches and hype them up to believe that all their dreams of material possessions will come true thanks to Amway and that in 2 to 5 years they will be rolling in dough with gazillions of dollars in residual income every month and they’ll never have to work again.

The Amway cult offers instant friendship. And extremely affectionate instant friends. Demon friends! Over the top ambots who hang on to your every word with dumb grins on their faces as if you are the most fascinating person they’ve ever met, hand out overly zealous compliments, and want to hug hug hug! And squeal and scream whenever they see you like you’re a long lost friend they haven’t seen in 20 years instead of some ambot they ran into last night at an Amway cult meeting.

Eventually most ambots wise up and quit the scam. Had enough of the fucking Amway pyramid scheme!

Quitting means stop buying overpriced Amway products = no PV for the ambot or any of the assholes in their Amway upline. Oooohhhh!!!!!!! That really pisses off those upline Amway assholes! Angers them to no extent. Amway friends are only your friends as long as you’re handing over money to them. They only like you for your money and how much money they can make off you. There’s gotta be some reason behind why they put on that phony ass “I love you” routine.

The ambot stops attending Scamway meetings. That means less money under the mattress of some asshole in the Amway upline. Whoever it is - Diamond or Emerald - who is not making as much money as he’d like at the last cult meeting will ride the ass of the cult leaders in his downline. “Where’s my money!!!! Sign up more ambots!!! I need a fucking Mercedes!!!!”

Nope the ambot who quit won’t budge and won’t hand over no more cash. They realized they’re not making money in Amway. Its nearly impossible to find customers to buy overpriced shitty Amway products. They can’t find prospects to come to Amway meetings much less sign up to be an Amway IBO. They cut their losses and stop.

Maybe they actually liked some of the assholes in their Amway upline and want to remain friends with them. Nope won’t happen. Amway friends are only your friends as long as you’re handing money over to them. You are OUT!!!!

At the next Amway cult meeting the sack of shit Platinum gets the word out to the other cult members to ostracize the ambot who left the flock. They lost their dream. Their dream wasn’t big enough. They didn’t try hard enough. They had an unsupportive wife. They listened to too many dreamstealers. They became negative. Usually a one hour rant in the next Amway cult meeting. Maybe the next few cult meetings. The sack of shit Platinum needs some material to entertain the cult followers for 3 or 4 hours.

About 6 months or so after Ambot finally quit the Amway cult we ran into an ambot at the gas station. Ambot went over and said hi to him while I filled the tank. The ambot smiled at him and said he wasn’t allowed to talk to us.

Gee who would have handed down that command?

The sack of shit Platinum!

Yup. We quit Amway and ended up on the ambot shit list!

I can’t tell you how devastating that is to me! Ha ha ha!

Like I really care that a bunch of fucking assholes from Amway don’t want to associate with us!

So that’s how you end up on the ambot shit list. You quit Amway!


  1. Among the Amish of Pennsylvania, there is a practice called "shunning." It involves utterly ignoring and ostracizing anyone who breaks one of the Amish religious rules or customs. Nobody will talk to you or help you, not even your family.

    That stupid fuck at the gas station who wouldn't speak to you husband is a perfect example. What the hell country did he think he was living in? Saying that he was "not allowed" to speak to your husband is a confession of utter enslavement.

    The exact same thing happens in Amway. Disobey an up-line order, or show any independence of mind, and you are "shunned."

    Let's see if some Amway piece of shit will show up here to defend the practice of "shunning" people.

    1. Anonymous - yeah the Amish shunning thing is the same thing as Amway shunning.

      On the flip side one could say, is that such a bad thing to be shunned or ostracized the either of these groups and go out and make your living in a normal world.

      And this ambot at the gas station who wasn't allowed to talk to us was basically a nobody. He'd been in Amway at least a year by the time my husband got sucked in, so by the gas station meeting that would be well over 2 years, maybe closer to 3. He never signed up any downline. Told us at one meeting that he had no customers. Can't see either of those things changing! LOL! Broke. Never had any money cause any money he had went to tithe the Great Amway God. And if memory serves me correctly he got fired from his J.O.B. during the time we were still going to meetings. So not sure where that left him. Broke thanks to Amway like so many others.

      I doubt any piece of shit Amway Ambot will show up to defend their shunning practice. The occasional one who's left a comment here says they're still allowed to cross enemy lines and associate with former ambots. That tells me the assholes in their upline are unaware they're doing it or they're lying.

    2. Hey Anna Banana, well see it's people like you that will remain broke for the rest of your life and will never get the chance to see retirement simply because of your "blame everyone else but me for my short comings in life," mindset. You probably didn't even consider doing any of the work it takes to become a platinum let alone a fucking eagle lmao. What, you just expect a silver platter with money delivered to your front door and a fucking foot massage? No one's gonna hand you shit in life. Every piece of information you've given in this crappy fucking blog is absolutely irrelevant. How does it feel knowing that you'll still be the same broke, ungrateful bitch for the rest of your life, sitting on your fucking ass complaining about a system you clearly know nothing about? At least your husband ATTEMPTED to do something with his life. Too bad he has a toxic piece of shit wife. (sigh) So sad.

    3. To Unknown at 9:40 PM --

      You're the one who is a piece of shit. And you'e also stupid.

      You haven't answered a single criticism that anyone at this website has made about the Amway MLM racket. All you do is spout the same old tired canned Amway bullshit, telling anyone who criticizes Amway that "You'll be broke," or "You'll never retire" or "You didn't do the work necessary."

      Ar you really so dense that you believe anybody not in Amway is a loser? Millions of persons are rich or affluent without being involved in something as half-assed and unprofitable as the Amway racket, where 99% of those in it fail to make a dime (those are Amway's published figures, pal).

      This blog is kicking Amway's ass. Anna Banana deserves much of the credit for making Amway's reported profits decline by 25% over the last four years.

      Keep it up, Anna! Amway in North America is on the ropes as fewer and fewer people sign up as IBOs. Only a few shitheads like "Unknown" will be left.

    4. Unknown - you're yet another fucking Amway liar. This is the only post you've been on this blog according to the visitor tracking. Why do you fucking Amway losers lie about the most stupid things!

      And if you're so concerned about me being broke you can always send money. But if I'm broke and I'm in the same income bracket that Amway publishes Diamonds make then that doesn't say much about the fucking Amway Diamonds in your upline. By your logic Diamonds are broke too!

      I'm sure many people would love to be my kind of broke. No debt, no mortgage, and financial assets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that bring in nice dividends. That doesn't include house, business or material items. Just money invested.

      You snide sneering Amway bastards call that broke but we're happy with our investments giving us a good retirement. Doesn't live up to the high standards of you fucking Amway assholes but not everyone needs to live an over the top lifestyle. Some of us can live within our means and have a nice life where we don't worry about money.

      Don't like the path we chose because we run a different business than Amway? Well fuck you. I don't give a flying fuck what some fucking Amway loser thinks about our broke retirement years.

    5. Thanks Anonymous. I'm sure that Unknown Shithead only wishes he could lead my kind of broke lifestyle. LOL! We're not in Amway. We don't have to go into debt to fake out others pretending we're richer than we are.

      It's just amazing how all these fucking Amway losers say I'm broke or will be broke at retirement. As long as the stock market doesn't do anything too fucking crazy I'm not anywhere near as worried about being broke in retirement the way those Amway losers are! LOL!

  2. Don't let their charm, smile and their loving attitude convince you to think that they have their best interest in heart. Deep inside they are wolves disguised as sheep. They only care about profit and they have no conscience when they rip off their downlines financially and emotionally.

    1. Anonymous - Ambots might think they have disguised themselves as "serious business builders" by putting on a cheap suit and hanging on to their cell phone waiting for a text from their sack of shit Platinum, but they're really nasty evil Amway bastard demons. Their disguise doesn't work. People see through their fake nicey nice. And people who've read this blog know to stay away from those Ambots unless they want to go through financial and emotional distress.

    2. Don't you think that is a harsh way of describing people trying to make and honest living.

    3. Where are we discussing people making an honest living? Around here we're talking about lying scamming fucking Amway assholes who do NOT make an honest living. They're all about fucking people over to make a buck.

    4. I believe you have it all wrong. Most Amway distributors are honest business entrepreneurs. In my beginning Amway years my up-lines were honest spiritual people who always helped me with my needs.They were all about helping others get ahead in life.

    5. Anonymous - Amway distributors are lying scamming sacks of shit vicious bastards who are only out to cause financial and emotional distress to others. If that's your definition of "honest" then you have. Much lower threshold of what you consider honest and what I consider honest. But then I'm not a brainwashed Amway loser. In other words I can see reality the way it is. Amway ambots play a game of make belief starting with being pretend business owners.

    6. To Anonymous of June 15, 8:58 PM --

      How long have you been in Amway, and how much money have you made (or lost) in that time?

      Let's have an honest answer.

    7. LOL Anonymous! An "honest" answer from a lying scamming Amway asshole! LOL!

    8. WTF! I'm in awe that this 50+ year global scam still has a deluded following in this age of free=flowing information. Amway is a money-worshiping Cult. Get out. If you don't you deserve you're (inevitable) failure. It's a waster-of-life and Evil incarnate!

    9. Hi Primus777. Thanks for stopping by. Its mind boggling that no one has been able to shut down the Amway scam in 50 years+. The good news is thanks to the Internet and people getting their stories out of financial and emotional distress caused by the evil Amway cult, that their sales are dropping by about 10% every year.

  3. The real meaning of "Don't Quit" means not giving up in making the right choice.

    Why would you enslave yourself to a system in which not only you bleed money but you destroy the relationships with your loved ones by calling them "negative" and listen to an upline that exploits your well-being and worse, your upline is tearing your wallet all the time?

    Don't Quit means Quitting for the sake of gaining something better such as seeking better alternatives.

    1. Anonymous - you'd think people would be lining up to quit Amway and they probably are! LOL! You quit overpaying for shitty products and you quit hanging out with a bunch of negative, nasty fucking Amway losers. Sounds good to me!

  4. Currently being recruited by a friend to be a IBO. About 95% sure I wont be signing up but I dread having to tell her I wont be joining because I value our friendship. No matter what happens I will still be her friend and be there for her if it goes south. Ofcourse I want her to succeed in everything she does. If she is ordered to shun me I will make sure to let her know I am not shunning her.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Unless you want to put yourself in line for a bunch of emotional and financial distress you want to stay clear of Amway. The Amway cult leaders don't tell you how much it really is going to cost when they're in the stage of sucking you in. And if you aren't CORE you will be in for a shit kicking and tons of abuse from the Amway assholes in your upline. To start off with, to be eligible for commission check from Amway each month you have to buy at least 100PV in products. That's approximately $300 in products. Oh and the reason Amway's shitty products are so high priced has nothing to do with the bullshit you'll hear that they're high priced to reflect their high quality. They're high priced so Amway's owners can make a huge profit and so everyone in your upline can make commission on what you purchased. It's priced accordingly so everyone makes money off you. On top of that you have to buy a monthly membership into the cult sect that has sucked you in, if its WWDB then you're looking at $50/month for the premier membership. And if you don't buy the premier membership (I think they have a cheaper model) you'll be ridiculed at Amway meetings. Then you have to buy this useless communications system that your cell phone probably covers everything on called Communikate - about $35 or $40/month. You have to buy at least $50 month in books and CDs unless you want to be taunted by the Amway cult leader that you're not a "serious business builder". $15 I hear is currently the price of admission to Amway meetings that take place outside living rooms. Then Amway functions costs hundreds of dollars once you add in your ticket, your transportation, your hotel, your food, etc. Plan on setting aside $500 to $700/month to belong to Amway in buying shitty overpriced products and investing in the Amway tool scam so you're eligible for a $10 commission check that month. Do you have that much extra cash lying around every month? If so I'd recommend putting it towards real estate instead of these scammers.

      As for your friend, sorry to hear she's sucked into this evil cult. If she's still in the love bombing stage they won't tell her to shun her family and friends just yet. That'll come after 3 or 4 months when she doesn't have tons of customers and tons of prospects coming to Amway meetings and lots of downline signed up. Then the Amway upline will become abusive to her and tell her to stop associating with negative dream stealers, anyone who's not in Amway.

      Even though they might be group love bombing you right now - you know hugging and being fakey nice and being overly interested in you - you need to step back and figure out can people really be that nice or is this just creepy? The abuse is in your future when you don't have the sales numbers.

      Good luck.

    2. Yeah believe me I have done the research on WWDB and Amway. Thats why I am almost a 100% sure I wont be joining. I am mostly just doing this to keep a eye on my friend but i am getting to that point where I just need to walk away and trust that she will be okay. And if it all goes down hill she will atleast not have burned one bridge.

      Yeah the fees are kind of insane. $67 to join Amway yearly, $50 monthly to WWDB for their promo package, $37 for Kate, $25 for unlimited audios, $500 for the four major events each year ($125 per ticket not counting traveling and lodging), and atleast $300 in products. I do like the message of being positive and bettering yourself but I can do that on my own. Thanks for the great blog!

    3. Anonymous - That's unusual the ambots you met have given you a breakdown of all the extra monthly costs. Usually they don't until after they've scammed you into signing up and then its - surprise. And you better buy into the Amway tool scam or you'll catch hell from the sack of shit Platinum.

      As for your friend, most people quit Amway after a few months when they realize they're not making money and they got scammed. 95% of IBO's quit inside 2 years. Amway's figures. Not my good guess. So the averages come down to she'll be out and hopefully not before too much emotional and financial damage has been done and if she's young enough she can probably bounce back from that.

      Here's the thing when someone starts up a business. They do it to earn a living. To make a profit. Amway's figures on their literature show something like .0000287% of participants make money so that's a 99%+ failure rate. The Amway system is designed for failure. To keep the ambots distracted from how much money they're losing, the Amway cult leaders say even if you don't make money you'll:
      1. be a nicer person
      2. be a better person
      3. be a more positive person

      Or maybe they have some new ones they've thrown in there. Here's the scoop. When people are losing tons of money they don't become nicer, better, more positive people. They become angry. They become negative. I saw more angry ambots than nice ones when I was in Amway. And I'm not talking the fake nicey nice shit in the love bombing stage.

      As you pointed out, if you want to become a nicer, better, more positive person you can read a self help book or look for articles online.

      The purpose of running your own business is to make money not to be a nicer person. If that happens as part of the process so be it. But it shouldn't be the sole purpose. Making a profit should be the purpose.

      If you haven't already done so download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. The link is on the right side of this page under Amway links. You'll find it helpful to understand what your friend is going through. The author is a former Emerald. 1000 people in his downline and he's busting his ass to make $30,000/year. The reality is most IBO's never sign up one person so this guy got really far. And other former Emeralds have chatted online and said they only made $2-3,000/month. Nowhere near the $100,000+ they expected to be making at that level. Do you think your friend has it in her to get 1000 people in her downline?

      I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Thanks for reading!

    4. Becoming a "nicer person," and a "better person," and a "more positive person" aren't BUSINESS goals. They are RELIGIOUS goals.

      Imagine anyone who runs a Fortune 500 company saying "I'm in this business to become better and nicer and more positive." It's unthinkable.

      But that's Amway for you. Up-line says profoundly stupid things, and a profoundly stupid down-line believes them. What utter schmucks.

    5. Anonymous - well they could be religious goals but they're just as likely to be personal goals for self betterment.

      But yeah no real business owner would say stupid things like Amway Ambots spout off.

  5. This is exactly what happend to me. An old friend from highscool randomally texts me adter years of no contact. She says she has an opporunity for me after saying how much she missed our friendship and how she always talks to her boyfriend about me. ( yea right). Me, being naive said i would like to hear about it and she set up a phone interview. We talked and she never really answered any of my questions. She told me they expand business projects with different companies. Just like how safeway has a club card. I still had no idea what she was getting at. I asked her what their company name is and she said duskin development. She then said her friend josh would like to speak to me and his time is very valuable and she knows im such a good person. We just got off the phone interview and my questions are still unanswered. He told me would i rather sit at a desk and work for the rest of my life or make a residual income. He said there are no dream jobs and peoole have passions but it turns into work.. STILL NO ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS! I specifically asked him so many times what would i be doing? NO ANSWER. He wants to meet at starbucks and i thought of bringing my boyfriend because my boyfriend will ask him so many questions and i feel like ill get a good laugh �� I get that people need to work hard to have an actual business that makes good money but these people just need to be upfront and honest instead of avoiding questions.

    I asked her what responsilbilties would be and this was her reply:
    It's really as simple as what he explained earlier helping expand producers like the Safeway rewards card. One of the company's they contract with is amway as a service company with Microsoft and Apple. But not amway as a selling and recruiting company hat you might know of them as. There's not much more to us outside of that. Hope that makes sense not sure if your hopping for a longer answer? Or a complicated one? What they do is very simple just depends on where or if you would qualify.

    What do you guys think

    1. Hi Loving Me. You got the standard Amway prospect lines. When you sign up to Amway the upline have you make a list of everyone you know. Whether or not you know how to contact them is another thing. Just make a list. In this case your long lost friend had your phone number and was able to prospect you.

      Beware long lost friends suddenly contacting you waving Amway propaganda!

      Amway is all about lies and scams. Ambots will never say the A word because too many people have heard of the Amway pyramid scheme. Instead they'll give you some bullshit name that someone upline uses that's probably not even properly registered as a business name. In your case its Duskin Development. Duskin is probably the Ambot's last name. That's to throw off recruits that its Duskin and not Amway.

      The person recruiting you always want to get the prospect in front of the upline because they're better at lying and scamming. The pitch always goes something along the lines that they know a really successful businessman/entrepreneur who's really busy and they can't promise anything but how would you like to meet them and they'll try to set up a meeting for coffee. Like they're doing YOU a big favor! LOL! Same with that bullshit line on whether you "qualify". As long as you're breathing you qualify! LOL! Ambots are so desperate to recruit anyone!

      Though Starbucks is a little on the high end for Ambots. Those Amway losers are all broke. They usually want to meet somewhere cheaper for coffee.

      They'll never answer your questions because its all about scamming you into signing up and paying the registration fee which is probably getting close to $200 these days. Someone told me the sign up fee a few months back and I think its now $170 or $180. Doesn't really matter. Either way its a rip off.

      Thanks for letting us know the latest scam Ambots are using is comparing Amway to the Safeway rewards card. Big piece of advice - stick to Safeway! They don't charge you a sign up fee and you can save money and their products are a third or a quarter of the price of the similar shit Amway sells.

      What do I think? I think you should send your friend a text and say you're putting money together to start producing and starring in gay porno flicks and ask her to invest money in your new business. Amway Ambots are a bunch of prudes. That'll probably get those losers to back off!

      Unless you have a sadistic desire for emotional and financial distress - stay away from Amway!

  6. Man, this is just too much. The story that "Loving Me" recounts here is the best illustration I've ever seen for this basic principle:

    "If someone doesn't give you a straight answer, just walk away from him. He's a liar."

    1. Anonymous - Loving Me got the standard Amway pitch. I could have been right there. Know it word for word. Loving Me missed the part about how the Ambot is looking for a few "sharp guys" who want to quit their J.O.B. to run their own business.

      How do you know when someone in Amway is lying?

      Their mouth is moving!

      Walk away from Amway losers who won't give you a straight answer.

    2. One of the defenses made by Amway types for their refusal to give you a straight and clear answer goes like this:

      "Multi-level marketing and prosuming are revolutionary new concepts. They are the wave of the future, but they are new and unfamiliar, and can't be explained simply. You have to EXPERIENCE them! You have to TAKE PART in them! Ordinary explanations don't apply to these new systems of buying and selling!"

      It's a brilliant kind of bullshit, really. It tells the prospective recruit that he is entering a revolutionary new world of unbelievable new concepts and undreamt-of profit. And if the recruit is stupid or naive, he falls for it. And then he too has a ready-made answer when anyone asks him to give a simple and clear explanation of the Amway business.

      Whenever you tell anybody that something is "new and exciting and a little mysterious," they are drawn to it. You could sell a shoebox full of horse manure this way.

      Just remember this: if someone can't give you a clear, simple, straightforward, and logical explanation of what they are proposing to you, it's for one of two reasons: either they are sorely lacking in languages skills, or they are trying to scam you.

    3. Anonymous - a really similar pitch to that has been going on for 10 years. At least. Probably longer. Just add in the pitch about how it's a leadership and mentorship program.

      But yeah a brilliant kind of bullshit.

      Leaving out the take part and suffer financial and emotional distress.

      And yup when the concept can't be explained simply, or the company named, they're probably trying to scam you.


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