Thursday, February 11, 2016

Amway Quacks

When an IBO signs up to be a commissioned sales rep with Amway that also means they now become a professional expert on everything.

Yes everything. Fuck those college degrees. You can become an expert by paying a couple of hundred a year to become a card carrying Amway asshole. That’s only the membership fee. Doesn’t include the thousands of dollars you have to spend to keep the Amway upline happy.

What’s really scary are Amway ambots dispensing medical advice. Their “patients” suffer from various illnesses and because the ambot is in Amway that means they are now a medical professional and can treat and cure these diseases.

Its really scary the comments that have been left here and questions asked. Amway ambots are telling people with terminal illnesses that Amway products will cure what ails them and patients are searching the Internet to check out the claims made by these Amway quacks.

25 years ago Ambot and I took one of those weekend first aid courses so that meant we were the most medically trained professionals in our line of sponsorship. That plus the fact we’ve watched on TV just about every medical drama out there. Every ambot in our group would phone for medical advice. For christsake! – see a real doctor. And sometimes they did but they would still come to us for a second opinion because we were better qualified than highly trained doctors because we were in Amway.

My long ago first aid training consists of learning to do the Heimlich maneuver, CPR, and put on bandages. Don’t come to me for medical advice. If you got a splinter in your finger I can probably help you. If you’re dying of cancer I’m not going to suggest you take Amway snake oil for your miracle cure. But that’s because I’ve got morals and I’m no liar and I’m not trying to fuck a buck out of you by scamming you. An Amway quack standing at the gateway to hell will lie just to get your money for the phony medical advice they give.

Amway ambots have no morals. They’re only out to make a buck so these Amway quacks have no problem dispensing bad medical advice while pretending they have a medical degree from Amway university.

Amway ambots are quick to insult doctors who actually went to medical school and got degrees. What a waste of money when its so much cheaper to become an Amway quack.

Amway quacks also use some bullshit line about would you ask your friend for advice on surgery instead of a real surgeon. Ambots don’t even see surgeons and instead they do ask their Amway quack friends for surgery and medical advice. Ambots seek medical advice from Amway quacks instead of qualified doctors who graduated from medical school with a degree.

Amway ambots are know it alls. Today they might be an Amway quack dispensing medical advice and tomorrow they might be an ambulance chaser giving legal advice.

“Paging Dr. Quack. Paging Dr. Quack. Amway is calling.”


  1. I've noticed this myself in Amway freaks. The men in Amway are smirking know-it-alls.

    He's the typical lower-middle-class guy with a sketchy education, who nevertheless thinks that he's "shrewd" and "in the know" about everything.

    You mention something, and he's always got some smart-ass reply to denigrate what you have said. You venture an opinion, and he dismisses it with a patronizing crack and a smug smile. You bring up a fact, and he always has some counter-fact to disprove what you say. He's always smarter than you -- and why? Because he's in Amway.

    And who is he, anyway? Some small-town little nobody driving around in a beat-up shitmobile, and drawing circles on a chalkboard, while his garage fills up with unsellable shit.

    1. Anonymous - you're too kind. Amway freaks are a bunch of smirking bastards.

      Yup part of being in Amway is putting down everyone else who isn't in their cult. And that's one of the reasons this blog exists. We put down Amway Ambots! LOL! And then those fuckers show up here all insulted like how dare we disrespect their cult.

      You just neatly summed up every Amway asshole out there - Some small-town little nobody driving around in a beat-up shitmobile, and drawing circles on a chalkboard, while his garage fills up with unsellable shit.

  2. Don't most of them believe in the prosperity gospel, which in addition to the name it and claim it doctrine, includes the realm of health? I know ambots that won't speak the name of a disease for fear of catching it by negative confession. Seriously. They do see chiropractors and use essential oils. Apparently those are acceptable measures. I dont know if they promote Amway cure all nutritionals as part of their health and wealth doctrine, the ones i know actually seem to keep to themselves and apparently aren't willing to share their secrets of success with just any loser with a JOB. These folks seem to go with a mentality of exclusivity, which in my opinion, confirms the closed system, pyramid scheme. They make 0 effort to retail. I've known these people for years, and at first I thought their lifestyles and beliefs were maybe just a bit eccentric, but felt uneasy enough to start doing research. I found that the tie ins between their warped faith and shady business seem to be symbiotic. I'm disgusted that they mask all this as Christian belief, and horrified to discover how widespread this positive confession heresy has become. Anyone who thinks this is a true representation of Christianity, I beg you please do more research. There are still many churches out there who refute this view and good teachers all over the web calling this garbage what it is using sound doctrine based on proper exegesis of the Bible. And if you are sick, explore every option available. Nutrition, faith, traditional and alternative medicine all have their place. None should be excluded categorically

    1. You are absolutely correct. The so-called "prosperity and health" gospel has nothing at all to do with real Christianity. No reputable theologian of any Christian denomination (Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox) supports it. Amway is about making money by worshipping the Amway God.

      And many Amway freaks do make outrageous claims for their dietary supplement products. Some morons in the cult actually say that their fake vitamin ("Nutrilite") will cure cancer.

    2. Anonymous - every cult out there twists religion to suit their own purposes. The Amway cult is no different that say the People's Temple. Except so far no mass suicide.

    3. 2nd Anonymous - I can't tell you how many times I've seen those fucked up Amway Ambots try to pressure someone to do or buy something claiming that God wants you to do this. Yeah the Great Amway God.

  3. Not only they are quack doctors, they also insult real financial accountants and gives dangerous advice to their slaves such as:

    - skipping rental payments
    - skipping mortgages
    - skipping meals
    - skipping bill payments
    - sell your assets to attend a function
    - write your "business expenses" as a deduction to get a tax refund
    - go into debt for more training
    - losing money is success

    In short, they are quack accountants, quack pfp and quack consultants

    1. Let's put it this way: Amway is a business for losers who want to pretend that they are winners.

    2. Hi Anonymous - yup Amway Ambots are immediate experts in every profession out there once they become card carrying Amway assholes. Ambots are dangerous in many ways. Got that post coming up again soon.

    3. 2nd Anonymous - Amway is for losers who want to pretend they're business owners. The rest of the world who want to own a real business do things the right way. And probably aren't obnoxious assholes in the process the way Ambots are.

    4. Their next mission statements should be: Have a pulse? You're qualified.
      Have low self-esteem? You're qualified.
      Have a desire to prove your someone after everyone told you that you aren't? You're qualified.
      Have the ability to ditch all your friends at a moments notice? You're qualified.
      Have the ability to raise your credit cards far beyond your means and not care? You're qualified.

      And finally,

      Don't care about the people you lure into a trap that you are also caught in, or believe your business is the only redemption for your friends? You're qualified!

    5. Hi Mike. LOL! That pretty much covers it. At Amway meetings the fucking assholes in our upline would make a big production out of saying they pick and choose who they'll "work with" and qualify prospects and all that bullshit. But the reality is Ambots are so desparate to sign anyone up they don't care about nothing other than having a live one on the hook.

    6. Spot on.

      Frustrated with life? You're qualified!

      Frustrated with your job? You're qualified!

      Giving up hope? You're qualified!

    7. Anonymous - you're qualified just for showing up and listening to an Amway cult leader spout off a bunch of bullshit propaganda.

  4. Up-line will "pick and choose who they'll work with"? What a laugh! That's like saying a crack whore will be choosy about her johns.

    Things are so bad right now with recruitment in Amway North America that Amway freaks will sign up as an IBO anybody who's breathing. That's why they're accosting strangers at shopping malls or fast-food places.

    It's also why there are all those various groups like WWDB and TEAM and Network 21. They promise to show you how to hustle suckers to join Amway. Recruitment is next to impossible, these groups say, unless you buy our plan with all the books and tapes and CDs that give you the secret to managing it.

    And so the cycle goes. Join a stupid cult like Amway, and then get sucked into another stupid cult like World Wide Douche Bags in order to make good.

    1. Anonymous - that is a big laugh that IBO's will pick and choose who they "work with". LOL! But yeah heard it at every Scamway meeting. Heard it from every asshole in our Amway upline including the bastard that signed up my husband. Another thing he'd say, duplicating the sack of shit Platinum, is if he doesn't like you he won't work with you either. How about the reverse. If someone doesn't like that Amway loser will he not work with them too? Take my case. I made no secret that about how I thought about those fucktards. When someone outright and very publicly does not like you why would you want to work with them? Because when you're an Amway Ambot you are desparate to take anyone you can get, even the husband of some woman who can't stand you.

      I'm sure Ambots are stepping up their recruitment tactics harder than ever seeing as how Amway posted another loss for 2015. Amway's sales have been done steadily 10% every year over the past years. What's the fat cats at the top going to do? Well they could double the minimum PV to 200 for Ambots to earn a skimpy commission. Or they could get word out to their cult leaders to browbeat the cult followers to up their recruitment and up their sales and personal buying, etc etc.

      Yup. Score for the Internet and blogs like this that get word out what being in Amway is really like. People are staying away or getting out and otherwise not buying Amway's shitty overpriced products.

    2. Mike - LOL! I guess you and most of the rest of the world have figured out that secret they can buy better products for cheaper prices just about everywhere else than Amway! LOL!

      And as you pointed out the best part is you don't have to report to some fucking sack of shit Amway loser.


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