Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Moving Out Of State To Get Away From Amway Assholes

Normal thinking people who have never been in a cult might think its quite drastic to move to another state to get away from Amway or more accurately the assholes in your Amway upline. I’ve been there. I thought about it myself. I was looking up houses for sale in New Mexico and Arizona just to get the hell away from those fucking Amway assholes in our upline. It didn’t come down to that for us. This just goes to show how horrible it is dealing with Amway people and the abuse you get from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline and all you can think about is putting some distance between you and those horrible evil Amway ambots. And you think about it not because you don’t like the house you live or where you’re living and because you want to move away from your friends and family. You think about it because you want to get away from the abuse doled out by those evil fucking bastards in your Amway upline and you don’t want to see those assholes ever again. For people like us who own their business and the land it sits on its not so easy to just up and move and start over again somewhere else. You have to sell the business first or maybe sell the business and the building separately and these things don’t happen overnight so some people can’t just up and move at a minutes notice even if it is to get away from the biggest fucking assholes you’ve ever met in your life. That’s what Amway does to people. When the reason why you’re looking to move is because of Amway that might look like a really shitty reason to move to another state but that’s what people think about to get away from those bastards. Here’s a story of a woman who had to do it. Forced to move out of state just to get away from the Amway evil. Thank you for sharing your story!

I hated your nasty language, but I agree with you that Amway/Quixtar, whatever they are calling it today, is a nasty "business." My husband and I were in it twice and all in all for several years. Both times, it was the same thing. It doesn't matter "who" your upline is...the business stinks. The first time we were in, we were so "controlled" and "watched" by upline as well as downline, we couldn't even go to a movie for "fear" someone in the "group" would see us and "tell" on us to everyone that we weren't "showing the plan." We were Direct Distributors, not making a penny "net" in the business! It cost us a fortune! We were intimidated into spending money on functions, tapes, tools, etc. We were threatened and told that our downline would "go around us" and deal directly with our upline if we didn't do what they told us to do. It was mind control pure and simple. We had to be on standing order for hundreds of tapes and were told to sell them! If we couldn't "move" them downline, we had to just "eat them!" They would not buy them back and we were forced to buy whatever amount upline told us to buy. They were making profit on every tape we bought, no matter if we could afford it or if we wanted to buy them or not. Our upline Direct even told us when I balked at having to pay for all those unloadable tapes, "Satan is just using you against me and I need to pray against you!" More intimidation! To not do everything we were told meant we no longer "were in the business." We finally moved out of state just to get out from under this control! I have never felt so free in my life as the day we moved away from there and from them!!!!!! Pure joy! Many years later, my husband wanted to "try again" with a different upline, thinking it was just "the people" we were associated with. Nope...same, same, same story!!!

I'm thankful today that we ended all association with Amway. Looking back and seeing today what we didn't know back then, it was wise, wise, wise to leave! Our upline Diamond was apparently having a 14-year affair with his Amway secretary and had 2 illegitimate children with her. He and his wife divorced. Our upline Crown had an affair apparently, as well. When I see all the divorces among the Amway people we personally knew, it's almost mind boggling! That's what "the love of money" will do for you!!

My first husband died 6 years ago; four years later I remarried. I found out the man I married carried a $35,000 credit card bad debt due to his involvement in HerbaLife. Incredible!!! A couple of people made a killing off of the millions of gullibles like us!

Whenever you get that first sniff of MLM...RUN, DO NOT WALK, FOR YOUR LIFE!!! It will chew you up, spit you out, and you will be left in debt, feeling foolish, and without family and friends...which you will have to rebuild. Use wisdom. Don't even think twice. RUN!!!! As fast as you can in the opposite direction!!!!!


  1. That's right. If you sniff MLM run for your life! I was sucked into one of those MLM cult/scams when I was younger and trusted others too much but fortunately got out soon largely because I quickly ran out of money to feed into the Beast. The Beast doesn't feed you, you feed it. Once I regained my ability to think for myself I became very angry at my upline sponsor who had lied to me to get me to join, but when I later ran into him on the street (he was still trolling for prospects, looking to "show people the plan") I saw what a broken man he had become and my anger turned into pity for him. He was still wearing the same suit jacket he wore every day because it was the only one he had and he always kept it meticulously clean because he couldn't afford to have it dry cleaned. He had quit his job, lost his house and all but abandoned his family because he had been sucked into it so deeply that he just could not bring himself to admit he was being scammed all along. Only a small select few made anything at all, by "teaching" the "training" classes and selling the "tools" and even they paid a price, for they had made a deal with the Devil to do so. You will pay your money to the MLM Beast or you pay your soul, maybe both. Sure, I get a good laugh and share Anna Banana's humor in exposing Amway on this blog but part of it is not funny, particularly the collateral damage like the suffering non Ambot spouse and the kids. MLM is evil.

    1. Ray - its possible there are some MLM's out there that aren't as abusive as Amway but generally speaking if someone gives you an MLM sales pitch run for your life! It's one thing for kids to ring the doorbell with chocolate bars they're selling to raise money for a baseball trip and its another thing to have a fucking creepy MLM bullshitter trying to sell you some overpriced shit you don't want or need. Its the same thing with the girl guide cookies. If they had a table set up in the mall and Amway ambots had a table set up in the mall, guess which group is making the most sales. And putting less effort into it. Little girls don't need to lie and scam people to buy cookies the way Amway losers need to sell a case of miracle water.

      I have no pity for the losers in our Amway upline. The way they treated us they deserve to lose money, lose their job, go into foreclosure etc because that's what they drove so many others in their downline into. And its not just us they treat badly. Abuse from the assholes in the Amway upline is well documented online as in this woman's story.

    2. I like that line "The Beast doesn't feed you, you feed it". That so perfectly describes the Amway "opportunity". The trickle up theory in practice.

    3. Hi Anonymous - there are so many lines out there, not the ones spoken by Ambots, that so perfectly describe the Amway "opportunity". And Ray had a good one about how you feed the beast. Or the Great Amway God. Same thing.

  2. One thing I don't understand. If you are fed up, why can't you just tell your stupid up-line to fuck off, and to shove his goddamned tapes and CDs up his ass?

    He may be your up-line, but he isn't your boss. And if you're not making a profit even as a Direct Distributor, what the hell do you have to lose by telling the shithead off?

    Also, you could do the same with your down-line if they were annoying and presumptuous. Tell them to take their fucking Amway business and stick it where the sun don't shine. Who the hell are they to tell you and your husband that you can't go to a movie?

    You certainly don't have to sell your home and move out of state! Just tell these fucking Amway creeps that you are done with them, and that they can drop dead for all you care.

    Amway scum expect deference and obedience. Don't give it to them. Spit in the faces and tell them you're a free-born American citizen and you can do what you like.

    1. Guessing here -- maybe the ambot would think it easier to move if their upline was their boss at work, next door neighbor or someone they see very frequently.

      If the ambot just quits buying stuff, going to meeting and basically stops the activities that generate income for the upline, I would think the upline would eventually give up.

      A cease and desist order might help. Have the upline thrown in jail. Then if another prospective bot web searches the upline's name, their see a mugshot of the upline.

    2. Anonymous - its one thing for me and you to tell the assholes in the Amway upline to fuck off. It's a different thing for people who actually like these losers to do that.

      The downline is brainwashed into obedience and if they dare disobey the Amway upline will heap the wrath of hell onto them. It is so scary watching these Amway motherfuckers in action.

      I can't tell you how many times our sack of shit Platinum or some other loser in our Amway upline would phone and berate my Ambot for one infraction or another and he just sat there with his phone stuck to his ear taking it and I'd be pissed off like you wouldn't believe because I can hear the Amway devil screeching into the phone. And then I'd say give me that fucking phone. But he never would because he knew I'd curse out the Amway bastard on the other end and then he'd probably be further up shit creek.

      And when he finally quit Amway the phone calls and text messages from the losers in his Amway upline turned vicious like you wouldn't believe.

      You and me we can tell these Amway bastards to take their fucking Amway business and stick it where the sun don't shine, but the brainwashed cult followers are too terrified to do this.

  3. Spot on!! Imagine that you and "your classmate" are preparing for a major exam. You are struggling to get an "A" in that subject, so your "classmate" presents you an idea on how to get an "A" in the exam and that is to "copy" his answers (cheating!!). You did as what he tells you and the result is that your "classmate's" answers are wrong or from a different test paper. You blamed your "classmate" and your "classmate" will just tell you that it's your fault you did not look at the test paper.

    Or during the test. You are caught for cheating and you get a failing mark. Your "Classmate" will not take any responsibility and will tell you that it's your fault for copying.

    1. Anonymous - and what you wrote brings us to another common tactic in Amway - the blame the victim scam. Yeah the assholes in your Amway upline want you to "duplicate" what they're doing. Well they ain't making money so it seems like a fool's mission to duplicate and follow or as you say copy someone else because the end result is going to be the same - failure. But the asshole in the Amway upline will never point fingers at himself. He'll blame the victim when all the victim did was copy that Amway loser. And got the same results. LOL!

  4. I am so thrilled I found your blog! Was trying to find a way to email you but I will just comment here. Last summer I was approached and told (this is the lingo used by people in Las Vegas BTW) that he met a couple who retired at 24 and 25 and after much convincing, he earned their trust and was now being mentored by this couple and being taught how to build an asset just like they did so he could retire in 2-5 years. I couldn't believe what he was telling me and honestly quite intrigued/excited to learn more. Skip a few weeks and what do you know, I attended 2 board plans where I met this "retired" couple who happen to be new Diamonds, Trevor and Lexi Baker. I had a few "meet and greets" to prove I was accountable blah, blah, blah. I originally was not keen on the idea that this had anything to do with Amway, but I figured I would just try it all out and see. My husband and I signed up and were initially motivated to see if we would make it work. It didn't take long for the constant board plans and regionals to become a complete annoyance and waste of time. I dreaded going. The next one was no different than the last. The same "plan" laid out over and over or a different couple telling their same success story telling you that you could do it too, that really anyone could! FED was dreadful...first off way too long. 3 days is insane and one of the days was literally and allllll day long thing and then a "night owl" and then you think I am going to be there again bright and early the next morning? Ha ya right. It was pretty monotonous..couple after couple, playing a slide show showing off their riches and then an emotional speech. I had high hopes that Dream Night would be something cool and different. Nope. Same thing. Videos and speeches. Nothing training wise. Nothing to help me succeed or grow. Just brainwashing to keep us some what motivated to keep paying into this thing. What really ticked me off and was really the end of it all for me was the End of the Year Kick Off. Platiums got on stage and told their stories and I cant tell you how many people said they put this business before their family...like important moments in life. One couple said they missed a big surgery for his mother that could have potentially been fatal. The whole family was at the hospital while he was at a meeting. Really!??? Another person missed the birth of their twin sisters daughter because she was at a meeting! Of course their families were ticked and they had every right to be. But the whole room was cheering these people and it made me sick!! I get wanting to be retired sooner than later but I am not sacrificing my child or important events with my family and friends. Weddings, birthdays etc. Your children are only young once and you cant get this time back. I am not going to miss my daughters birthday because some idiot thinks its more important for me to be at a function. Bull shit! That's where their values are completely fucked up. Lol sorry but it's true. They basically praise you for putting off everyone for them like you being at this board plan is really so important that I had to skip my friends wedding for...no. I gave it one more change by attending Dream Night but was utterly annoyed once again. Not only did I see my sponsor start completely morphing into Trevor Baker, the products kinda suck as well. I wont go into detail about that but ya they are nothing special at all and I would never spend as much money as I was on them then I would at a normal grocery outing. Im tired of everyone coping one another. No one is their own person. Just the same ambot duplicated over and over. "Fired up" "Love you big time" "I'm so pumped" it get old. I have no doubt that yes, some people did achieve what they did. But the lies and deception in order to do so is just something I cant do. I cant be them.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you found us and thanks for sharing your story. I hope some Ambots looking for more information about the upcoming Scamway event Spring Leadership will read your story and see that its the same thing as the post we put up a couple of days ago and realize we're all saying the same thing. Nothing ever changes at Amway meetings. They say the same things. They show the same videos. OK they might be slightly different but they all have the same thing - join Amway the Cult of Greed and you can have all these material things too. And like you said the ever popular phrase - if we can do it so can you. And everyone is so fired up.

      Oh yeah missing family functions and events is standard in Amway. Is all about Amway cult leaders being control freaks and telling the downline you get your ass to this "very important" Amway meeting instead of going to your mom's funeral. And when they go to the meeting its just the same old bullshit that goes on at every Amway meeting.

      Yeah Amway is famous for promoting people who "retire" at 21 or 24 or 25 or whatever magical number before age 30. The truth is the "retiree" LOL! just switched jobs. They're no longer working for a manager at a bank or big box store but instead their new boss is an Amway cult leader. They still have to work their asses off and probably put in more hours than they did at their old job persuading their downline not to quit, not when success is right around the corner.

      As you noted most people can't keep up with the lies and deception that's all part of being inside the Amway cult. Morals and conscience take over which is why Amway reports 95% of IBO's quit within 2 years.

    2. Look at the wording of those things that Anonymous heard at the function:

      "Fired up!"
      "Love you big time!"
      "I'm so pumped!"

      In a normal context, such statements would be sexual, as in pillow talk between two lovers.

      This is why Amway is so damned sexless -- energy that should have gone into lovemaking is redirected into cheering for hyped-up bullshit at a function.

      No wonder there are all those searches for "Amway sex" and "Amway love tablets" and the like. Ambots simply don't get laid, and their wives remain unserviced. So they secretly search on the internet for some kind of acceptable substitute.

    3. Anonymous - yeah I didn't think of that. Amway is a sex substitute for Amway Ambots. Got to get their love somewhere because who else would love an Amway loser except someone else in the cult.

  5. There is a lot of complaining about the upline, and how bad they are. But the nature of the scam requires you to have a downline, or more specifically be the hated upline.

    Do you see uplines trying to train their downlines into abusing the next rank down, kind of a horrible chain of abuse?

    1. Anonymous - people are just trading one boss for another. I can tell you that at most jobs I held in the past my boss or immediate supervisor in most cases were nice, fair people. Oh sure a couple of assholes along the way, maybe good Amway candidates, but for the most part most bosses or managers want to keep their employees around because its a real pain in the ass to train new people and build a trusting relationship. A good boss wants to be encouraging and promote moral and make the workplace a comfortable environment.

      An Amway cult leader who's the boss of their downline disagrees with my way of thinking and prefers to have the downline live in fear of being punished and humiliated at the next Amway meeting for whatever bad thing they did such as buy a new toaster without getting permission from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline first.

  6. The long story that the Anonymous lady tells about her and her husband's experiences in Amway is both scary and deeply moving.

    It's scary because it shows how really horrible and bizarre the entire Amway mentality is, and how unpleasant the people in Amway can be.

    It's moving because of the courage that Anonymous and her husband showed by getting out of the cult and away from its sick members. And I was cheered by her on-the-mark comments about how sickened she was with the way in which Ambots totally disregard family obligations. "Functions" always outweigh "families" in Amway.

    1. Anonymous - the Amway cult is very scary and everyone who gets their story out there can hopefully help someone else make a decision to stay away from this freak show.

      The people I met in Amway were the most arrogant fucking asshole losers that I've ever met in my life. They're nasty. They're vicious. Evil in every form. Does Amway attract these kinds of personalities. Or are they transformed into Ambot demons after getting onboard with Amway. That's the real puzzle.

  7. I'm so sorry all of you had horrible experiences. I just geniunely wish the best for everyone and appreciate the vulnerability and am glad you all have each other to connect with. So, this is an analogy I have. The social aspect can be good for people, and clearly by what I have read, the social aspect can be damaging. My mother is a hardcore Christian. As a lesbian, I find christianity damaging to me emotionally. Who the hell wants to be a part of a group that would put you down for who you authentically are!?!? Well, it's good and builds my Mama so I'm happy for her. I've seen some really cool people that are a part of World Wide Group that genuinely care. But to hear these stories breaks my heart. I hope you all find the peace and happiness your full hearts desire. If it's not in Amway, clearly it's not- I hope you are by now living it, or that you find it soon. I had to break away from life that I felt people were brain washed in, it's a feet to accomplish to breakaway. So congratulations on breaking away from the crowd when it was hard. If you lost friends along the way for breaking away, fuck them. People who genuinely care will always be there for you. No "pillow talk"- just a hippie chick within my heart, all love and abundance is what I hope for all of you. Truly.

    1. Anonymous - I am sorry to hear you're living in a situation that damages you emotionally because of who you are. You shouldn't have to live like that.

      You are totally wrong that Amway and the World Wide Group genuinely care for you. What you're on the receiving end is a common cult tactic.
      It's called love bombing. And they do it because they want something from you - your money. They'll take money from anyone but when it comes to promoting within the ranks, there is no way in hell that WWDB or Amway will ever let anyone who is gay or lesbian reach any significant level within their cult. I can't tell you how many WWDB meetings where the cult leader bitched about gay marriages becoming legal. Its just very uncomfortable being around close-minded people like that and listening to them spout off their bullshit and rants about the LGBQT community.

      Amway donates heavily to a charity called Focus on the Family. Good tax deduction I guess. Check them out. They are all about what their definition of "traditional family" is. That means a married man/woman and children.

      You will be forever discriminated against by Amway Ambots. There was a gay man in our group who had to go to "counselling" sessions with the Amway cult leaders to try to straighten him out if you'll forgive the pun.

      You can't make somebody be something that they're not genetically programmed to be but that won't stop those bastards. Do you really want to go to counselling sessions telling you to stop being who you are and to hook up with a man? That's going to happen the longer you stay inside this evil cult.

      And when you said people who genuinely care for you will always be there for you well that won't be people in Amway. When you stop buying shitty overpriced Amway products and stop going to Amway cult meetings and stop the flow of money up the pyramid, those phony ass friends will dump you fast and viciously attack you. Because that's what those evil bastards do.

      Start asking questions about how many gay people have reached Diamond in Amway? Or even Platinum. Amway will not let you get ahead because you do not represent their traditional family values.

    2. Anna Banana, you replied quick! I hope other gay people see this. To clarify, I'm no longer a part of the christian system and have broken away from it. I have found a lot of peace in Buddhism. You are right, there are no gay published Diamonds I'm aware of. However, I know of a few gay Platinums.

    3. Amazing how that sometimes happens. I'm actually pretty busy this week. If you've found peace in Buddhism, you won't do well worshipping the Great Amway God. Amway will not bring you peace. I don't know of any gay Platinums. Not saying there aren't any but that's a low level position anyway. The next level up Emerald makes about $2-$3,000/month if they have about 1000 in their downline. Platinum won't make as much as Emerald and probably still has losses. Low level commissioned sales rep probably can't cling to that level for long.

  8. My upline never forced me into anything or to order tapes and stuff. You just had a bad experience. You can make a lot of money in this business, yes it's a challenge but my dad owns traditional businesses and they cost on average 25 thousand dollars to run per month. The business world isn't for everyone but for those that are mentally tough. My upline would give
    me suggestions but at the end of the day they told me I can run the business the way I want too. I've been profitable and you literally just have to grind at it. I have family friends making over 6 digits in profit a year in just 3 years. You can't fail in amway you just end up quitting because you're not profitable. Take ownership of your mistakes instead of blaming it on others, especially those that are successful in it. Only 2% of the world is rich for a reason because they don't call successful people assholes like you do.

    1. First off Michael Wahba - way to go to say FUCK YOU to Amway and use your real name knowing that can get you fired because its a big no no for Amway Ambots to read and comment on blogs like this. That's what this blog is all about. Saying FUCK YOU to Amway.

      How do you when an Amway Ambot is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet they're typing something.

      Business costs of $25,000/month or even a day to run a business are not unusual. How much do you think business costs for Amazon cost in a day? Much higher than that. And I use Amazon because Amway cult leaders like to compare the 2 businesses. Only fucking losers would do that. Amazon is a much more successful company and they offer products that people actually want to buy at good prices. Amazon has been around for just over 20 years and last year made 136 billion. Amway has been around over 50 years and made 8 billion. So take your compare apples and oranges Amspeak bullshit and go fuck yourself.

      Anyone making 6 digits in Scamway is a Diamond. We all know if anyone got to Diamond in 3 years Amway's head office PR department would be gloating and blowing that out their asses.

      And thanks for showing up and proving that Amway is a blame the victim scam.

  9. People in my family are pulling over 6 digits a year in this business. I wish I knew what you guys were talking about, but my experience so far in this
    business has been profitable, and is much easier than my dad's traditional business that costs him 25 grand a month to run. The real world isn't easy, and instead of complaining try to find solutions and work harder. My upline never forced me to by CD's and standing order, they know what I can afford and what I can't afford, and never teach people to go into debt. At the end of the day it's your own business, and you should run it the way you want to run it. The diamonds, etc, are not lying or else they would be sued, they are actually successful because they grinded harder than you and did not quit. 98% of the world isn't rich for a reason, and this blog is a prime example of that.

    1. Michael Wahba - again how do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving or in the case of the Internet they're typing something. You have all these people in your family pulling in 6 figures in Scamway - when in your previous post you said "family friends" LOL You fucking Amway losers can't even keep your lies straight. LOL!

      If the Amway Diamonds aren't lying LOL how brainwashed can you be - then I recommend you watch the Dateline video - you'll see a link in the right side of this page, and see how the Amway cult leader was lying about compensation on camera and the reporter caught his lying ass. Again another fucking Amway loser that can't keep their lies straight.

      This post was about a poor woman and her husband who got scammed by Amway and moved to another state to get away from those fucking Amway assholes. And do you show any compassion for her situation. NO! You show up here with your snotty snobby Amway arrogant prick attitude and blame the victim inbetween your lies. This is why this blog is so important. It's to show that the Amway attitude and what horrible lousy motherfucking uncompassionate assholes you Ambots all are. You don't give a flying fuck about anyone or anything except getting rich. Because you keep harping on about being rich in the 2 comments you left.

      Amway the Cult of Greed!

      Well figure this out you motherfucking lying scamming Amway asshole. Everyone has different ideas on what they consider rich. Not everyone covets material things the way you fucking Amway losers do. Some people consider themselves rich by their lifestyle and their experiences. People who've never earned a 6 figure income but can stay out of debt, figure out ways to earn more money, spend less and save and invest where they can have a much better chance of leading a lifestyle of happiness and great experiences. That's something you lying scamming Amway fucktards can't figure out.

  10. To Michael Wahba:

    First you say "family friends" and then you say "family." And we're supposed to believe the bullshit that these imaginary people are making six-figure incomes, and are all Amway Diamonds? Try to be a little more competent in your lying, pal.

    If your father has expenses of $25,000 per month in his business, it must be a profitable concern. Why don't you go into business with him? Why don't you learn his business, so that you can inherit it from him? Why would you get involved in a nickel-and-dime ripoff like Amway?

    Everything about you two posts here suggests that you are lying through your teeth.

    1. Anonymous - when a person is a lying scambot it helps to have a good memory! LOL! An Amway Ambot showed up to leave 3 angry barely legible comments on one of the posts. By the time he got to the 3rd comment he "suddenly remembered" he's a triple executive diamond and gloated about that. LOL!

      Only the best damned liars around have a shot at making money in Amway. As you pointed out Micheal Wahba needs to be more competent in his lying! LOL!

    2. It's easy to say "I know people in Amway who are making 6 digits annually with it. But try to pin them down to the specifics (i.e. the MATH of it) and they will dance around that. Because for those of us familiar with Amway, we know the HUGE amount of downline they would have to have in order to pull that off, and how much each one of THEM would be having to buying a month, etc. (I say "buying" because the VAST majority of Amway sales are for self-consuming or garage hoarding, because in reality at the high prices of the Amway generic products selling outside of the bubble is difficult).

      If someone in Amway were making that kind of monthly income, as Anna says, they would be well known in the Amway community since even Amway's own fine print says less than 1% of anyone in the "business" makes even beyond breaking even (if they are lucky to even do that).

      Unless this guy provides a name (since, like I said, Amway would be hawking them like crazy at functions) and details on the massive amount of downline they have, I call bullshit.

      And Amway is all about bullshit.

    3. Hi Anonymous. Those of us who understand that making money in Amway is pretty much a mathematical impossibility unless you're one of the owners or got into the pyramid scheme early enough don't believe these lying little Ambot bastards that show up here.

      Amway IS all about bullshit.

  11. When people have problems with MLM, its not with the company, its with the people. Amway is a great business, however there are some people who make it look bad for everyone else. I'm so blessed my experience has been different from this. Have a blessed day!

    1. Anonymous - MLM companies and the people who are employed by them are hand in hand. All companies are responsible for the actions of their staff. Amway doesn't seem to give a flying fuck what their commissioned sales reps do while it gives their company a bad name. And only a fucking brainwashed Amway loser would think Amway is a great business. Oh and probably people whose last name are DeVos or VanAndel. The rest of the world knows Amway is NOT a great company. It's a fucking scam pyramid scheme that's out to fuck over people who can probably least afford to get fucked out of their money.

      And why do you fucking Amway losers all go around saying blessed to do this and blessed to do and we're in Amway to bless others. Fuck! You're in Amway to make the fucking assholes in your Amway upline richer and to make the owners of Amway richer. How does financial and emotional distress "bless" you? Dumb fuck!

      Have a blessed day getting fucked over by a bunch of fucking Amway losers!

    2. It's so easy to say it's a great business opportunity, but try to pin them down asking about the actual realistic MATH and apart from circle drawing they can never do it. "You bring in 6 people and each of them bring in 6 people and so on and so on and suddenly you're rich". Doesn't work that way. Each of the people brought in (what few you can find) will usually be self-consumers (it's hard as hell to sell over-priced products to more than a small handful of family and friends who were guilted into it... and they soon stop returning phone calls). So the money is in an enclosed system of IBO's self-consuming and thus very little new money coming into the equation. That's why 99% of them end up losing money, not making it. And the majority will quit and cut their losses. Hardly a great business "opportunity".

    3. Anonymous - Exactly! The Amway "business plan" might look good on paper, but realistically speaking doing the math it can't be done by the overwhelming majority of Ambots. No one wants to sign up to the Amway cult and no one wants to buy overpriced shitty Amway products.Except brainwashed Ambots.


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1. Is it the weekend? We don’t moderate comments on weekends. Maybe not every day during the week either. Patience.
2. Racist/bigoted comments? Take that shit somewhere else.
3. Naming names? Public figures like politicians and actors and people known in Amway are probably OK – the owners, Diamonds with CDs or who speak at functions, people in Amway’s publicity department who write press releases and blogs. Its humiliating for people to admit their association with Amway so respect their privacy if they’re not out there telling everyone about the love of their life.
4. Gossip that serves no purpose. There are other places to dish about what Diamonds are having affairs or guessing why they’re getting divorced. If you absolutely must share that here – don’t name names. I get too many nosy ambots searching for this. Lets not help them find this shit.
5. Posting something creepy anonymously and we can’t track your location because you’re on a mobile device or using hide my ass or some other proxy. I attracted an obsessed fan and one of my blog administrators attracted a cyberstalker. Lets keep it safe for everyone. Anonymous is OK. Creepy anonymous and hiding – go fuck yourselves!
6. Posting something that serves no purpose other than to cause fighting.
7. Posting bullshit Amway propaganda. We might publish that comment to make fun of you. Otherwise take your agenda somewhere else. Not interested.
8. Notice how this blog is written in English? That's our language so keep your comments in English too. If you leave a comment written in another language then we either have to use Google translate to put it into English so everyone can understand what you wrote or we can hit the Delete button. Guess which one is easier for us to do?
9. We suspect you're a troublemaking Amway asshole.
10. Your comment got caught in the spam filter. Gets checked occasionally. We’ll get to you eventually and approve it as long as it really isn’t spam.