Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Amway Ambots And Their Loved Ones Finding This Blog!

Sometimes I jot down search criteria and then put it together in a post to come up with something to update my blog and I’ve been noting some interesting Internet searchers. Got some Amway sex demons on the loose again. And ambots searching for information that should come from the assholes in their Amway upline as part of their “teaching”. So much for the wonderful teaching and training and mentorship that Scamway brags about when IBO’s have to search for this information on the Internet. The bathroom wall of society screech out the Amway cult leaders! Holy Fuck! What are Amway losers doing searching the Internet when their cult leaders have such a low opinion of it! The comments in red are mine. And people who have an Ambot relative or friend looking for information have come to the right place.

“How to get rid of Amway” - Amway is like a cockroach. You can’t kill it with a rock!

“I have a bottle of Amway product” - well if I were you I wouldn’t go around bragging about it!

“Amway products for 0 sperm count” - now this could really fuck up someone’s day that some Amway asshole is getting the word out that Amway’s products can be substituted for birth control products. The best birth control product is just telling potential sex partners that you’re in Amway and they won’t want nothing to do with you!

“Amway, how to break the brainwashing” - that’s something we’re trying to figure out all the time. All I can do is get the word out and make sure people know how you get treated by the assholes in your upline when you sign up with Amway. Stay away from everyone in Amway!

“Do Amway women go to bars to get laid” - well I guess they gotta go somewhere seeing as how their husbands are too busy attending Amway cult meetings and hanging out with their Amway buddies and not interested in anything unless its got something to do with Amway.

“Amway mattress” - the shipping costs on that bastard must be HUGE!!!

“Amway function June USA” -  I believe the function is in July.

“What is double eagle in Amway” - just another miserable fucking asshole in Amway who’s out to destroy your life.

“Julie Duncan Amway sex tape” - To quote Amway Cult Leaders - who cares????

“How to terminate Communikate” - hey this searcher made a rhyme!

“Dean Kosage fraud” - I know I’ve never written a post about this so someone must have left a comment that picked up on the search engine.

“Amway cash back” - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Ok that’s enough laughing for today!

“What is an Amway grand opening” - its a fucking waste of time and money to “announce” your business to your friends and family. Don’t do it!

“Ganesh and Neha Shenoy split reason” - yup some fucking nosy ambot looking for stuff thats none of their business.

“Artistry cosmetics” - yup I’m high on the search engines for this information.

“Amway WWDB” - yup still high on the search engines!

“Scamway” - yup come here to find out how we got scammed by Amway Scamway.

“Why did Ganesh and Neha Shenoy divorce” - oh and about a couple dozen other versions of this so this will be the last Shenoy quote I refer to in this post. Bunch of fucking nosy Amway ambots can’t mind their own business.

“Amway new car” - unlikely. Ambots drive shitmobiles that are ready to fall apart on the way to the next Amway cult meeting.

“Debbie and David Shores home foreclosure” – This topic comes up from time to time in comments or referenced generally in a post as something Ambots can look forward to in the future if they stick with Amway long enough. One of the joys of being high on the search engines for just about everything related to Amway.

“Amway horror stories” - Yup my blog is full of these!

“Amway cult” - Yup I talk about the Amway cult my husband was in and the assholes we had to put up with.

“Amway sex products” - yup lots of ambot interest because they ain’t getting any. Thats what happens when you’re in a cult. Total turn off for your partner!

“Married to an Ambot rules!” - ha ha! Love it! Thanks for the shout out!

“Amway brainwash” - I talk about that on my blog all the time how my husband was brainwashed by the upline assholes in his Amway WWDB cult.

“Amway families cult” - another distressed person needing information on this horrible cult.

“Amway sex” - over and over and over and over.........

“How to get somebody out of Amway” - yup get plenty of people ending up at my blog after doing a similar type search

“Amway sex tablet” – and the often misspelled “Amway sex talbet”

“No one can steal my dream” - not sure if this is an Amway ambot or not. What you gonna do if someone steals your dream? Call the cops and arrest them for theft? Dumb ass search.

“Amway what is CDs does” - hunh? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

“Procedure of cancellation of Amway member” - does someone want to cancel an Amway member permanently like kill them or is this just a roundabout way of finding out how to quit Amway.

“Amway sex contect number” – and yes I know that’s spelled wrong but that’s one of Amway’s qualifications of being hired - inability to spell and string a sentence together. It brings up weird creepy Amway visions. Does Amway have a sex line. You know a horny Ambot phones it and an Amway employee gives him phone sex? Is Amway offering sex advice to Amway bastards who can’t get laid? Or does Amway have a prostitute service you know the highest paid call girls out there where you overpay for what you actually get? LOL!

“Amway tax evasion” - yup that is what Amway is all about!

“Boise Idaho Amway convention” - come here to find that information because its real hard to find anywhere else on the Internet.

“How to sell Amway products online” - Are you allowed to do that? Doesn’t that compete with Amway’s web page and they are already selling products online? Sounds like somebody better check their bullshit Amway contract.

“Double X sex” - what is it with ambots thinking Double X is good for sex? The best thing for sex is to get the hell out of Amway!

“Amway Nutrilite product for sperm growth” - don’t believe it! Just another lie told by an Amway asshole to get you to buy their shitty overpriced products.

“Amway teams and married couples and sex” - OK whatever turns your crank.

“Fuck Amway family reunion” - Hey my alter ego is out there somewhere! My sentiments exactly!

“Amway sex power capsule” – enough with all you horny Amway bastards! Being in Amway is a huge turn off to women. Quit Amway and your sex life will improve. You don’t need all these fucking Amway “sex” products. SNAKE OIL!!!!!

“Amway Ribbon product is crap” - oh come on now call it like it is. Its shit!

“Amway asshole” - Yup I talk about the assholes in our Amway upline all the time!

“Amway dog food” - I get a lot of searchers who end up hearing about how my dogs ate this food and churned out Great Dane sized dog shit. Big enough dog shit that it clogged our toilet. Each dog filled - and I mean FILLED - at least 10 baggies a day while we were feeding them shitty Amway dog food.

“Make me an IBO” - why the fuck would you want one?

“Does Amway have a car bonus?” - Ha ha!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

“Amway makes you retire” - Nope. But Amway does make you file for bankruptcy or make your partner file for divorce.

“How to say get fucked in ibo” - surely you mean igbo? If you really mean IBO they’ll fuck you over for sure!


  1. What is an Amway Grand Opening?

    It's when you bend over to take it up the ass from your up-line.

    1. Anonymous - that pretty much describes it.

  2. You know Anna Banana, I glad I found your website. I have to watch my disabled son (I swear I am not making this up: him being disabled) get screwed over by Amway/WWD. And the comment about Ambots driving shit mobiles, spot on. Every one of the clowns my son hand out with have car problems. Every time he goes to a "family reunion" with a group, I listen to him recant the several stories of Ambots helping each other get home after their cars (plural) break down. They are a very weird bunch, as are all cult members.

    1. Anonymous - I'm glad you found us. Even if you're not up to cursing out the fucking assholes in your son's Amway upline you can live vicariously through us. Our Amway upline is everyone's upline and we'll tell them all to fuck off. Yeah those Amway Ambot shitmobiles I called them the clunker brigade. How do you know when there's an Amway meeting going on in the neighborhood? You'll see more junkers parked on the street than you can believe and wonder what the hell is happening here. Well obviously to us in the know, there's an Amway meeting going on! LOL! Sure sign is all those shitmobiles. LOL!

  3. It's interesting that the business about Amway freaks only driving beat-up old jalopies (Anna calls the "shitmobiles") has been mentioned several times by different persons.

    If their Amway enterprise is so successful, why can't these bozos get a better car?

    1. Anonymous - the Ambots go buy circa 1970 Cadillacs and BMW's just so they can go around bragging they own one but fail to say its a piece of shit that's always breaking down. What else do you expect when your car budget is $200. Its cheaper to leave the hunk of junk wherever it broke down and go out an buy another $200 shitmobile.


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