Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Amway S.C.A.M.

Read this and thought – this is what Amway is all about!

S.C.A.M. – Seducing Creative Ambitious Minds

Amway has scammed millions of people by filling their heads with dream. Dreams that involved spending thousands of dollars to tithe the Great Amway God. Dreams that carried them way past the point of reality. Dreams that made them ignore the warning signs of reality. The reality that there savings had been diminished and their credit card debt had skyrocketed. Maybe even a reality that involved foreclosure, bankruptcy, and divorce.

In attempting to get rich quick in Amway, and moving up the ranks to get some dumb fuck Amway ambot title like sack of shit Platinum, ambots allow their greed to get in the way of truth. Educated, creative, ambitious people get sucked into scams like Amway more often than we’ll know because too many are embarrassed to admit they weren’t smart enough to figure out they were being scammed. But the others want others to know so they don’t fall victim too and their stories are all over the Internet and sometimes on TV. “I never thought something like this could ever happen to me.” or “I thought I was too smart to fall for a scam like this.”

These creative ambitious people get seduced by the Amway scam because they want to believe in something – that in 2 to 5 years they’ll be gazillionaires with barrels of money rolling in every month while they sit back and do nothing for the rest of their lives except walk the beaches of the world. They want to feel that they belong somewhere and Amway is all about love bombing so they feel loved and wanted when Amway cult members shower them with compliments and love.

Creative ambitious minds want to do something with their lives that bring them joy. And hopefully a good income too. How many people when they were growing up thought that being a commissioned salesperson would be a career that brings them joy? I’m guessing none. Most kids when they’re growing up think about more traditional careers that will bring them happiness like a police officer or doctor or pilot. Most don’t grow up thinking they want to sell soap and get a few pennies commission on each sale.

When they become adults they dream about what career might bring them joy and start taking the steps to reach that goal. And that’s usually when a vicious blood sucking Amway ambot comes along to destroy their lives because that’s what Ambots do. Always on the lookout for their next victim. Always! At their J.O.B.s, at weddings, at funerals, at college, at the gas station, in the shopping mall, at Barnes & Noble, these fucked up Amway ambots will stalk you anywhere. Ambots are looking to seduce creative, ambitious minds because they know these people are eager.

But that doesn’t mean they want to get scammed by disreputable, unethical Amway ambots who have zero integrity and morals. They’ll fuck over anyone who shows interest in being a “business owner”. Never mind that its only a pretend business in a system designed for failure.

These creative ambitious minds just want to earn a living doing something that brings them joy and instead they’ve run into dishonest Amway ambots trying to recruit new people into their cult.

We had a post on here that one reason Amway Ambots are attracted to the Amway scam is because they’re financially irresponsible. People who aren’t good with money and financial planning come from all walks of life. Certainly the disadvantaged and people in low paying jobs might be in that category. Though I’m sure there are people in that category who have the possibility of being financially savvy if they can get out of the lower income bracket. Maybe they’re already making progress with saving and investing with what little extra funds they have. People who have good paying jobs does not mean they are financially responsible. They can be professionals in their industry but suck when it comes to money management, running up debt, and financial planning for their future.

These could be the people who have creative, ambitious minds.

The people that Amway ambots want to capture into their cult. These are the people that Amway ambots use for bragging rights to attempt credibility inside their pyramid scheme. Well we signed up a dentist (lawyer, software CEO, owner of a chain of restaurants, etc) so obviously we’re a legitimate S.C.A.M.

Yup lets just send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway.


  1. Well, it's pretty clear that Amway will take anybody they can get. Rich, middle class, or poor, if you seem like a "prospect" they'll try to recruit you.

    So if you are really creative and ambitious, the only thing that is going to tempt you into Amway is the prospect of getting rich in a relatively short time period. Add to this the dream of "residual income" for the rest of your life, and naturally some creative and ambitious people will be drawn to try Amway out. Their attitude is "I can put up with this boring soap-and-cleanser company for a few years, as long as it makes me rich." Of course they soon find out (a few months is usually all it takes) that the whole thing is a silly scam. And if they are REALLY creative and ambitious, they'll drop Amway like a hot potato.

    If you really have a creative and ambitious mind, you're probably not going to want to get involved in the business of selling cleansers and crappy cosmetics (or in the "new" Amway, convincing some other dopes to sell the stuff for you in your down-line). You might try it out, just to see if it pays off. But work at Amway for the rest of your life?!? It would be unthinkable for a creative and ambitious person. For this reason, the people who drop out of Amway quickly are the smart ones. And the dopes who stay, year after year, going to the stupid functions and paying through the nose for tools and CDs and CommuniKate and books and endless shipments of vitamins and energy drinks... well, those guys are the uncreative and unambitious types.

    Leaving Amway is a mark of intelligence and perception. Staying in Amway is a sign that you are a jackass.

    1. Well said Anonymous! Amway Ambots will sign up anyone they can get, nothing else matters, none of that bullshit about "qualifying prospects" - if they can get them to sign the IBO registration form that's all that matters.

      And yes the Amway plan is tempting. Get rich quick and have bazillions of dollars in residual income flowing in every month for the rest of your life. The Amway plan only looks good on paper. The reality of carrying it out is a fool's dream.

  2. Great post, Anna. You know, sometimes I think the only way we will ever beat these abusive cultish MLMs is to design a better alternative MLM (please don't laugh), that is not deceptive, not cultish, is fair, and honest. That may be the only antidote to Amway. What do you think?

    1. Hi Jerry. Well an antidote to Amway and all the other scam MLMs is a good idea but probably not in the form of another MLM! The MLM qualities you described sounds more like Avon!

  3. Thank you for your reply, Anna. I will study Avon's model, but they're focused on cosmetics only I think. Maybe there's a need for an Avon-like MLM that sells all the products Amway does and more.

    1. Jerry - Avon was a pretty simple concept mostly aimed at housewives back in the 60's. Sell Avon products to your friends and family and make a little extra money. Today people who sell Avon products tend to like the products and became a sales rep so they can provide products to anyone they know who also likes to use them. They probably make enough commission to cover their own purchases. So still make way more money than $10 commission each month from Amway once hundreds of dollars are spent. Most Avon ladies don't want to have a bunch of sales reps below them because that's probably not why they became a sales rep in the first place but Avon seems to have a push going in that direction.

  4. And I thought all along that S.C.A.M. stood for "Suckers Clipped at Amway Meetings".

  5. It would be a shame if a nice direct-sales company like Avon became like Amway. Avon was always a kind and friendly company. Amway is a Frankenstein monster.

    1. Anonymous - it would be. And probably not worth it for the sales reps to continue, and like I say most of the sales reps aren't looking at Avon as making money though undoubtedly some ladies out there do make a decent income from sales. You should hear Amway Ambots bitch about all the other make up companies out there and how bad their products are and bitch bitch bitch. But most of them don't know that years ago Amway tried to buy Avon so how bad can Avon's products really be if the Ambot's beloved employer tried to buy the company. Thank God it didn't go through. Then we'd be seeing a reasonably priced $3 Avon lipstick now selling on Scamway for $20+.

  6. Hey Anna, I agree with everything you've said. I'm ashamed to say it, but I spent 6 years in Amway. It was literally how I started my adult life. My passion for art and design was buried and replaced by the so called "values" they instilled in me. They preyed on the fact that I had no father figure in my life, which is what kept me around for so long. After I "found my dream" which was really my true passion in life, art & design like I mentioned before. They began to reject me! Told me it was self serving and a whole bunch of other bullshit. I remember losing my job in the city and how they began to treat me afterwards.. The shit they started to say to me when I was driftinf away from them. I get so angry just thinking about it. I eventually lost my home, which was some shitty closet sized room that my upline rented out to me while laughing at me about its size. I moved back to my mother's house and decided to cut them all out of my life. Here I am in my late 20's, single and left with almost nothing. I don't even have a car and I could never make a woman happy with what little I have right now and it hurts.. but I haven't given up on my real ambitions in life, but at the same time I have the most difficult time getting over the I time wasted on these fuckers. They honestly believe that success cannot happen without them. I was given all these retarded warning speeches on how difficult it is to get by on my own. All that faith they said they had in me completely went out the window after I decided to leave. I truly HATE those people and who they are. They walk around claiming to be something that they're not and they feed on ambitious creative minds. They found me before I even had the chance to try anything else with my life. One of the crossline I worked a job with at one point was a pedophile who had been fired from 4 different jobs for sexual harassment!! I was told that this was a guy who was worthy of trust!! That alone says a lot about how fucking twisted and distorted some of these ambots are. They go and use pretty words and wrap them up with biblical verses to create this holy image this is soooo far from what they rruly are... I hope that all network marketing companies go out of business one day. I've met them all, and it's the same pitch everytime. All they do is dissuade people from their creative passions so that they can manipulate them.

    1. Hi Franklin. Sorry to hear about your Amway horror story. No consolation to you but your story is very similar to many others stories.mthe only difference is you stuck around to be brainwashed longer than most.

      It sounds like you're starting to get your life back together. It might not seem like it now when Amway took away everything from you but you are young enough to bounce back financially and emotionally. Can you imagine being 20 or 30 years older and getting wiped out by Scamway. Could you rebuild your life when you're older and lost everything.

      Getting away and staying away from those evil Amway bastards is all about deprogramming yourself from the brainwashing. Good luck to you.

    2. Yeah, My mother would tell me the same thing as well as my older brother. I'm pretty lucky compared to the people who've ended up a lot worse. I remember to count my blessings each day. I learned some good sales and networking skills from those bastards, its just a shame they never embodied any of the principles they preached. As I began to drift from them, I met some really good people. I met someone who was actually rich and has become an advisor to me. He actually answers his phone when I call him for advice and he has nothing to gain from helping me. He dosent play some cat and mouse game to make his time look valuable like those ambots did. I've been pursing an education, learning how to build websites from various free sources. I eventually would like to have my own startup company out in NY(I live in Jersey) and show these bastards what a real company is. That's gonna be my revenge against them. Thanks for putting things in perspective Anna. I've barely been able to do that myself, but there is a bright side to that. It brings me closer to my family and has helped me identify what a friend is not. They can quote as many poems, books, and biblical verses as they like... but their actions will never truly hide what they are... I feel really sorry for the children being raised into it.

    3. Hey Franklin, sounds like you're getting it. The brainwashing is leaking out of your system and you're seeing Amway and the lousy bastards you met there for what they really are.

      And you totally nailed it when you said those Amway assholes in your upline play little games on how valuable their time is and how they make it seem like a huge deal if they're taking time to help you with something. Our sack of shit Platinum would show up to lead Amway meetings and he'd howl and whine and bitch about being there helping his downline when it's taking time away from his family. So there's 2 people in the room who are pissed off they're at this Amway meeting instead of spending time with family and doing into they'd rather be doing - me and him. The 2 worst attitudes in the room LOL!

      And people in Amway are only your friends as long as they're making money off you and you're buying their products or the Amway tool scam. You don't have to pay your real friends money to hang around.

      It sounds like you've met a good person who's happy to give you good business advice and I hope that's going to give you a good head start to get a real business off the ground. I am skeptical that you think the sales and networking advice you got in Amway was good. Sniping prospects in Safeway or at the mall is just not good sales advice.

      In addition to reading books about starting a business or finding articles about that online you might want to take a look at some of David Bachs books titled the Automatic Millionaire or the finish rich series. Or find a similar finance guru who offers good advice and whose last initial doesn't start with a K.

      Yes I've had many children of Ambots show up here to share the sad stories of neglect and how Amway destroyed their families. Very sad and tragic that the Amway cult is all about financial and emotional distress and doesn't care who it victimizes.

      Good luck to you!

  7. Amway doesn't care if you are a pedophile or a rapist or a thief. As long as you maintain your PV level, you're OK with them. The religious stuff in Amway is just window dressing.

    1. Anonymous - that's very true. In fact Amway's most famous IBO whose name or nickname would be well recognized in most households is a serial killer.


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