Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amway Debt

People in the Amway cult are more than likely in heavy debt.

Ironic because one of the bullshit lies that Amway cult leaders feed to prospects is that Amway will get them out of debt! LOL!

That’s just another line Amway Ambots toss out there because many people are in debt and the idea of being debt free is attractive. Also the idea of having bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month after 2 to 5 years while you sit back and do nothing for the rest of your life is also attractive.

Nerd Wallet analyzed average debt based on various sources like the US Census, New York Federal Reserve, etc

The average household has about $130,000 in debt and over $15,000 of that is in credit cards.

Let’s look at that $15,000 and say that’s about what Amway costs an Ambot each year. If they take a credit card with a zero balance on it when they start, they’ll be at the national average in a year of signing up to the Amway cult. If they already have a balance – say already around $15,000 – then they can expect to double their credit card thanks to Amway in one year. And that amount is probably drawn out over several credit cards where interest could be as much as 30%. Yikes! And if the Ambot is late making their minimum monthly payment by the due date add on late fees and probably an interest rate hike.

Amway does NOT help Ambots get out of debt – they add on to it.

It’s basic math. If an Ambot is CORE and has no downline or no customers, a usual condition for Ambots, and they buy at least 100PV around $300/month in shitty overpriced Amway products then they’ll qualify to make a commission of $10. But that $300 isn’t the only Amway expense that Ambot will have that month. First off towards the end of the month some fucking asshole in the Amway upline will phone and put the screws to the Ambot that some fucking Amway loser further upline has PV BV goals to meet that month and therefore all Ambots are ordered to buy more shitty overpriced Amway products. Add on $50/month membership to the Amway cult sect they’re part of, tickets to Amway meetings, Communikate, other money losing ventures in the Amway tool scam and the Ambot is spending well over $500/month. Double that monthly amount is more like it depending on how much room the Ambot has on their credit cards.

And is that money coming out of the Ambot’s saving account or being charged to the credit card?

Seeing as how most Ambots have a non-existent savings account the answer is the credit card.

And the Ambot gets more and more desparate as the months go by and the credit card keeps climbing as they keep tithing the Great Amway God waiting for that day when they'll make all their money back and so much more when bazillions of dollars will come in from Amway every month.

Does anyone see a resemblance to a gambling addiction? Gamblers who run up huge debts are frantic to get their money back and they keep thinking that next hand of blackjack or the next spin of the slot machine is going to be the big one so they keep on going. You know, the old “you can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner” bullshit that Amway cult leaders feed to their downline also applies to gamblers. How about another Amway bullshit slogan “you’re a winner just for showing up” even though you’re not making money. Yeah you’re a winner just for showing up all right and throwing away fistfuls of money.

I’m sure someone will point out that with gambling there’s a better chance of making money than an Amway IBO.

Lets get back to the tons of credit card debt the Ambot now has thanks to Scamway.

What do normal people do when they have credit card debt and are motivated to become debt free? They look for ways they can save money so they can pay down their debt. For some people that might mean saving money on cleaning supplies. Say they’re used to spending $50 on Amway laundry soap, $25 on Amway dishwasher soap, and maybe another $50 on various cleaning supplies. Every month of course even though the old package might not be used up because Ambots stockpile shitty overpriced Amway products. So there’s $120 a month spent on Amway cleaning supplies. The Ambot goes to Walmart and buys the same size laundry detergent for $10, dishwasher soap for $8, and various other cleaning products for about $15. That’s $33 for similar Amway cleaning products that cost $120. Ambot saves $87/month buying better quality lower priced cleaning products and likely doesn’t have to repeat buy them for a few months because no one in the Amway upline is mocking them anymore and ordering them what to do so the Ambot takes a more realistic approach to shopping – buying only when needed. So Ambot takes that savings of $87 that first month and applies it against the credit card debt and instead of buying shitty overpriced Amway cleaning products costing $120/month, can take a few months break from buying cleaning supplies and throws that $120/month at the debt instead of at Amway.

NerdWallet suggests people can save money by cancelling subscriptions. So other ways Ambots could start saving money and paying off their debt is cancelling their subscriptions to Amway’s expensive buying club, cancelling Communikate, cancelling premium membership to their cult sect, cancel their monthly standing order, etc etc.

Those are just examples using Amway shit. There are tons of other ways to save money. Don’t believe those fucking Amway assholes when you meet them and they’re trying to con you into their pyramid scheme and they’ll bullshit you that you’ll “save” money buying products from Amway. There is NOTHING Amway sells that people can’t buy a lower priced better quality product at a retailer.

There are other ways people can find to help save money until the credit card debt is under control. People serious about getting out of debt can search on the Internet for advice or even go to their bank and ask to talk to a consultant about reaching financial goals and figuring out how to pay down their debt and put money aside into a savings account at the same time.

Buying more and more shitty overpriced Amway products and charging up the credit card is NOT going to get you out of debt.

The best advice I have for anyone looking to pay down their debt is to stay the hell away from Amway.


  1. I had $5000 in savings when I joined. Eventually after a couple years, I moved from roommates and my expenses went up. I wanted to be the awesome fucking IBO with a Ditto order on about $400 in vitamins. Lots of pv and bv I'm fucking smart!!! That's money I wasn't adding to my savings. That's money I was taking away from savings. It's been years since I've been out and I'm finally in a position to be stacking cash again. I didn't go to debt from my Amway addiction, but it did set me years back.

    1. Hi Anonymous Guy. I hear you. Sign up with Amway and say good bye to your savings.

      And you summed it up there: Amway does not help you save money, Amway takes away your savings.

      It took a long time to get the Amway debt paid off because not only are you putting Amway shit on your credit card but you're also making other purchases, sometimes because you have to because all the Amway spending has made you broke so you got no other choice than to use a credit card for your living expenses. Yeah Amway sets you back financially for years and some people are never able to recover financially from Scamway.

  2. A: I have a great business opportunity for you, my friend. If you sign up for this credit card, you get 2% cash back on all your purchases! There's no limit on that cash back, so you can make millions!
    B: But doesn't that mean I have to spend hundreds of millions to make those millions?
    A: You're investing in your business! If you do that, spread over 5 years, you'll be a multimillionaire! Plus, you're already buying what you would normally buy!
    B: But I wouldn't normally spend all that money on monthly purchases.
    A: Well, maybe you should, to build your business and make millions from that cash back! Plus, if you refer new people for the credit card, you get an additional bonus! You can simultaneously pay another company hundreds of dollars a month and they'll teach you how to make millions from this amazing cash back and referral system!
    B: What the FUCK???!!!!

    1. LOL Jerry. You know Ambots are all about throwing out numbers to confuse people. With a credit card you could eventually get a million dollars back but how many millions would you have to spend first to get it? LOL! But you know an Amway Ambot would look at your logic and go get a credit card and try it.

    2. LOL :) Not only would they go get a credit card and try it, they would pay hundreds a month for their genius diamond to guide them through it! :)

    3. LOL! But they wouldn't dare not do something their genius Diamond told them to do. LOL!

  3. OK, let's look at what we know.

    Amway doesn't want you to go to college, because it is a waste of time in their opinion.

    Amway doesn't want you to have a "J.O.B." (or being "just over broke," as they put it).

    Amway doesn't want you to have a savings account or a 401K or an IRA. You should liquidate it totally.

    Amway doesn't want you to own a house (you should rent, in their opinion), but if you are a homeowner you can skip some mortgage payments.

    Amway doesn't want you to own any real estate -- you should sell it to buy more Amway products.

    Amway doesn't want you to have investments in the form of stocks or bonds.

    Amway doesn't want you to have another business that you profit from, apart from Amway.

    Amway doesn't want you to buy any products that are competitive with Amway, even if you happen to prefer them. You should only buy Amway products, and you should buy them every single month even if you don't need them.

    Can you imagine the havoc it would wreak in your life if you followed ALL of these idiotic ideas?

    Amway is a destructive, evil, criminal cult that needs to be destroyed.

    1. Anonymous - you pretty much described Amway and upline demands perfectly. Or just about any other cult out there too.

    2. And imagine the sort of Amway shmuck who is trying to talk you into this stupid cult: He's a little loser in a cheap, off-the-rack business suit, driving a beat-up jalopy, barely educated, accosting strangers in Barnes & Noble or Starbucks, spouting con-man platitudes about "big hopes and dreams," and sneering at anyone or anything that isn't connected with Amway.

      Do you really want to get involved financially with someone like that?

    3. Anonymous - that's a good physical description of an Amway Ambot!

      And no! I did NOT want to get involved financially with Amway losers.

  4. Hi Anna,

    (not sure if my previous comment (few mins ago) was posted. My phone decided to quit after I pressed the post button! Haha. So I'll post the comment again, you can delete the previous one if its in your system).

    I have been reading your blog for six months now on a daily basis and I appreciate how you and other bloggers such as Joecool are doing your best to make people aware of the dangers of Amway/MLM.

    Recently few of my friends have been prospected by MLM, and I shared with them your blog to give them a better picture of MLM's true colors.

    Here in Malaysia and Singapore more and more people of my age (the vulnerables) are aware of these scams (especially Amway which has a very very shabby reputation here nowadays), but sadly, more and more MLMs are popping up and have evolved drastically in their tricks to lure in victims. I am also shocked to find that they have now began targetting middle school or high school students!

    Recently a conman from China came to Malaysia and started a MLM that shocked the entire Malaysian Chinese community. That MLM was more aggressive and more cultish than what was described in your blog. That conman was hailed as the world's next richest man and some of the brainwashed even honored him like a god! Thankfully that MLM has been shut down and that guy is now in hiding in Thailand because the Chinese government has also decided to give him Jail Special if he ever returns to China.

    Things like this have happened before. It could happen again.

    once again, thanks to bloggers like you and Joecool, more people are becoming increasingly wary of MLMs (Good to say that Ambots are most unwelcome here in my country and many people now knows how to avoid them). Hope to see you continue writing this blog and hope to see even more people come out to share their bad MLM experiences to keep more people out of this hellhole.

    Btw, I am now somewhere in 2011 for the 2nd/3rd time, and was most amused to see these ambots with their canned, mass-produced amspeak. Was wondering if some (now ex) Ambot who commented in your blog back them would come back today, look at their then-Amspeak, and see how gullible they were back then?

    1. Hi Anonymous. We don't know what happened to your first comment and this one got caught in the spam so who who knows what's up with blogger. But I want to say way to go for typing all of that on a phone!

      I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the blog and you're all the way in Singapore. Most of this blog's readers are in the states, and the next countries are Canada and India but they're way behind us. Maybe 100 visitors a day with those 2 countries combined. And then maybe another 25 or so visitors a day from all the other countries in the world. Its our hope that means Amway has not infected too many other countries with their evil. But that's fascinating that MLM scams are a big problem in Asia. It would be more interesting to know if the scam originated over there or in the US.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. If you're re-reading the whole thing you'll see a lot of posts are rerun but its those comments that take a life of their own on some of these posts. Yeah I'd like to see some former ambots come back and read the comments they left here but it's never happened that I know of. I've had a couple of people come back and say they just quit Amway and they should have listened to me. Oh well live and learn. Hopefully they didn't lose too much money.

    2. Hi Anna,

      I think its safe to say that most of these new MLMs here can trace some of their lineage to Amway or other MLMs such as Avon, Mary Kay, HerbaLife etc. But I believe that Amway might be the "great-grandfather" of these MLMs.

      Many of these MLMs are highly active (in fact one of my high school teacher back in Malaysia has recently joined MK and there's all the enthu selling MK products through Facebook). Not only there were those conventional ones such as Amway, MK, Avon or HerbaLife, a series of "localized" MLMs have also spawn, and some of the bloggers believe that the people behind these new MLMs were actually former members of these big MLMs. I believe that some of these people were in Amway for quite long, learned the tricks, and decided to have a go at it.

      From the few Ambots that I have met in Malaysia, I think they believe to cult groups based in US, such as WWDB, BWW, etc. One of the Ambots said he went to Alaska for training, which after reading your blog, I believe that he was actually attending certain big meetings in Alaska during winter (maybe Family Reunion?).

      Thankfully, Amway's popularity in my region has went down thanks to its shabby reputation. But now the issue is with all the new "innovative" local MLMs popping up. But considering that most of these MLMs operate in a manner similar to Amway (especially the cult groups), I think its safe to say that despite the bad reputation of Amway, it has left its mark, in terms of many of these ex-Ambots creating spin-offs or new MLMs based on Amways' "Business Concept".

    3. Hi Anonymous - there's some MLMs that aren't cultlike and don't have a bad reputation like Amway. For example Avon is technically MLM or they've been leaning more that way in the past few years. The thing is Avon sells good products for good prices and people actually want to buy them. Most of the sales reps are women and they're not agressive like Ambots. Mostly they sell Avon because they like the products and sell to friends and co-workers and probably make enough commission to cover their own purchases or at least discount what they buy for themselves. I don't know anyone who sells Avon thinking they're going to make lots of money. Mary Kay is a different story. Those sales reps want to make a living selling cosmetics. And there's a lot of pissed off women selling Mary Kay judging by comments they leave online. But at least they're not dumb enough to get involved with Amway.

      Traveling more than 10 miles for any Scamway training is going too far. Flying from Asia to Alaska for any Amway brainwashing conference is crazy thinking to normal people. At least go somewhere warm and fun like Hawaii!


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