Monday, April 11, 2016

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership Stole My Phone! Screeches An Ambot

An Amway ambot and his phone are parted. Such a sad tale! LOL. Fucking Amway loser! LOL!

After World Wide Dream Builders Amway Spring Leadership ended I joined the mass exodus of cars heading out of town. I’d been driving for about half an hour when Ambot’s phone rang. It’s one of his upline’s phone numbers coming up on the call display but its someone crossline who’s actually on the phone talking to him.

The gist of the conversation is the bozo can’t find his cell phone and wonders if Ambot has seen it or taken it with him. Now you’d think a conversation like that would end pretty fast with Ambot saying he hasn’t seen it, he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t know where it is. Then the cellularless bozo can hang up and try someone else. But no. Him and Ambot have some deep philosophical conversation about the missing cell phone that dragged on a good ten minutes. How dumb is that? Especially since we’re in another state and racking up long distance charges seeing as how we don’t have a flat rate plan across the land. Hey, Bozo! Get a clue! Ambot ain’t seen your fucking phone. Hang up! Try someone else instead of discussing the possibilities of what happened to it.

I guess his cell phone has a recording device and Bozo set the recorder and put the phone down somewhere near where Ambot and others in his line were sitting. So Bozo puts his phone down and then buggers off somewhere. Maybe he had a hot date?

Now he’s interrogating the people who were sitting near where he left his phone thinking that one of them might have picked it up or seen who did.

I mean what does he want? A confession? OK I’ll do it just to get the bastard off the phone! “I confess! I saw the henchman take it!”

Just get the bastard off the phone so I can enjoy the drive without enduring any Amway bullshit.

What did you bastards do 20 years ago before everyone owned cell phones with recording devices?

I know! I know! You packed around those big honking tape recorders, you know the ones the size of a lap top that had a microphone attached with a four foot long cord.

At least those big suckers are harder to lose.

As for Bozo, give it up already will you. If your phone isn’t where you last left it and no one turned it into security or lost and found then some thieving IBO is the proud owner of a new cell phone.

Better stop by Verizon in the morning!

Yay! Spring Leadership is DONE!

Spring Leadership sucks!

WWDB sucks!

All Amway functions suck!

Fuck you Amway!


  1. I have noticed that stupid people like to talk on the phone endlessly. They just won't shut up and hang up.

    Considering the colossal stupidity that characterizes most Amway freaks, it's amazing that your husband got off the phone in less than an hour. The Bozo would have normally dragged the conversation out to that length.

    1. Anonymous - I remember those days well. Those fucking assholes in our Amway upline would phone and discuss "business" or hold last minute "business meetings". But yeah those fucking assholes would phone or text whenever and expect immediate obedience and they should be tended to NOW.

  2. I really am curious to know what exactly was he recording. Not like they say something new or extraordinary at these summits.. They repeat the same shit!
    Oh, I forgot. These moron idol (read diamonds) worshipping ambots don't have the brain to realise that. Otherwise they won't be there in the first place let alone recording the shit they speak at these summits!

    1. Anonymous - that's very true. And when is the bastard going to have time re-listening to 30hours or more of bullshit drivel from the Amway cult leaders.

    2. LOL.. maybe they play this bullshit while they are sleeping, in the background? That's how "wake up when I am done sleeping" concept? It just bores you to death.. forget about getting so bored that you fall asleep!

    3. Anonymous - LOL! I think they plug it into their iPods and listen to it while they're at their J.O.B. Yeah Amway meetings are so fucking boring they'll put you to sleep so for sure a recording by one of those Amway losers would do the trick too! LOL!

  3. Read this scenario:
    My husband and I were invited to one of the open meetings recently. We thought we'd go and get the ambot off our backs (poor decision and judgement on our parts, I must admit.) Anyway, we go for their meeting. We are dressed in casuals - Ts and Denims.. It was a nice, pleasant evening.. And guess what we see. Everyone dressed in suits.. I mean even the CEOs of the biggest of the companies don't wear such clothes. Those ambots were shocked beyond there wits to see our "dressing style".. They thought we were feeling out of place whereas in my mind I was thinking of them as being from 'outer space'.. somehow managed to control my laughter and sit through the meeting. There is this stupid guy going on and on about how he and his wife lost a job and then Amway happened to them (by the way, no where till now was the word Amway mentioned to us.. all the ambots kept saying was that it's a wonderful business plan).. he went on and on about how much money he now makes and how he never has to go back working for anyone.. blaah blaah blaah.. Once this man finished speaking, the ambot who had invited us, did the unthinkable.. He went over to the foot of the stage, a few other ambots followed.. and they tried to touch this man who was talking gibberish.. it's like what you see when your fav pop singer is doing a concert and people near the stage stretch their hands out just to be able to touch their fav artist.. I couldn't believe my eyes. Anyway, somehow this nonsense stopped and i jumped from my seat thinking that we could go home now and running comes the ambot who invited us.. He then takes us to one corner. You can literally see excitement dripping from his face. He called his upline too and so the 4 of us are seated. And, this is how the conversation goes:
    Ambot (grinning from ear to ear) - so?
    I (my husband is the silent kinds) - What so?
    Ambot - What do you think?
    Me - about what?
    Ambot and upline , together - the business?
    Me - we didn't get to hear about the business. Who was this speaker. He kept repeating his rags to riches story. What a waste of time.
    Ambot and Upline (completely shocked, as if something hit them hard) - He's an emerald. He makes more money than your boss. That too without doing anything! Its all residual business.

    (luckily I had heard about Amway before to fall for this trap)

    I : residual income? business? but he spoke nothing about it. Maybe he has too much money that's why he plans such events?

    Ambot and upline are completely blank.

    I : How much did he guys pay you'll to attend this meeting and listen to his "it-will-bore-you-to-death-rags-to-riches story?

    My husband can't control his laughter.. The upline is too shocked to speak. And, i think the ambot fainted for a few seconds.
    Then the upline finally spoke - It's not for everyone. Those who don't value this business, don't earn any value in life. It's all about respecting people who have achieved something in life. As an outsider you can comment. Once you start this business, you will understand the true value.. blah blah blah..
    And then look at the audacity - that bugger tells us - "maybe you didn't understand the business model today. The first meeting gets a little heavy on some people. There is another meeting on friday at my place. Why don't you guys come there.
    Before I could open my mouth to say anything, he takes out a form and a pen and hands it over to us. "here is your form. You can fill it up right now. That's all you have to do to become an IBO. Welcome on board."
    We told him to fuck off. And ran from there as fast as we could. His number - well it's the first number that we both put on our phones' blocked lists!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by to share your story. And I see nothing has changed in Amway even though those bastards keep showing up here trying to say that us old time bloggers don't have updated information. Well I could have been sitting on the seat next to you. I saw and heard the same stuff you heard. Nothing ever changes in this scam.

      Bunch of dumb fuck "business owners" dressed in suits. And here its important to point out that just because you wear a suit and plaster a cell phone to your ear that doesn't make you a real business owner. I know lots of business owners who don't wear suits, depends on the nature of their business. And I don't see why you need to wear suits to sell soap.

      And yeah those dumb fuck Amway assholes all rush the stage and try to touch the speaker. Its fucking creepy but then I could say that about most cults out there. This is just some lying scamming bastard not Mick Jagger for christ sake!

      But I love the way you dealt with those Amway bastards. Stunned them. You should have hit them up with your business plan and told them you're looking for "investors" in the next gay porno flick you're producing. Those Ambot prudes don't have a canned answer to that one! LOL! Yup telling Ambots to fuck off is a skill that needs to be better taught at Amway meetings! LOL!

    2. The description of that scenario of the Amway meeting was so completely TRUE. As I read it I could just see the Ambot freaks and their silly antics.

      And yes -- what the hell is it with Ambots and cheap business suits? Are they fixated on the clothing styles of 1956?

      And notice that the Ambots couldn't understand the couple's basic objection -- namely, that they hadn't heard A SINGLE THING about the business or what it involved! As far as the Ambots were concerned, all you had to do was listen adoringly to the speaker, touch him, and then just sign the contract to be an IBO. Are Ambots really that dumb?

    3. Haha Anna! Should have done that. But waiting another minute would have suffocated the both of us, after all my husband and I were trying to control our laughter so bad. The business suits bring seriousness to the meetings as I was told. After all the only thing business about Amway and the ambots is the business suit they all wear! And the way they walk wearing those suits. Have you seen the movie - "ANTZ" how the ants walk.. The ambots walking before and after the meeting reminded me of that movie.

    4. Hi Anonymous. Nope haven't seen that movie. Maybe we should call the way they walk the Ambot shuffle! LOL!

  4. Anna,

    When I go for seminars, talks or concerts etc, if its interesting I'll usually wait for the event's recording to be released and I'll buy them so I could watch at home. But nowadays with Youtube and all these, I don't even need to wait a few days and buy, there's always someone who will be enthusiastic enough to upload these videos within minutes of the end of such events.

    I can't understand these ambots. They have to buy those tapes anyways, why take that extra effort to record and then risk losing a phone? Considering the pathetic battery life of phone nowadays, I think its better to buy a recorder.

    1. Thats what any sane person would do. Everything is available online nowadays. And, not to forget that other seminars and talks that we 'normal' people attend are all different. Amway meetings are all the same! All that they talk about is losing job-living off the street-finding this wonderful business plan-making money-residual income-never to work again. It's the same shit repeated.. at every meeting. Nothing new at all.. So WHY THE FUCK RECORD IT! Someone who has heard it more than once that repeat it like a parrot himself!

    2. Anonymous - there's many ways to find information and recordings for free online but they won't do that in Amway, otherwise how will the cult leaders make any money if they don't have a tool scam to flog off on the ambots.

    3. I agree Anonymous. Why the fuck would you want to record an Amway meeting or multiple recordings because the Amway cult leaders say the same thing at every meeting.


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