Monday, March 28, 2016

What Is There To Do In Spokane Instead Of WWDB Amway Spring Leadership 2016?

This year WWDB Amway is holding Spring Leadership in Spokane in April 2016. Don’t know the actual date or place but in the past its been at the Spokane Arena.

So that means another one of my posts where I find things to do in town instead of attending Spring Leadership. Actually sitting in your hotel room watching TV would be more productive than attending the Spring Leadership brainwashing session. Staying at home would save you time and money instead of blowing it on the Amway tool scam and the incidental costs incurred getting and staying there. Anyway gotta get some keywords in cause I got lots of ambots searching for Amway conference WWDB Spring Leadership 2016.

Now what really sucks is that I could have sworn last year I devoted a post about what there was to do in Spokane and I was going to recycle it but I guess I didn’t or else Amway WWDB didn’t have Spring Leadership there in 2015 or there was nothing going on in Spokane last year. So I’m kind of flying blind here. No insult to anyone from Spokane but it does not seem to be on the radar as far as exciting tourist destinations go. Apparently some Amway cult leaders live in the area. I had to look on a map to find it. Washington! Looks to be east of Seattle by a couple hundred miles maybe? Near the Idaho border. Kind of off the beaten path.

This was a difficult task. I tried my old friend Trip Advisor and mostly all I came up with were parks, a place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables (a total no-no for ambots who are supposed to consume Nutrilite vitamins instead!), biking trails, and river rafting.

So then I found the visit Spokane website Go check it out if it interests you.

Spokane Riverfront Park - I don’t know. The name is not appealing to me. I think of rivers as mosquito spawning grounds. Not to mention you don’t know what kind of evil river serpents are swimming around in there. Oh. I guess that would just be the Amway upline! It looks like they’re open for business in April but whether or not that’s before or after Amway WWDB Spring Leadership I don’t know. I also couldn’t find the cost of a one day pass but a couple of years ago it was $19.95 and included rides on a ferris wheel, bumper cars, tilt a whirl, a carousel, and other rides that all sound a little tame to me. When things get too tough to search for the tough get going! LOL!

Spokane Falls Skyride I swear you’d think this amusement park is being run by Scamway now cause the info on the prices are non-existent or otherwise tough to find. It used to cost $7.50. The picture shows riding in an enclosed gondola and getting near the spray. For a 15 minute ride it looks like it might be fun more so if water splashes inside the gondolas!

So sorry folks, kind of coming up dry in this town. But you don’t need to be dry. Surprisingly there are a few wineries in the area. Grapes grow well in Spokane? Try Arborcrest Wine Cellars . They are having a tulip festival in April so it looks like a chance to see some pretty spring flowers in bloom.

Signing off!

WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards!

Here’s some more key words to help Amway IBO’s find their way because the assholes in their upline don’t help out with this top secret information. And because there are a bunch of dumb ass Amway ambots that think they have the power to turn back time and put this into their Google searches: Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2015! And one more for the Amway asshole who is thinking ahead to next year! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2017. Yup ambots are so fucking brainwashed by their Amway cult leaders they have no clue what year it is!

Las Vegas
Calgary, Canada
Fort Lauderdale

Amway sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Spring Leadership sucks!

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!

All Amway functions suck!


  1. Those Amway assholes refuse to eat fresh fruit and vegetables? Instead they consume those stupid, phony Nutrilite pills?

    Man, I knew they were dimwitted buffoons. But if the above is true, they are living on another planet.

    1. Anonymous - yes at Amway cult meetings the Diamond will stand on the stage and hold up a bottle of ... of .... I don't remember the name but it's supposed to be taken instead of eating produce. Like how fucking dumb is that. Especially since you can probably go to the market and buy vegetables and fruit that costs way less than a bottle of those vitamins.

      Like how dumb is that. What is going to fill you up more so you don't feel hungry? Eating a banana or swallowing a Nutrilite vitamin. Which one is better for you? There's no reason why people should be taking supplements if they're eating a balanced diet. Medical reasons excluded of course but wait till a doctor views your blood work and tells you somethings lacking in your system and what to take to fix it. And I mean a real doctor. Not Dr. Amway Quack who will prescribe Nutrilite. LOL! Buffoons for sure. Nailed it!


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