Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Amway Ambot Shitmobile Alert!

Not too long ago I met a couple of friends at a mall and we were sitting outside at Starbucks. While we’re trying to enjoy a nice quiet conversation we hear this noise. Not engine noise but definitely a car having problems. We turned around to see what was going on and there’s this small car coming through the parking lot in the lane closest to where we’re sitting with part of the front end dragging on the pavement. I don’t think it was the bumper but something else up there and as you can imagine it was making a lot of noise scraping up the pavement. I mean what the fuck?!!! Most normal people when they realize their car is making a hell of a noise stop, get out and investigate. You don’t want to do more damage to the car but with this particular car there wasn’t a whole lot more damage that could be done to it. I saw the front fender was painted a different color than the rest of the car, like white. Maybe make that whitish. The rest of the car was dark blue. One of my friends even comments about the piece of shit and they need some duct tape to hold up whatever piece of the car that’s dragging on the ground. One good speed bump would have probably removed the offending piece of that junker.

I was keeping an eye on the old junker while it parked. And then - - - - - 4 guys look like early 20’s in suits get out. LOL! I’m looking at fucking Amway Ambots and the classic shitmobile! LOL! It’s like nearly 6pm so this must have been a meeting before the cult meeting. I look around to double check if another coffee shop opened in the area but nope. There’s a Subway and a pizza take out and a more expensive type restaurant. There’s a Burger King about a block away. That might be the cheapest place? But no they’re heading for Starbucks. In our direction! WTF! How can broke Amway losers afford Starbucks.

They go in and my antenna is up like are we going to get pitched. They stay inside. Most of the outside tables have customers at them. You know real customers. The thing that Amway Ambots know nothing of. Paying customers who bought a Starbucks beverage. No room outside for the suits.

About ten minutes later we’re trying to decide what to do next. Well actually we’d been trying to decide where to go for dinner for awhile but were still waiting to hear from the daughter of one of my friends who was interested in joining us. Unlikely. She was probably just hungry and wanted mom to foot the bill for a restaurant dinner. So we’re finishing off our drinks and two geeks in suits walk inside Starbucks. I didn’t notice them drive in or park or anything. Didn’t see them until they were nearly at the door. Obviously they’re driving a less noisy car! LOL! One loser looks like he’s around 40 and the other geek is about 30. And like I say I’m kind of curious. Maybe if I get close enough to these Amway losers I can hear their latest pitch and put it on the blog to warn everyone. I see them inside. The first 4 Amway losers are sitting at a table and only one of them bought a drink. Maybe they all pitched in to buy it and were taking turns sipping. The older Ambot sits down and the geek he came with stands behind him like he’s Secret Service. I figure the older guy is the Amway cult leader in this group because they’re all leaning in to catch his every word.

By now my buds have realized I’m ignoring them and start teasing me that I’m checking out the losers in the suits. LOL! Yeah just what every woman wants. An Ambot boy toy. Wind it up and they’re no fun. LOL! Wind it up and they spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak bullshit. LOL! Wind it up and if you don’t join their Amway cult they screech at you that you’re an unchristian, negative, dreamstealing loser who’s going to be dead or broke by age 65. LOL! Wind it up and they try to scam you out of your money. LOL! Wind it up and they take you for a drive in their shitmobile that breaks down. LOL! LOL! LOL! Yeah we all need a fucking Amway boy toy loser in our lives.

We left before they did. Just bringing it up because Amway losers are so broke they can’t afford to drive anything but shitmobiles. Even when the car is literally falling apart and the front end is dragging on the ground they just keep driving it till it breaks down for good. Come on you losers. If you want to be in commissioned sales get a job at a used car dealership. At least there you’ll make better money than Scamway and you’ve got a chance the boss will let you drive home a loaner off the lot every night.

And I still shudder that our sack of shit Platinum thought I should sell my car, spend a couple hundred bucks to buy a shitmobile, and then use the ten thousand or so from selling my car to buy shitty overpriced Amway products. Yeah like fuck you you fucking Amway asshole. I worked hard to buy a nice modern car that I keep in good shape. I ain’t going backwards in life just to be like the rest of you fucking Amway losers and drive a shitmobile. I got an image to keep up here. You know that I’m a respectable person who drives a nice car. I look back at the cars I’ve owned since I was a teenager and not once did I ever buy a shitmobile that was falling apart. Most of the cars I owned for several years before selling and upgrading to a newer car.

A simple concept those Amway losers will never understand.


  1. Utterly amazing, Anna.

    Amway says: Sell your nice new car and buy a beat-up, crummy jalopy. Use the proceeds from your car sale to "build up your Amway business" (translation: buy a lot of lousy Amway products and worthless tools).

    Amway says: Sell your beautiful home and start renting instead. Use the proceeds from your house sale to "build up your Amway business."

    Amway says: Cash out your IRA or 401K plan, and use the money to... blah, blah, blah.

    The above-listed three pieces of "advice" that Amway gives its IBOs are financially insane and suicidal! You would have to be first-class moron to follow them!

    But this is what happens when you are stupid, broke, semi-educated, and stuck in a dead-end job, as most Amway prospects are. You get swept up in hopes, dreams, and fantasies, since you are desperate to escape your forlorn situation.

    The whole thing reminds me of the story of Pinocchio, where the Fox and the Cat convince silly Pinocchio to bury the little money he has in the ground, where they tell him it will take root and blossom into a money tree. Of course it's a lie, and they steal his money.

    Telling people to sell their most important possessions and to liquidate their savings accounts is CRIMINAL.

    I'd like to see every lying up-line Amway scumbag hanging from a lamppost, disemboweled.

    1. Anonymous - that's how Amway operates. Giving the commissioned sales reps really bad financial advice just so they can get their hands on the IBO's money. Amway is all about bringing financial and emotional distress to their victims while they destroy lives.

    2. What's worse is when an ambot sells his kidney to "build the business" by purchasing tools and function tickets.

    3. Anonymous - I haven't heard of that happening but I can absolutely see Amway cult leaders giving out that kind of shitty "business" advice.

  2. They are just like those people who sit in the casino whole day playing slot machines hoping they can win....

    1. Anonymous - at least you have a better chance of making money at a slot machine than you do of making money in Amway.

  3. You have to show "the plan" to about hundreds of thousands of people to be diamond. I would rather be a mayor of a small town with hundreds of thousands of people.

    1. You have to show the plan hundreds of thousands of times?!?

      And these Amway jerks say that having a job is slavery.

    2. Anonymous - your plan sounds better!

    3. 2nd Anonymous - the reality of actually putting the plan into action to make some money in Amway is staggering. Impossible for most people. System designed for failure. Slavery is how you're treated by the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

  4. I can't imagine hiw they are going to survive in a clunker like that. Imagine you're in Hawaii, your upline told you to be an obedient little ambot and you bought a 80s clunker with an air-conditioning that blows hot air. And you're stuck in a 2-hour jam, fully suited, under 32℃ sun (it could be way hotter inside the car, say 40℃)? One must be dumb enough to wear a full suit driving a rickety moving oven under a raging sun.

    - Gene

    1. Dear Gene --

      Everything in Amway is FOLLOWING THE RULES.

      If the rules say "Wear a suit in Hawaii even if you're stuck in a sun-blistering traffic jam," the obedient Ambot will do it.

    2. Gene - but if the assholes in the Amway upline ordered the IBO to buy a clunker with no air conditioning - they'd do it.

    3. Anonymous - that's very true. If the Amway cult leader tells you to do something then you snap to it eight away. That is if you actually like the bastard. Didn't work too good when those fucking Amway control freaks tried to pull off that bullshit with me.


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